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  1. Depends. I think Vientienne is a fine city. The Buddha park is fantastic. Nice central area with the river, park, and boardwalk (and beer). Laotians there are friendly. Plenty of other things to see and do if take the time to find. To the OP, I'd be concerned about the red stamp, but maybe no problem these days. Maybe someone who's actually had the red stamp situation recently can comment. EDIT: Sorry, just skimmed. Saw you will be getting a new passport.
  2. Because will be traveling, is it possible to renew a non-B yearly extension 20 days prior to the current one expiring? I seem to remember there being a requirement of within 14 days or some such. Maybe confusing it with 90 day 14/7 rule...
  3. Most importantly...Excessive speeding
  4. Cabby at fault as well. Merging is not something the Thai do well.
  5. If someone has been teaching faithfully at a school for 3 years under proper non-B visa with work permits and such, and the school has informed them 1 month before the contract ends that they are being let go (no renewal of contract), are they entitled to some compensation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Can anyone recommend a "best" (cost, reliability etc..) place for meningitis vaccination in Chiangmai? Preferably a clinic where it might be cheaper, but not against hospitals if that's the only options. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sad. <200B at any pharmacy would have taken care of that infection.
  8. Hi, does this location look correct for Dr Rak? https://goo.gl/maps/fbLjw28dS392
  9. Okay. That makes sense. THanks @SaintLouisBlues
  10. Thanks. Hypothetically, am I correct in assuming that if I get insurance, they likely wouldn't cover something like cancer if I made a claim within 90 days? I know each is different, but generally speaking....I believe I read that Bupa would be even longer, something like 6 months.
  11. Thank you all for the great advice. Can anyone tell me approximate cost for a biopsy? I've got no insurance. Maybe smarter to get insurance before going to the Dr? Or better to go and get it checked ASAP? Can I still get insurance if I've been diagnosed? Eg, to cover chemo etc... I'm in Chiangmai now. Normally I live 75km outside CM, but here to see Dr in evening. What about treatment, how much does that typically run? A lot of questions, I know.
  12. Terrible timing. The online reporting still seems to be down. Anyone having any luck?
  13. No, I haven't been diagnosed. This is what I'm looking for...A recommended specialist in diagnosing...
  14. I seem to recall there's some insurance for work permit holders...For teachers. But I can't remember the details. Am I remembering incorrectly? Anyone have more information?
  15. Anyone can recommend a reasonable priced throat specialist in CM. Particularly in diagnosing. I'm thinking Maharaj 13th floor, anybody with other suggestions?