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  1. alex8912

    Miss USA thought everyone spoke English—and the internet is not amused

    Where’s New England dude!!
  2. alex8912

    Miss USA thought everyone spoke English—and the internet is not amused

    Americans have been behaving themselves a lot recently on Thai visa threads ( not counting the Pres) and this needs to be dragged out longer. Anyways Christmas and New Years are around the corner so the British are coming. To fill up the threads.
  3. Who would refute that and I’m sure it’s a bit more than 1/5 now because so many immigrants speak their own language and some English. When much more than 1/2 the countries in Europe are the size of a peanut and most smaller than the majority of US states you actually NEED to speak another language to travel even 100k. I’m not defending Miss USA but your comment is pretty lame. But since it’s an anti American thread it’s not a big deal.
  4. Like closet gays? What the.... F.... Are you talking about? His analogy was spot on. What don’t you get about it?
  5. New posters don’t feel welcomed or are just accused of tons of crap by certain posters who somehow can’t grasp they are legitimate newbies. How can any world survive without newbies? Yet many long timers are well......
  6. This should be a good wager!! Two Aussies , one saying it’s not and one saying it is. This should be easy to prove with a TVF detective. I was sure it was one of those atrocious accents from somewhere in England.
  7. Wow. I learned the word “bong” originated from the Thai language. People all over the world have been speaking and using Thai language since their teen years and didn’t know it.
  8. Definitely a “say no to crack” moment.
  9. alex8912

    Thai Man Undergoes 30 Cosmetic Procedures to Make Himself Look Korean

    If he can save 300,000baht at age 25 from selling shoes to tourists I hope it inspires a lot of Thai youth to go into shoe sales! His stunning looks and legs will not last long so show business is very short term but shoe sales are long term.
  10. Maybe you got ripped off. No taxi fare is 100 baht!
  11. Marijuana is not an addictive drug. There are no withdrawal symptoms oif used daily and then stopped like alcohol. Many many posters can even prove this. Just because it becomes legal does NOT make people who have never tried it start using it!! That is just BS. If you really wanted to try it it’s avaiable almost everywhere. Your “impaired thinking” reason is a joke because THAT is alcohol and many drugs. If pot causes psychosis a billion people would be crazy in the world. You can pick and choose articles to say this or that but entire Western countries are legalizing it with lots of research done and it simply helps many people with their illness and many enjoy it recreationally every day with out any issues. I live in Massachusetts half the year where many professional people including teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists and many others now smoke or take edibles ( legally now and it was decriminalized before) and all fuction just find at work. No one I know has started using it recreationally because it’s legal now. If they didn’t smoke before they don’t smoke now.
  12. How? What are YOU on? Many countries have legalized and also decriminalized marijuana already and nothing of the sorts you described happened. Marijuana is not the drug that leads to other drugs. You know what the most popular gateway drug is?? Alcohol! Did drinking booze lead you to harder drugs? Where in the world did you get the idea that marijuana makes people mental? Did you just watch reefer madness? Get a grip.
  13. The Dutch don’t even come close to how the states in the USA are doing it AND taxing it. It’s not even really legal there ( many people THINK it is) it’s just decriminalized. I always wondered why the Dutch do not do it right. Take a look at the link above in my post. Those numbers are amazing.