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  1. bannork

    How to say fall down

    I thought it was already solved. Falling from a higher level, i.e. a tree, stairs, etc uses ตก น้ำตก waterfall เตรื่องบินตก - aeroplane crash ตกบันได fall down the stairs but a fall from the same level , ie fall over on the floor/ground, fall off a motorbike/bicycle uses ล้ม หกล้ม- to tumble, stumble , fall down, slip ล้มลง collapse, fall down
  2. bannork

    Outpouring of support for pro-poll detainees

    I was told by a Thai lawyer that the post coup legal team use the argument put forward by a prominent English lawyer of the past who said a government in control of a functioning state is de facto a legal government, never mind how they came to power. I'll try to find out his name.
  3. Aqualung should be turned into a musical. The lead role naturally going to our man from Supan.
  4. I think he's working in the desert at the moment, judging by the time he posts, but he could be in Supanburi, staying up to the wee hours, looking out for eye candy or more.
  5. Good to see a good man back on the thread. Welcome back Tippaporn.
  6. The photo is misleading in a sense because it was in 1966 before he became famous that Jimi played with Wilson Pickett. . http://bigfishink.com/?p=678 Pickett's hit with Hey Joe was in 1969 when Jimi had already entered the stratosphere of rock stardom.
  7. By all accounts Mexican ambushes can be very dangerous.
  8. The junta is not the answer, but neither is Thaksin, a man who proclaimed democracy is not his goal. Pheua Thai and the red shirts need to divorce themselves from their leader and funder. But can they do that?
  9. JAG, you are clearly a man with a good heart but I think you are being naive here. Thaksin has always been into domination, eliminating any competition. He did that in the mobile phone market and applied the same principles to politics, buying up any rivals- NAP,, 79 MPs for example. He applied the same principles to the media - any newspaper, TV station that did not support him were deprived of state advertising. As regards checks and balances, he stacked his men in every independent agency that he could. He would never have given up power. He has never apologised for anything he has done- the killing of innocents in the drug war, the deaths in Tak Bai, the economic stupidity of the 15,000 baht rice programme. Not a word of contrition, a sign of a egomaniac. Thaksin would prefer Thailand destroyed itself by infighting rather than give up the Shinawats' claim to political power. If he really loved Thailand he would withdraw the Shinawat family entirely from politics whilst setting up an ongoing fund to develop and prosper grassroots democracy in Thailand.
  10. Red shirts cheering to burn Bangkok to the ground