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  1. I think the mother might have mentioned that if it was the case,
  2. So you're saying you think the UK authorities simply ignored her request to test the t-shirt?
  3. There is no suspect in this case to match the DNA on her shirt to And what crime is it to have come into contact with someone's shirt? Your reference to the hoe is simply wild conjecture but since you're so familiar with Koh Tao, why don't you do some sleuth work yourself, Get your suspect's DNA from a discarded cigarette butt and offer it to the girl's family to compare with that on the t-shirt?
  4. So after she gave the shirt to the UK police to be tested you think they didn't bother, which would explain the mother's disappointment with the UK police?
  5. You're really desperate, aren't you? Somebody touches her shoulder, brushes past her in a crowded pub, that DNA could be absolutely anybody's.
  6. Interesting how none of these friends have come foreward to verify her story.
  7. Why bother if the UK police have already told them there was no semen on it? Remember the mother said she felt let down by the UK authorities, suggesting there was nothing on the t-shirt.
  8. She said her friends pointed out the semen stain when she returned. The one with her, you mean Martin, has he given any interviews where he says he was drugged? She had been on the island a few days, enough to know the way to the bar and back.
  9. She took the t- shirt home to give to the UK police, Maybe they didn't test it, just looked at it for a couple of months before giving it to the visiting Thai police.
  10. There is not a scrap of evidence to confirm her claims of rape. No sperm on the T shirt, no witnesses among her travelling companions to verify her story, and conflicting statements of the route she took that night.
  11. They've got to introduce an I.Q. test before handing out passports to morons like this. Same as the English football fans in Seville, kicking parked cars and breaking off wing mirrors. I'm surprised they didn't lift cock a leg over the tyres like the soi dogs they are.
  12. Perhaps she was really let down by her daughter.
  13. And then it won't be so pristine. Oh, the irony of tourism-' take me to an unspoilt place, only me of course, no other tourists, that would spoil my pristine experience,'
  14. Get Martin's story, the bloke she was with that night, and we may get the truth of what happened.
  15. I think you're suffering from wishful thinking.