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  1. I don't and can't believe this awful racial propaganda. Quite frankly, I thought that we in Europe have learnt from experience what racialism can lead to. It seems I have been wrong,,,,
  2. Investigated for what? For doing her duty as prosecutor???
  3. Let me correct you, To start with there are far less than 1.6 millions of refugees in Germany. Further, it has been proven statistically that the increase in criminality is not only due to the influx of refugees, but mostly due to the unfortunate trend, Secondly, it is wrong too say that Mrs. Merkel refuses to send back illegal persons not entitled to stay in Germany. This responsibility lies with the federal states and not with the federal government headed by Mrs. Merkel and in most cases such illegals are not sent back due to their countries refusing to take them back.I suggest you check your facts rather than follow cheap popular propaganda
  4. Let us see what the judge says. Surely he/she will not be influenced by politics. It seems to me that for the hard core Trump supporters, if it turns out that their hero is a murderer (which he surely is NOT), it will be political and the fault of sleazy democrats, who work for the FBI.....
  5. See my remarks above.
  6. All I wanted to point out is that the Goal Heights are not "the north of Israel", but rather an "Israeli occupied territory" under international law. I tend to agree with the explanation by sanemax.
  7. Really? I wonder why. Can you tell me? If your original story is true, it is not funny, but very sad.
  8. If this story is true, I really can't feel sorry for Lemonltr. I can't really imagine somebody sending 2 Million Baht to a person he doesn't know, or never met. If he was that stupid he really deserves a punishment, which he got....
  9. That's incorrect. The rule that one pays tax only on the amounts brought into Thailand applies to all non Thai residents (i.e. people spending more than 180 days in the Kingdom). People spending less than 180 in Thailand are non residents and therefore not liable for taxation other than on income derived in Thailand and depending on the Double Taxation agreement with the country of residence.
  10. Whether the income concerned is derived from pensions or otherwise, expatriates only have to pay tax on the amount imported into Thailand, provided, of course, they don't work here. Additionally, if one can prove that the income imported into Thailand has been earned in previous years ( not the tax year which is being declared on) such income is not taxable. This is the legal situation. Whether people act accordingly, or ignore the tax, must be considered by the individuals concerned themselves.
  11. abrahamzvi

    Thai wife buying condo

    I entirely agree and I think it’s the right time to buy, as in spite of the over supply of condos, prices seem to hold steady, as it is expected that they are going to increase medium or longer term
  12. abrahamzvi

    Lula turns himself in to Brazil police, ending standoff

    Have you ever heard the British saying "Power corrupts, a lot of power corrupts a lot".......
  13. You are absolutely right. To buy a second hand car for less than Bht 200,000-300,000, unless you are very lucky, or buy it from a good friend, you are really asking for big trouble. The chances are that repairs within a year would accede the price paid, probably by more than two fold.
  14. As sorry as I am for anybody serving a sentence in a Thai jail, I do hope he does get a jail, non suspended sentence, for this stupid, but reckless and respectless crime
  15. abrahamzvi

    Thai Women, The Goose and the Golden Egg

    May I ask the OP if he would put questions of this kind in his own country and about women there? There are good and bag, nice and awful women (and men!) everywhere also in Thailand. I assume this is also an answer to Dmaxden.