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  1. Bit odd that this one has not appeared on TPB yet, not even a cam version.
  2. New Toyota Fortuner

    The seats are nasty, but what gets me it the leather (or plastic) on each side of the SatNav and radio. Totally out of place.
  3. You need to give us a chance, it is still early in the morning and it was after all Friday night last night. $153.6 billion during the first 8 months is not bad, it a whopping 0.9% higher than the 2011 Jan-Aug export. 2010 $123,571.02 2011 $152,273.00 2012 $150,247.35 2013 $151,763.00 2014 $149,720.95 2015 $142,707.35 2016 $140,165.32 (Jan-Aug Export Million $) Export.xls
  4. With even the Fed Chairman Yellen mystified with the consistent low inflation and sovereign states selling 100 years bonds at 2.1% , it is tough what big event could bring it all down. An Asian financial crises is way overdue, the last one was 20 years ago. I have a feeling that a slowdown in China could be the catalyst, but people have been saying that for the past 10 years.
  5. Below are some Thai made rums. Interesting stuff.
  6. PACE stocks are not suspended, they are still trading at the SET.
  7. This is the scary part: Around 2 million borrowers have failed to pay debts worth a total of 62 billion baht.
  8. China is untouchable, they have covered the entire country in a shield of un-penetrable pollution.
  9. ccleaner - uh-oh!

    Anyone still using Adaware?
  10. If TAT's numbers are correct, Thailand would have a $54 billion trade surplus from tourist alone, which Thailand obviously don't have, but hey, nice try TAT.
  11. TAT gave up issuing their annual report in since 2014. I guess, they realized, what is the point anyway? https://www.tourismthailand.org/About-Thailand/About-TAT/TAT-Informative
  12. Could a contributing factor be that both swampy and Don Muang are now international airports? A tourist that arrive in Swampy on a long-haul flight and then takes a budget carrier to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc now have to enter Thailand and are counted as a tourist, at least by TAT's standard.
  13. That is correct and since more Thais start their flight from Bangkok, they end up paying more than joe-tourist. Of course, the lucky few of us who have made Thailand our home, also gets this Thai rough deal, but lets face it we are just a drop in the big bucket.
  14. True it is, but lets not get fact in the way of a good story.
  15. ccleaner - uh-oh!

    How can I check and see if my computer is 32 or 64 bit? Found it. I am actually also 64.