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  1. Pool and garden management companies

    Any direct experience with the company mentioned above, or other companies in Rawai area ?
  2. Good-value Indian cuisine in Patong?

    Not in Patong but on the Vijit Road, souh of Chalong circle, there is a place called "Tandoori nights" that is worth to be visited. The cook is from Nepal, but the tastes are very good and generally really indian. Vegetable pakora, butter chicken, chicken tandoori, fish tikka, channa masala, Madras prawn are very good, while the bathura is excellent. A warning : do not say : "spicy no problem" because they tend to put much more chilly than in India to satisfy their Thai customers. The place is small, with only five tables outide and the others inside, with an interior room not so attracting, but the service is very kind and nice, and the prices are correct.
  3. My overall opinion : Parlai seafood, at the end of Soi Parlai at the root of the pier. Extensive menu, catering mainly to thai people, good quality. Kaneang 2 : beautiful position, good menu, mainly thai people but also frarang. Yacht Club : beautiful position, short menu half thai half western, catering only to foreign people (type of the kitchen accordingly) Kaneang Pier : I completely agree with the opinion that it is a tourist trap. Mor Mu Dong, almost at the end of Soi Parlai turn to the left and follow the road until it finishes (Board with name only in Thai). Not oceanfront and very very simle, but very good quality. Unfortunately it does not exist any more Tang Kae Restaurant, very big and wit many chinese coaches, but they were confined to the extreme left of the rstaurant, while the right side was very quiet. It had a long menu and some outstanding plates.
  4. Garbage mess

    If everybody would separate the recyclable in transparent (or different colours) bags, maybe there would be less trash on the ground in front of our houses and the poor people would not need to scavenge inside the dirty trash. I know : this is a dream, I am an idealist, the people do not mind, we are in Thailand, etc. ........
  5. Garbage mess

    Besides the fact that the truck arrival is unpredictabe, there are people that are earning their living searching in the garbage and recycling. Probably they do not have many alternatives in the life
  6. Garbage mess

    good idea, but unfortunately inn my area the truck arrival is completely unpredictable .......
  7. Garbage mess

    This is the reason I am trying to live better, without trash in front of my house
  8. Garbage mess

    The people that are earning their living searching into the garbage bins for some recyclable items, many times break the plastic bags and often leave some trash on the ground. To improve the situation I separate the recyclable (glass and plastic bottles, tins, old clothes, etc.) and put them, as well as the not-recyclable, in transparent bags, to avoid the need to open them to know what is inside. The situation is a bit better, but not so much, and unfortunately we do not have enough space to keep separate bins. Does anybody have some other idea or suggestion ?
  9. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    Tried Roma yesterday: not bad but not unforgettable. Good pizza (a bit small, not enough alone for a dinner), average parmigiana eggplants (very small plate, good taste but too much salted). 100 baht for each plate (also if ++) is an astonishing price. For the pizza everyone has his taste, but in this area for me (italian) the best Pizza Restaurant remains M&M, with good pizza, good pasta, pleasant ambience, warm welcoming ad efficient service; while the best Pizza (but nothing else) is that one made at Amici's in Chalong.
  10. Food delivery in Rawai/Chalong??

    This morning at Central I have been given a flyer of https://weserve.co.th/en/ , maybe now they are really working. Did anybody try them ?
  11. Vacuum cleaner brush

    Does anybody know where to find a new brush head for my vacuum cleaner Siemens ? I am looking for a brush with only hair but not wheels, to clean an outdoor wooden deck. Already tried at BigC basement but couldn't find anything. Thanks......
  12. Nespresso Coffee Machine and Capsules

    At Central (Departement Store) I did not find Nespresso capsules. I found some compatible capsules at Central Food Supermarket (or maybe Villa Merket, I do not remember) : a bit less expensive but nothing to do with the original. But you can find the original at Chicco d'Oro on the Courtyard close to Island Furniture, on Chaofa West. "One cup of coffee is a pleasure, if it is not good, which kind of pleasure is it ?"
  13. P and S Market in Rawai is Closing.

    Yes, for sure in this area the number of the shop has increased a lot more than the number of the non-chinese tourists. All the commercial activities that I know repeat the same mantra : "Only chinese tourist groups not willing to spend money".
  14. A/C Air conditioner cleaner recommendation?

    Yes, thanks, probably it is the motor of the internal fan that, in spite of receiving a correct electric voltage, does not turn
  15. A/C Air conditioner cleaner recommendation?

    No, it should be overly lazy: it was working just about one hour per day until Saturday and suddenly, Sunday morning, it went on strike.