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  1. I really very much doubt that any Russian girl would do this in a church in Moscow. Decent people of all nationalities know, or SHOULD know that holy places, of all religions or nations are to be respected.
  2. Quite incorrect. International licenses are valid for 12 months and there are quite a few travel insurances/medical aid ones, that do cover motorbikes traveling. These are facts!?
  3. Whilst I really feel sorry for Mark and am considering making a modest donation, this just proves again that any tourist should prove having a sufficient Medical Aid insurance valid for Thailand, as most countries do when applying for a visa, before being allowed entry. This is for the benefit of the tourists, more than for Thailand and this case is an example. Also isn't the Insurance company of the vehicle involved responsible for the costs (provided, of course the car was insured, the driver not being under the influence, etc) ??????
  4. In my view (which some would consider wrong) the Thai authorities would be absolutely right if they refused his naturalization application....
  5. Australian bar owner in Pattaya beaten unconscious

    It's awful, but unfortunately walking in Soho, London, in certain areas of Frankfurt or Hamburg in Germany and some other big cities after 2am is just as dangerous. New York is much better now, but I remember times when it was dangerous in Manhattan even in the evening hours. Unfortunately the world is full of violence.......
  6. I am sorry, but I don‘t quite understand. I thought that if one is on a work permit and loses her/his job, the visa (permit to stay) is automatically cancelled, unless one is on a PR basis or possibly (not sure) married to Thai permit basis. If I am right in my assumption, how can one get the benefits? Out of Thailand?
  7. You are correct regarding the present situation. However, I am of the view that interest worldwide will be increased , not that fast, but it will happen. It has already begun in the US and once the EU follows, the rest of the world will follow suit. As I said it will take few years, but I can see interest rates higher than inflation rates in the next 5 years
  8. I really can't agree. People, locals and tourists have to understand and accept that there are laws against using (not only trading with) drugs in this country and whilst in Thailand they have to abide by such laws. I have to abide by the laws in Saudi Arabia not allowing me to consume alcohol, or my wife swimming , so I don't do it or I don't go there. I think it is up to the authorities to see to it that the laws are abided by, or change the laws.
  9. can i just leave?

    I tend to disagree to an extent. It is true that if two people love each other they do need a licence to stay togrther, However, legal complications may arise in the case of death of one of the partners, in some countries visa issues are involved and the same applies to adoption of children.
  10. Maid finds German man hanged in Udon back garden

    What has this very sad death got to do with sexual misadventure?????
  11. Thanks for your comments. You actually confirmed what I said that "the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
  12. I 've said before that i am talking about my own taste and that "the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" So why the last remark (question)?
  13. I agree that we are talking here about pretty gils with tattoos, but aren't any remarks required for men (young and old) who cover themselves with tattoos. To my taste they look as disgusting (if elder, more so!) as the pretty girls we are talking about.
  14. Pattaya to be developed as "Tourism for All" city

    You are absolutely right. The first thing is for the authorities to make sur e the sidewalks are walkable. In addition to enabling all people to walkwithout the danger of falling down, but make the place look like a decent area where families like to spend some time. Look and follow the example of Bali.