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    Ex wife's attitude towards her kids

    Some interesting comments. Looks like she is a an individual case and not typical. On the subject of communication via the kids, she wont communicate with me, never has. Even when she was in the UK the kids would tell me shat she was coming to see them at the weekend or what ever.. I haven't had her phone number in years and would never answer me when I called anyway. Today I was making conversation with my eldest son and asked him if he had heard from his mum since we returned from the UK a week ago. He said oh she arrived in the UK last Wednesday. So last Saturday she was too busy to see her kids looking after her sick dad and on Wednesday she flew to the UK to start a new job.
  2. I know the old joke about the place of a farang husband in a Thai wife's life 1st father, 2nd mother, 3rd brother, 4th sister, 5th dog then 6th husband but where do her own kids come? I split from my ex 7 years ago and the kids lived with me. She visited the kids spasmodically when she lived 40 miles away then rarely when she moved to the north of England. 18 months ago she moved to Thailand to "run a business" with new partner. Nine months ago when I holidayed in Thailand the kids spent 4 or 5 days with their mum. I have just come back from 2 weeks in Thailand and originally the ex wanted to see the kids for a few days. I got fed up with her not contacting me or the kids to make arrangements so I made my own plans ignoring her. Never the less she met the kids on the evening we arrived and she took them out for a meal. My kids were expecting to see her at the end of the holiday for a couple of days in Bangkok to go shoping. A week into the holiday I ask the kids if they have heard from their mum and they announced that her mum had died and they saw the funeral on Facebook. That was quick from a week earlier to seeing her kids to mum dieing and having the funeral but these things happen. So we get near the end of the holiday and I ask if they are seeing their mum. No because her dad is ill now and she is looking after him. The father has always had a minor wife and he has 2 married sons. Can't any of those look after him for a couple of days so she can spend some time with her kids, assuming of course she wants to spend time with them? Who knows when the next opportunity will arise for her to see them but at least I know where her priorities lie even if her kids don't. Am I being unfair on her?
  3. How does car insurance normally work in Thailand. In the UK a car must legally be insured and the insurance will specify who is covered to drive the car. Usually a spouse is covered automatically if a husband or wife is the main driver. Must each driver that will drive the car be listed?
  4. Kevin1908

    Fishing in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi

    I don't need to worry about tackle as I take my own. I have three bait runner reels for using at Bangsamran and three Shimano travel rods. They are boat rods really so a bit short for casting but the eldest son manages ok and casts with them as far as the locals and the guides. I struggle casting far enough so I bought a Fox Tarpon travel rod which is a bit longer than the Shimanos. They break down really short to put in the luggage and they are plenty strong enough. I am trying to get a couple of Shimano shore boat twin tips which double as a boat rod and a beach caster but none of the on line tackle shops in the UK seem to be able to get hold of them.
  5. What can go wrong when you get your units mixed up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Climate_Orbiter
  6. Previously I have concentrated fishing at Bangsamram, Surat Thani, Ratchaprapha and Ranong areas but as in December I will have access to a car I was think of heading up to Srinakharin. Then looking at the map I see that Khao Laem is in the same area which would enable me to knock Three Pogada Pass off the list of places to see in Thailand having never explored the Western fringes much. I am not experienced at fishing, just something I do on holiday but my eldest son is quite keen and the youngest is now taking an interest so Bangsamran is getting expensive. I have seen references to other places in Bangkok but I have no idea where they are exactly. This year I would prefer to get straight out of Bangkok and try something new. The wife can drive now so don't need for a few days recovering in Bangkok before heading out. So comparisons between Srinakharin and Khao Laem please. Will Three Pagoda Pass be worth it or will I be disappointed. I am definitely not into the Gillhams standard of fishing (and expense).
  7. How bizarre that an English test certificate has a vadility. I don't have to take my Maths GCE every 2 years to prove that I can do maths or resit a driving test to say I can still drive a car. I suppose somebody has to make money somehow. I do agree though in safety critical environments that re-testing is a good idea.
  8. Kevin1908

    claiming uk pension here or uk

    You cannot claim exemption from UK tax. ANY income derived from the UK is subject to UK tax,as all of us living in Thailand well know. Your best bet is not to inform the UK authorities that you are,or intend to live in Thailand, keep an address in the UK or one of the countries where they do receive the yearly increase, therefore ensuring that you receive the yearly increase that YOU have paid for. The authorities know when you left the UK and when/if you return. They'll catch up with you sooner or later. How? People who leave the UK aren't recorded. If they were they would know how many visa overstayers there were.
  9. Kevin1908

    claiming uk pension here or uk

    National Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440 – or 0800 678 3722 for Welsh speakers – Textphone users call 0800 328 0512 Benefit thieves – It’s not if we catch you, it’s when A full range of penalties What is benefit theft? Benefit thieves going abroad Benefit theft – we want to hear about it Report a benefit thief online Cymraeg What is benefit theft? Everyone who commits benefit fraud is a benefit thief!Many people assume that benefit theft applies only to those who are working for 'cash in hand' whilst claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. This is not the case. All benefit theft is crime. Benefit theft includes deliberately not telling us: you are now living with a partner about any savings or not telling us the right amount children have left home you have started work, or about any earnings you have inherited money you are going abroad, living abroad, or have changed address. There are no exceptions. People who knowingly withhold information or deliberately fail to report a change in their circumstances are benefit thieves. It is not ‘playing the game' – it is breaking the law! You are responsible for keeping your claim up to date. It’s not if we catch you, it’s when. And when we do, you could face a prison sentence. Is a pension classed as a benefit. I didn't think that it was. It is an entitlement not a benefit.
  10. Kevin1908

    UK NHS Changes Proposed

    Picked this up on the Lonely Planet TT site. "5 yrs ago I was legally living and working in the Uk and still have my NHS number but not the card. I'm in central Europe at the moment and have an issue with my heart. Its a pre existing condition and thus doubt that my travel insurance would cover any treatment. I have an E.U Health ins card which is still valid but not sure if I can use it here in poland as Im not a resident of the uk anymore Im thinking of flying to London to get a proper check up. I have an oz passport and thus remember there being arrangements between our countries re medical treatment. Can someone remind how the system works now in the uk in case its changed since I was there. If I do fly into London do I then have to re-register at a GP clinic using my NHS number then get a referral to a heart specialist. Or if its kind of an emergency can I go straight to any hospital? I believe that I might need an Echo cardiagram to assess my heart but unsure if this can be done immediately or is there a waiting list on the NHS?" I wouldn't mind so much but normally Austrailians don't have a good word for the British.