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  1. Posts removed. I note some people still can't figure out what the OP says and stay on topic.
  2. Taxes aren't paid until the person has a work permit. Until the work permit is issued you are somewhat of a 'ghost' in the system.
  3. We had a teacher some years ago who was turned down for the visa when he showed up with his Master's Degree, transcript and verification. He had a Bachelor's but didn't have it in Thailand. He was held up until he got the Bachelor's Degree and transcript and then both the non-B and the Work Permit were granted. You can expect problems if you don't have the Bachelor's Degree.
  4. Numerous posts have been removed. Continued racist remarks and trolling will not be permitted and will result in suspensions. Please re-read the OP and stick to the topic. You have been warned.
  5. An off-topic post has been removed. This thread isn't about WWII.
  6. It is possible to cut down on fraud, but it is not possible to eliminate it -- just as it isn't possible to eliminate it in any other organization or program. The cost of fraud detection in the past has been very high. At one point some years ago, 25% of the welfare budget for one state went into various forms of fraud detection and verification of claims. That's a lot of money. The return was very, very small. On the other hand, laws and detection of dead beat dads and re-claiming child support benefits has significantly lowered welfare costs. The point is, that most agencies take fraud seriously and every reasonable effort is made to reduce or eliminate it.
  7. A post with an aberrant spelling of the President's name has been removed. His name is Trump, aberrations will be removed and continuing to do so will result in suspensions.
  8. An off-topic post has been removed.
  9. Definitely not the place for the honeymoon.
  10. An off-topic post has been removed. As for continued trolling, you will get a break.
  11. Posts which refer to news items as fake news have been removed along with replies. Continue to label news as fake because you do not agree with it will result in suspensions. If you have nothing to add to the discussion, stop trolling.
  12. Troll post removed. Please stay on the topic.
  13. Off-topic posts with inflammatory, racially tinged posts and replies have been removed.
  14. As has been suggested by more than one poster, I think it is best to end the off-topic remarks about Islam in general and stick to the topic. Comparisons are acceptable, but a few members have taken this to the point of being off-topic.