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  1. Jomtien Immigration office new TM7 form

    Udon Immigration, brilliant, I live nearish so just pop in 1 officer at a desk near the door. he clips out the staple removes the old form I sign the new yellow form only he staples that in the passport, and out in 30 seconds with my next date to report. end.
  2. YES, the buck stops with the government whoever is ruling, but the fact is my post is to point out the main areas to delete the mega problems. so as I said why attack me --had you any feeling for the Thai problem my points are valid.
  3. Problem is to press the said government with this topic to act-----NOT use the topic to bring out your anti military agenda
  4. If you use your loaf, you will read into my post properly, it is really asking the government to act upon what my post is about--GET IT
  5. Troll means to antagonize and bait, have a go at the government yourself.
  6. Well talk about them if you wish not bait me into your usual anti Government agenda
  7. off topic and troll My general topic reply on subject and here you are with this hatred ( not agreeing with a positive post but a snide remark.
  8. Most essential place to start to have any chance of recognition would be a squeaky clean R Thai police force, to take care of it's people and protect. Instead of generally using the force to collect cash from the public on the streets of every province. Patrolling the streets and having police on the beat would get the respect for starters. Road blocks every 5 kilometers is causing traffic hold ups therefore drivers are speeding after to make up time lost. Secondly is the top brass in most city and town to keep a clean and waterproof budget, When you have public trash dumped all over the county and mega pot holes everywhere, you see the bus convoys of officials swanning off to a resort to attend a conference (holiday). Look into the wealth of top persons, their houses and cars in relation to their monthly salaries here is where you will see the corruption.
  9. Recent research says that picking your nose and eating the contents enhanced the immune system and is good for your health. Was the research done by the Nose picking addicts association ???
  10. Normally a good mother and father would not allow this girl to anywhere near Pattaya etc. PROBLEM here in rural areas it is condoned by many parents if money can be sent back to the local post office. There are a million doing it.
  11. You made a stupid remark about a 14 year old girl still plays with toys, sorry but this is not quite normal for a 14 year old teen. My remarks do not imply this (JUSTIFYING.) I said throw them in the bin-------PLEASE READ.
  12. Your friends daughter takes her toys to senior school ?? Here they play with toys at that age but are more or less the same shape. SOME.
  13. Bang them in the bin, BUT has anyone mentioned prevention better than cure ??? where are the girls from, ?? school where ?? home where ?? is mama into this, she must know because of money sent to the home town Post Office. It Is not a one off by any means Could be thousands of Mothers/fathers aware of where their kids are YES AND BOYS. Money for family, I have lived here in rural areas and know what is going on.
  14. You do NOT get out what you pay in it is controlled --depends what country you reside in.