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  1. ExpatOilWorker

    Made in Thailand: Mercedes AMG GLC C43 Coupe

    The GLE500e does have 333 + 116 HP and is 700 kg heavier than the GLC 43, so you get a lot more at essentially the same price. The dated interior is of course a drawback. https://www.auto-data.net/en/mercedes-benz-gle-suv-w166-gle-500e-v6-333-116hp-4matic-g-tronic-hybrid-22063 https://www.auto-data.net/en/mercedes-benz-glc-c253-amg-glc-43-367hp-4matic-g-tronic-26419
  2. ExpatOilWorker

    3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    How much bandwidth is the standard AIS media box using? I don't see any difference in my torrent downloading speed with the AIS box on and off.
  3. Below are 46 single house that Kasikorn bank have on foreclosure in Surat Thani. Check if you can find something similar in size and location to the house you are looking at. http://propertyforsale.kasikornbank.com/searchProperty.aspx?index=3#Property NB: No sure if the Surat Thani search can be copy/pasted in the link. If not, select Main Index, single house and then the province.
  4. ExpatOilWorker

    Fishing boat operators issue ultimatum to govt

    Myanmar seem to be doing pretty well. They have increased their fish production with about 500% in 20 years. http://www.fao.org/fishery/facp/MMR/en
  5. Found it on TD. No VPN and no Apple products.
  6. Iran is doing a lot more meddling in the Middle east than just supporting Palestine. Removing Saddam Hussein was like a dream coming true for Iran and they have spread their evil wings ever since. You will like this: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/bitter-rivals-iran-and-saudi-arabia
  7. Is Episode 2 out yet? Nothing on Lime.... yet.
  8. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    That is actually a very good idea.
  9. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    If they do that, they will soon end up like Venezuela. You remember the riots in Indonesia and trucker strikes in Brazil? As China devaluates the Yuan fuels cost goes up and that is not very popular.
  10. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    It is easy to focus on western companies that have outspoken CEOs that are more than willing to share information with the press. But how about the Chinese livestock farmers in a remote corner of China? Soya beans suddenly cost him 10% more, ohhh no wait 15% more because the Yuan just dropped 5%. While it take 1 ton of steel to build a 1 ton car, it takes 3 tons of soya beans to make 1 ton of pork. Joe consumer in America can just buy an Amarican made truck or even a small truck to match his budget. Ching consumer in China just can't eat 15% less if he want to sleep on a full stomach.
  11. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    A trade war between the US and EU, especially over 0.6% is a bit pointless. Any chance you have the percentage point tariff difference between US and China?
  12. ExpatOilWorker

    Rebuilding air flow sensor: possible?

    I had the same symptoms as you and at first I thought it was a faulty camshaft timing sensor, but after a lot of trouble shooting it actually turned out to be the airflow mass meter, cost was about 20,000 baht. Interesting, if the airflow meter was disconnected the car defaulted to a "no signal" mode what made the car run normal, but according to the mechanic would give higher fuel consumption. You could try just to disconnect the faulty airflow sensor. You are 100% sure it is the airflow sensor?
  13. The C43 version of the Mercedes AMG GLC Coupe arrived in Thailand last week and since it is made in Thailand, it is fairly reasonable priced at 4.69 million baht. The only reason to buy this car is for the 3 l gasoline engine and the 362 HP it produce, but does it really make sense? Toward the end of the Mercedes price list you find the GLE500e Exclusive for 4.76 million. A much bigger car with the same 3 l engine, but because it is plug-in hybrid taxed lower and priced virtually the same as the smaller GLC. Benz Price List 05_05_2018 (11 May)_Eng_white.pdf
  14. At times it was very complex, with some people both being humans and robots in different timelines, but played by the same actor. Also the black rider was played by 2 different actors, but it also made sense and added nicely to the story line. For me it helped reading this: http://collider.com/westworld-timeline-explained/#2017
  15. ExpatOilWorker

    SURVEY: Tariffs -- Good or Bad?

    Why is everybody so focused on how much it will hurt the US? China has the most to lose and with the Shanghai index down 20% already, we might not be to far from facing another Asian financial crises, centered around China. Europe has no interest in working closer together with China. They just made a free trade agreement with Japan. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-china-eu-exclusive/exclusive-china-presses-europe-for-anti-us-alliance-on-trade-idUSKBN1JT1KT