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  1. Yes, sometimes staying beautiful has its price..... Fortunately she wasn't on her phone but maybe she isn't one of those smartphone-using zombies as reported in an article here 4 days ago!! Imagine what could have happened to her then! Hope she recovers from it though.
  2. GaryAdriaenssens

    Chinese City Introduces Special Walkway for Smartphone-Using Zombies

    And every day more and more zombies join this crazy group of robots around the world! Where do we go from here? A really sad development!?
  3. I start to like the guy more and more. He may be a big joke but he's not so foolish to step on a few local "high placed toes" and actually does something about the international scums that are running around here. Still a lot more work to do I guess.
  4. GaryAdriaenssens

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    We could also ask ourselves this question "where is it really going well these days?" Don't tell me the EU, please!
  5. GaryAdriaenssens

    Hotel in Prasart?

    Don't have my own transport so only option would be by bus. Yes, Prasart near Surin city.
  6. GaryAdriaenssens

    Hotel in Prasart?

    Can anyone fill me in about hotels or guesthouses in the city of Prasart in Surin province? Difficult to find any on the search engines. Or maybe I missed it somehow. Many thanks for some feedback about this.
  7. WOW! must have been a wonderful time there, feasting on the back of the UK taxpayers while the rest of the world lives their daily normal life..... disgusting
  8. Even the Internet becomes dangerous here!!!
  9. BAD BAD GIRL!!! One of the worst crimes in the Kingdom of the last decades..... Idiots!!
  10. Time to go back to the good old UK, guys, gets too dangerous in the LOS for you..... No need to worry, lovely Theresa and the Elite there will take care of you!!
  11. GaryAdriaenssens

    Thailand ranked world’s ‘least miserable’ country again

    Finally some good news from the "experts" whoever they are! Now let's hope they don't read or hear that in Africa or Syria otherwise a whole new caravan of so-called asylumseekers heads this way!
  12. I thought the EU was paradise for all kinds of foreign scum these days but Thailand probably beats it by miles!
  13. Biggest BS I've ever read here!
  14. WHAT? No Africans on the list except 1 Kenyan!! Where have they gone??
  15. GaryAdriaenssens

    Australian bar owner in Pattaya beaten unconscious

    Nothing special or surprising here. Let's move on to the next beating, murder, stampede, road accident etc.... will probably be tomorrow or during the next days!! We will surely read about it here