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  1. I nearlt creamed my pants looking at this weaponary until I read the story made my spunk go clunk ! anyone have any information where one can aquire such good looking BB guns ? Many there look so realalistic and I have never seen them available !!!
  2. Groups demand end to ban on political activity

    Are the indians from other tribes getting restless with the chief ?
  3. An election will be held just not sure when but when it happens he would have kept his promise !
  4. NACC chief urged to recuse himself in Prawit probe

    Academics have said they have little faith that the NACC will seriously investigate Prawit given how anti-graft officials were appointed. I think a lot of citizens think along the same lines !
  5. Please dont forget the Ozzie Dollar the arse is falling out of it also !
  6. You forgot to mention the Big "Bank" that does the dealing
  7. The carnage continues unabated !
  8. Car crash in Krabi kills six

    5 deceased in the car, removed 4, 6 die in pick up truck not well written !Luckily the Phuket gazette explains it better ! Another bad tyre I would say more like speed the main factor !!!
  9. So FR have had previously 24 hours training most seem determined to get their commission from delivering whoever to the hospital of their choice !
  10. Prayut ‘concerned’ about weapons cache

    Apparently he isn't worried that most Thai motorists are armed be them red or yellow !
  11. Wonder which one still gets to collect his pension ?
  12. Cheating ! a urine test proved positive to steroids !
  13. What about if I dont drive ? and even if their over the limit the police will give free advice only to catch a bus , thats not going to work I know Thais they consider themselves quite capable of driving while pissed !