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  1. Just an immature kid that needs to grow up,but imho doesn't deserve deporting. I'd personally be far happier to see boss man brought home to face a real serious charge,than to see this kid deported.If his actions had caused the train to derail that would be different....Hope he's now learned his lesson.
  2. I can well understand the aggravation,but if as you say" you are a legal expat"then there's nothing to fear either.
  3. I can see this becoming more prevalent as a way to circumvent the visa rules especially from other countries citizens poorer than Thailand.Having said that,they will still need to show 400k in the bank in order not to do the monotonous visa run every 90 days. I just hope this doesn't lead to an investigation into the genuine ones(like myself) who play by the book.Could do without all that aggravation. I find the good guys in bad guys out policy fair enough.
  4. She should do or she may end up with SOMTAMNICATIONfor the second time.
  5. He needs to be chemically castrated.
  6. Disturbing a wasps nest,now it looks like he's stirred up a hornets nest for himself. Rip to the gentleman who's died as a result.
  7. Absolute Beast. Hope he's apprehended soon and feels the full force of the law. In the Uk it's the cabbies who are wary of their passengers,in los it's the other way round. I wish the traumatized Brazilian lady a speedy recovery.
  8. In the end I don't think Darwin truly believed his own theory.He was witnessed reading Hebrews in the bible the month before he died.
  9. Good on yer Immigration police.Bag em up and ship em off.Like you say"Good guys in bad guys out"
  10. I honestly don't think I stay in this country a day without reading something that feels my heart with sadness.So many MOSTLY avoidable accidents result in tragedy.Very sad.RIP.
  11. Dunno what to believe.All involved have the ability to bend things better than Yuri Geller.
  12. I fully understand the charge,but 15+ years and a 1.5 million baht fine,for what amounts to a quarter of a gram of class 2, just seems so disproportionate.We have 2 Burmese on trial for their lives,not for murder but for a fit up.These justices or injustices,are more than enough to scare the average western tourist off,from wanting to visit.Not exactly the sort of headlines to promote tourism.
  13. Jet ski owner to blame for his scamming intentions. Tourists to blame for their naivety. Needs both parties for the scam to occur,but I bet the jet ski owner never held a gun at a tourist and said"YOU MUST rent my jet ski" Live and learn.Bought experience always teaches one more than taught experience.
  14. like so many before , so many to come,and will continue to come until man learns to think with his brain,instead of his helmet.
  15. Wait. The One word that is not in a Thais vocabulary. Oh well,just like the guy who got caught having sex with the cow recently. Just an udder day in los.