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  1. I have enough money in baht and don't want more. We would like to build a house for about 1mbaht on a plot which her mum has chanot for. I am willing to put up half in cash, but would prefer they sell an unpapered plot we bought in CR to provide the other half and concentrate on one place. First wife doesn't want to sell....it's a great plot I can understand that. Second as it's unpapered it could take a lot of selling. It occurred to me: Could they get a loan towards the house build of say 500k which I could pay off monthly. I'm told Omsin bank is cheapest..... Could someone with more knowledge tell me can it be done for a house build....how to present it.....and the likely mortgage rates and monthly repayments? (can loans normally be paid off in a lump if we sold the CR plot.....and what sort of penalty?) BE most grateful for any or all advice...
  2. Curcumin (Turmeric) in Pill Form ?

    That sounds a good deal. Anyone can point to quality evidence that it works? If so I’ll start on it.. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Cleaning pipes in the King's English = Rodding Points :) Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. Ive heard they're not interested in people who just go away for short trips, sometimes have two dwellings, re-registering multiple times. Check for yourself but I'd guess it's been driving them crazy.
  5. Zaza presume those are your Areca Palms. We would like to hide a neighbour on one short side and they look just the job. The big question is what size to plant? Price? and how long to grow to same height as yours? The other things is the wife had some very big stands of bamboo cut down as she thought they were a danger of falling on the neighbour;s building near the fence....in fact a 20m long length did fall and broke a couple of cheap tiles . Can yours by trimmed back somehow to prevent breaking and fallen high winds or from rot?
  6. I know condo buildings can get a code and do online, but think not possible for the little landlord. I heard they've loosened up on TM30s.
  7. 1. Why bother with this unless to confirm no funny business about getting your deposit back in future.....in that case make a specific note of it to ram it home. (Was it Churchill who said "Tell them what youre going to say, say it, then tell them what you just said."?) 2. Why mention the possibility of the rent rising? Remove it. Any sane landlord will not risk losing a good tenant and having to find a new one for the sake of forcing the last $ out of him.
  8. At a condo I own in I had a look round the sewage system as there had been a total blockage in one area. 100mm soil pipes came down in columns then out horizontally to each of the 6 tanks. I suggested the chung to chisel out some bricks to see the bend inside the column and was APPALLED to see a tight elbow at the bottom of an 11 floor drop. A swept bend would have swished the water at speed to clean the pipe instead of block it. I discovered swept bends ARE available for soil pipes at least, but of course they COST AN EXTRA FEW SATANG so a non starter I guess. (As I remember soil pipes and maybe waste pipes have a 92.5degree bend so the pipe can continue with the correct drop of about 1 in 40?)
  9. While we're at it another thing i rarely see used.....or perhaps available.....in Thailand are the less restrictive swept bends (as opposed to elbows). Short radius elbows are particularly egregious on waste pipes from kitchen and bathroom as Thai tilers have a habit of using basins and sinks and floor drains to wash away their waste cement mix and it will collect perfectly just behind the bend. Ever tried sawing through set mortar filling a pipe above your head?....it ain't funny.
  10. Too late to edit to just flow?
  11. Agree with STWW about pipe sizing unless on no-pump good mains supply. Disagree about dump sizing.
  12. Curcumin (Turmeric) in Pill Form ?

    Been looking into turmeric and find wiki says there is no quality data confirming its efficacy. Not sure that alllows for curcumin extract. Comments eelcome Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Excellent, thankyou Master. I drew most of the above ground plan in Sketchup, one drawing of what is already built, Mum's chalet, and extending the roof to join to the new house which will join on to it. I have the roofs turning on and off, but made a bit of a screw up over intersecting so went back to a measured pencil sketch which I have all views now.. So the sketch will be formalized to a plan by the tesabahn for a modest fee I hope, then I could go back and whip that up in SKP.. There’s an important step in between and that’s persuading the missus that we sell a plot we own elsewhere, and put all the eggs in one basket rather than take dilute our resources and energy with two places. Thai folk sure don’t like to sell land this could turn into pistols at dawn Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. What's the huge attraction with the Supalai Condos nr Central Festival? I have previously pointed out the first one filled in no time, and the second one was half booked before building. Last night I heard of an eight hour queue for sign-ups in the third building. The price of the Supalai Monte seems to be around 65,000bt/sqm, and the studios are 33 sqm at 3.80 metres wide. Are they offering to finance at particularly attractive terms, or what? (didn't see anything on the Monte website) Other condos I've seen go up not so long ago seem to have sold very well, and units for sale go fast in an older building I know well both these categories are being lived in............what about sales in other brand new ones?