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  1. alex8912

    MAZDA CX5 any owners?

    I put my mountain bike all the time in my 2017 cx5 no problrm. The back seat folds and in it goes. The automatic tail is a great feature and I think this model in the states is 2.5 liter so more than Thailand. Great car!
  2. Well there was some dark brown smelly water as well so they are correct to not inspect the black oily water.
  3. Please report back to us after you have been here for a full week!!
  4. alex8912

    Which westerner would you choose to spend time with

    I think the OP should have put his comments about the 2 hour thing before the survey not after. Results would be different. Also let’s face reality OP Canadians are much more similar to and tied to the US than to Europe.
  5. Did you know your daughter was coming 6 months ago? You could of made an appointment back then and registered her today.
  6. alex8912

    YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Yo Mac! Songkran is waaaay over Dude! Take off your water protective glasses.
  7. I agree but I think it’s more a generation thing not a last century thing. People born in the mid 1960’s and after were born into a world much different than the baby boomers. We are ( mostly , not all ) more tolerant, open minded and forward thinking ( and I don’t mean more liberal at all, that is for people born in the 50’s especially) It shows a lot on this forum and in real life. I don’t think there are huge differences in generation X and Y in fact, compared to the huge differences between baby boomers and gen X. I don’t think the Starbucks employee called on “black “ customers. I think they called on JUST customers. Everything gets quite over the top when this situation probably could have been resolved better and more quietly. It’s too bad.
  8. Were you there? What do you think happened that day? You seem to be very knowledgeable about this with a few comments. Do you think this closing of 8000 stores for the afternoon is enough!? Should non customers be able to stay in all places of business since this could start a let’s call it a “trend”.
  9. Maybe you are just a little gullible. I have done my research on some things you don’t bother to research concerning TVF and new posters.
  10. Are you blind and can’t see what happened??
  11. alex8912

    How family friendly is Khaosan Road area?

    It could have been 10 times worse. Hope you have read the thread now and hope you don’t give advice from 17 years ago that is completely irrelevant. As you can read there is no such need to stay “at least 2k away” at all!! I mean really 2001!
  12. alex8912

    How family friendly is Khaosan Road area?

    Mainly Khao Sarn rd itself ( which is short) is busier at night with the bars being popular after 10 or 11 pm. If you go 2 blocks away it’s quiet and it’s also safe. You can get buses, tuk tuks and taxis easily off Khao Sarn. There are not girly/whore bars there either which is what you asked about. It’s a good shopping street during the day as well. After songkran it gets very quiet. Most posters on here have not even been there in a long time ( hence the first poster boasting about his visit in 2001 lol!!) The water Taxi to Rachatewi and Siam areas is close by as well . Also famous tourist sites and it’s convenient to where YOU need to be. Since mainly old people post here I would not take some of the advise. Your pre teen will also find a lot of cool stuff to buy on Khao Sarn as well. If I were you I would even take my kid out to Khao Sarn Rd one evening that you are here and judge for yourself. You should come back and tell us how it was and I bet the words interesting and uneventful may show up in your post.
  13. I have an absolutely brilliant idea for all those who keep riding in baht buses during songkran and complain about it ad nausea and wonder why they are caged targets. RENT a <deleted> CAR for a week!!! Stop being soo cheap. I mean really why the heck do you go in a baht bus this week??
  14. It must be worth something to them. They can now call it “King Power Tower”!