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  1. So it is human sperm just yesterday they were still waiting for the results ! Shame mine were in cold storage for 12 months could have gone to a good cause when their time was up free of charge instead of going down the drain !
  2. Sad a truely wonderful woman to give her life for her pets ! not to many would go to that extreme
  3. Reading this bring back memories of another no win conflict America was in, sending advisers and troops to train solders VIETNAM ! that time it was in the guise of stopping communsim
  4. Talk about getting crapped on ! enough to make anyone or anything angry !
  5. Not bitching just quoting an earlier post !
  6. More reason for more people to pinch electricity which no doubt will cause more deaths !
  7. And again apparently the police were nowhere to be found !
  8. These officials really try so hard to outdo each other with the crap they come out with !
  9. These figures must be calculated by the same persons that do the tourist figures they just keep going up ! Well if 8128 vehicles were impounded for drink driveing but only 5173 persons were convicted the rest must not have been drunk or they consisted of well to do persons or paid their fines immediately
  10. Mine has gone the opposite visited India and Nepal and now it is all go for Buddhism here day and night ! even said if she wins the lottery will buy the land opposite and build a temple !
  11. Just love stories of convienance, has anyone ever seen the list of Thailands Most Wanted ?
  12. Not good for Pattayas Image !
  13. so why tow it ? what to a safer place then the safe place it was already ? yep that makes sence
  14. Natural causes ! thankyou for your concerns. End of investigation !