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  1. Khao Yai by Car or 4wd ?

    I agree with Denim and I was recently visiting Khao Yai and you will be fine with the car.
  2. Decent coffee somewhere around Nana/Asoke ?

    Try On Nineteen coffee shop. It is located on Sukhumvit soi 19 about 30 M before the Honey Hotel. Excellent coffee and a good selection of cakes/snacks.
  3. Genital warts

    Who should be consulted for genital warts, a dermatolagist or a urologist
  4. ........as he only had enough money for cigarettes and alcohol. I think I see his problem.
  5. Recommend Accomm in Uttradit & Nan Provinces

    Last year wife and I drove from Bangkok to Nan. In Uttaradit we stayed at the B-cozy Hotel. In Nan city we stayed at the Dhevaraj Hotel which is a bit dated but a great location close to the wats etc and a good deal for B800 a night. Around the corner from the hotel there is a great coffee shop, Coffee Sound. From Nan city you will probably head north to Pua and about half way to Pua stop off at the Riverside Art Gallery. In Pua for a good lunch go to the Baan Huanam Mushroom Farm. They also have two cabins and a few rooms so you could stay there too. We stayed in one of the cabins. You can google these for more details and directions.
  6. Apple cider vinegar

    Here is the article on apple cider vinegar. MSN Apple cider vinegar
  7. Apple cider vinegar

    I have read good (health) things about taking a daily dose of apple cider vinegar. Is their anyone out there taking apple cider vinegar and if so what's your opinion?
  8. A rather tasteless reply. I assume you are saying good riddance to the poor girl that just died?
  9. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Back in April I developed a rash on my elbow which got progressively worse. I tried to self medicate for a few weeks with none of the various creams doing any good. Finally I went to see Dr Anna at BPH. She prescribedForticort which began to clear it up but didn't knock it out . Then I switched to Daktacort Which was better. All this took about 2 months. Then in early July we made a trip up to Chiang Mai and while there we visited two hot springs, one in Mae Chom area, which is east of Chiang Mai city and another not far from Khompangphet. Well,after several visits to the hot springs the rash completely disappeared. I know it will be a bit difficult for you to visit either of these places but should you find yourself in the aforementioned areas then a dip in the hot springs may offer you some relief.
  10. My Recent Experience….. May Save You Money!

    Here is another rotary cuff story. A couple of years ago my friend was told he needed a similar operation and was quoted B350,000 from I think Bumrugrad hospital. He is from the US and had both part A and B medicare coverage as well as a gap policy that covers what Medicare doesn't. So he flew back to the US and had the operation. Even after paying the airfare, couple weeks in a motel, food etc. it was still much cheaper then having the operation done in Thailand.
  11. I don't know him so I could be wrong but poster "defeedme" comes across as a real loser.
  12. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Where is ''flybird condo?
  13. Yes, I think that's the lastest name to identify anyone not white.
  14. I think he was referring to using the word Negro. Even blacks don't like to be called a Negro.