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  1. colinthailand20005

    International driving license

    On holiday eg visa exempt, tourist visa or visa on arrival then yes fine. Any non immigrant visa disqualifies you as you must apply for a local licence with these documents. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. So my son was born in Thailand we have U.K. Passport no entry stamp, he is also Thai and we want to sort out his Thai passport later. is the process of leaving Thailand straight forward at the airport without an entry stamp and brand new U.K. Passport for a 1 year old born here? We have the Thai birth certificate if needed.
  3. colinthailand20005

    Any Farang Restuarants in Phetchabun?

    It’s opposite this hotel. โรงแรมเยาวราชริชมาร์ หมู่ ที่ 10 144, Tambon Tha Rong, Amphoe Wichian Buri, Chang Wat Phetchabun 67130 056 791 843 https://goo.gl/maps/ZVW2EjbBHjp Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. colinthailand20005

    Any Farang Restuarants in Phetchabun?

    So last week I went to Wichian Buri to go to Big C and was driving through the City/Town, and one of the roads leading to the back road to Phetchabun which is called Morakot Road has a new falang style restaurant/bar. My wife noticed it because there were loads of falangs their watching the football. There was a sign saying English breakfast served all day. I was with my 2 daughters at the time and they were playing up so went back the next day with just the mrs and my eldest daughter. I ordered the Big Breakfast at 179 which was quite reasonable, my wife had rib eye steak, the meal was of good quality, served promptly and inexpensive. Before we left I met the owner Darren briefly his from Australia and seamed like a nice chap. I will be going back again, might be a weekly occurrence as I work in Bangkok during the week and go back to Nong Phai at the weekends. Its called 'The Local' and I took a pictures of the menu, there is also a Thai section and I am sure they have all the Thai favourite dishes.