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  1. Went back to the Immigration Office, and, after some consulting found that it would, indeed, be possible to do the visa renewal with 5 days overstay at 500 Baht per day. There is a slim chance that they may close on the 27th as well as the 26th, though Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated. LP
  2. Hi Andy, thanks for fronting up! I'm going to take Ubonjoe's advice and pop back in to see what is possible. I don't want to leave the country if I don't have to. If I do, then either a Tourist on entry combined with another cheap ticket out OR a Non O from KL or Penang would be my options. Not sure which is the best option on either of those.... Cheers, LP
  3. Hi Ubonjoe, I'm in Phuket, not Jomtien. I have found in the past that every volunteer is likely to give different info on any given topic. I'm sure it is not their fault, information given to them, and their interpretation is bound to vary considerably. So, basically I should forget the 1 week extension idea. I should ask in the office (an officer) if I can do as you say - 5 days overstay and renew the retirement visa on Friday 22nd. Otherwise it is a flight to, say KL, and return after the 22nd on a tourist visa on entry and then apply for a Non O in Phuket and then change it to a retirement, although that still leaves me needing another ticket out when I return on the tourist visa from KL....... Does that sound right? Cheers LP
  4. Due to an unfortunate banking experience (both USA and UK banks) my 800k Baht arrived a few days after the 3 month requirement - Visa renewal due on the 22nd Oct but money arrived in account on 27th July - so 5 days under the 3 months. The volunteer in the Immigration office informed me my best option was to get a 1 week extension for 1900 Baht, get the bank letter on the 27th (Friday) and then apply for the renewal that same morning. Unfortunately, after getting my photocopies etc, the official (and his boss) both told me I need a flight ticket to apply for this 1 week extension. Well, that is quite obviously absurd, but, that is the law, so....... I should have asked the following question in the office, but it did not occur to me till a while after, as I contemplated where to get a ticket to: Do I get a ticket (which I'm not going to use) for a date before or after my original visa expires - the 22nd? I would assume it needs to be the 28th or 29th (Sat / Sun), having now got my Retirement Visa renewed on Friday the 27th. Any serious advice welcomed :) LP
  5. airport transport

    Ok, cheers!
  6. airport transport

    Could anyone tell me the best way to get from the airport to my guest house in the old part of town, please? I will have a bike box with me, so normal taxi won't work! Thanks. LP
  7. MTB Chiang Mai area

    Cheers Rebo. Posted!
  8. MTB Chiang Mai area

    Coming up to CM on the 9th May (Tuesday) for a week of offroad riding. Friends arriving on the 11th. Anyone have riding suggestions for the 10th and 11th? Prefer long flowing rides rather than technical downhill. Don't mind hills! Will be riding out from the old city area. Cheers. LP
  9. Cycle bag / box on Air Asia

    Found it on the "Manage my Booking" page - "Add-ons". Not exactly obvious. Have booked some extra "sporting" to be sure.
  10. Cycle bag / box on Air Asia

    Thanks, problem is, I bought 25Kg of regular allowance - not seeing a "sporting allowance" option, when I bought the ticket online. Now I can't find anywhere on the site to actually buy the "sporting" version. There are plenty of references as to being able to do it but I'm bug*ered if I can find it!
  11. Does anyone have "recent" experience of Air Asia travel with a cycle? I'm getting conflicting information about allowances. The web site states that cycles are "sports equipment" and normal baggage allowances do not apply - charging extra for it but some people I've talked to say they had no problem with either a bag or box when checking in. Don't want to get stung at check-in! Cheers LP
  12. Hi, heading up to CM for a week of offroad MTB'ing in May. Does anyone have advice on where to stay, in the city, which is bike friendly. Looking at sub-1000B per night, if possible. Don't want to be anywhere with heaps of Russians or Chinese. Cheers. LP
  13. Two passports

    So even having a valid Retirement would not be a problem if applying for a new Marriage visa. Thanks. Much appreciated! Peter
  14. Two passports

    Hi Joe, instead of coming back into Thailand on my Retirement visa and going up to Laos to renew as a Marriage visa, do you know if it is possible to do the renewal (to Marriage) whilst I am in The UK, at the Thai Embassy there? Do you know if they require any different docs from Laos renewal (and proof of funds in Thailand - I can do proof of funds in The UK more easily). Cheers. Peter
  15. Two passports

    Thanks Joe, that may be my best bet. I can combine visa trios with bike trips. Great excuse to go and explore some more.