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  5. I once visited that area many years ago. Very much like the wild west.
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  10. Please don't worry, Geezer. If you come to the US we will make sure the police are held accountable when they shoot you.
  11. In the past, most of the research and development was done by Universities, which were less driven by a profit motive and more driven by a public health motive. Pharma is only interested in the profit, and it's not just research, but huge dividends paid to share holders. Generally, they don't care about Public Health and seldom are they doing research on drugs for primary diseases. Take a look at the number and types of blood thinners available to heart patients, then take a look at the number of medications available for Malaria. Quite a few years back, Thailand threatened to break the patent on HIV medication -- something which India had already done. Until they did so, big Pharma would not negotiate on the price of medication, which was well over US$1,500 per month (that was around 52,000 baht per month, per patient). After some negotiating, and under threat, the drugs were made available for a price of approximately US$85 per month. At $85 per month, Pharma was still making a profit. The US medication was largely available through private hospitals, a cheaper version was available from India, but private doctors were not recommending it until it was proven to be as effective as the US version. The greed in this situation is compounded by the poor business sense. Instead of many thousands of people dying of AIDs, Pharma now has customers who will have to take the drugs for life. There are many other examples. So, as we have an array of Cholesterol lowering drugs, blood thinners, and countless prescriptions for stopping smoking, we still can't effectively treat some of the biggest killers. There are even laws to prevent people from traveling to Canada or Mexico to get the medications made in the US at a cheaper price and bringing them back. The pills are a different color, so customs people can tell if they are being re-imported. Somebody is making a LOT of money and it ain't going into research.
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