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  1. I can't imagine where he got the idea to make ridiculous statements and then claim that anyone who can prove otherwise is creating fake news. Only the most crooked manipulators would conduct business like that.
  2. Wikipedia - Big Lie History repeating itself.... Again!
  3. Remind me, how do you cook a lobster?
  4. I guess amulets are a bit cheaper than fixing any problems in the road or educating drivers about conditions.
  5. The lighting is a bit odd but I reckon it is Elon 'Pajero' Musk. Can he be arrested immediately please?
  6. It wasn't a miracle. It was good science conducted by some very smart people. Not that common in Thailand.
  7. mrfill

    Baht expected to strengthen by year-end

    Yes, that is strengthening. You need fewer baht to buy dollars as the baht is stronger. Look at it the other way round - $1000 will only buy 3250 baht instead of 3350 at present.
  8. Whereas the alcohol addicted are free to run big corporations, countries etc., to beat their wives, to drive and kill and to blame it all on 'social pressures' Yes, a quite insane post.
  9. Pointless advice when nobody is going to take the slightest notice.
  10. I'm sure his BFF in the Kremlin could come up with some 'evidence' but maybe he told the old man to just follow the script.
  11. UK to warn public every week over 'no-deal Brexit' Who was it who said that if you repeat a lie often enough people will start believing it
  12. Is that the same Tesla Cars that is spending money at $6500 A SECOND? A very clever 10 billion in debt on a company that is failing to achieve output and whose 'totally safe' autonomous car goes on occasional killing sprees. And now we find the main man is a bitter, childish, ego-tripper who thinks he has so much money he can abuse a truly great human being and get away with it as the hero in question will not have the resources to keep greedy lawyers going for long enough to prove his case. At least he is in for some more pain with SolarCity. Ha ha ha.
  13. Shows what can be done with international co-operation. Something way beyond the mind of most politicians nowadays.
  14. Because it costs money to buy and maintain them. And the ones illustrated cost the government £0. Not a bean. RNLI is a charity and is not government funded.