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  1. The only thing interested in a truck on it's back would be another truck.
  2. A randy couple from Denmark Did it atop Khufu's famous landmark. When a video of the act was released, The authorities in Egypt were displeased and a very hot investigation it did spark.
  3. So, why was she attempting to move money out of Iran? Was it money that was payment for forbidden goods sold to Iran? (I know, I ask too many questions).
  4. Bangkok's Temps - Past 9 Years (Ref Site - World Weather Online): Bangkok actually seems cooler to me in general since I arrived nine years ago because I've acclimated. I used to be comfortable at 27 1/2 degrees C. Now I operate at 29-30 degrees C (saving me and Thai electric generation a lot of consumed Kw hours). My rooms can get into the 30-31 degrees C before I get uncomfortable, nowadays. FoodLand and the T21 Cinema and other places at 25 degrees C or so is too cool for me to be comfortable in shirt sleeves. Anyway, I digress. I can see (or imagine?) a 1/2 degree C (or so) increasing ramp in those temps over the 9 or 10 years. At the rate it's going, I'll be at room temperature, as they say, before it gets seriously hot (assuming the ramp can be extrapolated into the future). The question I have is how have temps been taken for Bangkok as depicted in the above chart. Were the measuring points insulated or adjusted from increased Bangkok urban sprawl and a host of other dynamics of Bangkok over the past 9 years? I know urban Bangkok is made hotter by motor vehicles and A/C units and, no doubt, other heat sources. Now, where did I put that climate model, anyway? I'm always misplacing it!
  5. Surely, someone can find a way to blame Trump for this.
  6. Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy - FOS Steve Goreham Steve Goreham is a speaker, an author, a researcher on environmental issues, and an independent columnist. He’s the Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a non-political association dedicated to informing about the realities of climate science and energy economics.
  7. Video: 32.8 fatalities per 100,000 pop. Worst in SE Asia and among worst in World. Motorcycles/passengers 76% Cyclists - 8% Pedestrians - 8% Cars/Light Trucks - 6% Missing on Road - 2% (For people who want things to add up to 100%)
  8. Probably a typo, but there is a 28-wheeler out there and certainly is NOT on any Thai roads: 28-Wheel Truck Climbs Mountains, Builds Telescopes - Gizmodo article R.I.P. the victims - wrong place, wrong time (on a Thai road, anytime).
  9. Errr ... you mean "rate of change", yes? And you're a "real live example" of someone lacking a sense of humor. Ref. Reply HERE.
  10. I'd be worried about climate change as well, positioned where they are - there's another Ice Age due in 90,000 years or so!
  11. "Officials who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity were unsure precisely how the mishap occurred but none suspected foul play. An investigation has begun." Aircraft drinking at 02:00 hours - I have my suspicions.
  12. MaxYakov

    40K A Month Isn't Enough Anymore

    Yes. The one of many great quotes of my ex-GF: You think you have me for free?! (When I advanced her 20K on her salary for a trip to Sisaket and didn't tell her it was an advance, heh, heh)
  13. MaxYakov

    40K A Month Isn't Enough Anymore

    I'll settle for 5X - relatively low self-esteem.
  14. MaxYakov

    Ways To Cut Down The Cost Of Living In Thailand

    Replace 'Drive a scooter' with 'Ride a bicycle'. It might save on hospital bills in the long run (then again it may not if one is situational-awareness-challenged and/or can barely walk, much less deal with a dynamic situation on Thai roads on a bicycle). Replace 'Avoid women' with 'Avoid high-maintenance women'. This may be impossible, but you'll save a lot of money trying to find one ... maybe. Replace 'Don't use air-con' with 'Use air-con wisely'. One might ask oneself just how broke is one to suffer the heat and risk a heat stroke? This applies to 'Rent in a Thai area at Thai prices' as well.
  15. Yep. My hypothesis is that they will get so drunk in the additional two hours that they will be impotent (in more ways than one, hopefully). I'll propose this vast improvement in logic to University student Aitsaya Harakarn, 18 ... or not. I wonder if she's a law enforcement major ... or some such.