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  1. How are the 'gun smiths' doing, the ones from jail ? Anybody remember about a year or so ago?
  2. 'Reuters' , I am starting to doubt they are a legitimate news source.
  3. I bet there wasn't a Billion US Dollars paid for this.
  4. I wonder if the ''flick Knife" was recovered, Israeli probably didn't take it on the plane with him. So it was dumped somewhere between the Mixx Disco and the airport security line.

    Cracks appear in new Bali Hai Pier floor

    So if a really deep hole opened up and a tourist fell into it; would the tourist end up in China ? And the blame is that Global Warming is worse than calculated because of the plastic bags in the ocean.

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    Thread is about prostitution, denial, hypocrisy, and whores. Sounds Americanish enough, certainly to a very many TV posters/readers.
  7. They have the CCTV of him going thru immigration and security at the Airport. That is the same way they figured that he had flown out of the country. The cops are not all that stupid. They know his name too. I'd bet the BIB also have interviewed the driver the Israeli took from Pattaya to the airport.

    SURVEY: Is a Trade War Looming?

    Good then, shouldn't be all that difficult to beat in a trade war. No fear, no problem.
  9. Cops didn't do any investigating, just acted on evidence gathered and presented to them by the school official and a couple that was willing to help investigate. Cops could do what they did or face Social Media if they didn't.
  10. 91 Billion Baht, how much wine you got to tax to get that amount ?

    Climate disaster looms for SE Asia

    "Just hope they are not going to make themself morons by sharing their wierd and insane views in this forum." Now this is the way to win an argument folks, ridicule the opposition and call them names because they don't drink the Global Warming cool aid.

    if anyone attacks my dog

    So the OP expects a random tourist to kick her Yorkie, again. What is she or the doing that she expects this to occur mote than this 'one off'. I believe that dog is a lot more agressive than she realizes. By the way any barking dog may have rabies; you don't want to take the chance of a dog bite in Thailand or anywhere else.
  13. Liberals have their view and conservatives have their view.
  14. Should be plenty of non-entities from the UK to choose from.
  15. Because if you are poor and up against the might of the American judicial system, then the 'guilty' plea may well be your best option. 'They' can get you.