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  1. Tempest in a teapot; The American rifle is damned good but the AK-47 and its knockoffs are cheap cheap cheap. No way will the AR-15 replace the MAK-90 or AK-47 versions made around the globe.
  2. Prayut finalising plans ahead of Trump meeting

    I bet the US tax payer is picking up the tab for this visit, not the Thai's.
  3. 4 AM, Soi 7 and Jomtien Beach; I have to figure he is lying about why he was there so his version of events is also suspect. It doesn't take a lot of bad mouthing a Thai of any gender to get your lights punched out. He ought to be glad he got off so lightly. I also suggest he find some other route home to his south Pattaya room next time he is out at 4 AM.
  4. "...80-baht weight of gold ba My fuzzy math says that is about 40 ounces of gold; a little over two and a half pounds, perhaps one kilo. Not all that much. Probably used the gold for gold leaf on the statues. Maybe donated for Gold leaf touch ups.
  5. Russia does not make bad deals for Russia.
  6. and a good thing it doesn't apply any more. Congress passed laws to make it not apply any more, not Trump.
  7. Lets include Canada, Mexico, Central America and large portions of Sloth America.
  8. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    Hope Trump can get the taxes on American wine reduced, a lot.
  9. Great speech by POTUS; pretty much got the attention of many world leaders and convinced them he could/would destroy North Korea. The threat is no good if everybody knows you are chicken to push the button.
  10. I've read where many Thai ladies seem to get the best of both worlds.
  11. If we are afraid Seoul will lose some lives via the North Korean artillery , then what about when the North has Nuclear weapons aimed at Seoul? The North may or may not get an ICBM to California but they can darn sure get a nuclear tipped scud to Seoul.
  12. The Thai numbers do not match the Arabic (western) numbers. I do not know what the Thai numbers look like so this is of no help to me.
  13. When I got a new passport I had the visa extension copied from the old to the new passport; I thought this was de rigueur.
  14. The Cubans are inept is all. They like the Russians have listening devices planted in the US Embassy that are powered (activated) by the sonic sound waves. The Cubans screwed up the power and frequencies to make the bugs work. Not particularly because they wanted to harm Americans but because they just didn't know how to activate the sonic devices. Not enough sound training or perhaps the Russians sold them hinky spy equipment. YMMV
  15. I am not going to wonder if the local CCTV was operational during this poll.