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  3. There have been several suspicious deaths of conscripts over the past years. In your opinion does Thailand need to do more to protect conscripts from abuse? Please feel free to leave a comment. Here is a link to a recent thread which details the most recent and also past deaths:
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  5. You are correct. We once had a surprise audit, or I should say, we had an audit and no one bothered to tell me. I got a call to bring them all of the evaluations, lesson plans (sorted by grade and subject) as well as an assortment of other documents. I hadn't gotten around to actually setting up the files for all these documents, so in a moment of crisis, I took the folders from the previous year down to the office they were using. They oogled and awed a bit, set them in the pile and NEVER, NEVER noticed they were from the wrong year! I made it a point after that to keep up with all my filing. They also wanted to see the personnel records (application, copy of resume/CV, degree, etc.)
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    Making your own pizza

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    Thailand - Not for me

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    How to deal with Chiang Mai smoke?

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