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  1. hanuman2543

    Almost 11,000 killed on Thai roads so far this year

    Germany has more than 80 million people living there. That is about 20 million more than in Thailand. And the number of cars and trucks is higher.
  2. hanuman2543

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    Google "definition thai unemployed " and read the link of the newspaper that can't be named here( Bangkok Post). Then you can admit that you are wrong.
  3. hanuman2543

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    Not true. Everybody who works for 60 minutes a week on the family farm counts as employed. Every self-employed person ( there are millions of them) and every person working in the informal sector is counted as employed. Nothing to do with the number you get from developed nations.
  4. hanuman2543

    New Pattaya mayor promises to cover his father’s debt

    You show that by making false accusations and statements? Strange, really strange
  5. I lived for more than 10 years in Roi Et and Surin and what you claim to know is just not true. Especially your number of school drop outs at the age of 12. I had 2 Thai step children who visited a private and a Government school so I have first hand experience. Compulsory education in Thailand covers the first nine years of “basic education” (six years of elementary school and three years of lower secondary school). Education at public schools is free of charge until grade 9. At present, the government also provides three years of free pre-school and three years of free upper-secondary education, neither of which are mandatory, however.
  6. 280,000? Is this Thai mathematik?
  7. hanuman2543

    Driving licence uproar unmasks character flaws

    You believe wrong. The GDP of the UK is nearly 3 times higher
  8. He should try the Honorary Consulate in Essen. A very helpful German is working there and they are really generous about issuing visas. I deal with them for more than 16 years and it was always pleasant and easy. They are the correct consulate for people living in Northrhine Westfalia and Lower Saxony.
  9. The company is needed for owning the land, not the house. You can easily build and own a house on land you leased for 30 years. You should read up on houseownership in Thailand to update your knowledge.
  10. You are right. Many people commenting here have no clue what is really happening here in the courts but they are really quick in passing a judgement. I could write a book about it too. The second time I filed for divorce even the judge didn't knew that the civil court was the wrong court until my ex wifes lawyer showed him a lawbook. That was on the 4th court date. You should have seen the faces of the judge and my lawyer. Loss of face all around. You can't make that shit up. That is really TiT.
  11. hanuman2543

    Rental in The Base Pattaya?

    I think you are in for a surprise
  12. hanuman2543

    Rental in The Base Pattaya?

    Price for electricity?
  13. I hired them to file for my divorce. Both had been so clueless hat they filed for divorce in the Civil instead of the Family Court. I lost a lot of time and money. But let me tell you, if you want to go after Thai lawyers you need the help of reliable Thai people you can trust because you are on your own. It took about 2 years and it wasn't for free. So there are some juicy details. I hope you are now satisfied.