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  1. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    Yes but the know how and plenty parts are imported from Germany. It is mainly done for taxreasons and fully imported cars are more expensive and have a better image. It has nothing to with Thai car parts are superior to car parts manufactured in Germany. It is only done because of the protectionist import taxes. To gain the tax benefits at least 40% of the parts have to come from inside Thailand. And the cars are not manufactured here only assembled.
  2. Massive raid as "coloreds" targeted in Nana this morning

    "The Thai word is keark which is about as derogatory as the word farang. Well, that's if you consider the word farang to be derogatory. " Kaek originally means "guest". The words "Kaek "and "farang" are both used in a derogatory way .
  3. White powder mixed with crashed purple/lilac tablets. I doubt it.
  4. Phuket road deaths keep on rolling

    As far as I know they employ real journalist and do a proper research before they state something as a fact in a story. Otoh from you I hear only lame excuses and " if you don't believe...." . Your arguments have no credibility at all and all you do is applying the old Thai tactic of deny deny deny. You lied that's a fact and I caught you on it.
  5. Phuket road deaths keep on rolling

    Really lame excuse. Link to proof your urban myth? It looks like you are adapting good to your Thai environment.
  6. Phuket road deaths keep on rolling

    From asiancorrespondent: 80 lives lost every day: Why are Thailand’s roads so dangerous? ". It should also be noted that statistics taken inside Thailand only includes victims who died at the scene, while WHO statistics include persons that died within 30 days of the accident" Who stands now corrected?
  7. Maybe they could even lower the prices if they no longer have to pay for all this plastic. It would be a win-win for the customers and the environment.
  8. Every journey starts with the first step, but in Thailand's case it is a very long way to go.
  9. Where do you have these numbers from? Please post a link to proof your unbelievable statement.
  10. Extend your knowledge by reading the Siam Legal library Causing Death Section 288. Murder Whoever, murdering the other person, shall be imprisoned by death or imprisoned as from fifteen years to twenty years. Section 289. Death Penalty Whoever commits murder on: An ascendant; An official in the exercise of his functions, or by reason of exercising or having exercised his functions; A person who assists an official in the exercise of his functions, or by reason of the fact that such person will assist or has assisted the said official; The other person by premeditation; The other person by employing torture or acts of cruelty; The other person for the purpose of preparing or facilitating the commission of the other offence; or The other person for the purpose of securing the benefit obtained through the other offence, or Concealing the other offence or escaping punishment for the other offence committed by him, Shall be punished with death. Section 95. Prescription In a criminal case, if the offender is not prosecuted and brought to the Court within the following specified periods of time as from the date of the commission of the offence, the prosecution shall he precluded by prescription: Twenty years in case of offences punishable with death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment of twenty years; Fifteen years in case of offences punishable with imprisonment of over seven years but not up to twenty years; Ten years in case of offences punishable with imprisonment of over one year up to seven years; Five years in case of offences punishable with imprisonment of over one month up to one year; One year in the case of offences punishable with imprisonment of one month downwards or other punishment.
  11. "The agency said it would also find out who he bought the land from as it used to be owned by a controversial businessman in Phuket." Does that mean mafia or well connected or both?
  12. The hypocrisy of these so called "hisos" is mindboggling.
  13. Welcome to Thailand 4.0