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  1. WHO at the US Embassy approved the visa? Who approved 'most' of the visa's ? Sombody at that Embassy is living way above their pay grade, wonder who!
  2. Brazil did too fifty or sixty years ago. It can be done.
  3. I am starting to think that those Chinese Zero Pay Tours are the way to go. Don't bring money or valuables or ATM/Credit cards to Thailand. If you do you have to always be on edge and on the lookout.
  4. The victim was only doing his job, not making advances but trying to make a tip. It was a Karaoke Bar where pretty boys keep lonely girls company. The murderer should get some real time in prison but probably won't. I feel sorry for the bar workers friends, relatives, and loved ones.
  5. The 86 year old will be exposed to a lot of viral colds that he has never encountered in the UK, they will make life difficult if not impossible for the first several years in Thailand. Colds are very hard on the aged.
  6. Need China to help. China isn't gonna care until South Korea and Japan start to develop their own Nuclear Arsenal.
  7. I'm betting she had a drink within 90 minutes of being released, perhaps drunk by dinner time. Just to relieve the stress mind you.
  8. I don't know about Thailand but some doctors in the USA have a tendency to prescribe medications that get them points toward a golf bag/golf weekend/ trip to Hawaii etc....
  9. Several of my meds say keep in cool dry storage area. I'd guess some stores could get well over 80 degrees Fahrenhiet without airconditioning. Sort of like storing cheese and butter at room temperature.
  10. Good idea, but, just in case the Canadian property market goes tits up like the USA in 2008-9, be prepared to change your plan and buy a house.
  11. Drive em where? Last 15 I knew of for sure came from Saudi Arabia were part of the crew to take down the Twin Towers; leave the extremist in their own country, keep them out of the USA at least. Saudi is happy enough if the extremist target the west and not the 'House of Saud'.
  12. Didn't even last 2 months; wonder if it was installed correctly. I like the press release pointing out it is a cooperative effort between 15 nations. I wonder if all 15 pay the same amount towards the cost, bet not.
  13. The democrats could win in 2020 if Trump is running. If Pence is the sitting POTUS in 2020 he'll win. Better the democrats keep Trump as POTUS, he'll be a one termmer.
  14. Your fault because you were stopped, apparent to her that you had stopped so she could pass. I'm not sure their is a right or wrong side of road for a bicycle in Thailand. How much money is involved? I'd think it better to pay but do not admit guilt, just wai.
  15. I think the average American citizen doesn't want to pay for peace in the South China Sea. The USA is broke and doesn't need to borrow more money to make South China Sea safe for ships, especially when America has hardly any ships anymore.