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  1. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    Part of what makes Thailand so great, the lack of the nanny BS. What sucks is that Thai is now Westernizing in this regard... ...This guy was far from some naive beginner...leg got caught in a buoy. Freak accident and a damn ironic shame that something meant to help thwart accidents actually ended up causing this one.
  2. Same as most countries. Crime is money. If not enough money, make more things a crime. The drug war is a perfect example of this. It's got zero to do with helping the public...Everything to do with money and power. The public has been brainwashed since the 60's. See Portugal for an excellent example of how it SHOULD be done.
  3. Most of those railing against her are half, or fully, drunk. Whiskey soured and just sitting there waiting to die. Nothing better to do than crap on others and pretend holier than thou.
  4. Based on that short footage, I'd say it was anything but just a stunt. I don't necessarily think she wanted to kill herself either. But I'd lean towards that as opposed to just a stunt. She looked deranged... Some type of serious mental issue.
  5. Agreed. What a pathetic joke. Oh, it's real. :|
  6. There's zero enforcement of speeding. You could blow by a cop at 180 and they wouldn't even bat an eye. It's not alcohol IMO, but the speeding that's the main culprit.
  7. Opening a Thai bank account.

    As far as I can tell, they've cracked down on this. Probably can still get it done, but not as easily as before.
  8. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    Far smarter to tax it and make money off it than to waste billions of baht yearly on government resources.
  9. I think most likely explanation is this woman was trying to escape. But totally bizarre that she didn't climb back in once she'd been seen. I don't know. Maybe high on something?
  10. Anybody can recommend? Hopefully at sriphat/maharaj, but open to other suggestions.
  11. Looking forward to when they tax the fuk out of something you enjoy.
  12. Pretty much how they all act at an intersection in Thailand. Stop sign? What's that?
  13. Sorry Mary, your assumptions clarify nothing. I see a kid who was crying a bit after a ride. Fairly normal I'd say.
  14. I agree. <deleted> is Thaivisa and The Sun talking about?
  15. Police check for Thailand only?

    I went to have this done and they said it wasn't possible unless it was by request of an employer in Thailand... Is there somewhere special I need to go?