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  1. If true, I wonder if the juvenile attempts at humor will cease.
  2. I've seen exactly that sign in many hotels in Thailand.
  3. that cadaver in the black shirt looks like a perfect mouthpiece for these scumbags.
  4. He must've already been awarded a piece of the action.
  5. and horrible deaths at that. one can only hope they were knocked unconscious before being burned to death.
  6. A brave and wise young man. Good for him. I hope that he will be OK.
  7. Is the net finally tightening on this termite?
  8. re: the title 1. Misspelling? 2. Freudian slip? 3. An attempt at humor?
  9. yes, it's big big business. and that is in addition to the actual business of warehousing prisoners for profit. big industry in the USA.
  10. I hope she was not impregnated by this creature.
  11. It's wayyyyyyyy past April 1st
  12. I'm surprised that GSG9 is not on that list.