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  1. Something to keep me awake?

    Nothing existists like you want. Well nothing legal in Thailand anyway.
  2. I have 2 British children that have both had long overstays years+ more than once, both under 15, only thing that happens when leaving if the immigration officers clearance is not high enough, he asks us to wait whilst he gets another to get approval, overstay stamp in passport, no fine, no blacklisting. On our way in 5 minutes. No problem reentering.
  3. I don't believe someone who has access to 13 million baht would be so foolish to send money before receiving the gold? I think this news story is either incorrect or been over played by the media.
  4. Is Laos as bad as everyone says?

    I disliked my time in Laos, went with my Thai wife to get a Non Imm B visa. Food was terrible, bland & expensive compared to Thailand. Transport by Tuk Tuk was expensive with no alternative. Hotels are not anywhere near the same standard as Thailand. Market by the river was basically about 30 stalls repeated over and over again selling the same things. No shopping malls. Such a long queue at the Thai Consulate. On the plus side I did like Beer Laos and the ease of changing money everywhere albeit not the best exchange rate. I will not be returning to Laos anytime in the near future unless I have to.
  5. What I want to know is why has the agent got the old passport?
  6. Decent roast dinner in Bkk ?

    Just a quick update. Went to The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13 today for a roast beef dinner, it arrived after approx 10 minutes, it consisted of a large portion of beef, yorkshire pudding, a few roast potatoes, mash, carrots & a pot of gravy, overall I enjoyed it. It was only 199+ baht and I believe the value was very good for the portion of beef supplied. I will be going back again.