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  1. How many were in his political entourage to talk to the frog ?
  2. Was it a Cane Toad by any chance ? Then again maybe a Bull Frog in which case they would have understood each other very well !!!
  3. Lek appears to be a good man ! hope for her speedy recovery
  4. Jumping to conclusions just maybe a political goof up !
  5. Anyone already think there has been a leaked verdict ?
  6. All farangs involved ! you can't fine a deceased person, case closed
  7. Can someone explain why E cigarets are bad to the point of being illegal or has it got something to do with the Government owned tobacco farms
  8. Getting a bit carried away now they blank things out ! in this case nearly everything ha !
  9. Just a quick question were these Judges in their current or similar position prior to the Junta seizing power seeing 5 out of 9 are in an acting position ?
  10. Glad all the other world Governments dont do the same might be a little embarrasing for Thailand ! good to see the Brits dont come here to commit suicide in large numbers, apparently England appears to be as concernd as Thailand about deaths letting so many deaths being reported as unknown causes
  11. Jobs for the boys we call it ! I didn't see any Generals amongst the mentioned surely they haven't run out of Generals !
  12. I hope their not going to run the cables in the sewer pits or are they digging or tunneling under the road or footpath and just wondering what they are going to hang the street lighting off if there is no poles ?
  13. Well maybe for a weekend Have my doubts about this survey too being an ozzy ! JUST IN: Melbourne has been named the world's most liveable city for the seventh consecutive year. Full list: 1 - Melbourne, Australia 2 - Vienna, Austria 3 - Vancouver, Canada 4 - Toronto, Canada 5 - Adelaide, Australia | Calgary, Canada (tied) 7 - Perth, Australia 8 - Auckland, New Zealand 9 - Helsinki, Finland 10 - Hamburg, Germany ** List issued by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
  14. One of the changes to be implemented is the requirement of a certified price evaluation to protect against importers paying too low a tax. Im sure that will be totally legitimate !
  15. Weememba Big Sign big danger Small Sign small danger Hmmm