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  1. phitsanulokjohn

    Hiv medication for European with work permit

    No,100% straight.
  2. phitsanulokjohn

    Hiv medication for European with work permit

    He just always enjoyed being single.Bar girl was the source as far ss I'm aware.
  3. Just had a phone call from a mate of mine who resides in Pattaya. He's always kept himself single,preferring one night stands in the lady bars,so I suppose it was only a matter of time imo. He's just tested positive for Hiv on a visit to Spain to see his Mother,and is due to return to los next month.Doctor in Spain advised him to go back to the Uk and speak to a doctor there,but apparently he needs to return to Thailand early next month. He's asked me to find out as much as I can, so I've scoured the net,but can't seem to find out anything specifically relating to European foreigners. He has a medical card and work permit as he has a company,and has been paying into the Thai social security system for approx 18 months. Under this scheme will his meds be free of charge? Any help would be appreciated
  4. phitsanulokjohn

    Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    Is it just their "Mai pen rai" attitude,or is it just a laziness on the part of the Thai's not to want to educate themselves in the affairs of the world? As westerners we need to know whats occuring,as our personal invesments i.e shares,bonds,commodities etc all depend on world affairs. There is no way which is right or wrong,the way that suits the individual is best,providing the said individual's way is not imposing something detrimental onto others. I very much like the Thai's "What will be,will be attitude"coz "What's the use of worrying,it never was worthwhile" after all everything's "Que sera sera".
  5. He will never see justice.Just a load of waffle as per usual.The same as the Shinawatra's.My money allows me to do just as I please,including killing people.Spoilt little pr--cks the lot of them.
  6. You're so right manhood. World class resort?Do me a favour.Glad I made the move up to Phitsanulok 15 years ago.Pattaya was bad enough then,hence the move North,and a move I've never regretted.
  7. Well explained Post Sheryl.
  8. Absolutely correct. I've always said hypothetically,that if I was 133 years old,and a knock come on the door and it was my 100 year old daughter who said to me "Dad I've got trouble"I would still feel obliged to help her,as would any decent compassionate parent.
  9. You get far more than that for trying to improve your health,by getting caught puffing on an ecig.
  10. phitsanulokjohn

    Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    Ive got a lovely singing canary for sale,but it ain't going cheep.
  11. phitsanulokjohn

    Beware: No e-cigarettes in Thailand

    So do they regard tobacco not as drug? It's been stated again&again that ecigs are far less harmful than smoking and can aid giving up altogether.Infact in the UK it was suggested they may soon be available on the nhs with a prescription. A smoker only wants one thing from a smoke and thats old Nick O'teen.Ecigs give you that without all the carcinogenics.It's all about the government not being able to tax ecigs in the same way as cigarettes.Do the government ever stop to think, the money it's costing them treating smokers in hospitals up and down the country for smoking related diseases?
  12. A Thai guy I know in a band thinks this instrument maybe a good addition for his band.So I watch the video he shows me and managed to take a screenshot of it.Nice sound,it appears to be like a giant kazoo as you blow into it by humming and a microphone then projects,the sound through the speakers,via an amp. Spent all day yesterday trying to locate it on the net, but to no avail. Can anybody help to tell me the name of it,if so approximate cost and where to buy.Come on you TV musicians.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Apologies for photo quality.
  13. phitsanulokjohn

    Is Yingluck really wanted?

    Ekachai Chainuvati, a legal expert and political critic, said yesterday he could not conclude that the junta was not serious in pursuing Yingluck. He explained that it was rather because the Thai government had no extradition treaty in place with the UK to have the fugitive former PM sent home. No extradition treaty in place with the Uk? I've just googled it, here's the answer. Currently, the following countries have extradition treaties with Thailand: theUS, the UK, Canada, China, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Fiji, and Australia. Some legal expert he is.
  14. To be number one. A record Thailand must be most proud of. Education Education Education.
  15. phitsanulokjohn

    Swiss man gets bashed after turning off noisy bike

    Toucha my bike,I smasha your face.