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  1. Surely Thailand would have to get a Number 1 for these 50,000 Defamation Cases !
  2. So they have already managed to arrive and depart Thailand previously and only got caught out by Korean authorities who sent them back to Thailand hmmm
  3. Cowards way of solving problems that's to common in Thailand !
  4. They surrounded a Uber car and forced a Uber westerner paying passenger out of the Uber car although Uber is Illegal in Thailand ! so it wasn't a Uber car it was impersonating a Uber car and Uber driver with a Uber passenger oh confusing Hmmmm
  5. Yes UBER is alive and well in Chiang Mai ! Maybe different rules where the mafia run the taxis
  6. Good to see people concerned for the welfare of each other !
  7. Surasak was fined after the taxis surrounded his car and police turned up. His driving licence was seized. Can anyone explain why ????
  8. It really amazes me Governments world wide take their time to implement something for the people but when it favors Government they can pass it in a day
  9. The military junta and the government should not be regarded separately, What Government ? Why reshuffle all the Generals (Ministers ) are doing a cracking job
  10. Depends if they tampered with the tree making it unsafe in any way ! in a normal country this would be determined by a Qualified Arborist which Thailand does neither have or know off !
  11. Bringing Happiness back to the people !
  12. Not good for their reckoning when they say no porn sites nearly as bad as they say no prostitution here also !
  13. Hard to distinguish the real drone amongst the mob !