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  1. Air conditioning question

    Perhaps Naam can get his overalls out?
  2. Sheryl always says choose the doctor so if u are happy with the doctor and ok with the hospital great
  3. Agreed yes i like to know prices ........your 60,000 for a hip seems very CHEAP as I've been quoted around 200k for endoscopic work on one shoulder with no "parts" inserted. I was thinking a fair bit of the hip op cost would be for the prosthesis itself as I'm guessing they''re imported. ps there's also such a thing as hip "relining" I believe. Actually there's no reason these hips and knees shouldn't be made in Thailand I had a friend with a company which made high grade dental instruments and commissioned stainless work for a long time here. Supplying this sort of thing could be a good enterprise and vey satisfying to undercut US prices. Did you know three of the biggest four manufacturers in the US are in one small town in the mid west, think it's called Moscow? Very cosy little club.
  4. In the sizing charts for aircons, I believe it errs very much on oversizing. I think it allows for the air to go to the lowest temp on the remote (18degrees C?) on the hottest day of the year. I personally never would need less than 25C, and for extra hot weather would be happy to run a fan too. Therefore can't the AC size be reduced a LOT? (very little sun through windows) We replaced a pair of aircons with 12kBTU less than half the recommended....fine so far but they haven't been right through a hot season yet to feel the real life efficacy. As for smaller machines staying on more of the time an engineer friend of mine says they are designed to run and more breakdowns are caused by on off switching (they are not inverters) Anyone care to comment, and also if they have experience with Midea. They look good, are quiet and blow well. They are way way cheaper than the Daikins we bought in the past with no 5 yr guarantee. i see they're a huge company which reinvests x% in research, Toshiba bought 20% of the stock, and they were the only brand offering a 5 yr guarantee on both outer and inner units.
  5. Best of luck to you for your op. One question as I also pay my own way and like to stay aware of medical pricing. On reading it looks like the 700k is for the operation, not for past procedures like chemo. This actually seems an awful lot, as open heart surgery can be half that according to a friend (I think that was in Maharat CM maybe via Sripat) Again all the best
  6. You got married and you’re still in love with it?
  7. Bla-haha You sure you don’t have English ancestors?
  8. Rusty re-bar

    Given the choice i'd prefer it attached and wouldn't use rebar with more than the slight remains of protective oiling, but wouldn't worry about that.
  9. Shed/Store room

    Haha i remember your plans. Actually the steel in the uprights is not taking load it is there to counteract shear and hold the concrete together.....which does take load. 12mm which your engineer prescribed, probably more than enough on your top floor but not if you have spans like Herr Naam whose place weighs more than a bunker!
  10. Shed/Store room

    Have to build a lean to shower room to an existing chalet, and for that little weight something like this could work. Maybe could have the foot up off the base, put rebar under (then concrete of course) to spread the load. Or is that concrete in the bottom already? EDIT see u addressed this in post 7
  11. Shed/Store room

    You use distilled water to wash the car? Never thought of that. Water doesn't get dirty in the gutter?
  12. Lubricating a ceiling fan

    Many fans have sealed bearings no maintenance needed. Some have a small hole on the motor which takes a few drops of regular lubricating oil. Google is yr friend.
  13. Concrete sealer

    Concrete is slightly water permeable. Is that a problem outside? The trouble with coating things is that some time they may need recoating. Additives are better IN the concrete.
  14. Rusty re-bar

    Hi CDW common sense tells me the same but my rational brain says it's likely irrelevant. The amazing strength of reinforced concrete is all in the combination of high compressive strength of concrete.....at the top of the beam..... and tensile strength of rebar at the bottom of the beam. So rebar is quite bendy....the only virtue it needs is to resist being stretched itself.....which it does well.......and to not "slide" inside the concrete. This is where the grooves come in. For a groove......or thousands of grooves....to slide inside set concrete it would mean the concrete filling the grooves would have to compress to let the grooved steel move inside it. But we know that concrete's strength is it's incompressibility. Nuff said.
  15. Thats a lot of bitcoins to carry