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  1. quandow

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    I do this every time I return from the U.S. I stop off at duty free and get a big bottle of whatever strikes my fancy at the time. It's usually a choice of either Smirnoff's vodka or Jim Beam whiskey. My flight almost always gets me back to swampy noonish. Takes me 2-3 hours to get back to Jomtien. I settle back in, go to the store to get some comfort food, crack open the bottle, and drink myself silly. The next day I am so hung over I can hardly breath and sleep most of the day rehydrating and comfort fooding. By the following morning I'm as right as rain. No kidding!
  2. The problem is these bastards are targeting kids. There are tens of thousands of flavors such as cotton candy and gummi bear, and the number of youth using these things is skyrocketing. https://truthinitiative.org/news/e-cigarettes-facts-stats-and-regulations
  3. For crying out loud, just eliminate the ridiculous "All Pass System" and students will suddenly HAVE to perform. It's a stupid cultural deal that classes have to remain consistent from KG to grade 12. Sure, the kids kept back will lose face, but isn't that the necessary pressure needed to ensure their performance? Christ, I remember a kid in my 4th grade class got held back, and he needed to be. Well guess what? The world STILL turns, he went on and eventually graduated, and the REST of us learned a VERY important lesson!
  4. I have watched them pretty consistently for years and have never seen a retraction, nor a story that didn't "smell" right.
  5. What was the ditch doing in the middle of the road?
  6. quandow


    I have a friend who got into an accident and broke his back. He was supposed to do a border run within the following week. He even had his doctor write a letter how he wasn't supposed to MOVE, let alone do a bumpy van ride for several hours. Immigration gave him a one week extension. He went through absolute HELL one week later having to do the border run. Immigration has no sympathy.
  7. Shhhhhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell, or soon EVERYONE will want to go there!
  8. quandow

    Phuket pharmacists up in arms over Drugs Act

    Methinks profits are in jeopardy?
  9. A fellow educator teaches social studies. EVERY year he gives an exam question to draw a map of the world's continents. Almost every exam comes back with the students drawing a fairly accurate map of Thailand.
  10. I taught on and off over the last 10 years in the largest private school system in Thailand. Over that time I worked in 5 different cities, same school. They were all the same, nothing ever changed. Every new teacher was told "You are not here to teach, you are here to give the appearance of teaching." Thailand has the "all pass system" where a student can't fail. One year we had a student who could hardly print his name. His exams were a marvel of imaginative hieroglyphics. Not a single answer right, yet he passed. No wonder Thailand falls behind. All "improvements" are nothing but lip service.
  11. quandow

    Three escaped inmates recaptured in Chumphon

    Any word on how that poor guy that got run over while trapped under the fence fared?
  12. Fox News is still free. (HAW HAW HAW, you pay for what you get)
  13. quandow

    SURVEY: Big Joke--Is he on the right track?

    Can't this be pretty much universally applied to ALL governments around the globe?
  14. As I previously wrote, keep your eyes open for a Supreme Court decision on "Gamble vs US." If passed, it will allow the pussy-grabber-in-chief to give himself clemency for his crimes on the FEDERAL level then block states prosecuting at the STATE level. THIS was why DT wanted Kavanaugh so badly, Crybaby already said he'd vote in DT's favor.