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  1. Just finished reading all the negativity about the beach in an earlier post (havn't got to any yet that may involve the police, army, fire brigade, Thai driving standards and "whatever you're having yourself") and thought when starting to read this post...." At last". a bit of positivity.......the delight didn't last very long. How sad that this forum seems to have more than it's fair share of people who see everything in terms of "doom and gloom".
  2. Dad terrified of heights challenged by family to peek over cliff edge

    Who needs enemies when you have a family like that?
  3. If it's ok I'll wait for the paperback edition. Sorry, just being funny but a bit long for me.
  4. NYC Subway Workers Say Dead Bodies Are Being Stored In Their Bathrooms

    Has the reporter got the facts right? Surely, (judgeing by what a lot of posters say on here) this could only happen in Thailand.
  5. If your not sure why not just bring it anyway?
  6. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    "Maybe the reporter talked to someone who doesn’t know?” the police lieutenant general said... No fooling that man? P.S.... I think I also read on here that the 3MB has to stay in the bank for 3years too.
  7. What does "MM" mean, Is it 50 Billion?......or a bunch of sweets as one helpful poster pointed out?
  8. Meat Shops in Northern Ireland Sell Alcohol-Infused Sausages

    How is that better than having a "fry up" in one hand and a bottle of "Stout" (Guinness) in the other?
  9. "Old paper licenses can be exchanged for the new ones at a cheaper rate from today." What old paper licences. I'v had the plastic credit card size type for the last 14 years?
  10. Whiling away the days....

    Buy a house, you will always have plenty to do taking care of it......in Phuket or anywhere else in the world.
  11. Will LOS follow suit and want nuclear weapons?

    Will give it a lot of thought but if you find out the answer in the meantime please do let us know.