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  1. flare

    "Road Pizza" coming soon

    When I lived in Tokyo, 'road pizza' ( or, more commonly, 'platform pizza' if it was seen in the subway station) was the term for pile left on the ground after a drunken 'salaryman' lost his dinner after a night of drinking.;)
  2. flare

    Hillkoff Open House

    I wouldn't mind attending a class to up my espresso game- even if it's all in Thai (which I'm sure it will be) I'm sure I could glean some valuable info.
  3. Thanks for the information- the Nimman clinic sounds like a good choice.
  4. My five-year-old might need to see a dentist, and I'd like to find one in CM that's kid-friendly and has experience with keeping little ones calm while being examined. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  5. flare

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    This thread makes me chuckle- while I can't comment on the specifics of fish-and-chips, I understand the sentiment of the U.K. posters exactly- it's like when I hear people talk about 'NY-style pizza'- you either know, or you don't- there's no 'middle ground'.;)
  6. flare

    package from amazon

    You can enter your USPS tracking number in both USPS.com and ThailandPost.co.th to see where the package in currently situated (probably somewhere awaiting customs duty). If the most recent update says 'Delivery Attempt', it means it's sitting at the post office- which one will mostly depend on whether customs duty is due on it- you'll most likely have to call them (in Thai) and they'll tell you where it is, or you can stop into your local branch for the info (and maybe you'll get lucky and it will be there).
  7. flare

    Kid's Tae Kwon Do or Karate

    There's a kids TKD school in Central Airport Plaza- it's down the hallway across from the food court (on the 4th floor)- there's also a small inline skating rink and a dance school.
  8. flare

    Where to buy dog food wholesale? [in CM]

    20KG bags are a bit over 1300bt on Lazada.
  9. That's it- crap on top of crap with more crap piled on, but there are a few hidden gems.
  10. There's a shop on 106 just off Mahidol Road (to the north) that's full of interesting old crap- you'll see a load of old furniture and kitchen alliances in front, but the inside is crammed to the rafters with various doodads. No idea of the name, but it's easy to spot.
  11. flare

    Ipad2 cracked screen.

    2500-3500bt (they vary in quality) at Pantip- there are a few places on the third floor that will do it. Since it's a '2' you might want to consider buying a new one- they start about 10K. Once the screen is replaced, it's never quite the same.
  12. There are hip-hop classes in the dance school at Airport Plaza (near the skating rink on the 4th floor, opposite the food court entrance). Frankly, you should send the boy there- my four-year-old daughter took some private classes, and the group classes constained a couple dozen lovely teen-aged girls and maybe two guys. If my wife would allow it and I were a few decades younger, I'd be taking classes there daily.;)
  13. flare

    Cat Toys

    A 50-baht laser pointer (I got one at the DIY shop at Kad Farang) will amuse your cat for hours.
  14. flare

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    I saw all three in Rimping Mae Hia Market today and snapped a pic this time (I'm not sure the 'Imported from the USA' label is accurate, though...)
  15. flare

    Foldable Bed Options in Chiang Mai?

    They've got an army-type folding cot and some air-mattresses at Decathlon in Tesco Hang Dong- they're near the tents at the front.