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  1. I have been calculatin'

    No reversal in sight. The BoT is stepping back and allowing the baht to become stronger. "KBank, the country's fourth-largest lender by assets, predicts the baht will appreciate to 31.2 baht versus the dollar next month."
  2. I have been calculatin'

    Thai baht is undervalued compared to the Canadian dollar, so don't expect the tide to turn anytime soon. http://www.economist.com/content/big-mac-index
  3. Ideal Weight? Does anyone have a goal or target weight??

    In what way is oatmeal bad? I always thought is was a very healthy breakfast cereal and had a reducing effect on cholesterol.
  4. Ideal Weight? Does anyone have a goal or target weight??

    What is the name of the app you are using?
  5. Not a vehicle per se, but a beautiful view of the tarmac we drive on. Sali Kho Interchange, Ratchaphruek Road ✕ Chaiyaphruek Road Bang Phlap Subdistrict, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province
  6. "Federal deficit spending is headed toward "uncharted territory," I think we can safely say that Thailand's 3.38 trillion baht infrastructure master plan is also stepping into uncharted territory. The children of Thailand will have a lot of debt to pay off.
  7. I thought Google discontinued the Google/finance site. What site are you using?
  8. The epicenter of the next crises could very well be China: ...with China one of the most indebted nations overall. However, in Australia, where our overall debt-to-GDP is not really that far behind China, near 300 per cent, our household debt is more than twice the global average share, with our government debt only about 38 per cent of the global average. Both countries are exposed to a “debt crisis”, but for different reasons.
  9. Scotch Prices at Swampy?

    Any serious whisky (without the "e") drinker should join Siam Whisky Club.
  10. Bangkok Air Pollution

    We made the international morning news: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-15/planning-a-vacation-in-bangkok-don-t-forget-your-pollution-mask
  11. Traffic blamed for air quality in Bangkok

    Strange headline, I always thought 54% (outdoor burning) was more than 13% (Transportation).
  12. Biggest U.S. force in years joins Thai military exercise

    Looks like they missed by a country mile.
  13. While still in the plane he hasn't passed immigration yet. Is he really in the UK?
  14. Although 100 m3/h sound like a lot, it is only removing 60 mg of particles a day at PM2.5 at 25 with a power consumption of 10 Kwh/gram. Cleaning up pollution is expensive, just ask BP!
  15. Ideal Weight? Does anyone have a goal or target weight??

    You might not be overweight, you could just be under-height.