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  1. Cash in the bank.

    Well at least till 2020,thats far better than the stingy £85k offered by the Uk banks.
  2. Make no mistake,we won't be seeing ladyluck in Los again.
  3. A revered king for all his people.A kind and decent human being.A very sad day indeed for the Kingdom.He will be sorely missed.My heart is with the people of my adopted beloved Country today.
  4. Quiet substantial i should imagine as >arting requires one to exert oneself.So the offence would be >arting without a work permit.
  5. 10 million low-income people to receive welfare cards

    So generous.Still a million miles from paying unemployment,sickness&housing benefit to the needy.While the top government officials sit in their mansions care of?
  6. My heart truly goes out to these poor guys. Everyone knows they've been well and truly fitted up. Why don't the police have the balls to bring the real culprit(s) to justice? Sickening.
  7. Hi all. Firstly just a brief background to my circumstances. Married to a Thai,with extension of stay from a non imm(o) based on marriage,and currently in possession of a re-entry permit expiring 02/01/18.I also have a yellow tabian bahn book. I work 6 months a year in Uk and 6 months at leisure in Thailand.Have been doing this for many years now. I'm planning on being back in Thailand Nov/Dec this year,but in any case before extension of stay expires.Next time I wish to stay permanently. I have always enjoyed working and although I have no pension to rely on,I have assets and am not short of money. However, not working in Thailand just lazing apart from small excercise,has left me feeling increasingly bored. It is my intention whilst in Uk to do a tefl course,and start teaching English in Phitsanulok where I reside.I have no intention of working for a School with set hours,but would like to teach freelance with hours to suit.I have several friends in Pattaya who have done this for many years without a work permit,and who are encouraging me to do the same.I am against this as I have always been a straight guy who wants no aggravation from authorities of any kind,but especially from Thai authorities,so wish to play it straight down the line. Please could anyone advise on how to obtain a work permit to teach freelance.Is there a minimum income I would need,how much would I need to make before paying tax/national insurance etc,is it possible to obtain the permit on a non imm(o) or need to be converted to a (B).If paying tax/NI am i entitled to health care or social security card? I would be extremely grateful for any advice. Many thanks.
  8. SURVEY: Should ‘My Mate Nate’ be deported?

    Just an immature kid that needs to grow up,but imho doesn't deserve deporting. I'd personally be far happier to see boss man brought home to face a real serious charge,than to see this kid deported.If his actions had caused the train to derail that would be different....Hope he's now learned his lesson.
  9. New immigration boss vows deep investigation of expats

    I can well understand the aggravation,but if as you say" you are a legal expat"then there's nothing to fear either.
  10. I can see this becoming more prevalent as a way to circumvent the visa rules especially from other countries citizens poorer than Thailand.Having said that,they will still need to show 400k in the bank in order not to do the monotonous visa run every 90 days. I just hope this doesn't lead to an investigation into the genuine ones(like myself) who play by the book.Could do without all that aggravation. I find the good guys in bad guys out policy fair enough.
  11. Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says

    She should do or she may end up with SOMTAMNICATIONfor the second time.
  12. He needs to be chemically castrated.
  13. Disturbing a wasps nest,now it looks like he's stirred up a hornets nest for himself. Rip to the gentleman who's died as a result.
  14. Absolute Beast. Hope he's apprehended soon and feels the full force of the law. In the Uk it's the cabbies who are wary of their passengers,in los it's the other way round. I wish the traumatized Brazilian lady a speedy recovery.
  15. In the end I don't think Darwin truly believed his own theory.He was witnessed reading Hebrews in the bible the month before he died.