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  1. A plasticbag over your head or getting in contact with a telephone book can be very convincing I heard.
  2. hanuman2543

    Assets after divorce

    It will be your sin suan tua. See 1471(3)
  3. hanuman2543

    Assets after divorce

    Here you go: Section 1470. Properties of husband and wife except in so far as they are set aside as Sin Suan Tua, are Sin Somros. Section 1471. Sin Suan Tua consists of: (1) property belonging to either spouse before marriage (2) property for personal use, dress or ornament suitable for station in life, or tools necessary for carrying on the profession of either spouse (3) property acquired by either spouse during marriage through a will or gift (4) Khongman. Section 1472. As regards to Sin Suan Tua, if it has been exchanged to other property, other property has been bought or money has been acquired from selling it, such other property or money acquired shall be Sin Suan Tua. Where the Sin Suan Tua has been totally or partly destroyed but replaced by other property or the money, such other property shall be Sin Suan Tua. Section 1473. Each spouse is manager of his or her Sin Suan Tua. Section 1474. Sin Somros consists of: (1) property acquired during marriage; (2) property acquired by either spouse during marriage through a will of gift made in writing if it is declared by such will or document of gift to be Sin Somros; (3) fruits of Sin Suan Tua.
  4. hanuman2543

    Assets after divorce

    This is not true. I recommend you read the TCC from Section 1470 up to 1474 and maybe be more careful about lecturing other posters about posting wrong information .
  5. hanuman2543

    Assets after divorce

    If the money used to buy a car or a house was yours (sin suan tua) before marriage than you will get it back if you can show the judge proper proof. If you and your wife bought a house with your money and you signed a waver at the Land Office you can kiss the money good bye. If your wife bought the house with your money and didn't informed the Land Office about it she committed a criminal offence. Otherwise you should get back 50%. At least I did.
  6. You can start by googling "Thai social class/es" and take it from there.
  7. The police in Germany is using this approach sometimes.
  8. hanuman2543

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    It is my impression that the OP wants some advice on how to proceed. Everybody Thai or Foreigner can go to the nearest courthouse. Normally there is a lawyer present and can be asked for legal advise for free. The Thai Civil and Commercial Code is available in Thai and English on the internet. For Thais there are several Thai Law forums available too.
  9. hanuman2543

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    From the OP "3 years ago she got pregnant after they’d finished but they agreed to marry in order to get some kind of benefit payment." "What are the legal fees for a thai on thai contested divorce? " Only a registered marriage can end in a contestet divorce. Does this remove all doubts?
  10. hanuman2543

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    If the marriage isn't registered there would be no need for a divorce. I never heard of a divorce of a village wedding. Do you?
  11. hanuman2543

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    I got my divorce and 50% of the sin somros ( marital property aquired during marriage ).
  12. hanuman2543

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    Judging from my experience divorcing my unwilling ex pay the 20.000 Baht after he signs all papers for an uncontested divorce at the Amphoe. It took me 5 years and at least 250.000 Baht in lawyer and court fees to get divorced. And not to mention the psychological and emotional stress involved. So 20.000 or less is a bargain.
  13. hanuman2543

    Khaosod Unearths Dog Mass Grave At Govt Site

    Strange comment. You mean Sakhon Nakhon don't you? It is only a small minority there eating dog meat. It's well known that you shouldn't let facts get in the way of an untrue and sensational post.
  14. Where was the mother and why she didn't stop the continius beating?
  15. Maybe for your western ears. In reality the pronounciation and the writing is different.