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  1. What series are we talking about here? Since you guys are putting so much effort into it, I will also give it a try.
  2. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    The jury is still out, they are not divorced yet.
  3. "the government tries to keep prices down", that was true of the past, but the future look very different for Thailand. But Thailand is not one of them. Private investment expanded by only 1.7% last year. Thailand’s sovereign bonds yield less than America’s. Inflation is once again a worry, not because it is too high, but because it is so stubbornly low. Consumer prices rose by only 0.8% in March, according to figures released this week. Inflation has remained below the BoT’s target range of 1-4% for 13 months in a row. Core inflation, excluding raw food and energy, has been below 1% for almost three years. https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2018/04/05/the-next-japan-is-not-china-but-thailand
  4. The 4% of non-THB debt is only for public debt, right? If corporate and private debt is included is is a bit higher, although still relative low compared to other EM. And although many emerging markets have heavy debts, they do not share Argentina’s old-fashioned need to borrow in other countries’ currencies. Almost 64% of Argentina’s combined government and corporate debt is denominated in dollars and other foreign monies, according to the Institute of International Finance. Among the big emerging markets, only Turkey compares, with 56%. The equivalent figure for Thailand is 17%, for Brazil only 16%. https://www.economist.com/leaders/2018/05/12/will-argentinas-woes-spread
  5. ExpatOilWorker

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    How can tell if your AIS box have been been upgraded (neutered) yet? I just use my box for watching TV once in a while. Never tried to install anything else on it.
  6. I heard Stickman is looking for a job.
  7. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6445112
  8. Is it better than Mars (2016) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4939064?
  9. Click-fraud. The fraudsters used Thailand because in China only one phone can be linked to a single WeChat account, presumably to prevent click fraud. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/business/2017/06/12/chinese-likes-farmers-arrested-thai-border-town
  10. Or an attempt to make China more popular overseas. Could it be related to the Xiaomi IPO, the trade dispute with the US, NK or something else?
  11. Cheney is ready!
  12. ZTE just got delisted for dealing with Iran. The world must learn to obey the mighty US Dollar. A nuclear armed Iran is certainly not healthy for the region. Let them roast a bit in the desert heat a few more years until they give up that dream.
  13. If somebody are paying 166 people 15,000 baht a month + accommodation, hardware and SIM cards, you can be sure it is a money spinning scam. Could be something simple as they are registering fake Wechat or Weibo accounts and talk certain penny stocks up (or down), but it is probably more complex than that.
  14. One consequence is $78 oil. Thank you!
  15. Scary that China produce 60-80% of world production of some items. Interesting quote from the link: " China is far more dependent on the U.S. than the U.S. is on China."