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  1. There are advantages to being as thin as a sheet of paper, I guess.
  2. Off-topic posts and replies removed. Enough with the "....but, but, but Hillary." She's not facing possible impeachment.
  3. It's an issue worth paying attention to. I have had some experience in working with child soldiers and the prospects for many of them becoming productive citizens is low and the prospects of them continuing a life of military-type killing is high. These young people are deprived of education so they have virtually no marketable skills, they have lived a life of extreme violence and that doesn't stop when they are out of the military. If you think some of the problems faced by Vets returning from war zones is difficult, multiply by several fold for child soldiers.
  4. A post with a racist slur has been removed.
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Continued Nazi references will earn suspensions. It's inflammatory.
  6. Please stop with the nonsense and get back to the topic.