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  1. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, etc,, or Pedialite, Ensure, (supliments for aged, and infants),,, etc, in bulk,, will help massively to re-hydrate,,, that, some Advil, Tylanol, etc, and back to bed,, Keep them in the fridge,, down some before heading to bed the night of the indescretion,, and have some next to the bed for morning,, You'll be all ready to go again the following night if that's a concern,,, Also oxygen from some geezer's breathing tube helps,,, lolol....
  2. Unless it's a garranteed 10 on one Farlang,, PLENTY ready to get involved, wether they know the Thai involved or not,, and show their "braveness",,,
  3. So the construction workers, being one floor under the screaming, pleading for help, didn't think to gather several together, and at the very minimum, stick their heads up stairs to see what the hell was going on?,,, I'm assuming she was screaming HELP, HELP ME in Thai,, and also assume those right below her, speak/understand Thai also?... to think that not ONE of them looked into it, or at the VERY LEAST called the police is SAD!.. So the guy murdered her,, screaming stopped, he walked away, and those below below didn't look into it until the next morning, and that's "OK" in your book?
  4. opening PayPal account in Thailand ?

    You'll have to open a new paypal account, (from Thailand) and link it to a Thai bank account,, If I remember correctly, the email used in the new PayPal account, needs to be from Thailand also,, but I could be wrong, it's been awhile since I did it,,,
  5. CRAZY to buy a single bottle of water at a 7-11, and they put it in a bag with a straw,, I always take it out, and of course they throw the now, "used" bag in a bin behind the counter,,, craziness,,,
  6. Luminox is a great watch,, As I said,, I have several higher end brands, but also have a vintage Seiko auto that I love as much,,
  7. This was my point I was trying to make earlier,,, Yes, LOTS of technical innovation in them,, etc,, but virtually useless as a time piece, nearly impossible to read,, they are a status piece,, As I also said,, he could'a pulled off a solid gold Rolex,, but they aren't "enough" for him,,, lolol
  8. He did about the one, but not about the others,,, he really has no choice not to at this point,, That or claim them as his own, or claim they're replicas...
  9. Too many on here seem to not understand the topic,,, It's not to decide wether smoking is bad for you, or smokers against non-smokers,, the point is that 1, the government is claiming they are "trying" to eliminate the litter on the beaches and the ocean, while completely ignoring the raw sewage being pumped into the waters very near where people/business are, The plastic bags, bottles, diapers, etc, etc, etc,, As if discarded cig butts are the issue, and banning smoking on the beaches will solve the litter issue,, 2, the fine/penalties suggested are ABSOLUTELY INSANE considering it's so commonly reported that fines for threatening someone with a huge knife or club over a minor traffic offense, (by a Thai), is usually handled by issuing a $500Baht fine, and a Wai,, or even less,,, And 3,, The FACT that these INSANE fines/penalties will NEVER be issued to a THAI PERSON,, PERIOD!,, Never happen, it's a "Farlang only" offense, and just another way for the local cops to cheat, extort, and harass the very people that come here to spend their vacations,, And attempt to place blame on ANYONE OTHER than Thai's,, PERIOD,,, NEVER accept that they are just as much to blame, if not more,,, It's just another, in a long line of completely STUPID knee-jerk reactions by the higher-ups, to appear as if they're doing something for the, "good" of the people/country,,,, Pleeeeease,,, I decided long ago, after reading similar law, rules, etc they've proposed,, that Thailand seems to have no grip on the concept of a, "PR" Public relations" dept,, as in,, "I have an idea, let's put it to PR, and get some other opinions on it BEFORE I just announce it, and make it law, Just so we don't look like COMPLETE idiots",,, No, the idiots coming up with this crap, ALWAYS assume they are the, "smartest person in the room" and NO one besides them has any better idea/opinion, or COMMON SENSE!,,,, Lolololololol
  10. Depending on the level of it's flooding,, as in,, over the motor?,,, etc,, or inside flooded carpets?... I ask because it's maybe been totaled because of high labor, (BMW type labor costs), in addition to parts,, If the water was say, mid door,, it's not really an issue to flush all engine, trans fluids,, and refill,,, Carpets will have to COMPLETELY come out,, you'll NEVER get it dried otherwise,,same with the seats, etc,, My point is,, if you can determine the amount of damage,, it may be possible for you to let them total it,, then you might have the option to buy the car back from them as a salvage vehicle,, (much cheaper than a similar vehicle with a clean title),,, Then hire a decent generic shop, OTHER than BMW certified, at a cheaper labor rate,, to do the replacement work,,, such as flush as I mentioned,, remove, and either dry the carpets by laying in the sun a few days,,, seats, or replace them with other wrecked parts,, It can be done here in the USA like that,, Salvage title will affect the value on resale,, but if you intend to keep it, continue to drive it,, who cares? you'll know exactly what you have,, It might be an option for you,, and help to lessen the $$ loss to you, if you let it go to the ins company,, If, "repaired" correctly,, you really shouldn't have any issues,,, As far as any flooded electrical parts,, should be easy enough to turn the key on, NOT running, and check things like power seats,, etc,,, Just a thought to look at,,
  11. Going from iphone to Android - pros and cons?

    I've used macbooks for about 15+ years,,, but have always used Android phones,,, the Android works more like my Mac, than an iphone,, if that makes any sense,,,, Go for the Android,,,
  12. New legislation Smoke-Free along the beach

    I'm quite sure that'll be up to the, "butt police" or similar,, or the, "beach police" when they aren't assisting the jet sea scammers in fleecing tourists...
  13. Product called,, "heat",, IF you can find it,, (it's meant for cold climates),,, use like 3-4 bottles,,, if not,, gallon or so of isopropyl alcohol,,, (paint supply/hardware store) it'll mix the water and fuel,, burn it,, run it down to 1/2 tank,, fill it with good fuel,,, it'll clear it out,,, Either one will not harm anything,,,
  14. Drink laws?

    Exactly,, but thinking back after the fact,, once they had my 10,000baht,, And I kept insisting on blowing,, they were trying to make it clear to me,, that they already had a result for me,,, and that if I pressed it,, they WOULD be able to produce a receipt from an official machine,, showing "I blew" whatever they wanted me to blow,,, .05+
  15. Drink laws?

    A good Thai friend told me sometime later, after my illegal stop,, the BEST thing/things you can carry in a wallet in BKK, are a biz card of a higher up cop, and a biz card of a well known good lawyer in BKK,, Unless you're really screwing up,, he said those 2 items will get you out of most any BS stop and rob by the BIB.... lol