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  1. Koh Lhan off pattaya is super white sand and clear blue green sea---less than 1 hour boat away 35 baht tourist / Thai boat. Pattaya was NEVER like this
  2. I remember the Taxi corner at Jomptien --Sugar Hut, and on the land Palm Beach hotel a large pond with buffalo -----all the land opposite the beach were coconut trees as far as the eye could see.
  3. NO, it is down to Pattaya city council to get their priorities right. Money has to be in the kitty, it is there for other council luxuries
  4. NO, it is down to Pattaya city council to get their priorities right. Money has to be in the kitty, it is there for other council luxuries
  5. Pattaya city council---Money no hab to do, no hab income for make good, even back pocket money small. but we still enjoy our seminars --spa's away--convoys of taxi's--slap up dinners ans all expenses paid.
  6. But we also have to think about it----which neighbors have the power to do Thailand any harm---invading would be harmful to any adjoining country.
  7. Sterling has been gaining against the Euro and the dollar for the past 2 weeks. I go to this exchange rate on the header page. up from about 42 to about 45 baht to the pound.
  8. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Living in a house that straddles the border
  9. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Yingluck strayed over the border collecting mushrooms, found it difficult to re-enter
  10. Yes it does sound twisted---most of your post is one sided biased----take off the blinkers and give us a balanced view
  11. Sorry for butting in, even if people are not military lovers, it is noted things are going on regardless ---Why do you ask about --Name some, are you too lazy to find out yourself, I see the bad --but I can see the good so why all this one sided view ??
  12. Problem the Military haters are that obsessed with this they would never want to know, the same most play down the Thaksin era, and switch the conversation back to the power in charge now. The problem being they will not look they want you to answer for them to pick fault with that.
  13. He did not do anyone any favours because he was elected to do these things on oath, some people are forgetting he GOT PAID for his doings. Why is anyone made a saint when they carry out a promise made when elected. Like "I promise to take care of all citizens" and govern fairly without corruption.....OMG
  14. A myth, no small POOR farmer got anything. it was the big farm people and the millers they call the poor farmer---no way poor. The small village farm with Mom and Pop got nothing, apart from able to borrow seed etc and pay back later --a definite myth the poor farmer he helped---ha ha, they loved it because if they voted for him the village head man would help them a little, the head man was paid to do this via the town head who was given red funding---do not be fooled. there is not a big love for the military nor is there big love any more for Thaksin, that is a myth, many rural people are not aware of the happenings---most cannot even read.