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  1. Now I remember I had 21 days overstay one year @ 500 per day!!! Plus i used an agent cos I thought I was in trouble.
  2. Joe I know they let you do the extension early (a month?). Is it possible late?
  3. Wife has organised a couple of times for a workmate to earn a little by picking up number quite early.......but never 2am!.....maybe 7.30?.....then returning to get the proper number about 9. Then i went later in the day for the estimated time. Last time I was told it's all improved and I think it was 8.30 was said to be OK to turn up. So I did it myself bit of a pain but no big deal. I would consider an agent but one still has to turn up anyway.....
  4. cheeryble

    DOG TRACKER GPS....info please?

    An interesting story! Good to know problems are possible about SIM etc, but I think the fact there are so many on the market means some must do the job well......a matter of gathering information maybe a positive post will come and give details. From what u say it looks like if the SIM is just receiving it uses very little battery but if tracking and sending .....which we need..... uses a fair bit. Do you remember the battery life for tracking? Rechargeable or not? Did it keep the rain out?
  5. cheeryble

    DOG TRACKER GPS....info please?

    I take your point and would normally agree. However This is a good hearted dog I took in. He has behavioural problems almost certainly caused by harsh treatment but would never go for someone just walking around not approaching him close and aggressively......or a dog outside......or a chicken or a cat. I have spent 60k baht to save this dog's life by boarding him and trying very hard to find an owner with a walled garden.....an owner who he would love before long. I considered putting him down but didn't have the heart. In the end I have had to take him in myself. We have now built 90% of a wall where we are putting a small house and made the open bit fenced.. Putting a sliding gate up is now a priority.....which we would normally do last if at all. All because of the dog and trying to do the right thing. In the meantime my judgement is these bike rides on very quiet narrow country lanes would be enjoyable and safe and get him good and tired which is always good for behaviour and training. But I need a tracker just in case.
  6. Hi there Chiangmai. My due date to get a retirement extension is Sept 28th 2018. I've never done it by appointment before, but kinda remembered that one needed to be online applying at midnight 100 days before (still correct?) So I went to CM Immigration website a couple days ago to look for the procedure........but could not find it. Looking at the calendar it looks like today is 99 days from the 28th Sept. 1. Are these appointments still available and where do I find the online application? 2. Is it still all "sold out" very soon after midnight of the 100th day before? 3. If still available, do i have 5 or 7 days grace after my due date so can make appointment for a few days AFTER 28th Sept without breaking the rules? Thanks so much to those who are experts and help twits like me!
  7. cheeryble

    DOG TRACKER GPS....info please?

    Wow not so many folks use them eh? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  8. I don’t see the problem. You have the deposit so if you withhold something it’s him who has to take action not you. Next time do the photos. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  9. cheeryble

    Heater brand?

    If you have a roll of 2.5mm2 and there's enough left over you can of course do a parallel run and save a drive into town
  10. cheeryble

    DOG TRACKER GPS....info please?

    OK so far so good now I know about IP65 waterproof http://www.budind.com/blog/2014/02/the-mysteries-of-ip-rated-enclosures-explained/
  11. DOG TRACKER. I would like a GPS tracker for my dog as he's not really approachable by strangers so whilst I will as a friend recommended put our tel no on his collar large with a marker a tracker would be ideal. He loves to run after me on the bike if I go down the little quiet lanes in the orchards.....just once so far, but ignored other dogs yakking at him so good start....... but tends to get distracted....he doesn't know all those new areas yet so if he gets lost that may be it. I see Lazada sells them.....anywhere from 200baht to several thousand. I looked up a cheap one which said GPS but it seems to have a range of 75m so something wrong there. I looked at this more expensive one for example https://www.lazada.co.th/products/agps-lbs-glonass-collar-i117103318-s121667645.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlistcategory.list.1.3b26f3acHnC19H&search=1 .......which may be fine but it speaks of a polymer battery with Battery life: 70 (h) .....obviously not enough is there a disconnect here? .....and are the batteries regular changeable ones? Waterproof is obviously important as he will wear all the time. It says Waterproof function: IP65 Is that a standard maybe? Kinda urgent Would be most grateful for anyone with personal experience with trackers. Maybe worth paying a bit more at a pet shop......do they sell them? (Chiangmai)
  12. Lovely work. Amazing what a difference a little indentation makes for the seat comfort. Always noticed that on barstools. When I was renovating my wooden yacht.....5 years in bits.....myself and others had started using angle grinders with coarse sanding discs to shape wood and joints. It was surprising how accurate one could become, and one could go from the coarsest grades to a bit finer for the finish if necessary. Did this ever take on with general woodwork or would I be called a Philistine?
  13. Holy Mackerel she knows how to make a statement Does she choose your clothes STWW? Nice house!
  14. Hmmm I've been advised to ask the tesabahn first. That said the gap from house to wall is 2.7m, say 2.5m. Take off a half metre leaves 2m.....a bit tight but still useful building space for small bathroom, galley kitchen, and atrium. Trouble is i lose the benefit of simply hanging the rafters from wall to wall. I would move the house over a bit west but the bedroom 3 and sala section is already built, and I don't want to squeeze the carport narrower than 6m......it's already up to the western boundary on the other side.
  15. Hi I was speaking to a pal who built here before and doing his last house (he says) now. I mentioned I'd wondered if we could put up a couple of lean to structures from our house across to the boundary wall with a neighbour. Naturally water wouldn't flow over the wall we'd gutter it. It's uninhabited orchard land. We put the 2m high wall up at no cost to the neighbour. The lean to idea makes a big saving as it only needs a lightweight (clear) roof, thin end walls, and simple non weight bearing floor. I mentioned to my friend that it may not be strictly legal as although our house line is over 2m from the wall now, it would infringe on the 2m which I thought was the minimum. He said "No" ....said he'd been through the same problem with eh place he's building now.....and whilst the face of the house wall must be 2m or more from the boundary, joining walls at a perpendicular to the boundary could be erected. I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny. Thanks v much