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  1. BobbyL

    Job sites other than Ajarn.com

    TES, although mainly geared towards International Schools, does occasionally post for TEFL positions. There was one recently for an EAL position I think.
  2. Pay and conditions. Will it change? No.
  3. But I assumed that would only work if the person is wanted on Interpol. Like the Red Bull man
  4. They cannot yet get a modern and safe working railway system around the country, yet are planning on building high speed rail. I for one certainly won't be using these trains when they first come into action. Whenever that may be.
  5. More than 3,600 foreigners with criminal records have been arrested at or turned away from five major airports in the first six months of the year, immigration police said Sunday. If so, then well done to them. However, my question would be how does the IO office know if someone has a criminal record from outside of Thailand or is wanted in another country. Unless a country has informed Thailand that they may be travelling there and could be a danger, surely their computer at the airport can't access this information. If I am wrong then please correct me.
  6. These silly initiations may happen to frat boys in the mighty US of A, but show me any western institute where this type of crap is going on openly within its grounds for all to see?
  7. Precisely. What a truly backwards thing to be doing.
  8. It is a very deep rooted problem and will take generations to begin to phase out. Even for educated Thais it is still an extremely common trait, and I think only once they experience life / studying somewhere else do they begin to see how restricted they are here. Me and my wife lived two years in England recently where she studied an MSc whilst I was teaching. One of the first things she couldn't believe was how lectures and seminars were conducted there. Students questioning theories, being openly critical of what a lecturer may have proposed, and being able to research and portray ideas differently from the norms. It took her a while to become comfortable with it. All those things don't happen in your average Thai education system, from 3 years old all the way up to 23 years old, it really is a style of the teacher is always right and you must not disrespect that. On a side note, I love it when a kid pulls me up on a spelling, or possibly answering a maths question wrong. We have a laugh about it and at least I know they are paying attention to what I am doing.
  9. That is exactly the crux of it. You learn a language through speaking and listening, ideally at a young age. You could be fluent in a language and not know any of the grammar or punctuation when it comes to reading or writing.
  10. Like a scene out of a movie. Staged is my opinion.
  11. It is a hard area. I taught children in the UK who obviously were native speakers, yet their knowledge of grammar and sentence structure was very poor. That held them back massively as there is such a focus on written work. I have taught kids here from different countries learning an English curriculum as an additional language who could also speak fluently, but similarly their grammar and sentences were poor. It held them back in their progress. I think the problem in Thailand with your average child is that there is too much emphasis is on rote learning of grammar and punctuation. It is tedious and boring, but it is mostly taught by Thai staff whose spoken English is also poor. Yet those same teachers could easily identify adjectives, pronouns and adverbs, but not string a coherent sentence together. They need to think about what is the most beneficial. As another poster said, he wasn't sure about all the grammatical intricacies of English, neither am I and I am a qualified teacher. It is far too complicated and madness to have young children learning about the future perfect tense, or the use of articles and determiners. There needs to be far more focus on speaking and listening, but I don't know where to begin implementing that.
  12. It is strange that for a country that has gambling as illegal, they make a regular show and tell about how the public should be careful not to become addicted to gambling. It is illegal, therefore the public shouldn't be doing it and the law should be enforced. However, as I assume we all know or have been told, the boys in charge are the ones behind the scenes of the illegal gambling dens which can be found in any city / town here.
  13. And these posts make me <deleted>. Such a typical 'mai bpen rai' attitude from yourself. Countries develop, progress, improve, prosper etc from listening and learning from others with knowledge and guidance. Thailand, when it comes to road safety, wants no interference from anyone, yet there is probably someone dying right now as I type on a road somewhere here.