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  1. UK's Hammond regrets calling EU 'the enemy' over Brexit

    So what? He's right. Don't apologize to these EU mob in Brussels.
  2. Stricter controls over firearms, fireworks and explosives

    I sincerely hope they have informed the youth tugs, violent tuk tuk & taxi drivers, off duty police and security guards and so on. You never know in these "harsh" times where many, both Thai and foreign, seem to loose their self-control too easily!
  3. Massive raid as "coloreds" targeted in Nana this morning

    13 had no passport!!!! then how did they get in!? can't be by boat, the Mediterranean Sea is too far for that!!!
  4. NLA chief expects election in Nov-Dec next year

    I have a feeling we're going to read this next year around this time again!!!!
  5. UK's Prince William and wife Kate expecting third child: palace

    One of the many on this planet who never heard of "OVERPOPULATION"!!!!
  6. Now we already know who's gonna win the OSCAR for best male actor next year!!!!
  7. He probably swallows the same pills as a certain tycoon who's now the President over there (with all due respect for the latter one)!!!! What a messy world is this.
  8. Authorities could not stop Yingluck escaping, says Prawit

    What a bunch of incompetent clowns is this! Or is it maybe that so much BAHT is involved here that it wasn't so difficult for her to flee!!?? Just to show some leadership and courage I advise the great "LEADERS" of this country to simply ask the Dubai government for an extradiction of that miserable Thaksin clan but if they even fail to locate and get back a useless scumbag such as "Speedy Red Bull" then we're back to the "wishfull thinking" scenario. Again! Yes, fellow expats, we're living in a circus here but the question is are the acts enjoyable!!!
  9. Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

    Pretty old news, isn't it? He informed about it a few months ago already! But to all good things comes an end sooner or later and is in this stupid era replaced by something negative. Getting used to all the crap (people and things!) that's around these days worldwide requires a body of steel unless you're a heartless addicted robot of course.... Was good to read his stories and insight views.
  10. Shows once more how mamy idiots and simple minds live among the Thai people. Oh! now I really have to be careful insulting them....
  11. He's right, unfortunately, but it doesn't apply only to Thailand. We're all more or less responsible in this "take it for granted" world, no matter how you look at it.
  12. Can anyone tell me how many idiotic laws exist in this country? It must be a world record I think! Of course most apply to common citizens or the infamous bad Fahrangs but not so much to the higher Elite crooks who are inventing these laws often for their own benefit.....
  13. Black-clad Yingluck cuts a relaxed figure at Supreme Court

    There's a huge circus going on in the USA and there's one in Thailand. It involves certain people who think they are always above the local law regardless what critics are saying. So the laughable sad circus will keep on going and going till new likewise influencial clowns appear on the horizon and continue this charade!!