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  1. Kite Shop

    Used to be a couple of places in Chalong near Friendship Beach. Nothing around Nai Yang at this time of the year, as far as I know.
  2. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    I went in earlier this week and the place was very busy - long queue for the helpers.. I needed the immigration office letter to buy a vehicle but found out I needed to re-register my place of residence. The helper gave me TWO place of residency forms and no purchase letter form. I went back in yesterday and it was packed again but only had to queue for a number for 5 minutes. A different helper took only ONE of my place of residency forms and associated copies - plus the purchase letter form which I had filled out (just in case). I had to wait 2 minutes to get called and then a couple more to get a letter for a vehicle purchase. So, paperwork required for this was: Immigration form for place of residency, copy of lease, copy of landlady ID, copy of passport, landing card and visa and one photo, plus the form for the purchase letter. Reason for having all of this was because I'd been out of the country since first reporting my address - even though I'd since renewed my Retirement and multi-entry permits. They did not give me a new piece of paper in the passport, though, just leaving the old one where it was. Now I'm wondering if that actually counted as a re-register of place of abode and if I will need all of these copies again for my 90 day report later this month.
  3. Lifan GY200

    Thanks for the offer Allan. I have spent the last days going from one preferred choice to another and finally bit the bullet this morning - I bought a 2nd hand klx250 from a dealer here in Phuket. I shall spend the rest of the week flagellating myself,no doubt. I kept returning to the Lifan dealer for a look at the x-cross 200 but it just looked so poorly put together against the klx. Cheers for all the input.
  4. Thanks Ubonjoe, just been to immigration in town (Phuket). Informed that I had to do the whole certificate of residence thing again because I have been out of the country once since the last one, doesn't seem to matter that I got my Retirement extended for another year and got a multi-entry issued, too, since I got back - new regulations. Insane!!
  5. Lifan GY200

    Been to the dealer again today and now have a sore head, information is hard to get.... They don't have the X-plore here, only the X-cross.I was tempted to just get it yesterday, today, not at all! It does look a bit tacky and I am not the least bit mechanical-minded. Also visited the Kawasaki shop again. There was a 250 outside and I was just comparing it with the 150 through the window. They really are quite different animals. I'm now leaning toward the 250 in second hand form. Being about twice as expensive as a brand new Lifan gives me the shivers, though . I suppose I can comfort myself with the believe that I am "future proofing" if I do get a 250. Maybe I should just flip a coin? Anyone got one with three sides?
  6. Hi, does anyone know how long the letter is valid for once issued by immigration? I am looking at buying a motorbike but thought I'd get the letter in advance. Cheers
  7. Lifan GY200

    X-Pect: http://www.lifanmotos.net/product/yyc/2017-03-23/47.html
  8. Lifan GY200

    I'm a bit confused: GY200 X-Plore (is this the motard version of the X-Cross?) X-Cross (is this the GY200?) X-Pect Could anyone enlighten me? Cheers
  9. Lifan GY200

    The local dealer only has the GY200 in so I can't compare to X-Cross or X-plore. There is not much to find, in English, online about the bikes - Allan's thread has been the most informative for the GY. I'll go back to the shop and ask about the other two options. The klx150 is a small bike, but so am I so I am attracted to it, I haven't found any 2nd hand ones around, though. The 250 is very nice, but slightly too expensive for me right now and there are very few 2nd hand around. I'm not planning on lots of highway km's or heavy duty offroad trails, country roads and forest trails are more what I have in mind. Also, I have no plans for 2-up riding so a smaller engine would be fine, with the added benefit of less weight for the off-road riding meaning easier handling. What would the best additions to a Lifan be, do you think? Sump guard, bark-busters, seat, lights, etc, etc? Thanks for the input.
  10. Lifan GY200

    Looking for views and reviews for the GY200. From those who have ridden one or are owners. I'm not interested in "cheap Chinese knockoff crap" trollers. Thinking of getting either one of these, a klx150, or the 250. I have heard some good things about the Lifan and know the build quality may be a little lacking compared to the klx, but for the money it seems a good choice. I am wondering if there will be more 2nd hand klx bikes coming on the market soon considering the new version is out. Cheers
  11. drive to BKK

    I was thinking car because I wanted to carry on up to Isarn. I planned to take the bike with me and do some riding up there. I think flying might be the most sensible option and leave the bike at home - just use a motorbike up there again, instead. I'm going to need hotels whichever option I take. Nok Air have some decent deals, so yep, reality check time! Fly. Cheers! LP
  12. drive to BKK

    Hi, thinking of driving to Bang Kapi area of BKK. I need to be there on a Saturday morning, around 8ish. I don't drive really fast and would like to get there in one piece, relatively unstressed. I have driven through the night from Hua Hin to Phuket and would have to say that the big road from Surat toward Krabi had to be the scariest stretch I have ever driven. I am not familiar with BKK roads and tollways - having been lost a couple of times in the past. Drive up Friday and get a hotel before BKK and go in very early before it gets too busy? Drive straight through the night? What are the roadworks like now? Any advice or suggestions of route and timing for this journey? Cheers. LP
  13. Final update: Visa renewed without any problems on Friday. Paid 5 days overstay. It does seem rather odd that a visa can be renewed 5 days after it has officially expired, but I'm not complaining :) Picked up the passport on Monday and got the multi re-entry permit in about 15 minutes. Unbelievable how quiet Phuket Immigration has been when I've visited recently - it used to be bedlam!!! Hopefully everything is good till next year.
  14. Went back to the Immigration Office, and, after some consulting found that it would, indeed, be possible to do the visa renewal with 5 days overstay at 500 Baht per day. There is a slim chance that they may close on the 27th as well as the 26th, though Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated. LP
  15. Hi Andy, thanks for fronting up! I'm going to take Ubonjoe's advice and pop back in to see what is possible. I don't want to leave the country if I don't have to. If I do, then either a Tourist on entry combined with another cheap ticket out OR a Non O from KL or Penang would be my options. Not sure which is the best option on either of those.... Cheers, LP