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  1. There are no ATMs before Immigration so no possibility of finding one before you are admitted - and that is the problem!
  2. Site is now back up as of 15:00 11/07/17
  3. InvadeIT site has been unreachable yesterday and today. IsUpMe reports that the site is down. I hope that this is only a temporary glitch as I use them quite a lot.
  4. The Doomsday Clock is ticking!
  5. Thanks, that's useful info. I think that I'll pay a visit to the ToT office here in Pattaya and see just what they can offer me. Maybe i can get to talk to an actual engineer and show him the photos. Meanwhile, I'll do a bit of an internet search and see if there is anything out there that looks right. I did speak to Thomas at InvadeIT, some months ago now, but he couldn't really advise on whether the TP-Link converters that they offer would be suitable. I'll take another look, armed with the info that you have provided. Lazada also carry a whole host of converters - should be able to find something I'm sure.
  6. KhunBenq Sorry to resurrect this topic, nearly eighteen months down the line, but I think that I'm now at the stage where I shall have to ditch my ADSL as the line has degraded to the point where my upload negotiated speed has had to be reduced to 511 kbps in order to get a viable S/N ratio. My download speed has also been reduced from 13 Mbps to 10 Mbps. This is not satisfactory. I still want to avoid using the ToT supplied fibre modem/router, if possible, although I believe that ToT are now more amenable to setting their equipment to bridge/bit mode so I can go that route if necessary and still use my ASUS router to control my LAN. However, I would still prefer to use a better quality media converter, rather than their supplied modem/router. You said, in a previous post that ToT use a media converter at your site - photo above - so it is obviously possible to go this route, using the appropriate bit of kit. InvadeIT and Lazada have many different media converters on offer but I have no idea which one would work. As you already have experience with this, I wonder if you would be good enough to tell me which make and model of converter that you are using? Thanks.
  7. This should be pretty easy to do as Linux should be able to see all the partitions on your HDD, including those formatted as NTFS. Ideally, plug in a suitably formatted external USB drive - Linux will be able to see this too - and just copy the files across using drag and drop. This may take quite a long time if there are a lot of files, especially if you only have USB2. Your Linux desktop should have an icon 'Computer' - click this and you should see all the drives. If you don't see this icon, go into the Linux menu, find 'Desktop' and enable the icon as it may not appear by default. Don't forget to unmount the USB drive before removing it.
  8. 1. Take goat. 2. Return. 3. Take cabbage. 4. Return with goat. 5. Take wolf. 6. Return. 7. Take goat.
  9. Not sure how KhunBENQ does it but my Asus router has QoS that lets you impose bandwidth limits on individual users, based on their MAC addresses. Very useful when you have someone in the house that likes on-line gaming! I've had to restrict my son to a maximum of 50% of the available bandwidth. Probably means that his games don't play too well but at least it does leave some capacity for other users.
  10. There is another way, if your router allows you to do it. Instead of setting static IP addresses, outside of the DHCP range, you can set reserved addresses - at least you can on my Asus router. You do this by specifying the MAC address of the device that you are connecting and you assign to it any IP address within the DHCP range that is not already reserved. The device will then always be given the same IP address by the router. I have my network set up like this - all devices that 'live' in the house have reserved addresses. The rest of the DHCP range is available for casual visitors. The advantage of doing it this way is that you don't need to set the IP address on the individual devices. Just point them at the router and it will assign them their reserved addresses. This is advantageous for a laptop or tablet or smart phone that may well not always want to connect to the same router.
  11. Absolutely correct. While I have no problem whatsoever in trying to reduce global pollution, let's not delude ourselves that the Paris accord, or any other attempt to reduce carbon emissions, will have any discernible effect on the climate because it won't! If we are really worried about CO2 levels then we should maybe plant more trees - they love CO2 - and stop cutting down the rain forests.
  12. Don't need WIN10 - just change to a Linux system, as used by the majority of web servers anyway. Linux is fundamentally more secure than Windows - has an entirely different architecture. No-one is claiming that Linux is 100% secure but, to date, there have been zero Linux viruses 'in the wild'. The change to something like Linux Mint, especially if you are used to XP or WIN7, is really not very hard. Only a small learning curve. Also free so no upgrade costs!!
  13. Well, I hope not, but I seem to recall at least one occasion, several years ago, where a quantity of mail was found in a ditch - dumped because the postie was too idle to deliver it. There was another occasion where a load of mail was found in a postie's house - again because he couldn't be bothered to deliver it. I don't recall where either of these incidents took place - may not have been Pattaya. It does seem that the only way to 'guarantee' delivery is to use EMS or a courier service. I always use EMS for outgoing mail but, of course, there is no way of ensuring that senders will use it. You can suggest it but it costs more of course so they may well not take the option. Thanks to everyone that replied - still living in hope here!
  14. I've known things to take 2-3 weeks, unless sent by EMS, but to take more than a month is very unusual. I suspect that Songkran and Easter haven't exactly helped. Still living in hope - or is that desperation!