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  1. Yours is a pretty good example!
  2. Well just go to page one and click on the video there.
  3. I'm thinking of making a trip to HCMC in late July and now searching for a inexpensive hotel/guest house. I have been to HCMC several times but the last time was in March 2014. Can anyone recommend a place in the "backpacker" area for around $20 per night? Also will be going up to Nha Trang and maybe Dalat so would appreciate suggestions for places there too. Thanks in advance.
  4. Where do I find this Udon Thani Fourm, News Section?
  5. Well, be sure to let us know how the date went.
  6. I'm sure many of the local expats in Chiang Mai are probably already familiar with this place on Sri Don Chai Road near the night bazaar. My wife and I were in CM last week and while driving around town we noticed it so stopped in for a coffee. Excellent hot latte and my wife's mango smoothie was one of the best. Friendly staff, comfortable seating and a pleasant outside covered garden area. Plenty of free parking in back of shop. Well worth a stop if you're in the area.
  7. Like most people I don't like the two-tier pricing but we do like camping and wife and I visit Khao Yai NP several times a year during the winter months when the cool weather is great for camping. Chae Son NP with its hot springs in Lampang is another national park we will re-visit as well as going back to Doi Inthanon later in the year.
  8. Last week (Thai) wife and I went to Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai. The entrance fee for her (Thai) myself (falang) and the car was B380. The breakdown was B 300 for me, B50 for wife and B 30 for the vehicle.
  9. Are you a Lamyai fan?
  10. Well you can't get much more elite then Starbucks and a couple of times a day they will come around with a plate of free snacks or a sample of their latest drink offerings. My favorite is the Starbucks in Central Festival on the beach.
  11. If you have a minor fender bender it would be foolish to flee the scene, assuming you have insurance.
  12. My guess is they didn't have enough customers.
  13. I don't know about EmQuartier but you probably can. If not I know you can get a gift card/vouchers at Central Chidlom.