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  1. I am in Sattahip at least 4 times a week ( I live in Bang Saray).....the place you describe is as far from the Sattahip I know as apples are from oranges. It's a bustelling town with a fantastic park that people use for recreational exercising in the evenings and beautiful walks. Has many restaurants, a whole Soi is turned into an open air restaurant every day from about 16.00 hrs. It's completely filled with tables with a variety of different foods from many vendors available. You can still buy iced coffee from 15 baht from the street cars. Many of the shops are selling stock that they stopped selling back home about ,50 years's just great to see that kind of stuff again. Has a lovely Tesco Lotus shopping mall where a lot of soldiers and their families eat plus a lot of students. If it's " nigjt life" one is intetested in though I cannot comment. I like to curl up in front of the TV about that time.
  2. Just curious.......what is the purpose of all these's like one person wrote them all?
  3. Would an Auction House (bahmoon) be able to help you out? There are a couple in the Pattaya area...might be worth emailing them and asking for advice if nothing else. Have to honest though, not many over here seem to be very helpful if there's nothing in it for them (foreign or native).
  4. Some good ideas here like the gym and showing them around. I have seen Ads. by ladies on Craigslist also looking for friends to hang out with while here on holidays. I love observing people and sometimes smile to myself when I see younger foreign ladies walking around......I ask myself, " why do they go on holidays when they spend all their time looking at the ground, for fear of making eye contact I suppose"? (and the Thai ladies spend all their time buried in their phones). Thank God I made it to the age where I'm nearly invisible to ladies of all nationalaties now anyway....I'd hate the job of all that " chasing" again in today's climate. 555.
  5. A person who thinks their speeding is not a danger to other people on the road is like a drink driver saying his intake of alcohol is not a danger to other road users because he can " hold" his drink .....and same person should not be licensed to have control of a vehicle.
  6. Your final statement left me on tender hooks wondering what you said you checket the total price "assuming" it was going to be more expensive than a normal low budget flight....great wrote the post so well it was like reading a thriller novel....but then you left me dangling.....What were your findings. Will I be able to sleep tonight without finding out ...."who shot JR". A jolly good read though.
  7. Nobody likes a "rat" (grass) but if they did the same for motorbikes with no lights.....I would report them myself. For the life of me I cannot understand the mentality of riding bikes with no lights at night time, ....motorbikes, motorbikes with sidecars and bicycles. It's bad enough when they are driving on their proper side of the road, but daily and nightly I have them driving sgainst me on the treatreous Sukhumvit Rd. going in and out of Bang Saray. Come expensive is a bulb? They relay on the motorist to drive carefully and not kill them.....but they won't even bother to buy a bulb in an effort to save their own lives?
  8. Absolutely correct. The word "hero" is bandied about so much these days that it has lost it's true meaning.
  9. Believe it or believe it not...... I know a Big C branch that has a beautiful girl working in it.....imagine that?
  10. Then the figures would have risen on average for all nations.....not just the UK?
  11. I joined the army (country next to yours) at the age of 17. Disastrous decision on my part. It was an Army of many chiefs and no Indians and if by any chance you were a bit more intellegent than the chiefs (not hard to do as many came up through the ranks with little education) ....they had it in for you. The biggest task the average soldier had daily was to figure out the best way to "doss" all day without getting caught. Going from that into "civie" life was a bit of a shock to the system. I think now it has improved as a good education background is now required to sign up. PS....I hope so, that was 51 years ago when I joined up. I was serving petrol in a petrol station at 17 years of age. This Sargent pulled in and asked me "why don't you join the Army"....and eventually talked me into it with great stories of adventure (with a mop as it turned out). I later discovered that if you got a man to sign up you got a 10 pounds bonus. PPS. It wasn't all bad, I took away something that stood to me for life........I learned how to sew.
  12. I said it before, they seem to look at it this way.....If I don't look and check then I won't see anything coming, and if I don't see anything then it is OK for me to glide onto the main road regardless.
  13. I bought a new kitchen from Home Pro and told them I will be having it installed myself. My wife contacted a man we had do work on our house 10 years ago. He is fitting the kitchen, taking out a bath while connecting up the water (hot and cold, share same wall) putting in electrics for cooker hud, cooker, microwave, rice cooker etc, redo the tiling and splash back and fitting a chandelier where ceiling fan is now.....13,500 Baht.
  14. It appears to be a severe alcohol problem Please God she gets the help she may need to get to grips with it. In cases like this I say "there but for the Grace of God go I". Anybody who says differently is only displaying their ignorance. Does one really think that she chooses deliberately to destroy her own and others lives for the fun of it?
  15. BIB

    The parking wardens back home are no slouches either when it comes to finding ways to make one pay for "illegal" parking. The only difference is they are at it 24/7.