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  1. Chang mai to pai

    Check out this website. https://touringthailandblog.wordpress.com/pai/
  2. Going to Doi Inthanon

    Here is a link with some useful info. No need to pay the admission fee if you want to visit the waterfalls only. https://touringthailandblog.wordpress.com/doi-inthanon/
  3. Motorbike Tours

    The maps on this website look best when in "Terrain" mode. You find this function in the menu, in the upper left corner of each map.
  4. Motorbike Tours

    I do not have a GPS or a smart phone and use an old Nokia, that needs to be charged every 5-6 days. When I do a motorbike tour, I look up everything I need to know on my computer at home and if necessary, I write important things onto a piece of paper. Just like in the good old days. It's easy enough, isn't it. https://touringthailandblog.wordpress.com/
  5. Motorbike Tours

    Here is the link to a new website about motorbike tours in northern Thailand. https://touringthailandblog.wordpress.com/
  6. Carer needed

    I know a few Burmese girls, that are reliable and looking for a job. But of couse, it depends on the worktime and pay.
  7. To open up the speculations: the fast driving Russian collided with 3, probably drunken, Thais in the middle of the road.
  8. At my end in Nongprakrang, they do 10 minute propaganda/music stints 3 times a day over the public speakers at full volume. Is this happening all over Chiang Mai ? Anyone knows what this is about ? Isn't this supposed to be for emergency only ?