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  1. The more I read about this guy the more I like him.
  2. Only just read this news. Sad story and hopefully it will end as well as it can. Why do so many people come here without insurance though. Mindboggling. When I moved back here in August I knew I wouldn't get my medical insurance sorted through work for a while so I got a two month policy online from the UK for about £20.
  3. Just look at him. The man is a complete shy****.
  4. Perhaps we could send a TV member to America for the fundraising event.
  5. Nature eg. Forests, caves Songkran holiday ideas

    Songkran isn't really the best time for travelling I would say.
  6. Thanathorn party ready for lift-off

    Good luck to him. He'll be able to target a lot of the population. I bet the boys in office now are beginning to get slightly concerned.
  7. Household bugs

    I'll give that a try later. Nice one.
  8. Things to note for the Smart Visa programme

    I am awaiting the first news release of police targeting illegal 'dark skinned' people that are using the smart visa to infiltrate the country.
  9. Terrible story. I hope that driver gets locked up.
  10. This. A bit of PlayStation or Netflix in peace is great.
  11. Always knew he was a wrong 'un'. 'But, I was goaded three or four times after my team lost' You're a 40 year old man F F S. I don't think I have got angry after losing a football game since I was about 13.
  12. The salaries for TEFL teaching in Bangkok hasn't really gone up in about ten years. The bottom of the barrel 35K or so is still very prevalent.