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  1. There is a school of thought that says placing criminals altogether in prison just gives them a chance to educate each other in how to commit crimes. I hope these inactive posts are not near to each other.
  2. Perhaps, The first step in developing trust is to discuss the bribe, maybe ?
  3. How does one go about catching/trapping that many snakes ? What happens to the snakes now ? The police aren't going to feed or take care of them, most likely.
  4. How many Thai ladies have been 'saved' from marrying falang crooks so far?
  5. I will read the thread, however I will not read the thread and then go back and answer posts. I answere or reply to posts as I come to them thank you.
  6. If he doesn't get his passport back then DO NOT PAY.
  7. 'Assault Rifle' 'Military weapon' ? Heck, if the common ordinary American didn't have a gun as good as a Redcoat Regular the Revolution would have been lost. Back then the American Minutemen did have military type rifles. The framers of the 2nd amendment wanted every American to have the chance to keep their government from becoming tyarnnical. A small number of people dying so that all can remain free has always been the price of Liberty. Fear the Federal Government, not a few random crazies.
  8. Do not punidh the killers, punish law abiding gun owners instead. It is a plot to disarm Americans so a coup can take place.
  9. I Thought the Aussie had choked the girl, stopped choking the girl, confronted by the American that that was not a nice thing to do to the girl, the Aussie told the American where to go and what to do when there and then took a swing at the American, where upon the American decked/dropped the Aussie with one solid punch. After that murder or manslaughter may or may not have happened; the courts will decide.
  10. Those ladies certainly don't look like they've had 9 kids. Wonderful to see that they take their shape seriously. Good for all of them, the entire family.
  11. Somjit must of been a real good looker, at least for her age. To stir that much emotion in another after 3 years of divorce. Hope she recovers fully and finds another rice bowl (if needed) quickly.
  12. This is truly a great example of ' Thinking out of the Box '.
  13. I just wished they tried to track where the cars came from, perhaps return them to their proper owners. The Philippines is doing fine as long as they can keep the Americans out of their country. I wish them all the success in the world at keeping America out of their business.
  14. I think the US should offer Taiwan for North Korea, to the Chinese.
  15. Congestion at U Tapao

    It would seem the Thai's have found an area in which they can exceed expectations.