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  1. I hope the US leaves N. Korea alone; you just know that the US will spend trillions on rebuilding N.Korea after an altercation while the roads, bridges, and inner cities of the US rot. Let Japan and South Korea do the dirty work; they get the benefits.
  2. TIT Trust In Thailand
  3. Heck, all this time there was a Park in Pattaya. Glad to see there is no dual pricing for it.
  4. How did she plan to take off that backpack, place her stroller in the overhead, and hold onto the child (not a baby)? The man passenger threatening the steward; real brave guy when he is a head taller than the steward and better shape; at that point the guy was a terrorist, terrorized the steward anyway and those around them all.
  5. Camp David accords give Egypt a dollar in aid for every dollar in aid the US gives to Israel. Trump had the backbone to tell Egypt no more money if they didn't let her go. Should stop giving the Egypt any more aid at all, it doesn't buy peace or affection.
  6. The Malasian leader got a billion dollar bribe, Malaysia can pay for the next search for their downed plane.
  7. 'Major ally' , which counties make up the North Korean minor allies? Other than Indonesia that has pretty good relations with the North Korea who is there?
  8. I've had many Thai ladies calling me PaPa the last several years; I thought it was because I'm getting old and hear all along it was I'm rich and spend money. 555
  9. I think that WW3 will be over so quickly that Thailand will not have time to choose a side to be on.
  10. So, how will the USA prevent attempts like this in the future; that Russia may just get better at electing POTUS.
  11. Throw them over the balcony ? Feel very sorry for the woman, as if her life wasn't hard enough by itself.
  12. Compare herself to a nun in a habit? How many nuns wearing habits have exploded suicide bombs? Probably a lot and the media just doesn't report it.
  13. I think it is the difference between % by volume and % by weight. Which is which is beyond me but there is a difference.
  14. I thought they were; all part of Detente or the MAD theory. China is threatening too.
  15. What is it these soldiers know that is worth a honey pot? How to clean a gun, shine shoes, dig a foxhole? I wonder what; maybe a high ranking officer would know which direction the tanks would head if their is trouble on the horizon.