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  1. Worse!...I can beat that...I'm still missing...not only does nobody care....they are delighted.
  2. My God! What a horrible way to die for these ill-fated people and their families. May whatever Power they believe in give them the strength to cope. R.I.P.
  3. It has been my experience in life that the only limitations I have are the ones I put on myself. I have driven to the four corners of this country (and beyond) at least 15 times, without a problem. I fail to understand why Hua Hin is a cause for second thoughts. There are hotels the length and breath of this lovely land. I used to just drive until it started to get dark then head for the nearest town. Up at dawn the next day, breakfast and off again. Take each day as it comes and enjoy the adventure of not having any deffinate (written in stone) plans Like the Thai people say .."You think too much". Enjoy, it's a holiday..not a goal that must be achieved in a certain way...Above all ..safe driving and have a great time.
  4. I'm not a frequent visitor to Central Festival...but whenever I do go there I'm constantly amazed how the shops survive (with high rents as well I would imagine). They are beautiful no doubt...but I seldom see anybody actually buying anything?
  5. dotpoom

    How to find a missing person in Thailand

    You feel you might have to pay a bribe to walk into a police station and report your wife missing. Are you serious? Having said that...I sincerely hope all ends well for you both.
  6. dotpoom

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    Always strikes me that most people who bring this subject up are people who are not affected by it one way or another (financially) ...now if a business person were to share their views maybe that would be of some interest.
  7. Obviously a dirty trick to pull on the motor bike riders ...but...having said that ...I have zilch sympothy for people who do not wear helmets. ..They seem to think it's up to other road users to "take care" of them but they shouldn't be expected to take care of themselves.
  8. dotpoom

    41-Year-Old Man Has Had Pizza for Dinner Every Day for the Last 37 Years

    Wow!..what rivetting stuff...so lucky I didn't miss this earth shattering piece of news. Will probably change the course of history for generations to come?
  9. Wonder what that makes places like Chicago look like then....where they like to shoot each other on a daily basis....not just brawl with each other?
  10. Best advice ever given on this forum ..may save a life or two (if heeded). The question is like asking "is it ok to have a few drinks on my drive journey...what are my chances of getting caught. P.S...just thought I'd add this on. I personally knew a man who thought..."it could never happen to him" (be the cause of a death)....It did!
  11. dotpoom

    Do Thais know about the blind spot?

    I got news for you....not many people....full stop.. (especially the fairer sex)...know what the "blind spot" is concerning driveing.
  12. May this poor man RIP. I wonder what quality of life he had during his short stay on this earth. Can be so easy for those of us who were born into better circumstances to take things for granted. Hope you are happy now where ever you are...Thinking of you today
  13. dotpoom

    Low life falang scammer targeting Thais

    I used to date a lady who worked in a massage shop...I was surprised to hear that it was a common occurrence for a Farang to come into her shop on the pretense of looking for massage ladies to work in their home countries (Europeans in this case). All expenses paid except their plane ticket....the rest is obvious, no need to explain here. One lady who "forfeited" her money to one of these guys ..would not even go back to work at her shop ..she felt so stupid for having been taken in. PS. I told her to at least warn the gals to at least get a copy of a passport as a 1st. step in future before parting with any money