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  1. Post with oversized emoticons has been removed.
  2. Many, many off-topic posts and replies removed. Please stay on topic.
  3. Off-topic post and reply removed.
  4. A post violating Fair Use Policy and reply removed. If you are going to quote statistics, you must supply a link and it must be within the 3 sentence rule.
  5. Off-topic posts and replies removed.
  6. I have no idea why he thinks it's better in the US. Other than a lower % of Muslims, the situation for gays is not substantially better than the UK.
  7. A post has been removed along with reply. If you wish to post a meme, then a bit of actual context might be wise. Otherwise, it's simply trolling.
  8. Posts with a Pat Condell video have been removed along with replies. He's like listening to a echo. I think we have heard enough from him.
  9. A few off-topic posts have been removed. Please stay on topic. It would be a shame to give suspensions for needless deflections. Thanks.