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  1. flare

    Best Gym In Chiang Mai?

    If you like working out in the morning, opening hours may be a concern- too many gyms open at 8am, when they should be open an hour or two earlier.
  2. flare

    Where to buy Tarpaulin

    HomePro has them in various sizes.
  3. flare

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    Sorry, I just noticed it on the shelf (I didn't buy it- I just noted how many they had in stock), and I had read this thread in the morning before going to the market- I have no idea how much it was.
  4. flare

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    3 jars each of Marmite and Bovril at Rimping Mae Hia Market today- no Vegemite to be seen.
  5. flare

    Leather jacket

    You can try Chang Moto- https://www.facebook.com/changmoto Helmet2Home usually has a small selection of leather jackets- https://www.facebook.com/Helmet2home/?rf=1497587383790250 Panda Rider is in BKK, but they ship all over LOS- they're an authorized Rev'It dealer and have some really good prices- I believe they're affiliated with Chang Moto and you might be able to order through them- http://www.pandarider.com/Revit/index.htm
  6. flare

    Art Supply Store like Somjai (Maya)

    This is the place on Wualai Road- you can search it on FB, and I included the Google Maps link (note I'm no artist- my five-year-old draws better then me- but they've got loads of brushes, canvases, pens/pencils, etc): คลังเครื่องเขียนกรุ๊ป Wua Lai Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100 https://www.google.co.th/maps/place/คลังเครื่องเขียนกรุ๊ป+ถนนวัวลาย+ตำบล+หายยา+อำเภอเมืองเชียงใหม่+เชียงใหม่+50100/@18.778211,98.9844095,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x30da30768b377c13:0x79260381d76b8253?hl=th
  7. flare

    Art Supply Store like Somjai (Maya)

    There's a good one on Wualai Road about 1km from the moat on the left hand side (not sure of the name, but it has a fancy yellow gate around the parking lot).
  8. flare

    Raining in Chiang Mai

    I know rainy season is starting- the internet went down for an hour last night for the first time in months.;)
  9. flare

    Songkran 2018, for kids

    My (nearly) five-year-old begged me to take her out, so we put on our bathing suits and drove around looking for a relatively 'safe' spot- I found a place with several other little ones where their parents (all Thai) had set up a small pool, and I asked if she could take part and join them for a bit- they were extremely friendly and welcoming (it was in front of a shop and I bought some drinks and food) and she had a great time for an hour. I completely agree that it's difficult to find a good place for kids, though- I was watching her like a hawk the whole time as it was near the road and she's not in any way 'street-smart'.
  10. flare

    Is My Neighborhood Still Safe?

    Detroit is a hell-hole- I thought I wasn't going to survive stopping for gas when I drove through a few years ago after visiting my alma mater in Ann Arbor and deciding to drive to Windsor...;)
  11. flare

    Is My Neighborhood Still Safe?

    It's awesome- you can buy a huge house with the change dug out from under your sofa cushions. It might be a bit of a fixer-upper...;)
  12. I have zero complaints about 3BB- in three years, I needed service once, and they were at my house within an hour and fixed the issue (it was actually a hardware problem on their end). Of course, opinions vary and others might have had a different experience, but I've been very happy with them.
  13. On the subject of coffee, does anyone have a recommendation for a locally-available grind (not instant) that's really high in caffeine compared to the others? I don't like having more than one cup at a time, but I do like that cup to have some kick.;)
  14. flare

    Where is GNC?

    There's one on the left side of Tops in Airport Plaza (at least it was there last month). If you need protein powder or some gym supplements, you can try Sandy Health Shop in Star Avenue near Central Festival (there's also one near Nim City).
  15. flare

    Where to buy dog clippers?

    Shamu Shamu (they're in BKK and Phuket) has it in their catalog (though that doesn't necessarily mean it's in stock). I've ordered by mail from them before with no issues. Give them a call- the owner speaks English and is very helpful. http://www.shamuquarterly.com/pdf/Grooming.pdf http://www.shamuquarterly.com/OurStores.html