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  1. Yep, there appears to be a flaw in this case with the Accelerated Bridge Construction method applied. From a cursory research the seemed very concerned about interrupting traffic flow on the busy road below. The very definitions of irony and back to the drawing board occurred. Of course the computer model of the interim, self-supporting stage said everything was (probably?) going to be A-Ok (heh, heh). Somehow reminds me of the climate computer models. Naaaaah. Forget that I said that.
  2. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Don't even have to catch a plane to Thailand to ferret out a lot of eye-opening things about Thailand: In the case of dual pricing (example): Google "tourists protest dual-pricing thailand". For general info there was (almost always) www.stickmanbangkok.com. I read over 250 of Stickman's weekly three-part postings (ten years ago) before planting my you-know-what into an airplane seat that was Thailand-bound. Had plenty of time (and curiosity) on my hands (and still do).
  3. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Which court did you have in mind?
  4. Thanks. Cable stays are not much good without the pylon and the cables, yes? They are additional weight that has to be temporarily supported (or not, depending on whether the structure collapses of its own weight or not ).
  5. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Maybe. But it certainly is wealth redistribution. Nothing I want to see that badly in Thailand. Wealth redistribution is what I have Thai GFs for.
  6. You are correct. My mistake. I guess I mistook the cable stays on the roof for motor vehicles. And, believe it or not, I watched the complete virtual walking tour video as well. Tsk, Tsk. Now the mystery is how they thought the component that fell would self-support without the pylon and cables. Awaiting the arrival of the NTSB report.
  7. Additionally, w/r to what could be mistaken for an "over-engineered" design, I saw a model of this bridge and it appeared as though the upper level, the "roof" of the pedestrian walkway. was going to carry vehicular traffic and the required roadway.
  8. Wake me when the SA civil war begins...
  9. Probably someone who thinks they're driving in a right-side drive country and can't figure out why everyone else is crazy and some even playing chicken with him. Oh, yeah they think diagonal yellow stripes indicates a high-speed passing lane.
  10. Maybe had something to do with the two motorbikes that were seen to be horizontal. I'm sure the beating, which was pretty stupid was over something equally stupid. You can hit me with a helmet if I'm wrong.
  11. Yes even the RTP. Saw a motorcycle RTP on Sukhumvit Soi 4 this morning with his face into his phone, looking up occasionally as he progressed down the Soi. I would have loved to have had a picture of that. It should be easy enough to get one the way things are going out there.
  12. Maybe you do, but I go out of my way not to. The smartphone zombies are obnoxious enough on the sidewalks.
  13. Driver wrecks house in early morning crash

    Swerved to avoid a soi dog and lost control, of course.
  14. Wow! The month of March just whizzed by or did I sleep through it?