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  1. I went to have this done and they said it wasn't possible unless it was by request of an employer in Thailand... Is there somewhere special I need to go?
  2. Thanks Ubon, I was under the impression this is an international check. Part of the reason it takes so long.
  3. I'm applying for a position outside of Thailand. Something I'm supposed to start next week and no time to wait for international. Is this possible? If so, how to go about it?
  4. These old, otherwise useless coots got nothing better to do than try and make excuses for the existence of their positions, while feeling a bit of power. It's the same in the USA. These committees bloat up the rules and laws to make an excuse for having them around. If they don't go around making new rules and huffin n puffin, what good are they? So, huff n puff they do.
  5. Terrible. Is this guy even in jail? No charges have been laid? Are you <deleted> shitting me?
  6. Yes. For teaching. I've been teaching for 6 years and there's never been any request for a police check...But, the last time I went to Laos for a non-B was several years back... Just have heard in the grapevine that it's required now... I'm in Chiangmai and am American, if that makes any difference.
  7. Are they requiring it in Vientienne or Sawannaket when making a non-B? I'm considering making a school change and sounds like getting a new non-b is the way to go ....
  8. There was some talk awhile back about getting rid of this. That we could change schools and not have to exit the country to make a new Non-B..... In addition, had a friend recently say he didn't have to get a new Non-B, they just transferred it over at immigration.... Is it true?
  9. No cuffs. Sitting there with their backpacks 😂. Remember? "Can I use the toilet?" "Sure. Go right on ahead." Then the girl slipped right out the back door. Incredible.
  10. Depends. I think Vientienne is a fine city. The Buddha park is fantastic. Nice central area with the river, park, and boardwalk (and beer). Laotians there are friendly. Plenty of other things to see and do if take the time to find. To the OP, I'd be concerned about the red stamp, but maybe no problem these days. Maybe someone who's actually had the red stamp situation recently can comment. EDIT: Sorry, just skimmed. Saw you will be getting a new passport.
  11. Because will be traveling, is it possible to renew a non-B yearly extension 20 days prior to the current one expiring? I seem to remember there being a requirement of within 14 days or some such. Maybe confusing it with 90 day 14/7 rule...
  12. Most importantly...Excessive speeding
  13. Cabby at fault as well. Merging is not something the Thai do well.
  14. If someone has been teaching faithfully at a school for 3 years under proper non-B visa with work permits and such, and the school has informed them 1 month before the contract ends that they are being let go (no renewal of contract), are they entitled to some compensation? Thanks in advance.
  15. Can anyone recommend a "best" (cost, reliability etc..) place for meningitis vaccination in Chiangmai? Preferably a clinic where it might be cheaper, but not against hospitals if that's the only options. Thanks in advance.