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  1. But............. the World Bank are not Thai and they 'no understaaaaan Thai culteeeeer'. How can they possibly have an opinion on it?
  2. They aren't paying for it, nor were they here.
  3. Each to their own then. Not something I would ever imagine doing when arriving at an airport in another country.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Very different to our experience at Ratchatewi a few months ago.
  5. BobbyL

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Some people have still not got on the idea of online / mobile banking. Unless you're old or not able to use technology there is no excuse.
  6. Arriving in a foreign country with no currency or any proof of accommodation is pretty damn stupid. What did she really expect?
  7. BobbyL

    Police out in force ticketing anything and everything..

    It is that time of the month again at Asoke junction I see.
  8. They really are a bunch of clowns. They are still one of the most expensive airlines listed for a very second rate service. They were as usual the most expensive to LHR when I booked recently and when we booked Japan for xmas they were more than ANA and Japan Airlines.
  9. Apart from London, or the occasional student, you won't see many.
  10. BobbyL

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    They are good points you made, however I would say you are in the minority. On the flip side we all know the stories of people working in awful places earning 40k and struggling.
  11. BobbyL

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    If you can, then I would say without a doubt try and do a PGCE and come here fully qualified. The money is 3 or 4 times what TEFL teachers make plus benefits and the working environment is drastically better.
  12. Known a few Thai women who have gone to America / Canada as au pairs. Seems relatively common.
  13. BobbyL

    The good old "losing face" debate

    So you kicked off at a bell boy who's probably paid a pittance because the taxi drivers were refusing the meter? Well played ?
  14. Some definitely are, some definitely are not. I was at K Bank recently in Emquartier, a few stunners and some absolute horrors too.