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  1. What really happened ? A volunteer policeman impersonating a policeman hmmm there is a fair bit of that that goes on Im sure ! or was that a policeman impersonating a policeman ?
  2. WOW Create a bomb scare 60.000b drop a smoke on the beach 100,000b Hmmm
  3. Might have been here a bit to long and picked up some of the Thais bad habits ! like carrying a weapon !
  4. A gutless attack and a gutless policeman ! I can see the farang being guilty no doubt
  5. Just wondering is Nopparat, who served as NBO chief from 2010-2014, was accused and fled Thailand along with his family a year ago on Interpols colour list of Thailands most wanted ?.
  6. Chinese tanks arrive ahead of schedule

    “The tanks are in good condition. would not have expected anything less made in China ! Like my rotary hoe , pole saw, pond pumps 1 lasted a week the list goes on quality at Chinas best !
  7. Your spot on with the word SEEK some form of accountability ! I wish her luck
  8. Exceptance with someones absolute authority ! that should prop up the funds a bit and if it fails or the budget blows out oh thats right the laws have changed noones responsible anymore ! Blame the Chinese engineers !!!!
  9. Would not be the first Thai to return to Thailand for one reason or another then again the name means SFA where you reside in the world !
  10. Is she new to Thailand she should know Thais dont take responsability unless they think it's a world first !
  11. What colour baht notes are grey ? no doubt they will get the go ahead and clear up the grey area with a shade of brown/grey changing hands !
  12. Apparently he thought it was time to branch out in Thailand !
  13. Is this old news because they sell eletrical appliances in Chiang Rai