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  1. Mavrix


    New York Pizza 3rd road is my vote.
  2. Happened to me a couple of years ago.....Farang signed on to rent my apartment (Thru Alan Bolton RE) then Immigration told him they wanted to see documents from me proving l pay tax......whilst l was trying to figure out what to do he just went and rented off a Thai. Now have a new tenant who was not given the same problem at Immigration.
  3. Lewinski type meeting ?
  4. Mavrix

    Professional career lady (girlfriend)acting suspicious

    Guy with above average looks, stalks a Thai lady who never asks for money, but hides the truth from him. Gee, first time l have heard that scenario, and l have been coming to Thailand for 14 years.
  5. Mavrix

    Wife won’t leave the apartment.

    Just grab your passport, and do one.
  6. Friend of mine's GF got pulled over last year.....no licence so a 300bht fine issued. When they got home he asked her when she started riding motorbikes.....she said about 15. He then says "You are 35 now and been riding since 15, so for 20 years you have been riding a motorbike without a licence?" "Yes" she responds "Why" he asks "Oiiiiiiii no hab time teerak"