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  1. I think you may be confusing a country with a soap opera... Moldavia was the site of the infamous massacre at the wedding in Dynasty... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynasty_(1981_TV_series)#"Moldavian_Massacre" As for getting shipwrecked in Moldova, best of luck there - it's landlocked...
  2. They are exclaves, not enclaves.
  3. While it is common to see bikes going the wrong way on the hard shoulder/bike lane, this was a bike in the fast lane and that's not common.
  4. You do realise that the helpful circle around the motorcycle was added later, I trust. With a likely closing speed around 120mph and no headlight, it is not easy to see and reaction time would have to include the time taken to realise that it was really happening.
  5. What is the point of showing a pixelated hand?
  6. Its a bank. Of course they could afford it but they won't. They need it for vastly more important bonus payments.
  7. The main thing that has changed is your media driven paranoia.
  8. Phew! We can all sleep safe and continue to eat black plastic trays.
  9. mrfill

    Cave heroes to receive royal medals

    I'm shocked that Elon Musk didn't get an award after his massive contribution. Perhaps he should sue them or start accusing them of something heinous.
  10. Just ask yourself, will the uber-rich benefit from no deal? Like they did when the UK exited the ERM.
  11. What did the fat, ugly Yank whore say that offended him then? ?
  12. So if I pay an entry fee to go to a televised football game with 99,999 others at a privately owned ground, you don't consider that to be public? But then if it is private, you don't need permission to film - or do you always give permission to be filmed with CCTV on private premises?
  13. The DB5 is the start of 'countless' Bond films. There have been 24 Bond films so even if it appeared in all (which it didn't, only in half a dozen or so) it would come to ..... 24. Is counting beyond 23 something special nowadays?
  14. I can't imagine where he got the idea to make ridiculous statements and then claim that anyone who can prove otherwise is creating fake news. Only the most crooked manipulators would conduct business like that.