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  1. I got that one wrong. I thought the last word was repair, not recognition!
  2. More like no faith in keeping things quiet any longer. It has long been rumoured she was one of the principal beneficiaries of the rice mortgage scam. And perhaps Boonsong, the former Commerce Minister sentenced to 42 years jail for his part in the scandal, has been singing like a canary whilst in the slammer.
  3. Another interchangeable you could have added there metempsychotic is the word rag for tabloid.
  4. The Holy Book of Rock and Roll: Chapter 24, verse 16: And thou shalt forever shake thy head zealously in passionate obeyance of our Lord, whether our Lord be clothed with a Gibson, Fender or Telecaster. For it is written that those who follow our heroes of the 6 strings shall never grow old in spirit, though the hairs on their heads may turn grey whilst their fingers falter in air guitar celebrations of our gods.
  5. It will be a relief to get away from these double faults, deuce!
  6. spidermike007's posts are often interesting but this latest flurry entitled 'Whining and dining in Thailand' is proving to be heavy going.
  7. They do but neither Thaksin nor Yingluck ever dared debate Abhisit on a one to one basis. One of the Pheua Thai executives said it was alien to Thai culture for leaders to debate with each other lol. However, I think Sudarat would certainly join a question time format.