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  1. Commuters Trapped In BTS Rush Hour Breakdown

    Hope they get the wiring right.
  2. Check the CCTV footage for several days before the holdup; those guys cased this joint first, should be able to find those bikes parking together earlier in the week.
  3. Porn is in the eye of the beholder. Some 'officer' that can shake you down for a couple thousand baht can be mighty beholden. So I am told, that is.
  4. I thought the whole idea of being a Nut case was that you didn't necessarily need provoking.
  5. what is the fine if I just throw some one else's cigarette butt on the beach? I don't smoke but think this is seriously xenophobic.
  6. Everytime India buys from Russia they are slapping the west in the face. Let them fight China with Russia's help, not Japan, Australia, and the USA. I hope those nations can understand the Indian Navy better than I can understand an Indian call center person.
  7. How they gonna do this? Run some extra laps? Who does he think he is kidding?
  8. I hate to think POTUS is reading from a page of Nixons on how to deal with enemies using the power of the federal government.
  9. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    If it doesn't fit your thesis, ridicule or ignore it.
  10. I do feel sorry for the damage done to these marchers footwear. I know the care that went into polishing shoes/boots that may now have to be thrown out; at a poor soldiers monetary cost.
  11. I sure hope America doesn't fight another 1950's type war in Korea. Air war doesn't win. Only nuclear weapons will stop North Korea and then only if one of them gets the leader. It isn't worth it unless NK really can nuc California; then kill em all.
  12. "... hardline Buddhist groups" Got to love that line, now I've heard everything.
  13. I blame this on North Korea. Would be great if America could bring their ships home to protect America, leave the rest of the world to fend for themselves.
  14. Not a 'bad' statement from the police as to who their audience was likely to be. The BIB didn't expect not intend for anyone except local Thai's to read that explanation. Yes, more likely the old guy had a anneurism or heart attack or whatever; no murder, just plain old man dying. The locals Thai's don't care how the guy died; freezing to death makes enough sense to them, good reading to know they are hardier than norwegians. I'm giving the cops a 'pass' on this one.