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  1. The UK yes these days, multiculturalism. Human rights, the racist card, come in --do you want a house---benefit, NHS....welcome. try to integrate but its ok if you don't.
  2. There are good and bad in all tourists BUT, Chinese money rules, there is not one place that is not ruined by these mass booking people-------places to get away from them-----ISSAN. Shocking examples are Koh Lhan, Samet, Pattaya and Jomptien. Try staying in most hotels these people put you off your food at mealtimes----so LOUD, arguing at reception cramming into overcrowded lifts. Walking street is a joke. Like being on an old school trip. Most of the money never rarely sees the Thai people at local level, few beach chairs rented, street vendors not a sniff, at most bars, not any Chinese in numbers... TAT think their money is better than all the other tourists money----stupid TAT.
  3. Try UK 52 pound, way over 2200 baht
  4. Retirement visa, proof of address. Immigration have the lease from 1 year ago. ( a 3 year one ) signed with ID from the owner of my house. This lease ends this December 2018. Do I have to have the same copy signed again as it is the the same as last years. Can I produce electric and water bill paid and bank statements sent to the address. Because the Thai owner lives away and does not communicate or speak English. My address is also on both Thai driving licences, are these enough for proof ???.....Another proof is the returning income verification from the British consulate EMS post. to my address.
  5. My friends and family fly on average prices from the UK 599, However booking from Thailand return the same flight would be 799 pound. From BKK to LHR I normally travel Etihad or Emirates to Manchester 1 stop about 30,000 bht
  6. Get better promotion fares from travel shops, ask for promotions, also select better dates for prices. JANUARY ???? did you go to this date to find a dearer EVA ??
  7. As for the normal travelers in the real world, go into a travel shop and ask for economy price BKK to London return between Eva and Thai. EVA win near every time.
  8. cough cough, First class ha ha ha.........showing off are we ??
  9. Sorry due to slow post acceptance, I posted a second time
  10. What is all this Air Asia business, Even the biggest airlines have crashes. Air Asia have a younger fleet than Thai. I fly Air Asia, Nok, Lion, Thai Smile EVA, Emirates -Etihad BA, It is availability most of the time, flight times that suit, the choice at the time. NOT just the cheapest. Do yourself a favour and read the good reports about Air Asia as well. Less favourable Airlines are some African, Tarom, Beman, Aeroflot, Garuda, the best in my estimation are New Zealand.
  11. ONE time, you do not have these problems on one flight, if it was so bad the airline would be out of business,
  12. Air Asia, Nok, Lion, seem to do very well, Some people who post may have an attitude problem. We all over the years have had some not so nice flights but we are talking about the average ones.