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  1. colinthailand20005

    Any Farang Restuarants in Phetchabun?

    So last week I went to Wichian Buri to go to Big C and was driving through the City/Town, and one of the roads leading to the back road to Phetchabun which is called Morakot Road has a new falang style restaurant/bar. My wife noticed it because there were loads of falangs their watching the football. There was a sign saying English breakfast served all day. I was with my 2 daughters at the time and they were playing up so went back the next day with just the mrs and my eldest daughter. I ordered the Big Breakfast at 179 which was quite reasonable, my wife had rib eye steak, the meal was of good quality, served promptly and inexpensive. Before we left I met the owner Darren briefly his from Australia and seamed like a nice chap. I will be going back again, might be a weekly occurrence as I work in Bangkok during the week and go back to Nong Phai at the weekends. Its called 'The Local' and I took a pictures of the menu, there is also a Thai section and I am sure they have all the Thai favourite dishes.
  2. colinthailand20005

    Something to keep me awake?

    Nothing existists like you want. Well nothing legal in Thailand anyway.
  3. I have 2 British children that have both had long overstays years+ more than once, both under 15, only thing that happens when leaving if the immigration officers clearance is not high enough, he asks us to wait whilst he gets another to get approval, overstay stamp in passport, no fine, no blacklisting. On our way in 5 minutes. No problem reentering.
  4. I don't believe someone who has access to 13 million baht would be so foolish to send money before receiving the gold? I think this news story is either incorrect or been over played by the media.
  5. colinthailand20005

    Is Laos as bad as everyone says?

    I disliked my time in Laos, went with my Thai wife to get a Non Imm B visa. Food was terrible, bland & expensive compared to Thailand. Transport by Tuk Tuk was expensive with no alternative. Hotels are not anywhere near the same standard as Thailand. Market by the river was basically about 30 stalls repeated over and over again selling the same things. No shopping malls. Such a long queue at the Thai Consulate. On the plus side I did like Beer Laos and the ease of changing money everywhere albeit not the best exchange rate. I will not be returning to Laos anytime in the near future unless I have to.
  6. What I want to know is why has the agent got the old passport?
  7. colinthailand20005

    Decent roast dinner in Bkk ?

    Just a quick update. Went to The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13 today for a roast beef dinner, it arrived after approx 10 minutes, it consisted of a large portion of beef, yorkshire pudding, a few roast potatoes, mash, carrots & a pot of gravy, overall I enjoyed it. It was only 199+ baht and I believe the value was very good for the portion of beef supplied. I will be going back again.
  8. colinthailand20005

    BMTA labour union to demand NGV bus supplier blacklisted

    What an absolute mess! Can't someone get things right for a change, now the people of Bangkok will suffer, I don't know much about the Bestlin Group, I did a google search and didn't find too much, but the amount of fines and import tax could well push any company under!
  9. colinthailand20005

    Vintage Mercedes Benz case now in the hands of the OAG

    I don't understand the article does not make sense, what criminal charges are being filed? The news article written in English is incomplete I think.
  10. colinthailand20005

    How long will my bank account be active if I'm not here?

    My Bangkok bank account has been open since 2008 I didn't use it since 2010 with 100 baht balance and I just went to use it a few days ago and it's still active. Same for my wife's account also. It's another story for Kasikorn the account I had with them shows still open on my online banking but upon checking is definitely closed. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. colinthailand20005

    PromptPay service launch postponed until early next year

    I think that maybe the real reason is the lower cost of transferring money has made the banks think twice and someones hands have been greased to delay the launch.
  12. colinthailand20005

    Adding child born abroad to house book

    They won't need a translation of your passport because if you already have a Thai birth certificate they should just register you child but I have recently been trying to do the same thing with no success, you will need to go to the MOFA in Bangkok and they should give you the necessary paperwork, maybe? Remember This Is Thailand, rules can change depending on the person. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. colinthailand20005

    Buying and Selling Wood

    I would like to know from other members some information about buying and selling eucalyptus. So this is where I am at now, my Aunt has a weighbridge and a big company has been renting out her land for the last year they buy and sell eucalyptus on a big scale, she asked them to leave and wants to give it for free to me and my wife, my Aunts business has been there for many years so we have a regular customers returning every day, normally between 30 and 60 tons a week 2 x truck loads going to Bangkok to sell it. Now they tell me they buy wood from people for 1 baht and sell it in Bangkok for 1.4 baht per KG, does this sound right? The profits we have worked out to be about 3000 baht per trip after shipping and loading costs, it doesn't sound much to me but if any members out there have experience in this field any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. colinthailand20005

    double charging by etihad

    I flew with Etihad 2 years ago the problem is not double charging its the way Bangkok Bank applies the payments, I booked through a online travel company who obtained the authorisation for the total amount including there booking fee. When the transaction was applied to my Bangkok Bank account Etihad charged the flight and the booking agent charged there fee using the same authorisation code. This caused a problem with Bangkok Bank systems and I got charged twice for the flight. After about 2 days a lots of complaining I go got my money back.
  15. colinthailand20005

    Best Breakfasts in Jomtien

    So just thought I would update this thread, I wen to the Denmark Hotel this morning with the family, and was hoping for a nice breakfast this is what we got: 1. Tasteless eggs. 2. Bacon the american type that is burnt to a crisp and streaky, tasteless. 3. Selection of Thai foods terrible, looked overcooked and not edible. 4. Juices as previously described just like cordial. 5. Bread just about passable, but not what I would of liked. 6. Sausages in the hot water only 3 in there and looked like sausages from 7/11 that were 1 week old. 7. There was a deli section but I only took the butter from there which was also not what I would of expected. Its 190 baht and simply not worth it, I will not be going back.