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  1. The topic is about the UN speech. Off-topic posts removed.
  2. Off-topic post and replies removed.
  3. Ignorance is not an excuse. It's been tried. Anti gay remarks don't cut it in any section of the forum. They just get caught a little quicker here.
  4. Stay on topic, please. This is about a particular situation at a particular point in time. It is not about the Prophet Muhammad, it's not about Irish-Catholics, it's not about Christians during the Dark Ages.
  5. This is going to be my final post on this, then get back on topic. Aberrant spellings and inflammatory references are removed so you won't see them.
  6. U.S. lawmaker wants North Korea out of the U.N

    The question is, would you try to put a rabid dog ON a leash?
  7. Aberrant spelling of the names of politicians is not permitted. Unflattering references are.
  8. A thread clean up has been done. Stick to the topic, which is broad, but doesn't include deflective remarks about Hillary or Obama. Name calling of the President is not permitted and one person will be on suspension for it. Deciding to moderate the thread via the Report Function will also result in a suspension. The thread is rather broad, but personal remarks directed at other members is not permitted.
  9. U.S. lawmaker wants North Korea out of the U.N

    Troll post and reply removed.
  10. Go ahead and make ONE more baiting, off-topic or troll post and YOU WILL get a suspension. Moderators will decide how to apply the rules.
  11. Inflammatory post reported and removed along with reply.
  12. Incident reported on London Tube train

    Off-topic post and reply removed.