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  1. Bomb-sniffing dog fired from CIA for refusing to sniff bombs

    This might be my opportunity to share an experience I had about a week ago on Jomtien Beach. I have come to the conclusion that even the "wild life" have copped on to the phone addicition many humans have and have learned to turn it to their advantage. I was sitting in my usual spot on the small wall along the promenade sipping my iced coffee. On the beach in front of me were about six foreigners on beach chairs sitting around a table. Then, to my delight, I spotted a squirel eyeing up the situation (there are quite a few in the trees on that beach). After a minute or so he comes down along the tree, climbs up on the table, grabs his deserts and off back up the tree again.....not one person noticed him...THEY WERE ALL PLAYING THEIR PHONE. I wanted to scream at them..."look what you are missing"...but I'm aware the phone was more important to them. That's what I mean....the squirrel was well clued in too. .
  2. The examples the OP gave that happened to him would not come under the catagory of "crazy" in my opinion.....bad manners and thievery.... yes... anything but crazy.
  3. Bars closed on Oct 26 and...when else?

    Good on ye...well said. The amount of talk on here about bars being closed for one day is astonishing....it suggests that foreigners, tourists and those living here, spend every day of their lives in the pub and cannot bear the thoughts of it being closed. PS....As a recovered alcoholic myself even I could manage a day away from a bar like Christmas Day and Good Friday when all the pubs closed for those two days back home....(Every Year).As you rightly point out.....get the bl - - dy stuff in now if your system cannot stand 24hrs. away from a bar.
  4. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    I have no idea what a "rotator cuff" is?
  5. Scotland to become first UK country to ban smacking children

    Amazing to hear this.......Ireland (that usually follows in the steps of England/ UK) has had this ban in place for a few decades now?
  6. Unfortunately...this is a common scam worldwide.
  7. How true....now tell that to a few magazines and Television companies.
  8. What a load of crap....one has nothing to do with the other.
  9. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    I'd well believe it. Strangly enough, after driving here for 15 years, both car and motorbike, I decided one day to sign the car over to my wife and not drive the car again. Now she does all the driving wherever we go in the car, holidays etc., I drive the bike around town. That was two years ago and I have never regretted it. On the contrary, I'm very happy with the setup. No real reason for that decision. I just woke up one day and realized 100% that I was one of the luckiest guys in the world to live in this lovely country with a nice house and a nice wife. It occured to me that this could all be blown away in an instant with the set up being the way it is here and the attitude towards foreigners if in a road accident...so I took what I describe as a preventative measure while the going was good.
  10. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    Even if she is Thai?
  11. Expat cops

    Not really....there is such a thing called a "citizen's arrest" in a lot of countries....don't even need a uniform to make one.
  12. An interesting question.....with some quite interesting answers (the serious ones, I mean).