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  1. I trust you are right as usual Herr Naam I looked at a lot of google images and whilst the light is enough it's kind of muted. I do like a bit of direct morning light in a room. One thing will be to put plenty of high window. Another might be to reduce the overhang of the roof. I'd hate to cut the three large clumps of 20 metre bamboo on that south side which shade the house area with just a mottled light, they'll be cooling the house, but they could come down. Perhaps i could go halfway and thin them out. A last reserve would be the reflective panel idea. We will overcome!
  2. Yes but it's a largish room......7m x 5.5m......and between 3.25m and 4m high.....and as these windows are quite close under the roof overhang, even on the south side I'm a bit concerned to be sure of enough light. There will be wide glass doornjms on the opposite side but I've arranged the roof there to overhang by at least 2 to 3m, as it will be a nice verandah seating area...and that sides north facing....so I fear for lack of light. One end wall will abutt other rooms, the other end will be under a carport roof so window there will have limited efficacy. I think this is a good idea as it will only add light reflected up and in and will then shine on the ceiling so will be diffused rather than in the eyes. Whether ill do it is another question.....bit of a hassle.....but worth keeping in reserve. Difficult to guesstimate if there'll be enough light.....I'm sitting in grandma's house right now with light coming through regular windows in the south wall and it's coming at angle of 45deg across the floor but reaching less than 2m in.......delightful, but it's mid winter so the sun is lowest, the roof overhang will cut out more sun on both houses in the summer. But there MUST be enough light. Only thing is to find another place with these high windows to check the light coming in. Anyone got or know of somewhere in CM? Hmmm (scratches chin) ps not wanting to monopolise your excellent thread Sirineou pps also wondering about raising the new house a little praps laying the ground beams on top of the base instead of digging into it. It would be nice but I have to consider the future and things like mobility for mum or me both late sixties...... Who knows what might happen in this world? (Ha ha grandmas still climbing trees at 87 or so we have to pull her down)
  3. Yes kinda like that Sirineou though they would be windows swinging open outwards at the bottomed inwards at the top hinged probably just above half way up the window.the windows would not be so big, maybe 80cm top to bottom, and was thinking of there reflective panel coming out further. It would be under the high end of a single pitch roof of steel and pretty close up to the overhang (as there will probably be a lean-to style of bedroom for the niece underneath, which is why more light reflecting up would be good. The reflective panels could easily swing up to close on the window on a hinged bottom with a simple cord and pulley arrangement.
  4. Exactly.....and it;s not like the Alu is solid most of the heat will be conducting through a couple of bits of fram 2mm thick. Agree with Naam Alu windows last for donkeys' years. I'm going to be having a row of swing type clerestory windows high up on a 4m high sitting room wall, with big art underneath. I will need to open them from standing height with a pole or cord.Any recommendations?. If i go for bronze Alu for all the other windows to match the chalet next door can I find this swing opening type to match? ps I like the idea there can be convection of hot air out of these. pps The light will come in and some hit a single plane ceiling sloping down, should diffuse nicely, but the windows will be under an upper roof overhang. It occurred to me a lot more light would come in if there was a fairly horizontal reflective panel outside sticking out from the bottom of each window, refuting light up and in to the ceiling. In fact the panels could swing up to close like shutters to stop the light if required. Anyone seen anything like this?
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  6. Hi dcnx, would you care to let me know the fees and age of the building? There;s such wide range of fees and I think it's in everyone's interest to know what is enough to do the job properly but with no waste. Thanks. ps guessing you in CM?
  7. Yes as anth says one third ok only on a second meeting in 14 Days.......but I’m not sure it’s not only valid if a quorum is not reached first time? 51% is normally very difficult to raise, though I have seen it, and even 33% needs a concerted effort to publicize that it’s an important matter.
  8. Agree with Ballbreaker.......with the caveat that special assessments for specific and usually urgent projects (e.g. major lift repairs) may be asked for. I've never looked up the statute on these, but if youre merely being asked for a rise BB's right it's invalid in law. Out of interest what age/condition of the building are you in, and what are the fees so far? What is the %age of Thai/farang.....as this can affect the ability to get a vote for an appropriate fee.....though not necessarily, i know of at least one building where a Thai has led the charge for improvements and the (older) building is being completely transformed and everyone is in agreement and helping pay direct rather than via regular fees. I ask because i think there's a real discussion to be had about fees. Seems to me, especially with new buildings, the fees are very high at 35-45bt/sqm. or more. Or am i not counting some major repairs like the pool etc etc?. As these buildings are newish one can only assume they require less maintenance so are either being wasteful, or building up a fund for routine major projects (a good idea within limits if the fund is not being OVERfunded......personally i prefer special assessments as restricting ease of spending money and not keeping funds dead in the water, but i can see many owners want regularity). One hesitates to suggest that a developer of a new project who controls the board in the early stages is placing the fees so high because if he doesn't fill the building from day one he'll be on the hook for fees for units that haven't yet filled. On the other hand some older buildings have simply too low fees and occasionally find it hard to get a vote to raise fees even when a rise is necessary for the wellbeing of the building. There's a happy middle ground on some older buildings where.....with the building full and all paying fees with the help of the amended condo law a few years ago and the building usually being in a prime position.....a half decent committee doing what needs doing to keep the building sound and desirable .....the biggest bang for the buck is gained from every baht of fees taken. It's a sure fact that a building which is over-coffered will find a way to spend it.....so where's the correct amount, because it must be similar with modest variation across the board? I think it's worthwhile to be specific here about fees, but would be interested in the OPs fees as an opener and cos i need a cup of tea.
  9. I'm always looking past young ladies but happily there's usually one behind. The land "where every prospect pleases"
  10. There are endless possibilities that's what's great. The banana leaves are by yours truly. And i stuck in the classic white tile for Destiny. In fact the "epoxy shower" could be a collage.....one could even get stuff printed up, stick it on the wall and epoxy over
  11. I think the choice is tiles OR art. If tiles I would again use the classic white......plain vanilla classy no little feature tiles and NO tiles with seahorses or dolphins !!!
  12. Out of interest and as I'm sometimes driving that way home i took another look at Supalai the big sold out condo on the Superhwy in CM. As I've said before there's a fair sprinkling of lights on.......not so many but there never are even in good older buildings. What struck me tonight was that the lights from the rooms were not warm white but the old fashioned blue/white fluorescent colour. The building was obviously finished with these lights. I'm amazed.
  13. The money doesn't come from the seller. The sale is in breach of the law, but it is likely now years later. Therefore......as long as you prove the case that the nominee was merely a nominee....the nominee may no longer own it. The caseI know of involved a foreigner who had several rai with more than one dwelling. On splitting up with his missus she would not accept when he offered her one of the houses and some of the land. Hr therefore went to law and after a lot of hassle recovered the lot. Not sure of the details of him selling it on though of course as it is a home some might prefer to use circuitous means to stay put.
  14. I wonder if it will yellow off these days or if an anti UV additive is incorporated. Going back to the late 80s there was two part epoxy deck paint, matt with some fine grit in it. It was coloured but did not discolour due to the pigment in it and possibly additive. Lasted years. Same goes for Jotun's feature floor and the floors of both Suzuki garages in CM which have epoxy coated workshop floors.......These are not clear but do not discolour. Also a factor is likely no direct sun on a shower area. As for tiles I like a classic high quality.......well, Cotto.....40x20 white tile laid vertically. Timeless and still look new. Floor is handmade crackle glaze 6 inch tile but it's true the floor grout needs attention occasionally. But am I going to be boring all my life. Lets have some art in the shower!
  15. Actually if it is shown by a foreigner that the spirit of the law was subverted (so very sorry I just learned I'm not allowed to use a nominee, but I was persuaded it was legal....... actually i paid for it, here's the proof) the sale of a property can be reversed and the funds reverted to the foreigner.....I believe at present day value, the sale within 6 or 12 months. I know personally of a case where this happened successfully though it took some time and obviously hassle.