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  1. ginjag

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    This does not apply regarding this topic BUT over 65s are refused insurance here, Liability.
  2. Crazy really, An elected so called democratic government who resorted to mass corruption and street violence paid for. A southern guy corrupt (normal here) organizes mega protests to bring down the government, the army moved in to control a bad situation, hogging the government longer than it should have. No prominent political party's at the ready in order to vote for. But elections are supposed to take place, with the population not having a clear sight in who to vote for. Pity really that Thailand doesn't have a decent non corrupt party to get the backing of the Thai people
  3. Thought this was a longer version than the 5 year elite. but we have to look at the response of ex pats to this offer 1% ??? or both offers. if they were so good why us long term stayers do not take up this offer ?? If a fair offer for both, would be worth considering. maybe because they are not classed as reasonable to go for. just saying.
  4. The Thai elite visa is there -non returnable 500,000 baht---90 day reporting--and yearly renew--I believe a ten year elite was mentioned but 99% of ex pats rejected it as a mega money making scam--but a luxury car at an airport now and again. ??
  5. We have the Magna Carta, the UK government is overlooking this.
  6. BUT she only has to do that, she already has the 10 year visa, at the most we have to report every 90 days and have to renew every year. DIFFERENT.
  7. Witch is the right term, so you think she was squeaky clean OMG
  8. Eric, forget Prayut, forget your accusation about mowing down -and gunning protesters, here we are talking about a person who is or would be convicted for doing wrong. She has been granted a 10 year visa. We here living over 15 years and not do wrong have to report every 90 days. Nothing to do with the army--OR elections.
  9. Oh please Eric. give it a break, this is NOT about Prayut ---or your stupid mowing down lie.....or elections.....On paper Yingluck was elected--YES but never governed, Hopeless woman and corrupt governing, Military rule is wrong---BUT ??
  10. Why for heavens sake can't we get a 10 year visa here ??? spend all our money here and have to report every 90 days. Looks like we have done wrong. Yingluck is allowed after doing wrong. After living here 5 years min, having no convictions, why not. We have proven our loyalty but penalised for it.
  11. Looks like the outside garden of a normal Thai rural home, disgusting upbringing with mega % of Thai.
  12. Plastic bags rubbish thrown out of vehicles, no control or heavy fines for dumping in waterways, prevention less problems.
  13. Dredge the canals, unblock the drains NOT after, but periodic cleaning this will help a lot. BUT that costs money ???
  14. 25k is pretty much impossible to live on IF you stay at the Dusit,, with a 6k rent and 19k left, where is the problem ???I must be up to something else ha ha ha-----600 a day is fantastic------unless you are a drinker and lazy to cook, and smoke, and have a Thai family to keep.
  15. ginjag

    what paperwork to renew a thai DL ?

    Good stuff my friend, this is better than the couple of intelligent control posters answering this poster Good helpful poster.