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  1. https://www.quora.com/Why-arent-aircraft-tires-made-to-rotate-before-landing-to-reduce-tire-wear
  2. 3 files by snowhiter and none by redbaron 58. Typo?
  3. Could anybody point me to a good source for Scandinavian material? I have been looking for "Gidseltagningen" and "Tomgang", but nothing on TPB.
  4. The Social Stockholm Syndrom effect.
  5. It is never a good idea to be worth more dead than alive, so consider yourself lucky that they don't believe you.
  6. Not sure how I could have missed "The Best Offer" back in 2013, but is well worth mentioning again. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1924396 In the world of high-end art auctions and antiques, Virgil Oldman is an elderly and esteemed but eccentric genius art-expert, known and appreciated by the world. Oldman is hired by a solitary young heiress, Claire Ibbetson, to auction off the large collection of art and antiques left to her by her parents. For some reason, Claire always refuses to be seen in person. Robert aids Oldman in restoring and reassembling some odd mechanical parts he finds amongst Claire's belongings, while also giving him advice on how to befriend her and deal with his feelings towards her. Also a friend of Oldman, Billy Whistler helps him to acquire a secret private collection of master paintings.
  7. You can also still safely eat fur burgers.
  8. Just can't wait. 45 more days to go. Netflix has set September 1 for the Season 3 release of Narcos.
  9. If the plan stop mid air, I don't think a seat-belt would make much difference to the outcome.
  10. The title should read: Thailand invites the world to enjoy the glorious (fake) tulips of Chaiyaphum They are not actually tulips, but some kind of weed.
  11. 3 years ago the sock was on the other foot. http://time.com/2825037/thai-thailand-coup-junta-pr-girls
  12. Bit late for that, they just wasted billions of pounds having their little war on Iraq and Afghanistan, all in the name of protecting country and flag.
  13. You mean up to European standards. Looks like the UK had a lot to learn before they left the EU. http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/16/why-is-cladding-banned-in-the-us-and-germany-used-on-buildings-in-the-uk-6712578
  14. Build it next to a LNG re-gassification plant. Thailand plan to import 10 million tons of LNG per year. That should keep your servers crisp and cool.
  15. My dear mother in-law, what are you doing standing alone in the doorway in the rain - just go home! NB: Actually I have the worlds greatest mother in-law.