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  1. My razor.....then they refused to clean my room when l went to Juristic and asked if they knew what happened to it.
  2. Money Launderer?
  3. Sounds like he had a death wish
  4. Oxygen Thieves
  5. Pattaya Happy Zone ?
  6. Life without Facebook....oh how could anyone do without it!
  7. Baker St Gerry Rafferty
  8. I went to Murphy's last year and it was ok.....about 800bht from memory for 3 courses
  9. I have seen girls in Pattaya eat a dish where small prawns/shrimps (goong) jump around and even out of the bowl.....the food cart that sells the dish even has a fish tank to transport the tiny prawns/shrimps around....funnily enough they called the dish "Coyotees"...because they said the prawns/shrimps we dancing when the dish is served.
  10. The deceased was a good friend of mine. Facts: He did not have a Thai GF. He did have issues with depression in which close friends for a long time offered their unconditional support. There is no "foul play" at all.
  11. Cheers guys....will get down there today !
  12. Hi Guys Well with the help of TV Members l was able to obtain a Non O Visa back in March, which expires on June 7, 2016. So next step is to extend it for 12 months based on retirement.....thus l have some questions that l need to ask if l can: When should l apply?, is it too early to apply now?....l am concerned that there are a few "closure days" and that l may run out of time (took approx. 4 weeks for Non O to be approved) Also my Stat Dec re income from Oz Embassy is now over 2 months old......l am thinking l will require a new Stat Dec as l believe once it is over 30 days old it is not valid....can anyone confirm this ? Finally, do l just present the same Forms l completed for when l applied for my Non O back in February ? I have since changed address so l would need to complete fresh copies of course. So given the above....l am thinking of heading to BKK tomorrow and heading to Jomtien on Friday.....unless information received here makes me think that the timing is not quite right ! Thanks !