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  1. It depends on if the house is in a Thai name or Company name....if the latter just the 3% agents fee and around 10.000 Bt. to change name of company director.
  2. best & cheapest network in thailand ?

    Check to make sure you not leave "mobile data" open in settings. That eats up the money.
  3. WARNING: attacked by foreign robber

    Is this suggestion for when in a strange country.....or a general principle in life, that if people approach you with an enquiery or for some sort of assistance....you should completely ignore them? If the latter, then I'm glad I have never experienced living in such a world ......NOR WOULD I EVER WISH TO.
  4. Adorable dog tries to cheer up showering owner with bathtub toy

    Absolutely riviting stuff....so glad I didn't miss this enlightening tale?
  5. Christmas-loving dogs refuse to let man throw out tree

    Great stuff.....I wonder will there ever be another example, in all of the world, of a dog playing with it's master in my lifetime?
  6. This particular one always confuses me. I have lived here 17 years and come and go many times during that time. I have never reported to Soi 5 upon my return. I start the clock ticking for my 90 day report from whe the day I arrive back in Thailand. When I report to Soi 5 they have never asked me why I did not report my return within 24 hrs....I own my own condo?
  7. You sound like a nice lad....good luck to you whatever you venture into.
  8. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    If it were to be gold my experience is that anything less than 18k is considered cheap skate territory ( am I showin my cards here). I learned that after buying a gold ring back home for a Thai Lady.
  9. New Color Blindness Test ?

    Hardly new....I did it 17 yrs. ago when applying for my first licence. If you could get your hands on the " Rules of the road" book it may be helpful for your wife. I know it's available at the licencing office. Google even maybe. If you think it might help I can get one and send it to you. My wife says that your wife can always go to a "driving school" could be a small one man/lady set up. They will see to it that she gets the licence, no problem. May you and your wife have a lovely retirement in Thailand.
  10. I hope my own body holds up as good as his when I'm 77.
  11. I have a few mates that might disagree with that?
  12. Here we go again..."Just bad people there use young girls for there own benefit Greedy bad Thai people" I hope you are also including in that statement the "customers" who buy these young girls services (possibly more Farangs than Thais) or would that narative not sit well with your Thai bashing.. If there were no customers there might be less trafficing?
  13. Student buys £42 veneers online - and gets exactly what he paid for

    Wjere I come from...."Veneer" is a very thin layer of wood used in marketry etc.
  14. A bit like Tarzan used to do with a straw (and a few well known cowboys).
  15. Whatever happened to “My Mate Nate”?

    Your mate Nate was deported..(last I read on here).