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  1. Police to look at bank records in match-fixing case

    "The source revealed without further elaboration that the mastermind behind the 12 suspects is an influential person in Thai football circles who used to be in the news at national level. The police team is gathering evidence about his alleged role" A powerful ex-politician from a province in the North-East with a preference for big motorbikes?
  2. "amid allegations that their recent crackdown on a restaurant in the popular tourist town had affected the business of certain police officers in Bangkok" Messing with a bigger pooyai is not a good idea and can have unwanted consequences.
  3. No and there is no law against torture as well. That makes it sometimes difficult to hold members of the RTP or RTA responsible for their actions.
  4. Wasn't the police called when these thugs entered the hospital and was it raining so they couldn't come? What about a reenactment at the Police Station? Should punish them too
  5. Is this idea from the same people who gave Thailand the "Tourist Courts? Btw are they still in business?
  6. This is the final evidence that foreigners can win the jackpot of the Thai lottery. QED
  7. Where can I get Ritalin?

    I asked several pharmacies some years ago in Phnom Penh and Siam Reap and it wasn't available.
  8. Compared to other regular "Ethic misconduct " Thai Police Officers committing every day using false license plates seems to be a minor offense. It sounds more like your regular slagging of Thaksin and Yinluck. And concerning the reading: till now no criminal charges laid so no judge involved.
  9. What is the exact reason for his dismissal? AFAIK it was not illegal to drive Yinluck around in Thailand. They can't even proof that she was in the car. Another shining example of Thai injustice.
  10. And you missed the little part that the CPB invested in the Shin Corporation and gave the ok for the sale. SCB did the same.
  11. Is this a joke? When was the last time one of them was accused of the same?
  12. What is Roiet like to live in?

    Do you know why the White Elephant is closed? I heard it from friends of mine in Roi-Et but nobody seems to know why. They mentioned the owner got problems with the police and that she got arrested.
  13. Thailand is ageing and money is short

    Your husband should have contacted a lawyer about the house. The children told him total crap about it and by law the husband is entitled to inherit at least 50% of her possessions. At every courthouse in Thailand he can get legal advice for free.
  14. The sin sot is for the parents and for the future wife there is the "khongman". Both had to be given back if there is no marriage because of the bride...
  15. Because the Thai Penal Code says so