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  1. Sadly I fear he'll soon be using the Third Conditional ' If we had persuaded enough ex-MPs to switch sides to us , we would have had the election in May.'
  2. Snappy number- I never dreamed back then 1985 would ever come round, and then go.........
  3. First heard Abbey Road on Radio Luxembourg with Ringo talking through the tracks. Must have been 1969. Had to listen to it on my little transistor radio with earplugs as the programme went out at 10.00 pm and we were in prison, aka boarding school. Lights out at 9.00 pm. If any prefect caught us awake it was punishment at dawn.
  4. bannork

    Help with translation please

    I think pertaining to is fine for ประสม which means รวมกันเข้า Regarding ปัจจัยที่มีผลต่อการตัดสินไจของผู้บริโภคในการเลือกใช้บริการภัตตาคารคร้วการบินไทย Factors Affecting Decision Making on Consumers' Selection of the Service of THAI Catering Restaurant. It is unnecessary to include both decision making and selection. I would translate it as : Factors Affecting Consumers' Choice Regarding THAI Catering Restaurants. I'm assuming there are more than one restaurant- so it must be plural.
  5. “Although the NLA claims it wants to amend the law with the aim of enabling a free and fair election, their rationale is quite illogical,” the deputy said. “I doubt they have been ordered to do so by some of the powers-that-be.” This is almost certainly a mistranslation of the Thai word สงสัย songsai which can mean both doubt and suspect. The latter meaning here is surely the applicable one.
  6. Well the well-known British public figure, Mr Gumby, did go to have his brain checked though I don't know if he went to Thailand after the operation. His twin brother, James Joyce, did venture as far as Italy.
  7. bannork

    Thaksin vows to fight for ‘democracy'

    I'm not approving it. I can't stand Thaksin and his stranglehold over Pheua Thai but one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to see a concerted plan playing out here to destroy his party. And that's not right. The coup back in 2006 utterly failed to eradicate his influence but this time round the establishment is determined to do so. They may yet fail. Thaksin's parties have risen from the ashes twice before after being banned, but this time it will be harder. He has no obvious charismatic leader and the pervasiveness of the military and its agencies in every district and subdistrict in Thailand means PT face an uphill struggle if or when the election occurs.