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  1. The 2400 THB doesn’t sound that unreasonable, getting the Fiber-optic cable to your place had likely a higher price tag. You signed a contract with AIS for the period of 12 months, and it would be very easy for AIS to show that they made extensive cost to connect you to the Internet. Because AIS invested money, equipment and man-hour to connect you, therefore they can enforce the contract you signed. If for example you move into a house and the house already has a TOT telephone cable and you apply for TOT telephone service …. you can easily get around the one year contract, as TOT or other telephone company did little to no investment to connect. Still I would just pay, you agreed to something and you should stick to your word.
  2. Richard-BKK

    Need Router with built-in VPN client

    Tunnerbear VPN with a router is not completely impossible. You need a router that is compatible with the LEDE firmware, the LEDE Firmware turns your router into a Linux device. With LEDE Firmware installed you can additional install OpenVPN as a package for the router... After that it is follow the Tunnelbear manual for Linux https://www.tunnelbear.com/blog/linux_support/
  3. Richard-BKK

    Sym scooters

    The problem with the Honda Forza 300 is that the current model will be getting a major engine rework (and likely some other tweaks and styling updates). With that the resell value of a “old” model with an old engine will sharply drop on the secondhand price. The reason for this engine upgrade is that the current Honda Forza 300 is not EURO4 complainant, which means that from 1 January 2018 it cannot be sold in Europe. In some states in the US it’s for exhaust emission reasons already not available. The current Sym Maxsym 400 and the Sym GTS 300 ABS are both able to pass the EURO4 standard.
  4. Richard-BKK

    New Engine (imported) and Registering Question

    My advice is to not do two changes at once. First change the address and after that change the engine.
  5. Richard-BKK

    Sym scooters

    Thailand is not really strong with replying emails, it's a country thing and not even only for automotive business... I would suggest calling them, maybe you have to call 3 or 4 times before you get somebody who speaks enough English to be meaningful. By the way, calling is the Thai standard, for example most motorcycle manufacturers have so called hotlines for customers... but only a few publish email addresses... Also if you send a email to a address like [email protected] it's very unlikely that anybody from sales or PR have ever seen it...
  6. Richard-BKK

    R3 or R6?

    The question Yamaha YZF-R3 or YZF-R6 is a bit useless for Thailand, as the Yamaha YZF-R6 is not road legally available in Thailand.
  7. Richard-BKK

    Ideas for a Chinese Knock Off

    You never know, not everybody is up-to-date with the British Royal family...
  8. Richard-BKK

    Ideas for a Chinese Knock Off

    Maybe sad to say, but Metisse Motorcycles is absolute not a Chinese company or owned by Chinese. The owner is called Gerry Lisi and is surely not Chinese.... Look at the picture, the person on the left is Gerry Lisi Metisse Motorcycles is a 100% British company. They stepped into the spotlight after a Hollywood movie director used a Metisse MKII Hammer for the popular movie U.N.C.L.E
  9. Richard-BKK

    TOT 200/80 & Huawei HG8245

    If you’re using a WIFI connection with the router you should check the channel the router is using. For example I have 4 people around my house also having WIFI enabled routers that all use channel 6, with my house in the middle if I use channel 6 on my WIFI router it will result in me having a very bad internet connection… With modern routers you can select channels from 1 to 11, you can download a small app for your smartphone called “WIFI Analyser” which will tell you which WIFI channels the routers around you are using. Select a channel that has no users is the best, but the lowest will also work…
  10. On a ToT land-line you can dial 100 for operator-assisted international calls or reverse-charge (collect) calls.
  11. Richard-BKK

    PCX 150 WTH?

    Original the Honda PCX150 was equipped with a 152.9cc engine, but the latest model has been downgraded to a 149.3cc engine. It really looks like Honda wants to give the small scooter market to Yamaha, as the Yamaha Nmax 155 comes with Variable Valve Timing, 155cc engine that is like years ahead of what Honda has done with the latest engine.... Because the Honda PCX150 is now below 150cc, the only positive thing is that you pay less tax... but how much is that for one year..... :)
  12. Richard-BKK

    PCX 150 WTH?

    The new Honda PCX150 with Smart Key is just a 149.3cc single-cylinder nothing special...
  13. Richard-BKK

    Kawasaki Super Cub 175

    After the relation between Bajaj Auto and Kawasaki Heavy went a bit sour, something to do with Bajaj Auto making CFMoto motorcycles that look damn much similar as the Kawasaki ER6 range. Bajaj Auto didn’t back down and even increased production in China… The new partner for small-capacity motorcycles and scooters is Kymco… Kawasaki already sells 2 Kymco models (125 and 300cc scooter) in several countries. Most industry insiders believe that the twist between Bajaj Auto and Kawasaki Heavy will settle down and all things return to normal… The two (Kawasaki and Bajaj Auto) have just to much joined operations to untwist...
  14. Richard-BKK

    Royal Enfields

    Yes we can, but not for beer - as there is only one good beer available in Thailand... hahaha
  15. Richard-BKK

    Royal Enfields

    Also a few good points... The thing that we all call motorcycle is very much influenced by our personal feelings and taste, what I like does have to be what somebody else likes... We should respect that more on this forum (including me) and just concentrate on having fun on two wheels...