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  1. Are you condoning the actions of this heartless beast?? I am not a poor laborer, and have a decent job in the technical field, and plenty of money. And I would like to see this witch sent to prison for life.
  2. This is very good. May this despicable creature learn some valuable life lessons in the Big House. Evidently she's already received 7 years for less majeste?
  3. Pollution continues on South Pattaya Beach

    I remember the first time I visited Ao Nang, in about 2003, and swam and strolled along the beautiful beach. I observed a thin black stream with foul smell, turning the sand black, going directly into the ocean. It seemed to originate from a large resort maybe a hundred yards back of where I was standing. I told myself: "surely this can't be a stream of raw sewage coming from the hotel and going into this beautiful sea, surely there are regulations prohibiting such things?" How very, very wrong I was.
  4. that skinny guy was doing pretty good against the goon twice his size. he must have heavy hands.
  5. On my first trip to Thailand, 17 years ago, I visited Pattaya. I like to swim, and saw the beach, and thought : how nice , a tropical beach, and nice warm water to swim in. I swam out about 30 yards, and was suddenly in the middle of a BIG area of solid human sewage. I doubt things have gotten any better since 2000.
  6. When he says traffic checkpoints, is he referring to the mobile extortion stations? If so, I don't expect the BIB to pay much attention.
  7. Internal WH investigation of senior WH aides? I reckon that's the last we'll hear of it.
  8. Well, at least he's found a way to keep busy in his retirement years.
  9. Police seek info on alleged US paedophile working as teacher

    this guy sounds like an incredible sicko. and if he did indeed murder the thai woman, he's not getting any better.
  10. That's exactly how I feel. I did not wake up until 38, and I wince every time I think about how I treated my father. There's nothing I can do about it now, except to conduct myself honorably in the present.