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  1. We're on a website, that is for, and about expats living in Thailand,, I didn't feel the need to either change my keyboard to Thai, or figure out the correct combination of keys, or the need to specifically spell out the word Baht.. I assumed most here would be able to know exactly what I meant, No, it's not a lot of money,, but as several have stated,, I myself, would rather travel with a smaller amount, and draw out in Thai Baht, the funds I need AFTER I arrive...
  2. So.. a traveler could have umpteen amount of $$$ in an account, that's available at one of the hundreds of thousands of ATM all over,, But maybe not like to carry more than say $300 in their pocket,, and be turned away? I'm sure the cabbies in que at the airports, also any and all other sketchy scammers, BIB, etc, etc,, will be thrilled to know for a fact,, that every single person landing at Swampy on an international flight is carrying a bare minimum of $600 in cash on their person...
  3. From the OP description,, it sounded like the IO was almost willing to let him take care of it, but just didn't trust him to return,, simplest is to have a friend bring the $,, unless it's impossible for someone in detention to have any outside contact...
  4. ???? So you're require to TRAVEL with $20k+
  5. Right,,, so have them walk him to an ATM in Swampy, and withdraw the $20K... "should" be problem solved...
  6. They won't walk with you to an ATM there at Swampy, and let you draw out the $ to have $20k Baht?
  7. Or, you get no answers at all as to who the culprit was,, from 101 different people, because they know better than to say a word,,,
  8. And people that think that way,, and believe it,,, truly consider themselves to be educated too,,, the VAST majority of people, wouldn't consider them to be,,,
  9. Because they just don't CARE if anyone suspects,,,, they KNOW it'll be called a suicide,,, they operate with impunity,,,
  10. WHO says,, "not one person heard or saw any of this" My question would be,, Who may have seen something,, but refuses to talk about it?
  11. This,, more than ANY situation that has come about, is THE perfect time for the PM to take charge, and make things go, "RIGHT",,,, what are the odds that he will?.... If he doesn't,, then any other retoric he boast's from this point on, about wiping out corruption, etc,, is simply that,, Boasting,, NOTHING MORE!,,,, This Thailand,, COULD be, a true turning point,,, But again,,, what are the odds of that?
  12. In a "civilized" country,, this move would be equal to confessing to the crime,,, I said, "civilized"
  13. Yup... do as I was saying,,, leaning with the driver,,, have had many scooter taxi guys say,, "You good rider",, with a smile,, makes their job easier,,,
  14. I find it helps, to watch the road, as if you were driving,, leaning back when he's about to slow/brake, and leaning forward on take off,, also, holding onto the grab rail, "thumbs in",, pointed to each other,, makes bracing on take off easier,,,
  15. Not so much that,, but it does when you add the fact that was reported she's know to always wear a 1 baht necklass that she mentioned had gone missing while living with the 2 Burmese people...