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  1. I do not know which problem Osmar has, but for skin problems (cancer control and keratosis removal) I usally go to Phuket International Hospital, Doctor Sithiporn, and I am satisfied. I think that at present Phuket International Hospital, in the new wing, is better equipped, from dermatology problems, that Bangkok Hospital, that I frequent for other kind of problems. They belongs to the same company and I have the feeling that they are trying to dedicate especially the Phuket International to dermatology and plastic surgery.
  2. Some considerations : The beach for sure is nicer without beach chairs and umbrellas, but many people do need them. When I was young I used to spend happily whole days on the sand, without any protection or chair. Now I am older and I do need a chair and a protection: should I be forbidden to go to the beach ? Also many young families with small children need an umbrella for their babies, the strong sun can be very dangerous for them. Should they spend inside an hotel room the main part of the day ? For sure in some area there is the chairs mafia : the solution is to prohibit the chairs or to regulate and survey the vendors activity? For the taxi too that there is mafia: should the taxi service be abolished for this reason ? The chairs guys, at least in Nai Harn, where keeping the beach clean in their area, now where there are no chairs the garbage situation is becoming worse and worse. Again in Nai Harn the restaurants table had been removed from the inside area under the trees, now this area is full of parked car (in spite of the availability of a big parking lot near the temple, just one hundred meters from the beach). Is it better a parking lot overlooking the beach, or some bar tables where enjoy a drink or some food ? My opinion is just to leave some area free and some area with chairs, to survey about any abuse, and to require the chair boys to keep clean their areas. It looks me so simple.....
  3. Yes, I understand that. But there's no reason why a company can't own a house - and the company ownership would have been discovered in the land office when it was time to sign the standard "sale of a structure document" - which is signed 30 days before the completion. I do not know in Thailand, but in other countries if you buy a company that owns a immovable property, you do not need to go to the land office, you just buy the company shares.
  4. Sure. this is why it seems strange to me that a company was the owner of the house only
  5. Did you understand the reason why they put the property of the house in the name of a company, if the land was already a separate property owned by thai people ? Maybe just looking for a person believing to buy both house and land ?
  6. Hello, I am looking for a physiotherapist for a pain in the shoulder (bicipital tendinitis). Does anybody know a good and reliable physiotherapist in Rawai area ? I found a person satisfied with Andaman Physical Therapy near Chalong circle in this forum, but I'd like to see other opinions and maybe (due to present traffic congestion) something closer to Rawai. Many thanks Federico
  7. Paul944: I have been in the situation to stay less than 181 in any country several times, but it is not so easy to cancel a fiscal residence without having a new one, your native country would be not so happy ! chiang mai : The country requiring this certificate is Italy, but in this case it does not matter how Italy would count the days, they are just asking a Fiscal Residence Certificate issued by a country with which there is an agreement against double taxation.
  8. Of course my plans were different, but I had to change them because of an unexpected and extremely serious health problem that forced me and my wife to go back abruptly to Europe. This is the reason I made me "so compicated"...... Your interpretation is acceptable, but I think that also mine is acceptable. My main point is that the Immigration Departmente applies a criteria different from that applied by the Revenue Department. Both are Government Department, so one of the two must be wrong !
  9. I need to get a "Fiscal Residence Certificate" (R.O. 22) from the Revenue department. To get this certificate, I need to demonstrate that I have been "residing in Thailand for a period or periods aggregating more than 180 days in any tax (calendar) year ". I have presented my passport with all the entrance and exit stamps, together with a count that, for me, arrives at 182 days, because I entered and exit from Thailand four times, and I have counted both the days of entrance and the days of exit. And this is the criteria usually adopted by the immigration Department. But the Revenue Department told me that they count only one of the entrance and exit days so, in their opinion, I have been residing in Thailand ony for 178 days and I am not entitled to get the Fiscal Residence Certificate. Following the Revenue criteria if you arrive and leave in the same day they count one day, if you arrive today and leave tomorrow would be always one day.... Now I want to make an opposition to their decision, that is in contrast to the criteria applied by the Immigration Department and to my opinion. I was thinking to go first to the Immigration Department and to ask for a declaration about the number of days that I spent in Thailand (they should declare 182). Does anybody knows if they could issue such a declaration ? Has somebody any suggestion, or personal experience, about how to deal with this kind of problem ? Federico
  10. Going to Mee Sapam subject, it is not vegetarian. Noodles with seafood are excellent, as well as many other plates like fresh spring rolls with crab Suppose they are closed for the evening, here it is: https://th-th.facebook.com/meesapam/ Enjoy your noodles :-)
  11. Any idea for a shortcut going northbound from Rawai ? The only I can imagine is route 3025 (through Orchid Farm) and later go back down through Patak, but it seems a bad idea.... Unbelievable that they did not create some bypass alternative before starting the works !
  12. Me too (Rawai area), I sometimes encounter a snake in my garden. Usually they go away without any problem. In the case the snake enter inside the house and you cannot invite him to exit, which is the best contact to call ? I know Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation at 076. 246301 or Ruamjai Kupai Foundation at 076-238364. Does anybody know if these addresses are correct and updated ? And in the unlikely event to be bitten by a scared snake, what is the best phone number to call or the best place to go, maybe not too far from Rawai area ? Thanks
  13. Last June, having already in my passport the address notification, I just needed a picture, passport copies and, of course, to fill the relevant form. Very fast process, probably they will ask you 300 baht, ( hope to not start now the usual discussion about tips at the immigrationa.....)
  14. www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/911456-retirement-extension-2016-latest-requirements/?page=1 But, since the 3d is very long and updated only until the 12th of September, you may decide to go first upstair and ask the volunteers about the last minute changes
  15. The sad thing is that thai politicians did not learn anything from the mistakes made in other parts of the world. In India, in Goa, they have a very rough but someway effective rule : now it is not allow to build anything new at less than 500 meters from the sea.....