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  1. What a wonderful song this is. The sadness and then the hope, the inspiration. Oh hell, I miss The Dead!
  2. Even Ban Dung is getting traffic jams now Kham Chanot has become so popular!
  3. Crank it up David. Note the rhymes in the early verses folks. To make it more Thai related: I was standing by the Mekong, Enjoying the view fron my hong, When Dave Gilmour came along, And began to play this song.
  4. Thais are far cleverer than these dumb shrinks. If I ask one of my students who is their best friend they will say, 'He and he, and that boy. and that kid over there..', substitute girl for the same answer. ' They are all my best friends,' No need to have one winner and five losers.
  5. Not the bloody clock............ but once those heavy, ponderous chords kick in with the tom toms beating away in the background, then we're in heaven. And then there is the wonderful tune and lyrics. I remember going to work about 6.30 am one morning approx 15 years ago in Bangkok, about a mile from Khaosan road. 2 skinheads staggered to the bus stop, clearly the worse for wear. I feared the worst, a stream of four letter words in front of Thai commuters, f this f that...... whatever.. But no. One of them proceeded to sing a whole verse of Time, starting from running around on a piece of ground. I had to laugh, the Floyd had truly permeated everywhere.
  6. And then you find one day ten years have got behind you, no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.. I heard that gun and got the f---- out!
  7. There is something about this song, perhaps it's the descending chord progression, that makes me often come back to it.