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  1. Looks like he does most of his driving around 6 O'clock Sunday morning. I have never seen the streets of Bangkok that deserted.
  2. I fear this project will share the same fate as the worlds tallest flag pole in Chiang Rai.
  3. This one is also fake, but better made.
  4. No need to bring her over, I have a 2 years old and might see you at McCrappy when we reach the tantrum age.
  5. You fill your daughter with junk food from McDonald? Now that is bad parenting. I will take a nappy with my salad any day.
  6. They are already in Pattaya, no need to wait for them. (Couldn't resist it either)
  7. Good point. Maybe Mercedes Benz are still trying to vent out the stink of the billion dollar loss from the Chrysler merger.
  8. He found a way to stay in Thailand for life without any visa hazel.
  9. Could that be a safety feature to avoid excessive CO2 build up in the car? Since cars are so airtight now, even at speed, CO2 will build up to 5,000 ppm after about 10 minutes with 2 occupants in the car. BMW have a feature where the re-circulation valve only partially close to 70% at standstill and about 90% as you gain speed. I would have thought MB was smarter. NB: 5,000 ppm CO2 is the upper limit for a normal 8 hours work environment.
  10. With a gasoline/electric total of 248 horsepower at your disposal (versus 180 hp in the aforementioned 320i), the 330e is a sparkling performer. It hauls to 60 mph in a fleet 5.8 seconds and to 98 mph in the quarter-mile in just 14.3 seconds, beating the regular 2.0-liter model by 0.7 second and 0.8 second (and nearly matching the 240-hp 328i we ran through our 40,000-mile regimen). Hold the go pedal down, and this BMW tops out at 140 mph. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2016-bmw-330e-iperformance-tested-review
  11. Samyan Market is also great. http://www.bangkokgoodlife.com/samyan-market-bangkok
  12. 2027 should be an interesting year. A 800 m flying mountain zipping by that close sound like something to hang around to watch.
  13. Most, if not all, the apples, broccoli and carrots are from China. Safe to eat, who knows? Meat is usually more expensive at these open markets than your local supermarket. Eggs are always a good deal however.
  14. Have a look at the BMW 330e. 252 HP for 2.6 million, is good value for money. BMW 2017 Price List.pdf