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  1. Isn't it time for everyone in Pattaya, locals and expats (not to mention the tourists) to go back to the old version of transport? I refer to the elephant, horse and maybe even buffalo.... it would be safer (providing the animals were fed on time) and surely it'd be much healthier and quieter.....
  2. Everywhere these Nigerians are a pain in the ..... Something in their blood mustn't work right, rarely you hear this of other African nationalities here. Time for the authorities to check how they all (mostly males of course) get permission of any kind to come and stay here (yes, I know money talks!) but I can't imagine that a Thai embassy/consulate abroad hands out a visa so easily. Clean this mess up, folks! Guys like this are a liability for society.
  3. I'm afraid it won't be the last sad story we will read but that's reality of life here and worldwide. Fortunately the Internet beggar's system is there for the ones who see no other solution but, as someone stated here, not a long term one.
  4. And that's why the victim was beaten to death Mister American!? As so many in Pattaya nowadays, an agressive idiot thinking he can do whatever he wants because he's not in his own country. A trouble maker or not the Australian didn't deserve to die to learn a lesson in good behavior (if that still exists in Pattaya!!).
  5. SHOOT THEM!! We've come to that point hard measures have to be taken otherwise it keeps on going. Sorry I most likely sound very harsh here for liberals and human rights lunatics.....
  6. Could it be possible that someone from Isaanland has woken up.....!!?? Feel so sorry for this lady.
  7. Before he realizes it half of his "fortune" has vanished in a matter of time..... Sorry to be sarcastic now, couldn't help it..
  8. If this continues sooner or later we, the endangered single, widowed or separated male, young or old, either all leave or never come here in the first place. I really wonder what all these scamsters, golddiggers and the likes gonna do then!!?? Just a thought I had when reading this sad story. but I've had it!!
  9. Another Russian lunatic thinking he's somewhere in the wild west causing the death of 2 innocent people. When are the Pattaya authorities (and elsewhere in Thailand) be able to separate/identify the many rapists and other international filfth from those the city really needs which are tourists, expats & retirees who behave normal!? Sadly we know the answer already..... NEVER!! RIP to the Thai and Korean victim.
  10. Savannakhet from BKK - so EASY

    It seems to become a sort of trading place with Mukdahan district. Wonder if in the years to come some biz opportunities can arise for foreigners. A frequent visitor to the Thai consulate there said that Lao business laws concerning setting up something are way more relaxed than in Thailand, so could be interesting if you have some good idea to go into business for yourself and still wish to be close to the land of smiles!!! I could be wrong here, always a risk to do this anywhere. By the way, it may be a boring place (I agree fully) but some seem to like not too boring looking cars!!!!
  11. Can anyone tell me what the best way/system is these days to get money from China? Someone said wechat, others tell me paypal and payoneer aren't used so much over there. I have a Kasikorn account and registered with Payoneer. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  12. If you would/could invest here in Thailand, and depending on the money of course, what would it be? Just out of curiosity.
  13. 90 day reporting

    OK, I'll take my chance, see what happens. Appreciated for your comment Joe.
  14. 90 day reporting

    This Friday the 3th I have to do my 90 days report again (retirement) I live in Huay kwang and been going to Imperial World LadPrao ever since. Past 2 months read about people been turned away and sent to Chaengwattana, so am not sure I'm going to take the risk to go to Ladprao Immigration! Anyone been there recently and facing problems concerning this issue? Appreciate advice and/or comment. Thank you.
  15. UK's Hammond regrets calling EU 'the enemy' over Brexit

    So what? He's right. Don't apologize to these EU mob in Brussels.