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  1. Lightning 7/11 robbery all over in 45 seconds

    Are you referring to the Case of the Unfound Abbot? If not, hum a few bars and maybe I'll remember.
  2. Lightning 7/11 robbery all over in 45 seconds

    Why / how? Are they going to be arrested for traveling faster than light? Their vehicles impounded as illegal starships? Will the RTP have to deal with a "starship gap" and buy a lot of them from China to catch up (as it were)? Anyway, I digress so back on-topic: That's what I like about 7/11s - lightening-fast service! (pun intended)
  3. Why, looking at extraction rig, am I not surprised at the outcome?
  4. Wow! Sweden jumped to #2 (with UAE still at #1) according to the Wiki link. Gee, I wonder why that happened.
  5. Another motorbike / pickup collision at a U-turn - statement by the pickup driver: "While he was making a U-turn, a scooter, ridden by Mr Pisarz, suddenly tried to overtake his vehicle, cutting in front of him. Relying on a statement by this witness, Pol Lt Col Potwad said, “He told us that the driver of the other vehicle had been driving so fast that he was not able to stop in time and ended up colliding with his SUV at high speed.”" Farang Deaths - Edward Anthony Pisarz - Sukhumvit Rd. Chon Buri - August 10, 2017 [link] Looking at both the left-side damage to the pickup and the absolutely demolished condition of the motorbike, I'd bet the pickup performed the U-turn and collected the motorbike which was traveling at high speed in the opposite direction (similar to this accident) - not necessarily as the driver states. The driver's statement would not eliminate the possibility that his U-turning in the path of the motorbike caused the collision. Just that the "driver of the other vehicle had been driving so fast that he was not able to stop in time". Yes, I'd bet the deceased was much chagrined to find the pickup suddenly in his path and in close proximity (for the few seconds or less he had left to be alive).
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have already faulted the motorbike operator for speeding and misreading the road situation in a previous post. However, from the video I'm not sure he was actually speeding and if so by how much. It was a survivable hit (at least for the passengers) considering none of them had helmets. And the motorbike was near the center of the lane and should have been at least visible. Anyway, from your apparent attitude, I can only hope that you are not the one assigned or volunteering to be educating the Thai road users. In my humble opinion (which seems to be supported by the horrific motorbike road casualty rate) motorbikes are the "road disease" of Thailand and they are or have become necessities for too many people, but not a necessity for all. Motorbikes usage is a major reason why the horrific road casualty rate. Some 75% of fatal road accidents involve motorbikes. Everyone who uses the roads in Thailand should already be aware of this, even you, but I'll link it anyway.: New Year road deaths surge in Thailand despite safety campaign - Reuters - January 4, 2017 [link] From the above link: "The Department of Land Transport said 426 people died in 3,327 accidents between Dec. 29 and Jan. 3, up from 340 in the year-earlier period. Thailand’s road death rate is the highest in the world apart from war-ravaged Libya, according to a 2015 World Health Organization report." What are you doing personally to avoid speeding motorcyclists (or other vehicles) that are "travelling [sic] too fast" for you to do anything about them, as you allege* was the case in this collision? * = How do you know if the pickup driver had even attempted to clear the #1 lane of oncoming traffic before entering it? Is that in the video also? Have a Safe Day.
  7. I do accept (and react to) Thailand and anywhere else in the world as they are, knowing I cannot change them - which I believe should adequately explain my ridiculous survivalist attitude. However, in Thailand, due to the several untoward factors which I should not have to elaborate on to a long-term observer of Thailand such as yourself, I have to be "ultra defensive", especially since a bicycle (or even a motorbike) offers little to nil crash protection, leaving little latitude for human or machine error - that of yours or others. You are a "long-term" and "observant" expat, right? You do operate a motor vehicle or cycle or are even a pedestrian in Thailand 365 days a year rain or shine, right? So can we assume from your reply that, if you operate a motor vehicle on Thailand's roads you are an "offensive driver", or at least someone who does not believe in "defensive driving", right? How's your blood pressure doing now?
  8. Television Ordered To Restore Full Color

    Someone actually watches Thai TV? OK, I guess so, but I know I certainly don't miss it (for the last three years now).
  9. I would say absolutely free to return, providing her passport is valid to catch a flight (or Toyota Camry or whatever). I wouldn't be expecting her any time soon, however.
  10. "The driver was not at fault, he was given right away [sic] by the police officer ..." As both a defensive driver of 50 years experience (Not in Thailand) and as a defensive cyclist with nearly 10 years almost daily experience as an urban Bangkok cyclist I have to disagree. BTW, it's "right of way", or maybe you intended "right away", as in "right now"? I also witnessed a very similar and serious motorbike accident 30 feet from me where the operator did not stand up afterwards either. It also involved a car driver that did not clear the lane he was turning into and collected a high-speed motorbike in the process. The situation was also supposedly under the control of a parking lot entrance flagman who really was not in control of all approaching traffic. One reason for that was that he did not even have a flag (although he did have a sort of uniform)! That having been said, here's why I disagree: 1) Given clearance by a RTP who probably wasn't or could not possibly be aware of the entire situation in this case does not absolve one from checking the lane one is turning into for oncoming traffic. The pickup driver was in the best position do this, being higher up and better able to evaluate the situation in the #1 lane. There's a pretty good chance the pickup driver was either not a defensive driver or may have been distracted. I have evolved a shorthand rule for this over my 60 years of operating both motor vehicles and bicycles: Avoid unnecessarily causing another operator to use their brakes. Why not? Because they may not use them or their use would be ineffective or even impossible. In order to properly apply this rule, one has to be completely undistracted and in predictive mode (i.e. doing their job, paying attention to business). Many drivers have been killed by proceeding into intersections by not applying this rule and being T-boned by a red-light runner. I, of course, fault the motorbike operator for misreading or ignoring the road situation and speeding. This is endemic and very predictable w/r motorbikes at all times. The RTP traffic officer was operating at a severe handicap by not having awareness of, and the ability to control, the #1 lane. This situation could be corrected either by having a second officer assigned or a piece of portable equipment that does not yet exist that would provide a stop-traffic signal in all three lanes, but only when so desired and then all lie flat when it is desired to let traffic proceed. My biggest fear in urban Bangkok or anywhere on any road these days is the possibility of a distracted driver texting or talking on their mobile phone and not reading the road situation for several seconds and/or having the vehicle drift. Mobile phone use while driving is a serious problem and is well-known to cause horrific accidents.
  11. Why Few Thai Women Are Saying #MeToo

    Shouldn't that be "stiff body and decayed (decadent) mind"?
  12. That's right, applies to some TV posters as well. Especially ones who feel a compulsion to politicize a traffic accident thread.
  13. In order to collect an unaware or scoff-law motorbike operator and teach them a lesson? Ever been tempted? I go through the cop-controlled intersection at Sukhumvit Soi 11 almost every morning and I rarely see any vehicles making a U-turn in more than two lanes (and it's a good thing they don't, too!). I also rarely see someone attempting to blow through it in the left-hand lane when the traffic has been stopped, although I don't believe the control cop there is any better positioned top stop left-lane traffic than this one was. I fault everyone on this one, including the pickup driver who's responsibility was to avoid collecting a vehicle. They put their vehicle into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Thailand has a serious case of what I call a "motorbike disease" which is contributing about 75% of their road casualties.
  14. Hallucinating biker dies in truck crash

    Was he arrested for vehicular homicide (his)? I suspect that simply being on the road in Thailand can result in hallucinations (or actual events resembling them).
  15. Thanks. I believe an acronym or an initialism is actually a word if it is pronounceable as a word without confusion such as your UNICEF and UNESCO examples. The RADAR acronym and the SWAT initialism I don't believe can be considered to be anything but words as well. I'm sure there are short ones that are considered words as well (because they can be pronounced as unique words without causing confusion) and ones that get split such as "DTAC". Your BBC example is basically unpronounceable and pronouncing TWA is dodgy at best. Take the (fabricated) SCAM initialism for example (to pretend to say on topic): SCAM = Scurrilous* Criminal Activity Method * = or should it be "Successful" or "Stupid" (or some other "S" word)?