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  1. Do the right thing if in fact she is pregnant and it is your child. Help with medical expenses, child support etc. Do not consider most of the idiot suggestions already posted by the usual cretins on TV. Good luck.
  2. Thaifriendly.com

    I think I'll try Thaifriendly.
  3. Silom

    In the Patpong area be very careful if you go to any of the bars on the second floor, the ones that are promoting sex shows. Lots of problems with overcharging.
  4. The last good bye

    Here is a pic of the Thai navy ship they use if you want to use their service to spread your loved ones ashes.
  5. The last good bye

    I'm not sure about the Viking style burial but what is available to both Thai and falang is a burial at sea performed by the Thai navy at the Navy base in Satthip. What is provided is a Thai navy vessel, crew and refreshments. The entire service takes about 1 hour with the boat sailing out to sea where the deceased ashes are spread in the sea. I don't remember the exact cost for this but I think it's around B3,000.
  6. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I don't know, but they vacated the restaurant a couple of months ago.
  7. Single female in Pattaya

    I think you need to post more details about yourself and exactly what you are looking for.
  8. Well if you don't believe it you can go and ask BJ himself. He and his wife still live in Pattaya and run the BJ Holiday Lodge on Pattaya Beach Road, Soi 3.
  9. Soi BJ was named after an American guy, Bill Jones (aka BJ), who with his Thai wife, ran a bar on the corner of the soi in the early 70's and the bar was named BJ's.
  10. Bang Chang Night out .

    You might try the Bottoms Up Bar. That's the place where back in June the owner got in a fight with a farang customers Thai wife. You can give us all an update on how things turned out. For details you can search for the original post. Search Bottoms Up Bar in Bang Chan might find it.
  11. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I think that tuk-tuk isn't in operating condition and is used only as a advertising prop. I know it was serving the same purpose when the German restaurant was there before the Pizza Place opened, Take a closer look next time you come by for a pizza.
  12. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    The Pizza Place, View Talay 2 A, ground floor, Jomtien. Recently opened (about a month ago). Wife and I were in Pattaya about a week ago and one rainy night we didn't feel like going out to eat so ordered a pizza from the newly opened Pizza Place, which they delivered to our condo but I don't think they have delivery service other then in the building. They offer 14 pizza selections, lasangna, caesar salad and a tart of the day, Prices range from B200 to B 300. The pizza was excellent and well enough for two. In addition to carry out they have four or five tables in the restaurant.
  13. What's your favoroite 3 in 1 instant coffee in Thailand?

    Wow! You really think a lot of your guests. Entertain us with more of your cheapskate tips.
  14. Gentleman R There Japanese Women In Pattaya

    Try Starbucks at Central Festival on Beach Road. Whenever I stop there for a coffee I always see a few. Are you trying to meet Japanese girls or are you just wondering where they are?