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  3. A post violating Fair Use Policy has been removed along with reply.
  4. One poster suspended. Anyone wish to join him?
  5. If you think this is going to be a stream of nasty remarks, you are sadly mistaken. Continue with the off-topic trolling and you will receive a suspension. The story is about Sweden being the finest home for families. Stay on topic or face a suspension. Up To You.
  6. You apparently aren't taking into account the Zero Tolerance policy in your statements. The treatment of many of the people arriving is questionable, but the fact that there is a definite crackdown is apparent.
  7. First it is a myth that most don't show up for their hearing. Most due. 85% of families show up for the hearing and 98% of those who have legal representation show up. The lower end of the figures is 60% so most, in fact do show up. Sanctuary cities will not necessarily protect anyone. The local law enforcement, however, does not review citizenship status in its ordinary enforcement of laws. That is the responsibility of ICE. Abolishing ICE is nothing more than a sound bite. It would not be supported by any but a very small group of people. I am not sure who the 'they' you are referring to. There are asylum seekers and there are illegal immigrants. Many of the illegals, with no claim to asylum, are simply returned to Mexico. With those from Latin American countries, it is not quite so easy. Again, I don't know anyone who advocates for allowing illegals into the US.
  8. And those broke economic migrants will be deported in short order.
  9. Scott

    Honda Africa Twin

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  10. You seem to imply that I somehow have a strong opinion on this issue. I don't. Every country has rules and laws about entry. When someone presents themselves for entry to the US and claims asylum, they are to be provided with entry and a chance to defend that claim. If you cross illegally, it is a misdemeanor, and you still have the right to claim asylum. A 2nd illegal crossing is a felony. Generally, if you claim asylum, you are pre-screened to determined if it is a reasonable claim. If, for example, you claim you face persecution because you are Catholic and you're from Mexico, it won't fly and you will face deportation. If a country does not want to take refugees or asylum seekers, cancel the existing agreements and protocols and you do not have to. In the case of the US, it might be wise to not limit military excursions into some countries. These produce a lot of refugees and instability. The number of immigrants has always been determined by Congress. It will vary according to the needs of the country. It's often businesses that want the numbers upped when they need labor. The same is true about illegals crossing to work. A lot of people are more than happy to hire them knowing full well they are illegal. I don't know anyone who supports illegal immigration. I certainly do not. I do care about what happens to people once they are admitted to the country. Policies cannot be changed willy-nilly without having a knock-on affect.
  11. Stay on topic. The topic isn't about what a great asset you are to Thailand and how lucky they are to have you.
  12. There is a system in place to sort of pre-screen asylum applicants for a credible fear. Those who don't have that are generally set for deportation. They can request a full hearing with an Immigration Judge. The pre-screening is set up to verify that the circumstances are credible and likely could have occurred. It does not necessarily look at the specifics, which will be dealt with in detail later.
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