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  1. quandow

    Whatever next! Naked street racers pose online

    Yet brake failures aren't?
  2. For regular, run-of-the-mill services, Jomtien is top drawer. A few years back I moved away from Thailand, then a few months later decided to return. I thought I was done with the LOS so I burned my visa bridge. When I came back with my tail between my legs, I was informed by a Jomtien immigration officer I could fill out a small mountain of paperwork (all in Thai) and the process would also include several trips to Bangkok OR for 18k baht they could take care of the whole thing including a multiple re-entry visa. Is that corrupt? I don't know, technically it might have been, but it was completely worth it to me.
  3. I wouldn't bet the farm that immigration will be OK as late as July 2019. Their inability to get common agreement throughout the kingdom on the rules would have me losing sleep, as well as hair if I had any left, over this issue. I suspect some offices will say "screw it, your letter no good now" any time between now and July.
  4. quandow

    My smartphone signal keeps randomly cutting off

    Samsung S5 has a known issue of dropping wifi signal, maybe you have a similar issue?
  5. quandow

    Apisak warns of slower economic growth

    Did I just witness someone saying the emperor is naked?!?
  6. I thought I was going to see them raising the age from 5 to 7 or something crazy sick like that.
  7. I tried fried grasshoppers along Walking Street one night, after more than a few brewskies, and found them quite tasty. THEN I tried them again sober, and they were STILL tasty! I thought to myself, "Y'know, they're like little cows. They run around eating grass all day, that can't be bad." Same thing with rats living out in the rice fields.
  8. Again, you're kidding, right? Or are you just ignoring EVERY news outlet other than Faux Noise?
  9. I SERIOUSLY hope and pray all Trump supporters who have that same affliction ("blind loyalty") wake up before it's too late.
  10. quandow

    Nine Chinese nationals arrested over child porn

    I've read somewhere about some nut jobs that are pushing for this. NOT worth the time to find a source, sadly I know it's out there. Japan is even selling sex dolls in the forms of prepubescent children. This world is swirling down the toilet and the flushing sound gets louder and faster each day.
  11. I got my Thai GF pregnant due to a faulty condom, blamed it on break failure.
  12. quandow

    Another one gone!

    Just one word: torrent