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  1. The boys need toys. That's the only real explanation - anything else is just smoke and mirrors!
  2. Well, there is a certain monument in Bangkok that commemorates the Franco-Thai war of 1940/41. Link : Didn't amount to much though.
  3. Tomorrow never comes though! You are correct - no urgency as quite a way from overflowing as yet.
  4. Update: Gave up on the search for an ITC pump. Bought a 150 Watt Hitachi today. Local Mr. Fixit installed it this afternoon. Not the neatest job in the world but it seems to work as expected.
  5. Update: the ball is not half full of water so it looks as though the valve seal will have to be renewed. What seems to be happening is that, initially, on topping up the cistern, the ball positions itself correctly - maybe 1/4 under water and the inlet flow stops, as it should. Wait a while though and it seems that a very small amount of water is still getting past the valve. Over several hours, the level in the cistern gradually increases and more of the ball gets submerged until it's about 2/3 under. The situation then stabilises. I shall take out the valve at my convenience (no pun intended - this is not a toilet!)
  6. Possible - worth a check anyway.
  7. Already thought of that - very good idea!
  8. Absolutely. A stop valve will get fitted but there isn't one at the moment. Plumbing shop is only ten minutes away so no real problem - provided that they have the thing in stock.
  9. I'll take the old one to the shop, that way I can be sure that I get the right replacement.
  10. OK, thanks. I guess that I'd better partially drain the tank and take a look. Then, all I have to do is find the relevant part(s) - just hope it's easier than finding an ITC water pump!
  11. Mine has an opening lid as well. So, are you saying that it's possible to remove the relevant part of the valve via the opening without needing to cut pipework and remove the whole valve? I can't really see what's going on unless I partially drain the tank and I haven't done that yet.
  12. Hi Another plumbing-related problem.I'm afraid. Still haven't sourced an ITC pump. Right, I have an 1100 litre stainless steel tank that feeds water to the pump that I mentioned in a previous post. The tank is fed directly from the water main - no stop valve apart from the one on the actual water meter so I can't isolate this part of the system without cutting water to the whole property. Can be done but inconvenient. The water feed into the tank is via a ballcock valve and I've noticed that lately the ball seems to be riding more deeply in the water as if considerable pressure is having to be exerted in order to stop the water flow. Looks to me as if the sealing washer/diaphragm/whatever probably needs replacing. I've done this job on toilet cisterns and it's trivial because there is no access problem in these cases. The ball valve in the 1100 litre tank looks to be completely inaccessible so I'm wondering if I have to remove the valve completely to get at the seal. Usual Thai-style blue pipe - everything glued together so it looks like a cutting job. I'll install a stop valve if I have to take the valve right out. Has anyone out there managed to replace the seal without completely removing the valve in a case like this? Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. DM
  13. Thanks, I've done that. No reply yet but it is Sunday.
  14. Thanks. I don't think that I'll be going to Loei but it's good to know that the brand is still around. I'll keep looking.
  15. The death clock, of course, doesn't include anything outside of the 'seven dangerous days'. In Pattaya, the mayhem will start tomorrow and continue until the evening of the 19th so that's ten days and people will still be travelling back to their normal locations after that.