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  1. If you can find it here you might want to try Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse. I have the same dry mouth problem and the only real advice I have received is drink plenty of water!
  2. Better read the OP again. The city is Tak north of Kamphaeng Phet, not Trat. The route as written in the OP does seem a bit strange.
  3. This place is a bit more then what you want to pay but still pretty cheap for the Sukhumvit area. Check out the S.V. Guest on Soi 19. Standard A/C room for B700. Tel: 02 253-3556. Coming from Sukhumvit continue down Soi 19 on the left side about 200 m and SV Guest House will be about 30 m before the Honey Hotel and next to On Nineteen coffee shop. If you want to go a bit more up-scale try the Honey Hotel where you can get a A/C room for B900 which includes breakfast, and they have a pool.
  4. Why not just talk to your neighbors and ask them to turn down the TV. Maybe they don't realize it is disturbing you.
  5. Yesterday (25 April) I went to BPH and saw Dr. Anna concerning my rash. She did a biopsy and should have the results soon so hoping it's not serious.
  6. I have been to Bang Saray a number of times over the years mostly to eat at their seafood restaurants. It's a nice laid back place (except on the weekends) with it's small ex-pat community. I like to visit but wouldn't be for me to live. If you are looking for a relatively quiet place with easy access to the Pattaya/Jomtien area then it might be for you. Good luck with your search.
  7. Thanks for the Dr. Anna tip. I am familiar with her having seen her several times over the past few years for skin cancer check-ups.
  8. Last year when (Thai) wife and I arrived at Dulles their was no problem when she accompanied me through the US passport line.
  9. Does anyone know or have they even been announced, what the exact dates for the cremation of the late king will be? I think sometime in October?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. The rash seems to have stabilized, not clearing up but not getting any worse. It itches very slightly and their are a few small "bumps". I'll give it a few more days, maybe a week, and if no improvement will try that skin clinic mentioned by poster Bruce Mangosteen in post #3.
  11. I'm using the cream. Do you think the ointment would be better?
  12. Pattaya.
  13. I have seen them at JJ weekend market. You will find what you're looking for there.
  14. Wait a minute! I agree with your post but I think calling the "old guy" elderly is a bit of a stretch . My own definition of elderly would be at least 75. My guess is he hasn't reached 60 yet, not young but hardly elderly.