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  1. Correct. I mentioned embassy but one can also get the letter at Immigration.
  2. Years ago I used to send cards too but now I just go to 123greetings.com
  3. Dental implant in Pattaya

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital
  4. What I meant by convenient is that when a falang purchases a vehicle you have to get a letter from your embassy to complete the purchase whereas my wife just shows her ID card. Plus whenever I pass away that will be one less item (car ownership) she will have to sort out. Now if you are in a marriage with a Thai where their isn't much trust then registering the vehicle in your name would be the way to go.
  5. What a asinine comment. Kind of reflects the type of people you associated with.
  6. I'm sure it did not have to be registered in her name. Probably registered it in her name more for convenience. We have two cars (Hondas) and both are registered in my wife's name.
  7. Trip to Nan

    We dont plan to make the drive to Nan in one day. Will probably spend the night in Phitsanulok or Uttaradit, depending on what time we leave Bangkok.
  8. Trip to Nan

    Phu Chi Fa looks like it is off route 1155 in Chiang Rai. We will be staying at the Boklua View Resort in Nan on 5 and 6 Jan then nothing planned for the 7th and 8 before returning to Nan for two days. Maybe we will drive to Phu Chi Fa on the 7th.
  9. Carls Jr Central

    What's wrong with Christmas carols? After all it is the Christmas season.
  10. I try to ignore them when possible and let them get on with it.
  11. Let's get back on topic. Nothing is wrong with my home country, I spend time in both, USA and Thailand.
  12. Trip to Nan

    On 2 Jan wife and I will be driving from Bangkok to Nan arriving at Nan city on the 3rd. We will stay in Nan city a couple of days then we will drive to Bo klua and have a 2 day stay at the Boklua View Resort which is on route 1081. From there I'm think of heading north on 1081 and kind of make a loop around to route 1080 and on to Pua. My question is has any one recently traveled north on 1081 to 1080, and if so how is the road and anything particularly interesting to see?
  13. How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    Yes, common sense!
  14. How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    Since you made it to 70 and in apparent good health it's hard to fault anything you are doing although one thing I would suggest would be to cut out those 4 daily beers. I'm 73 and consider myself in pretty good shape too. I walk 2 hours per day, about 12 km, eat lots of salad and fruit, no red meat and try to limit fried foods. Exercise and diet are a big factor to good health.
  15. The father and friend have typical Israeli names and was courious what name the father gave his son. I know, dumb reason, hope I didn't disappoint you!