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  1. abrahamzvi

    Household Items Insurance 2018/19

    Although I can't tell you what the premium rate would be, nor the limit per item if it exceeds a certain limit, I would strongly suggest you contact the MSIG, a Japanese insurance company, for a quote. I have been insured with them for quite a few years and I have no reason to complain
  2. I must admit I thought that selling, buying or eating dog's meat is illegal in Thailand. Is it so?
  3. With that sort of income and assuming they have enough capital to buy a condo or a house, the first choice should be Singapore. Apart from the tropical climate, it is an ideal place from many points of view. In this respect, I would refer your friend to the recent survey by InterNations (see note on today's issue of Thai Visa regarding cost of living for Expatriates -Thailand attractive). Singapore offers a pleasant western style of life. It is expensive, even compared to western countries.
  4. Although I do trust what the British Chamber of Commerce stated, as such information is usually reliable, what I may have misunderstood is the apparent contradiction between the statement that a holder of a WP may now engage in any occupation permitted by law and the provision stating that there is no need to apply for alteration of a WP PROVIDED there is no change of employer. Have I misunderstood these provisions?
  5. Although I most certainly condemn terrorism in any way, irrespective by whom, one must remember that depending on one's political views, a terrorist can be a national hero. Israel is full of roads and streets named after "terrorists" such as the late Prime Ministers Begin and Shamir, who performed acts of terrorism. In Kenya, Jomo Kenyata is the national hero and Nelson Mandela, who was one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century, spent over 20 years in prison for terrorism. I am not a fan of Mr. Corbyn, but I wouldn't label him an antisemite, just because he criticises the Israeli policies. Many worldwide, including in Israel , do likewise.
  6. Just one correction/addition. Instead of "never mind Israel", I would write "never mind Bibi's Israel"
  7. If about 1000 vehicles per day are added to the total number and considering the low percentage of roads in the city, it's no wonder that traffic jams occur. Why not learn from Singapore which limits the number of new vehicles and makes vehicles that expensive that people think more than twice before purchasing an additional vehicle. At the present rate even with the welcome extension of the Skytrain and underground train, the situation won't improve that much.
  8. Corbyn may have misjudged certain events, but he is definitely not an antisemite. He is against the Israeli settlements policies, against their anti Arab attitude (see the latest Israeli "Jewish Nation Law", against which hundreds of thousands Israelis have been protesting), but that doesn't mean that he is an antisemite. Quite frankly, if everybody who is against such policies is an antisemite, or a self hating Jew, than you should label a vast majority of democrats as antisemites. It is a typical Netanyahu policy to counter any criticism of his ulra right, neo-fascist policies, with inciting against "antisemites or self hating Jews" . I personally don't particularly like either Corbyn or Netanyahu, but if I had no other alternative, I would prefer Corbyn.
  9. I hope you are wrong. I really think much higher of the American people - I can't see them electing him again in 2020. Depending on the results of the mid-term elections next November, he may not even be allowed to finish his first term. Let's hope so!
  10. abrahamzvi

    The UK pound crisis

    Or it could get better, the Pound rising to THB45, if we get a soft Brexit, or if a referendum is held with a result of "NO BREXIT". Let's be optimistic!
  11. This is a report from last year. Is this actually in effect now?
  12. abrahamzvi

    4 wild boars granted Thai citizenship: Official

    Well done. Congratulations to the coach as well as to the three young boys. Also congratulations to the autorities for doing the right thing. I really can't understand the cynical negative reactions of some readers.
  13. Join the club!!!
  14. What you are saying about a teacher's salary in Issan refers also to other parts of the country. I know of a case of a young Thai with a Masters degree from a first class university in the UK who started his employment with a government University as a lecturer in English with a salary of THB 24,000 p.m. Does it make sense that foreign English teacher without a Master degree, teaching English at a secondary government school earns some THB35,00 to 45,000 monthly. Sorry, but I can't understand the wisdom of this system. Thai qualified teachers should be encouraged and preferred to foreign teachers, thus encouraging young talented Thais to qualify, thus lessening the dependence on foreigners.
  15. All I can say in answering is: If so, bear the consequences. You can't have the cake and eat it.