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  1. tracker1

    About 60 political parties meeting with Prawit

    59 of them were !
  2. But they don't get a chance to do it the second time !
  3. And this is why the death penalty is good !
  4. I think any party that is opposed to the junta that attends knows what is happening regarding problems and obstacles faced by political parties will also be presented at Monday’s meeting.
  5. tracker1

    A clampdown launched by the police against mediums

    Isn't there one running the country ? and also seeks the assistance of one ? Bringing happiness back to the people Hmmmm good place to start
  6. hoping to be lucky enough to get cash handouts distributed by a wealthy businessman Hmmm could also be if you vote for the elite and the junta !
  7. tracker1

    Prayuth Promotes Plans as Euro Tour Continues

    Are they brain implants ?
  8. Ask Hillary does she know anything ? He wasn't one of her favourites
  9. Those dam foreigners again offering sex and drugs !
  10. This will build his ego up seeing himself on the cover ! All the more reason for him to remain the one man band the others are only there to nod and agree with him !
  11. tracker1

    Big chunk of medical budget spent on migrants

    Thailand the land of blame ! blame everyone else except Thais
  12. tracker1

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    Some commentators were sarcastic, saying the scarf, which displayed the distinctive LV logo and reportedly cost more than Bt20,000, was ‘nice’ but perhaps he had borrowed it from a friend. Now deceased !
  13. Clearly either suicide or death by misadventure
  14. Didn't see that decesion coming ! well ! ok boys you can now move into your accommodation in Chiang Mai thankyou !
  15. tracker1

    Fake goods seized at a Patong warehouse

    Have the authorities discovered Xmas in June !