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  1. I like the beginning Trans, John always seemed to be more witty naturally but I've seen several interviews with Mick Jagger with flashes of humour and insight. When he came to Thailand once he asked Joe Cummings of Lonely Planet fame to show him around, Hey, perhaps Old Hippy is Joe Cummings! I think we should be told. Paul must have hated this.
  2. He did a runner whilst on bail after the first court's verdict if i remember right. He deserves the death sentence.
  3. QMS- they produced some gems. John Cippolina, what a guitarist! Man, a band from Wales, loved QMS and Cippolina's playing. Riff based rock that could, and indeed did go on for hours. Yes Sir!
  4. Can this really not be treated at Bangkok's finest hospitals?
  5. I was just thinking about KC71 when I saw the top of the page and another of his silent contributions. How many months since the last cry for help? Must be at least 6! Kc -this is the way to go 1. You're on youtube, listening to say, Hawkwind's Opa-Loka coz it's far out- copy the https ( left click on the mouse, then right click on the mouse at 'copy') 2. Come down to the Thai visa page as you did where your message is above. 3. In the bar at the top, go along to the second segment and the third symbol- when you hover over it with your arrow/mouse it says-embed media from External sites- left click on this and you will then see a bar with the letters URL above this 4. now right click on the mouse and click paste . Your chosen musical piece will now be embedded. click OK The results will then appear as below 5. Finally click on the submit rectangle and you're away!
  6. Roger was always such a smoothie - a bit of back up and he was on his way.
  7. No no Andrew, you are mixing tom yam kung with pizza, somtam with shepherds pie. They just don't go together.
  8. The centipedes for sure were fleeing the rain and floods. The snake almost certainly too. Gary do you have a dog? He or she should have been barking at the first sign of a snake.
  9. Syd could take you anywhere, at only 30 bob for an album in 68.