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  1. GaryAdriaenssens

    Elections will be held on Feb 24, Thai govt maintains

    If this report is true then we know already the outcome after the elections and a few months later.... Use your common sense to guess what it will be!!!
  2. So we should be careful what we share here, shouldn't we? Just a thought.
  3. I always expected it but now I'm sure "the end is near for Sin City!!
  4. Won't be the last victim of this crazy smartphone craze!!
  5. GaryAdriaenssens

    What is the general rule for tipping?

    Simple easy answer "there isn't any"!!
  6. GaryAdriaenssens

    Farang Marriage Training Clinic Opens In Khon Kaen

    It's getting weirder and weirder on this planet (certainly in Thailand!)
  7. Stupid freak, another zombie who can't live without his gadget and is easily annoyed when it's not going his way! Let's hope KARMA comes his way soon.
  8. Just kill them (Nigerians) off Joke, am sure you and your associates know ways to do that. Sorry if I sound so harsh or even worse "racist.."!
  9. GaryAdriaenssens

    Hotel in Prasart?

    ok, thanks for the tip & advice.
  10. GaryAdriaenssens

    Actor gets Bt2m bail for alleged role in Bt800m Bitcoin scam

    He should contact the Red Bull org. how to escape the country and never ever getting prosecuted. Must be easy!!
  11. Good job joke! It's a real plague here.
  12. GaryAdriaenssens

    Many expats live in Thailand on less than 45,000 baht a month

    Well said, let all these spoiled complainers live their own pathetic lives and if they don't get around here with more than 20-30k no one will stop you of returning back home.
  13. GaryAdriaenssens

    Alcohol sales ban tightened for Asanha Bucha, Lent

    I am really scared now1 It's one of the most heaviest regulations ever enforced on this planet..... TIT!!
  14. GaryAdriaenssens

    Drunk Ratchaburi Man Wakes Up Without Penis

    Keep us posted!!
  15. Now that's a sentence I like for scum that deserves it. Probably regret it already they didn't choose the open door EU for their "social" activities, hehe!! Good job Cambodians.