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  1. Inflammatory, troll posts removed and one member on suspension. Keep it civil or face the consequences. A person has died and quite frequently friends and family look for answers on the internet.
  2. Troll post reported and removed.
  3. Having worked with and for Aide agencies, both NGO and government, improper activities have always been a low-level concern. Most aide workers are advised to abide by the cultural norms of the area in which they are working. In some places sexual behavior will be more tolerated than others. The behavior that was acceptable in a Cambodian refugee camp is different from one in Iraq, for example. The UN, government agencies and charities usually repatriate their workers if there is an indication of trouble because the legal systems in some of these places are very dodgy. There will be what can be considered as improper behavior by some in any place where a natural disaster has occurred. The cultural norms have broken down. It's quite unfair to tarnish an entire organization because of the (mis)behavior of a few.
  4. blood needed urgently for our beloved dog

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  5. A fair number of schools do not have a good idea of how to go about the visa/work permit process. I assisted with a number of schools, in several different provinces. Each province had a slightly different take on the regulations and this caused unnecessary delays. When the visa person would be changed, the learning curve was slow and regulations were usually more strictly enforced. Once the visa person established a relationship with the agencies, things moved along more smoothly. We employed a lot of foreign teachers, so we could dedicate a person to the process. Smaller schools just didn't do it. With some of the people from smaller schools, they sometimes just did it themselves and the school paid. We did not extend the probation during the process. Probation was 3 months and once that was up, the teacher was either off probation or released.
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  7. There is no need to respond to the troll. He's been suspended, so he won't be answering.
  8. ....Meanwhile back on the topic of Billy Graham, please.
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  10. If you wish to argue the merits of religion, you can use the PM function. Rules still apply though. This thread is about the passing of the Rev. Billy Graham.
  11. When the last straw falls

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