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  1. Does anyone know if the lot for the cargo terminal is OK for overnight parking? It's a bit of a walk, but there are usually spaces there even in the afternoon.
  2. homemade spaghetti sauce

    That's close- the map makes it look like it's on the main road, but it's actually a couple hundred meters down the small soi.
  3. homemade spaghetti sauce

    Hmmm... That might be their old page/location, and I believe they did move recently. At least as of last month (and unless they moved again- I'd call to be sure), they're in the small, narrow soi on the left (just before the bigger soi that heads toward Rabbit Union, which is the last left turn before the Night Safari). There's a sign, but it's easy to miss. It's part of a private house with a small dining room and parking area.
  4. best men's shirtmaker in town

    How big of a lad are you? I wear a US XL, and the XXL shirts at Decathlon (at Tesco Hang Dong) fit me (and they go up to XXXL in some designs). Not a huge selection, but you can pick up a few cheap (200-400bt- sometimes cheaper on sale, and they've got more expensive stuff as well) shirts if you need 'em immediately. Worth a look if nothing else- it's a fun store to browse.
  5. homemade spaghetti sauce

    I'd imagine the owner of Pasta E Basta makes his own sauce (he makes his own bread and cheese, both of which are excellent)- I wouldn't be surprised if he sells it for takeaway. It's on a small soi just before the entrance to the Night Safari. https://www.facebook.com/PASTAEBASTACM/?fref=ts
  6. No offense, but your father should have shown you and your brother how to pick up the bike (there's a technique to it that doesn't require much strength or size). That's something I learned on day one.
  7. Bagels

    There are no 'authentic' bagels available in CM if you're comparing them to what you can get in NYC- not even close. There are soft bread rolls with a hole in them pretending to be bagels, and tasteless hockey pucks on display at local markets that look like the real thing but don't compare in taste in texture. It's the same with pizza claiming to be NYC-style (though at least there are decent local choices in other styles in that regard- with bagels, there aren't any that I've found that are worth eating, and I've tried many).
  8. Info on tropical fish stores

    The Andaman shop (as well as the other shops next to it) across from JJ Market is worth a look- they've got several types of crayfish. https://www.facebook.com/ร้านอันดามัน-ปลาตู้-เชียงใหม่-754061554672337/?fref=ts
  9. You memtioned the Honda Riding Center (which I'm guessing is the one on 118 just past the second PTT station on the right heading toward Doi Saket). While it's a bit of a ride, if you go early there's zero traffic and you can get there in less than 10 minutes from town, and I see the front gate manned as early as 6:30am on Sunday mornings as I take my sunrise ride past the area. It might be worth enquiring if it's possible to pay to use it at off times, as it's EXACTLY what you're looking for.
  10. We got some fantastic strawberries at Royal Flora Ratchaphruek on Saturday at the small market near the parking lot (you don't have to enter the park itself). Big, red (no white sections), and sweet for 120bt per pack- I'm not a huge strawberry fan, and I ate a bunch. I don't know if that market is held everyday or only on the weekend, though.
  11. Shop that sells self defence aids

    I'm not recommending it as a self-defense weapon- I put it up as an example of decent auto-knives that have become much cheaper over the last ten years or so. It's true you used to have to spend hundreds of dollars (and usually have a LEO contact, as they were the only ones allowed to buy them legally), but they're way less expensive than they used to be. You can still spend a lot if you want on a pricey knife, but you can get something good for not much more than $100 now. I've also got a Spyderco Civilian, which was made specifically with self-defense in mind (though it's not an auto), but it's more of a collectible, and not something I ever carry (way too delicate for average use).
  12. Shop that sells self defence aids

    Not quite that much for a decent blade these days, especially once many states relaxed their laws and manufacturing of auto-knives increased- something like a Protech Godson in 154-CM (comparable to ATS-34) is less than $150, and is reliable as a hammer. I've had one for years, and it's a quality knife.
  13. Hand and wrist doctor in Chaing Mai

    I've never been there, but the Hand Ortho Clinic is on Canal Road. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hand-Ortho-Clinic/507327582619966
  14. Well, I was in Yok today and they had the flask-type glass bottles with metal caps for 9bt each, 99bt per dozen, and 699bt for 90- no idea how 'high-end' those prices are, but they seemed reasonable enough.
  15. Yok Intertrade on the Superhighway has a load of plastic and glass containers (lots of glass ones by the coffee shop near the cash registers, and the plastic ones are on display toward the back of the store)- I can’t say for sure they’ll have the shape you need, but they’ve got dozens to choose from. https://www.facebook.com/yokinter/?fref=ts