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  1. Solly, my grandmother die again, buffalo bad leg.
  2. Understand but I do not trust these agents, I would if the immigration gave me the contacts, I would certainly do it........agents sound dodgy---and MAYBE some are problematic.....as stated on this topic so many times.
  3. I do not have the 800k or I would not post here about the Laos option---please read, I said the 5/6k I would be free to get a high interest rate and spend at will Understand my friend
  4. I always had a 48 page one, 90 to laos------- 1 page Laos, 1 page Thai, 1 page for entry and exit stamps. added any extra tours away. Having read what agent is legit ?? your guess is way less than 50%, if not show me, talking to a friend in Udon immigration more than 50% are on the verify embassy job.. OK
  5. That's fine, no problem, Embassy stops verifying, Immigration not allowing statements, leaves near 1 option 800k or bye ??? If it does not get sorted, I will certainly opt for the laos 90 day non immigrant, 4 timmes yearly spend an evening in a Laos hotel, shopping in Nongkai on return and re-new my passport 4 times in 10 years, have 500k+ to do as I wish, and travel more
  6. If 50% had to revert to the non 0 visa example Laos overnight stay, Thai gains on transport costs immigration 90 visa, x 4 border runs in the year and other hidden expenses if % of Laos visa is given back to Thai ?? The gain for the 50% if any is having all that free money not tied to a Thai bank, argument is who loses most. ?? personally I do as my 10 year passport gets full after 3/4 years.......
  7. No airmail envelope, it is a big help,.....but until clarification from the Immigration no one can do anything apart from the punter who has 800k in the bank. if immigration do not act, embassy verification is stopped, therefore nothing can be produced to them it will mean that a big % will have to do the out of Thai border and consulate 90 day job again
  8. Thailand seems to not like print-outs from printers, this is why I have my statements arrive by post to verify the post date and non copy printout.
  9. Immigration will NOT have to do that. Immigration will normally try to keep it's ex pats on board, Udon employ ex number of people to cater for the daily needs, if it loses 50 % of ex pats because embassy refuses to verify some staff will be out of work. I was merely trying to point out without the embassy be ing involved the immigration have choices, either lose the non 800k punters, and only retain the full payers......We all know who it will affect and who it won't.
  10. Sorry did not repeat, only a handful, Because of no end to the topic and 500 posts I thought it was sensible and added my last post to hope it could simplify things. NEVER dreamed the Immigration office would read , never addressed them directly. So what are you on here for to pick at posters points to win brownie points, have another beer. Thanks teacher for pointing out what a silly poster I am lol
  11. To my mind all this B Embassy involvement should STOP. Immigration please re think of the UK--or Thai bank statements clearly stating the pension entries monthly--to offset the Full 800k-----even the air mail envelope posted to Thailand enclosing the said monthly Bank statement.
  12. Think you get the wrong meaning (bla Bla Bla) I was referring to a few that just reply to people just to show they have loads of funds, and ask them to go home etc. I read it because I get a notification on my computer and not know if it is new news or same as the 500 posts we already have had---Understand Jingthing. Your reply is exactly what I said, so close this one as it is now past sell by date OR try to break the record for the longest topic lol
  13. Why not close this thread ?? 44 pages of what ??. Please open a new thread only when the Immigration respond to an alternative......I go in to the thread in case of a new directive but it is the same bla bla bla he said this and he said that. Some of the replies have been good and gives us others problems they face.
  14. 44 pages, and no one has an update. So, If the Immigration office cannot make the UK Embassy issue, then it will have to draw up an alternative. (1) accept a UK bank statement with the direct debit entered monthly example latest 3 month statements to arrive at your Thai address. Because the postage envelope also helps to verify. OR (2) only allow 800,000 in a Thai bank account deposited 3 months prior to Immigration reporting date.
  15. Seems to be nothing definite from both sources, I wouldn't be surprised if both know what the score is and Im.Of. is heading towards a 800k in the bank -full stop, only this route. Thais get confused with so much paper work. To my mind after January you will need 800k from a Thai bank confirming the said amount was in the account for 3 months prior to the extension. Wouldn't this be bliss, BUT not for those with 500k and pension details to offset.---BIG problem.