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  1. I get it, if I disagree or offer an explanation then I am a NAZI. Sure, make me want to debate this subject honestly.
  2. I see the problem as the kid doesn't have to go out and fight lions for his dinner. Born too late in history is all. Plenty to eat now days, no danger, plenty of insulin for when he hits puberty. all is good
  3. quite rightly I suspect, it was the Farang what gave them so much money they had spare money for such illegal activities.
  4. I like the Kabob guy at Soi Welcome and Beach rd; in front of the bank after 6PM except Friday nights is holy night so no work. His wife does most of the work.
  5. A tourist that gets bitten by a soi dog goes to the hospital and spends money for first aid; that money goes into some Thai's rice bowl. Where's the problem? The money stays in Thailand and the tourist goes back home, all is well.
  6. Doubtful that 136 were killed in the line of duty; that many killed sure but it includes suicides and being killed by wives, angry cuckold husbands, etc... Less than half that number of police were killed in a felonious assault while performing their job. The police killed over a thousand civilians in 2016 and have a good chance of doing so again in 2017, the police seem to have a handle on that ratio.
  7. Great idea, Putin couldn't possibly want all those mafia guys back in the mother land.
  8. Looks aren't everything, that smell has to be bad, worse than fish probably. They must have cut off filming before the shower scene; had to of been one.
  9. How many mini mats may a mini mat maker make?
  10. Last year I brought a new Paperwhite to Jomtien; I could not recharge it for some reason (couldabeenmyfault), anyway I spent a few minutes online with Amazon and they sent me a new one. Took less than ten days for delivery from somewhere in USA to Jomtien. No charge. They wanted me to send the old Paperwhite to them but I couldn't find a UPS store in Pattaya, Amazon understood the problem and said trash it so I did. I can not be more pleased with Paperwhite or Amazon. I'd imagine ten days time and Amazon could get a Paperwhite to you. I know nothing about any other Kindle.
  11. In search of train tracks; I'd venture a guess that less than half the kids in Thailand have ever seen a train.
  12. I would be sure to ask the Jurista if there is a condo in the building she knows of that is for rent. Seems a likely resource of sorts.
  13. Little doubt you are right; but after they are butchered the meat is as good as anywhere else.
  14. "So it needs to be a 'fence' to 'see through'! and only 700-900 miles out of 2000. He is making it up as he goes along." The POTUS is flexible, probably a good thing.