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  1. Soundslike a smart move, no more of the who knows who that can smooth out the process for the applicant in Thailand.
  2. I think the building owners would be more than happy if a decision was made that the demolition would only proceed once they had made the payment. Cheque is in the post!
  3. Zimbabwe Family Still Stuck At Suvarnabhumi

    Just a guess that they aren't classed as being inside Thailand, but in-between countries.
  4. Zimbabwe Family Still Stuck At Suvarnabhumi

    Maybe, just maybe living in the airport is the nicer place to be staying than the IDC in Bangkok.
  5. Wonder who footed the bill for the search and rescue mission?
  6. Considering relocation to Nan, seek advice

    Visit the large Shell gas station in the middle of town, the owner is a big bike enthusiast.
  7. bin man - most discusting job in thailand

    Those guys you see are short time to go prisoners from the Corrections Department and they volunteer to clean the drains, as it reduces their sentence by days worked. In addition to the sentence reduction they are outside the prison for those days working
  8. Gentleman's agreement between General's, don't do unto other General's what you don't want done unto yourself.....
  9. 40 hrs training for the first responders and how much effort will be put into educating every driver on the road to make way for the ambulance sitting behind them in gridlocked traffic
  10. His lawyer should be able to claim that he hadn't been drinking prior to taking the drink from the mug in the police box. Give it a couple of days and then make the claim it must have been lao khao in the bottle he took a drink from, the second bottle in the booth must have been the plain water. No evidence except a video online showing him drinking from it before taking the breathalyser test!
  11. Meanwhile burning garbage, including old plastic containers on the beach will still be OK
  12. A few years ago I was at the airport to meet a Nigerian Naval Commander, after some waiting when he eventually appeared I apologised for the time it had taken him to clear immigration, explaining that there were always hold ups for the Nigerian men coming through, however he dismissed the apology as totally unnecessary, explaining to me that as it is the fault of the Nigerian government that allows his fellow countrymen to have this reputation and as such they cannot expect any better treatment until they themselves improve their own reputation overseas. The Nigerian government advise's the Thai Embassy in their country not to issue a Thailand visa for anyone from Nigeria unless they have the official drugs clearance certificate. FYI, the guys that say they are from Nigeria''s neighbouring countries are very often Nigerian citizens that cannot qualify for the drugs clearance certificate in Nigeria and revert to other methods to get themselves into Thailand.
  13. I think if you use the term "Parenting" this covers the role you are carrying out better than the term "Carer"
  14. OK with me, please let us know where you're going to be and I'll be along to try your fish'n chips
  15. It's what is commonly referred to as a "non tariff trade barrier" Basically it's protectionism. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk