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  1. Reminds me of many years back when I had a gambling problem...my favourite question for my pals was..."Any tips?."....one day a guy replied..."Yes"...I have a "sure thing" a "dead cert"...."Go on" ....I said ..."what is it"?...."Put your money on the mantelpiece"...he said...and it'll still be there tomorrow morning.
  2. Is it really a big problem to carry 20,000 Bt. on one's person...especially if it may make the difference between being allowed entry into a country or not.... It's hardly a King's randson? On the other hand, if one intends going for a couple of massages or whatever while travelling from one country to another it could be understandable.
  3. This thing is becoming so confusing. I was in Soi 5 last week getting a re-entry permit ( going home to Europe for a short holiday). I asked the wife to ask the boss man (they know each other and myself to a lesser degree) "Do I have to notify Soi 5 within 24 hrs. of my return". I wanted to know for once and for all after all the conflicting stuff I have been reading on this subject...plus the fact that I have never done it before after living here for the past 17 yrs. with trips back home every year or two.......his reply to us was...."No,...You sign 90 days after your return" ...That to me means that nothing has changed in the past 18 years..same same as before?
  4. The bauld Sid James....now ...there was a man to watch.
  5. Is it a big problem giving a pin? Never use them ...cash man me. I would imagine that the process is a precaution to protect YOUR money?
  6. Kids Driving Motorbikes

    Noticable that your only concern was about the damage that could be done to your pick up....no worries for the damage the kid could sustain?
  7. Every day it happens to me .....when "she who must be obeyed" puts up on the table what she calls .......Breakfast.
  8. Eatigo app

    Don't need it. Around the corner from me in Bang Saray there are a number of Thai restaurants on the main road rhat charge 15 Baht per meal.
  9. Why just in Thailand.....horrible and same effects, no matter where it happens?
  10. "Tellingly, Thai Rath made no mention of any police action in the case". That is very different from saying that the "police took no action" Not mentioning it ....and not doing it....two different things. You know what they say about "loose lips"....if one is not certain of all the facts. .
  11. Appropriate Thai Wedding Gift?

    I wouldn't give money at home as a wedding gift and I wouldn't do it here either (especially if it was between 500-1000 Bt. as suggested earlier and considering the groom is English) I would consider that an insult. Part of the gift when you buy it is the fact that one took the time to actually go into a store and search something suitable out. Money just seems the "lazy man's" way of giving a gift. I have been to 3 weddings while living in Thailand and the grooms were Farangs. I gave exactly the type of gift I would give to a couple back home, usually something for their home....cannot for the life of me see where there is a problem when this subject crops up. Last time I gave a mid expensive juicer. Before that a nice crystal fruit stand....forget before that.
  12. The Only Farang

    Yes, I am the only Farang in my Mooban?
  13. " I might have yet another temporary bout of insanity and gift my wife one more house, in the hopes she might let me live there." Can't see why one needs permission from anyone to buy and live in a property of one's choosing, as it seems your wife will not be living there with you?
  14. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    The header says "Breaking News" then tells us the story of a grumpy Taxi driver and his encounter with a passenger......"Lordy".....save us from the reporting of these ridicules stories. Is that all one million people habe to care about?