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  1. A bright coloured quarter page one would be sufficient,especially for a U turn visa run Laos.Same O visa Thai Consulate, no need to be filling passports up quickly--ex--10 year UK one full page last approx 5 years.
  2. Why do Thai and Laos have to use a full page in the passport
  3. Has the Mayor of Pattaya forgot to mention the plastic and other rubbish that clogs drains that causes flooded streets, also the dirty filthy beaches he has the watch over ??? I think this guy should start to prioritize, rather than gimmicky crusades.
  4. 77 counties in Thailand, on average 10 road blocks in each day. apart from raining heavy, if this is so why on earth are there not a slow decline through fear. ??? Giving 775 blocks fines for no crash hats, and no license I wonder how much revenue is going to the state ?? Have to have 2 guesses , 1 a business for money, or prevention of deaths. ??
  5. Did not say inner lane closed,I said outer lane used most of the time due to inner needing urgent repairs. Now even heavy lorries are using the outer lane for a smoother surface.
  6. Adding to these stats NOTHING is ever mentioned about the state of the highways.......Try travelling on highway 2 from Udon Thani--to Korat--highway 304 to chonburi----highway 331 to Pattaya, mostly one lane used, it is disgusting. I see no finger pointing to the Highways department. they have their roll in all this.
  7. Just got a new Bangkok Bank Debit card---lovely--ha ha ha went to Tesco shopping, they will not accept it, no visa on it, along with other Thai outlets---stupid. and only allowed 5 pound in any transaction sale, where the outlet will accept it. Should have got a credit card, I am stupid.
  8. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    More like 60,if 30 is mentioned
  9. Your version ?? 38 years here and done all that, BUT out at 7pm and having a great evening and later finish of with a bang----hanging around in the streets until 5am pisse# you think healthy---I think most drunken problems occur
  10. Most of this type are miserable and act the same AT HOME......And these types do not dream because they are more than likely too drunk to dream........ they get out of bed at NOON......you say this is enjoying ?????--re-cap you are saying let everything stay open with no control. Look if you shower and go out to enjoy in the evening from 7pm, nine and a half hours later you think everyone needs to be out until 4-30am, to enjoy ???
  11. Close Walking street at 2am. long time ago the general trend was..7pm--out to eat an evening meal, 10pm a go go bar for a drink, 11-30 pm visit a cabaret show in Pattaya Land 1-2-3. then to Marine disco until 2am. enough time for all to enjoy. For what reason do anyone want to be in walking street at 4-30 am....... Pattaya City and the R-Thai police, close walking street at 2am. (just saying)
  12. Years ago I helped schools in areas of Udon, all at my expense. I received a massive thanks from Udon education and were given 3 laminated certificates. But at that time I was not aware that helping schools free, was outlawed by Immigration. Update on that--education were very happy---Immigration says we can be deported for working ,even for free. Do I get a feeling Immigration and education clash ??why on earth should it be a problem when helping the Thai kids.
  13. Had to PHONE HOME first
  14. Maybe Airport mafia rates, or hotels.??