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  1. He taught his mother to use foul and abusive language in another tongue that would have gotten her and him beaten up in most countries.His mother seems to be in the game too. a pair of half-wits.
  2. The thing with Pasak dam is being shallow, it fills,up so quickly. I remember last year it was hovering around 60% in August and then 2 storms came -pow! up to 100% in just 2 or 3 weeks.
  3. They're gonna have to move Bangkok to Ban Dung. 555
  4. It's a very shallow dam in spite of its width. I love crossing it on the train when the reservoir is full, nothing to see but water. Contrast its capacity to Bhumipol dam. The latter is approx 14 times larger.
  5. A cheap remark, I would have expected better from someone who addresses himself as Khun. There are plenty of confirmed murders in Thailand outside Koh Tao which my daughters can be concerned about if they wish.
  6. Amazingly, I conduct my mass poll by talking to my daughters personally and by talking to them and their friends that I know on Facebook. I have to report Koh Tao has never come up in conversation, either with them or other Thai relatives.
  7. Jeez, what do you know about me? I've lived in Thailand for 30 years, I've been married to a Thai for over 20 years.Our 3 daughters are like most Thais , enthusiastic social media users, especially Facebook and its various offshoots. None of them or their friends give a monkey about Koh Tao.
  8. But I'm in Thailand and I can confidently say your remark -. Ask just about any Thai person outside of Koh Tao what they think is going down on that godforsaken island- will mean nothing to most Thais.
  9. Yet the Pasak dam is only 40% full.
  10. Khun Han is not even in Thailand!
  11. If you ask working class Thais ( the vast majority), about Koh Tao, they have never heard of it or been there.They are too busy earning a living where ever they are. The middle class with money to spare yes, they may go there. Here's Porntip Rojanasunan, the well known forensic pathologist, on a trip there just last week.
  12. farang version: น่ากิน - mmmm, this is great! น่าอร่อย- that looks delicious!
  13. 'Well, oh baby, my hair's on end about you,'- among the greatest lines ever uttered in rock music Syd's songs live on