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  1. Or simply make it a FINE if railings aren't a safe hight,,, THAT alone,, will FOREVER negate the question of a slip/fall over a railing,, At a safe hight,, an accident is pretty much a non-event,,, Just doesn't happen,,,, At a safe hight,, a person that falls was either pushed/thrown, or jumped,,
  2. "Big struggle" inside the unit means NOTHING other than,, they argued, and struggled inside the unit,, does NOT mean he followed her to the balcony and pushed her off,, Could be as simple as they argued,, she went out to balcony, to cool off,, and slipped/fell,, or even jumped,, But ya,, bit of an issue that this scenerio is NEVER suggested when a Farlong slips/falls/jumps, or is pushed,,,
  3. We, "might" hear about this once, maybe twice more,, then it will all be forgotten,, as in, What ever happened to the 3 Son's of policemen, that hacked the Thai bread seller to death?.... Again,, nada after about 3 reports on the news,,, Again, Thai, "men" in action, when in a group, How brave they are.,, 5555
  4. He's damn lucky his girlfriend/wife didn't tradgically die in a jet ski accident, while out riding with him,, or he'd be facing 5 years in PRISON and be in court for it before her body even made it home... I'd use the term, sickening,, but that just doesn't come even close....
  5. I've used Samsungs for many many years,, last one I had was an S5,, after a year+,, they'd all tend to start eating batteries,, even a factory new one would never last as long as the phone did when new,,, and ALWAYS full of crapware,, stuff you CAN'T delete without rooting them,, Now in the States,, I ended up buying a brand new, Motorola Moto G4,, they're now made by Lenovo,, Battery last's like 2 days,, and NO,, "bloatware",, none,, runs the latest Android,, and was $200 USD out the door,,, love the phone,, anything ,, feature I missed from my Samsungs, is a simple free app download,, It's larger than the S5, has better camera,, 16g internal memory, expandable to like 128g,,, I'm sure they make something in a dual sim... But also, look at the "OPPO" phones,, they have all the features you'd need, and MANY are around $8000 baht brand new,,,, but not sure about the bloatware,, I'd suggest at least looking for a Motorola,, like the Moto G4,, but with dual SIMs.. at 1st,, I was not happy with the loss of, "features",,, now I LOOVE it, as there's NO apps in it i do not want in it,,
  6. I agree,, I got that after I posted,, Not sure of the FDA type requirements of, "natural" remedies,,, I assume there's something in place of course,,
  7. You mean like ANYthing that's ingested?,,, Carrots, potato's, red meat, milk, etc, etc, etc? Certain things much more than others of course,, Some people can die from the mere contact with peanut butter,, Even water is deadly if you drink too much at once... Doesn't keep me, or most others from ingesting dairy products or a PB&J.,,, And I know better than to drink salt water if I was ever stranded on an deserted island,,
  8. Or he could have an inflatable implant,, I know someone that had nerve damage from an accident, and has one, small bulb in the scrotum, that's manually pumped up, and a valve also, Not exactly sure on the exact operation/use of it, but those are the basics,, He told me it's completely undetectable from the outside... Everything else functions for him as it should, other than the erection part,
  9. Read MY post again... correctly
  10. Cops find $156,000,000 Baht under a bed,,,,, edit,, $56,000,000 found under a bed,,, LAST time we will EVER hear about this,,,, HOW many headlines like this are posted on THAI new sites?..... 555555555
  11. Disgusting, it obviously was an accident,,, and now he's charged with a terrible crime,,, However,, IF he were the Son of a policeman,,,He could hack a hadicapt bread seller to death with a machete, while being under-aged drunk,,,, Or a hiso car seller, drive drunk/high, incinerate a couple college students,, refuse drug testing, etc,,, allll walk free,,, nothing to see here,, please move along,,, etc, etc,etc,etc,etc,,,,,,,,, SO glad I left the s#$%hole,,, and am planning on moving to Vietnam,,, GOOOOD ridence,,,,,
  12. Nooooo,,, He'll blame the 40 for causing him to lose face by getting caught,,,, lol
  13. WHY purposely join a SOCIAL network, (as if you HAVE to), and not use it?...a bit like joining a gym, feeling like you HAVE to, because everyone else did, but never go? There are quite a few social networks, that it seems everyone and their brother belong to, seems like everyone I know is a member of, that I'm not a member of,,, WHY?,,, because I won't ever use it,,,, pretty simple...
  14. Yes,, because having an anon, account, NOT posting, NOT liking, NOT friending anyone on a SOCIAL networking site, is currently the "LAW" of the land in every country around the world now,,, good on you,,, ONE word question,,,, WHY?