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  1. There is another point to mention Ron. British folks who are teaching English in Thailand can thank their lucky stars they were born in the UK and not France for instance. Not too many jobs going at the Alliance Francaise.
  2. http://www.tnews.co.th/contents/fh/359468 Absolute scum, especially the son. He needs a few weeks in an attitude adjustment camp to learn some manners.
  3. I hope you are right but Post today quoted the same prices for licences saying it will drive small retailers out of the market. The only glimmer of hope I read was that the 50,000 baht was a ceiling. https://www.posttoday.com/biz/news/514919
  4. Some of the this info came from a translated article from news Sanook which was printed on Thai Visa on Friday- https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1002318-its-a-wait-and-see-game-smokers-and-drinkers-will-discover-tax-fate-on-saturday/?page=1 The news about the increase for retailers came from a Bangkok Post opinion article last Friday.
  5. The licence fee to sell booze is around 2,000 baht a year at present. To increase that to 50,000 baht a year is insanity and a death knell for those hundreds of thousands of small to very small local stores all over Thailand.
  6. Ask her about the proposed increase in licence fee for retailers to sell alcohol from less than 2,000 baht per annum to 50,000 baht. Is she going to still sell booze or is that another scare story well off the mark?
  7. Sadly the original is no longer on you tube but never mind, same same but different as they say in los.
  8. Oh, look out! Sadly missing the wonderful lead guitar work of the original
  9. Inspirational, a tour de force. Pete Townshend is a wonderful rhythm guitarist and a great composer but he really cannot play lead. I wish they had hired some one with some tasty chops for the instrumental breaks.
  10. With Steve Miller making music just sounds effortless.
  11. What a great phrase that is -toothless cowards. Are they toothless because of heavy losses in the molar region in previous fights and thus are afraid to fight again? Or are they toothless simply due to age? I hope Lee can fill us in ( metaphorically speaking).
  12. The bar owner is a refugee. The poor man comes from Hull, a city that ran in at, I think, 97 out of 100 crap cities in the UK. Recently there have been attempts to name it a city of culture but everyone knows that in this age of moral relativism, culture just means you are different. In the case of Hull, it means locals are unable to use the definite and indefinite articles- last night down at pub I saw lass with ..... But they are the salt of the earth and love the East Riding of Yorkshire so much that over 80% of the folks born there, remain there, which either demonstrates loyalty or stupidity. So hats off to Lee Buil for building a new life here, he should get some good CCTV cameras fixed up like, and employ a couple of lasses from East Hull, down Hessle road way, to act as both barmaids and bouncers. He will never be troubled again.