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  1. I did not ask how to solve the problem, I ask about the process to be able to help my Wife understand what is necessary and what is not. Please no more "good advices", just fact.
  2. I am looking for the process to register a private company in Thailand by a Thai. It's my wife that open a shop. I have understood that the registration take place at the ministry of commerce, but what about name protection, tax registration etc.Ministry of commerce have no pages in English and all consultants with web pages in English focusing on business for a foreigner in Thailand. Anyone who can describe the process?
  3. mackes

    Anybody Else Considering A Move To Cambodia?

    I travelled around on motorbike a couple of years ago and besides Thailand I visited Cambodia and Laos. Thailand is from my point of view excellent for Westerners with almost all product and service from the west accessible to fair prices. Laos is still very poor and have a long way to go, lacking many things and more expensive than Thailand for foreigners, For me it would be impossible to live there despite a very interesting culture. Cambodia is a disaster when it comes to infrastructure. The fact that it is not possible to rent a car in Phnom Pen due to the many traffic accidents and bad roads says something about the country. They are still suffering from the Red Khmer period where many of the intelectual and educated citizens was killed. No money in the world can cover the gap there is and the lack of local educated people to make the country running in all aspects. I would not move to Cambodia if not my aim was to work as a developer or volunteer. However Phnom pen is a beautiful town to visit.
  4. Yes, if you can state that you have a permanent adress in Thailand.
  5. mackes

    Expat Insurance Poll

    It seems that most of the votes have been canceled, only 6 left. Can everbody who polled please reenter their data? You do this by deleting your vote and reenter it.
  6. mackes

    Expat Insurance Poll

    I agree with you but there will be a risc in the first couple of years of saving before you buildt up the neccessary assets to pay for a urgent surgery. That is where the insurance is motivated. If you have the money to pay for any surrgery I really don't see why you should give money to an insurer, they are pro on calculate riscs and will almost always win. I'm happy to hear that your heart surgery was not as expensive as I hear from other sources, that definitly change my picture. However I presume this differs with choice of hospital, I'll check with mine.
  7. mackes

    Expat Insurance Poll

    None is also under 10 000
  8. In Korat they also require a medical certificate and a house book or paper from Immigrations to certify that you live in Thailand.
  9. Regarding the prices for insurance for those of us over 60 it would be interesting to see what insurance coverage 60+ Expats in Thailand have in case of an incident that demand immediate medical care and makes home transportation impossible. A heart surgery can easily end up in over 1.000.000 ฿... Any input is welcome!
  10. Let me rephrase. It got it in the app store appx one year ago and since some months it is not there. How come?
  11. New version will be out shortly. Lack of information serms to be symptomatic for Thaivisa, is there a reason why withdrawn?
  12. New version will be out shortly. Lack of information serms to be symptomatic for Thaivisa, is there a reason why withdrawn?
  13. There is a rule that you can not have a permanent five year driving license if you are here on Tourist VISA, wether local rule or not I don't know. Only one year temporary if you here on tourist VISA.
  14. The iOS app is not in the App Store anymore! That is in Thailand and Europe and the US