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  1. Charles Darwin on the back maybe they were handing him the Darwin Award for Stupidity by any chance ?
  2. I would say he got the cock of his life ! my mistake I meant shock of his life !!!!!
  3. They would later develop the site as a tourist attraction for culture and history. Or call it a National Park enterance fee 400 baht for foreigners free for Thais either way !
  4. Thailand has many death that arn't suspicious ! if you know what I mean Case Closed !!!!
  5. If this goes ahead I hope it is an example to all officials but I have my doubts after seeing so many inactive postings and denials !
  6. I do hope they get to the crutch of the story ! Whoever it is must be a repeat offender and an addict you can't have a collection like that over night should be easy enough to catch with all those nickers surely he would have an excess of nasal hair from all the sniffing !
  7. With such an elaborate way to avoid tax be dismanteling then reassembling stolden vehicles it must have been carried out by a bunch of noodle vendors ! the method is as old as the hills !!!! Naturally noone in a position of authority would be involved !
  8. Funny they name everyone except the 3 politicans due to a fact-finding panel set to look into the allegations against the politicians Sounds familiar to the other senerio with the young girls and politicians ! Immunity !
  9. I would say by removing her clothing he sexualy assualted her dead or alive doesn't matter May he rot in hell !
  10. Its ok if you will be able to afford a wheelchair but try to manover the footpaths that have trees planted in them and taking up most the footpath , potholes and pavers that have sunk where you would need a recovery vehicle and wheelchair access to Government buildings where you have to mount the kerb to get access then at the top of the ramp they have steps ! Thailand has a long way to go to be anything like wheelchair or to that matter geriatric friendly ! ( the busses in Bangkok expect people to get on and off while the vehicle is still in motion most the time )
  11. Don't forget the submarines in case the public use the klongs to protest !
  12. Hmm the car hadn't moved for 2 days but he was dead for 4 days. Downstairs covered in blood found dead upstairs naked ! surely not suicide !!!!
  13. I would say a bit bias towards the military when you stack the parliment with Generals !
  14. I do hope this doesn't encourage more to do similar !
  15. A mental condition ? hitting 2 cars and then trying to do the Thai thing doing a runner and runs head on into a bike killing and injuring sounds more like an alcohol problem ! Big trouble either way ! Sad for the deceased and injured