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  1. Lewinski type meeting ?
  2. Mavrix

    Professional career lady (girlfriend)acting suspicious

    Guy with above average looks, stalks a Thai lady who never asks for money, but hides the truth from him. Gee, first time l have heard that scenario, and l have been coming to Thailand for 14 years.
  3. Mavrix

    Wife won’t leave the apartment.

    Just grab your passport, and do one.
  4. Friend of mine's GF got pulled over last year.....no licence so a 300bht fine issued. When they got home he asked her when she started riding motorbikes.....she said about 15. He then says "You are 35 now and been riding since 15, so for 20 years you have been riding a motorbike without a licence?" "Yes" she responds "Why" he asks "Oiiiiiiii no hab time teerak"
  5. No dress code in Pattaya...farangs and Thais wearing all sorts
  6. I cringe when the girls bring out Connect 4 but of course this is ridiculous.....what's next banning coins in case we bet on a toss?
  7. Mavrix

    Anzac Day In Pattaya

    ANZAC Bar in Soi Chaiyapoon usually does a Dawn Service.
  8. Mavrix

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    .....and l notice in the video he is directly opposite Asia Backpackers and that new ladyboy bar.......he got katoeyed for sure.
  9. Wasn't dead calm on Feb 1-3 when l has down there....waves crashing in....mind you the weather was atrocious
  10. Your a baldy...man up and deal with it (speaking from experience here 5555)
  11. Mavrix

    What ever are they doing to my favorite Soi

    Geezer in the check shirt don't seem too bothered.
  12. Mavrix

    British man missing in Thailand

    Probably on Koh Chang with his new bride
  13. Mavrix

    Unsightly farangs behaving badly.

    I saw a Thai guy walking down Soi 6 in Pattaya last year with no shirt on......Had a bra on though