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  1. Hasn't the election campaign been going for 4 years now ?
  2. Didn't they vow there would be elections as well ! just saying
  3. The old guard will never relinquish their position in Thailand
  4. Great forensic scientific research to find where he may have dumped a dump ! now for more DNA testing
  5. With that result it must be time for another song of happiness
  6. I do hope it survived after the molesting it received !
  7. People are starting to get restless better get on with democracy or things might get out of control
  8. Thai Immigration has more power then the UN apparently !
  9. Prior to moving to Thailand I HAD to get a Police check in Australia appears some do some don't !
  10. What an unbelievable investigation ! searching for what they have all they need but keep dragging it on !!!!
  11. Lived there for 4 years and no police check from Australia ! geez this country makes the rules up as they go along
  12. Black panther’s leg bones found in stream

    What if they find all of the poor cat they will put it down to lack of evidence or what ? They have the skin what more do you need ?????
  13. This could become a new fad with leaders as many like to sing their own songs
  14. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Bit late I would say with what goes on in a few places !
  15. Incentive increased for having babies

    Today being Valentines Day im sure the birth rate will boost not to sure about them being married couples though !