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  1. Honda servicing

    The Thalang service center is closed. A "vehicle receiver" at Phuket Town service center, when I went on the day of the announcement, said it was closing. No spare parts were being ordered - try Krabi, he said.. Eventually found one part in Sampom (?), a shop on Thepkasatrri not far from the old BMW dealer. Phuket Arai on the airport bypass road is another possibility. Still trying to locate another part, though. As far as the "how long have you been in Thailand" comment goes, it doesn't matter. A company like Anuphas should not be shutting up shop and telling customers "tough". Supposedly reputable company (and family) - reputation shot, and deservedly so.
  2. Honda servicing

    Well, now Anuphas has deserted it's customers, where do we go for servicing and repairs? What are TV people doing? Where to buy parts in Phuket?
  3. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    What is the number of this POA form, please? I can't find it on the immigration sites!
  4. Tics in furniture

    We used Frontline and also did some spraying with Chaindrite.
  5. Tics in furniture

    Does anyone know if the Bayticol or Chaindrite will kill lizards? I have a few different kinds hanging around and don't want to harm them.
  6. Tics in furniture

    I used to have two dogs and they were treated for ticks regularly - still had infestations. Nothing seemed to work. Got a Bravecto for the dog. Bayticol to spray the general area. And also some Chaindrite powder which is also supposed to kill the little gits. I will try the liquid Chaindrite in the plastic wrapped sofa, too.
  7. Smaller scale civil works job

    Our village committee is looking for bids from companies able to do a repair job in our community. The turning circle area has started to "give way" and needs foundation, wall, drain and road work carrying out. It isn't a huge job but would certainly require some machinery. Could anyone recommend companies in the Talang area? Cheers
  8. Tics in furniture

    Hadn't thought of that! Cheers.
  9. Tics in furniture

    Exactly. The soi dog lies at our gate sometimes.The ticks are all over the carport area and the sofa I have out there. The next door neighbour has them even worse than us.
  10. Safe parking near Central Festival

    She said the carpark on the other side from Central (Homeworks) is still Central and charges. I think they plan on the PI or Index options.
  11. Safe parking near Central Festival

    Excess over 3 hours is not very cheap for her. I think PI or Index is her best option. Cheers
  12. A friend is going to be doing a course in Central Festival for a few days and needs to park her car for longer than the 3 hour limit in their carpark. Going out and back in again over the course of the day and evening is a time consuming option, as anyone looking for a space there will attest. Are there any SAFE options very close by? She will finish late so the likes of Big C etc are out. Thanks
  13. Tics in furniture

    Anyone have an idea how to get rid of tics in leather furniture? I'd like to try natural products, if possible but will go the way of chemical if necessary. Looking at baking soda as one option (dries out the little sods, apparently), then vacuuming. Cheers.
  14. Kite Shop

    Used to be a couple of places in Chalong near Friendship Beach. Nothing around Nai Yang at this time of the year, as far as I know.
  15. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    I went in earlier this week and the place was very busy - long queue for the helpers.. I needed the immigration office letter to buy a vehicle but found out I needed to re-register my place of residence. The helper gave me TWO place of residency forms and no purchase letter form. I went back in yesterday and it was packed again but only had to queue for a number for 5 minutes. A different helper took only ONE of my place of residency forms and associated copies - plus the purchase letter form which I had filled out (just in case). I had to wait 2 minutes to get called and then a couple more to get a letter for a vehicle purchase. So, paperwork required for this was: Immigration form for place of residency, copy of lease, copy of landlady ID, copy of passport, landing card and visa and one photo, plus the form for the purchase letter. Reason for having all of this was because I'd been out of the country since first reporting my address - even though I'd since renewed my Retirement and multi-entry permits. They did not give me a new piece of paper in the passport, though, just leaving the old one where it was. Now I'm wondering if that actually counted as a re-register of place of abode and if I will need all of these copies again for my 90 day report later this month.