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  1. Don in dark over claim of UK passport for Yingluck

    As I said, nothing really to do with Yingluck. I am merely pointing out that things can be expedited. Zola Budd received her British passport in ten days, largely because of pressure from UK media, specifically the Daily Mail, I believe. Neither of Zola's parents were British by birth. Her grandfather, Frank Budd, was British by birth but emigrated to South Africa. This may have helped her citizenship application but, in the normal course of events, the process would have taken many months, not ten days!
  2. Carnage in South Pattaya as "epileptic" man plows into people/bikes

    Maybe he has narcolepsy, not epilepsy. That's where you drop off to sleep without any warning. I was under the impression that epileptics usually got some warning of an impending attack - enough time to stop your vehicle - but this may not always be the case.
  3. Don in dark over claim of UK passport for Yingluck

    Getting a UK passport can be very fast if the will is there. I remember, years ago now, when a certain female South African athlete was needed on the UK Olympic team. Couldn't be done unless she was British so what do you think happened? Miraculously got a UK passport within a few days! Nothing to do with Yingluck of course but it just shows that under some circumstances these things can be expedited.
  4. What kinda car?

    How about this one - Chevrolet Impala (a rather newer vesrsion) The photo in the OP seems to have been taken in Lebanon.
  5. Water Cistern Ballcock

    Problem is sorted now. It became apparent that it was just the valve so had it replaced.
  6. Plumbing Shop Soi Khaotalo

    Thanks, but did you mean turn right at the bottom of Khatalo? I know about that one and I seem to remember seeing water tanks there so probably a good bet for sourcing a new ballcock for my cistern, which is what I need.
  7. Plumbing Shop Soi Khaotalo

    There used to be a shop on Khaotalo that stocked PVC pipe and plumbing fittings. (about 700m past the railway, heading east, on the right) Disappeared a few months ago, Anyone know where it went? Alternatively, is there anything similar in the vicinity? I know about the TOA shop, which is nearby, but they don't have much in the way of plumbing stuff. Thanks.
  8. Water Cistern Ballcock

    I'm resurrecting this thread as I still have the problem with the cistern over-filling. Initially, I was pretty sure that it was an issue with the ballcock not shutting off the supply completely but now I'm not so sure. There is another possibility, which is that the check valve in the pump - Hitachi WT-P_GX2 - is faulty and is allowing water, under mains pressure, to flow in the reverse direction, through the pump and into the cistern via what is normally the outlet pipe. I assume that the check valve, which is built into the pump, should not allow this to happen. I've looked at the Hitachi manual, such as it is, and it mentions something about an accessory spring that may or may not be needed in the check valve. I can't make head or tail of it though. My cistern - 1100 litre - is ground-mounted and the outlet is at approx the same level as the pump inlet so I don't know if I need the spring or not. I haven't opened anything up to see if it is in fact in there. Is it normal to maybe need an additional check valve on the cistern outlet / pump inlet? I can't remember if my old ITC pump had this or not as all the bits were taken away by the little man that fitted the new pump. The installation is typical Thai-style so there is no isolation valve on the inlet to the ball valve. Makes things not very straightforward when it comes to fault finding. I can prevent mains water from pressurizing the system, while still being able to fill the cistern and pump from it. That's the configuration that I have right now so I'm waiting to see what happens to the ballcock level. Any thoughts?
  9. filling new tm8 form - reentry permit

    Not sure that this is new as the TM8 that I have been using for years has always had this requirement. I've always used my original entry date and visa info - way back in 2004 - for the purpose. No idea if this is correct or whether you should use the info and date from your last re-entry permit but I've never had it questioned.
  10. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Seems fine here in Pattaya at 07:50. All the missing bits - up-arrow; clear notifications; jump to; are present at the moment.
  11. HP Desktop Problem

    Hi This is a bit of a long shot but I wonder if anyone has experienced a similar problem to the one that I'm having with my HP Desktop PC. The model is H8-1433L and has two power indicators - one is incorporated into the soft START button and the other is an illuminated strip on the front panel. I noticed, a few days ago, that the indicator on the button was starting to flicker (this is not the HDD activity indicator ) and now does not illuminate at all. The illuminated strip now flickers and is very dim so I think that the two things are related. The machine boots normally so the START button is obviously operational and everything else seems to be working normally. I wondered if I might have a power supply problem but this seems unlikely as no other faults manifest themselves. The HP website is of no use whatsoever when it comes to fault finding. Maybe there is an issue with a connector somewhere or maybe I have a fault on the main board. Before I open up the case, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Slow or no loading on Thai Visa

    Another problem or two, maybe not related: The 'scroll to top' arrow has disappeared again Can no longer clear the notifications list - option has disappeared.
  13. Take a look here: https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/ Thai citizens get 30 days visa-free entry.
  14. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    More likely than being abducted by aliens anyway!