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  1. Plus for your example you chose the best brand at a promotional price and not a casino product, the casino Camembert is between 170 and 190 baht at BigC, and for me it's ok value, I eat portions of about 30 to 40 baht at a time and I enjoy it more than a small beer, but hey everybody has different priorities and values, it's ok. BigC and its products (the bakery is really nice with the fresh "pâte feuilletée", thé quiche and the lemon tarts...) is one of the reasons why I don't feel homesick at all here, I eat Thai food most of the time but having options is nice and in the end the cost is reasonable if you don't want to eat exclusively imported products (but the why did you move here?). Just hope they keep most products I like the way it is. The casino chocolate for baking cakes is one of them, u can't find it anywhere (this quality at that price 70 baht for 200g it may seem like a lot, but you can make a big cake with that...). But obviously the prices have gone up in the last 10 years (but everywhere else too) I am just checking promotions and coupon and in my opinion I get good value. But I have to say, having lived in Tahiti for a while, one of the most expensive places in the world (everything is imported and it's very remote) I tend to have a different way to compare...
  2. That's absolutely not true... Most have quite similar price given that the vat here is 7% vs 20 in France. I really hope they keep selling the casino product, the quality is so much better than products at Tesco (for my taste) or imported cheese from Australia for example...
  3. Thanks for your answer. I'll do that as I think resetting my router to factory settings is the safest thing to do. I'll have to check if I can update its firmware, maybe they corrected the vulnerability...
  4. Hi, I have the same router from TOT and I have been having some problems lately, my computers open tabs randomly when I browse the web, no matter what computer I use or what browser I use... I just saw today that my router IP was also changed to instead of and that a not very polite username was set up in Tr-069 (i wouldnt be able to write the username here...) I changed the user and changed a DNS address that was suspicious, but I am still having problems... I guess my router was hacked and the only way would be to make a factory reset, but I am not sure I would be able to make it work after that with the TOT configuration and I can't take the risk to loose internet for more than a few hours... I don't want to contact TOT because I know how helpful they usually are. Any news on this matter, do you also have problem with websites opening randomly? Did you do a factory reset ?