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  1. Off-topic posts removed. If you are going to post a meme, it's a good idea to have a comment and that the meme is actually related to the topic.
  2. There is no doubt that school shootings and suicide clusters have some underlying similarities. Both are most prevalent with teens and not related to anything that would objectively appear to warrant such extreme actions. They usually occurred in communities where word would spread via local news and word of mouth. Now we have social media, so the audience is much larger. Another problem with some of the school shooters is that the signs of mental illness we see with older people just isn't evident in some. We see signs after the fact, but many of these signs are apparent in young people who do nothing wrong. It's hard to determine what is and isn't mental illness in a teenager. School shootings are now a phenomenon that has taken on a life of its own.
  3. Posts have been removed. Replies based on the OP are not going to result in legal troubles for anyone, except perhaps the source reporting them. Please don't make threats. If and when there is a news report or link supporting a change or drop in charges, feel free to respond to the OP. As noted by another Moderator, the forum rules still apply.
  4. I doubt very much that Trudeau is personally overseeing the screening of the refugees. People with a good, solid claim to refugee status most likely would not have left the US. In spite of the rhetoric, the US is still screening according to the rules and regulations. Canada is doing the same. Screening can be vary from place to place, but the criteria is basically the same. There have always been non-refugees mixed in with genuine refugees. That is why screening is necessary.
  5. Scott

    Getting Married - New Option

    That's good news.
  6. A troll post has been removed.
  7. A post making an accusation of someone being paid to post has been removed. It's trolling and inflammatory. Do it again and face a suspension.
  8. An inflammatory post has been removed. Making up names for people or political parties is not permitted.
  9. Scott

    Are single women in Thailand into make up?

    Troll posts removed. Thread moved to General Forum.
  10. Troll posts and replies removed. You can stop with the making of unsubstantiated claims. The stories told may seem untruthful to some, sad to others and everything in between. The cases are judged on the merits of their asylum claim, which is very specific. It does not matter how old they are, how rich or poor they are or how life has dealt them a bad hand. In the end they will be granted or denied based on the 5 convention rules (and any others that any particular gov't may wish to put in place). The immigration people are well aware of the hardluck stories and the embellishment. The granting of refugee status is given on the basis of objective claims and known conditions in the country. There is a subjective element which has to do with the credibility of the claimant, so it is in their best interest to be honest and specific. I screened upwards of a thousand applicants for asylum when I worked in the field. The majority were screened out. Many had heart-wrenching stories, but they were not refugees and they were ultimately returned to their home country. Refugee status is given to those facing a well founded fear of persecution, and that is when groups of people are denied protection from continued abuse by their government. Stay on topic, please.
  11. Whether or not you wish to continue is based on how you feel about dealing with KG all day. Some teachers love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. Other people simply can't cope with those young ones. They are very high energy. It's also not easy to keep their attention without lesson preparation. Most of the classes I know have 1 and sometimes 2 assistants in the classroom. The homeroom teacher and the assistant(s) spend almost all their time with the students. Usually, there is someone teaching a few of the classes. The salary seems low, the classroom seems OK, though. Best of luck and keep us informed.