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  1. As an update, I think she now plans to marry abroad without bothering with the divorce here first. Not sure exactly how that will work or how it affects me but I assume it's bad for her (good for me).
  2. brit1984

    Man leaves dead body in Bangkok taxi

    seems strange how the teenager managed to get a man's dead body to the roadside, hail down a cab (presumably with the dead body by his side), got the driver to open the boot, lifted the dead body, and squeezed it into the boot, all by the side of a public road, without raising any suspicions... ...maybe he offered the driver a meter +50 baht deal
  3. brit1984

    ISIS rebels hunting for wives: Iraq crisis

    maybe opportunity for TAT to attract new high quality tourists
  4. brit1984

    Thai food the best in the world?

    fish & chips is the best food in the world
  5. because only 1 city has enough jobs and shopping malls to attract in thais from the countryside
  6. so now what? she comes back to you cos her better ATM has shut down? and you will continue to get ripped off until she finds another ATM? and you take her back???? I sincerely hope you still have your balls intact! I didn't read this before my first post , if you are going to that you'll sink deeper in the shit and what about all these people who want her ass? I don't understand this, you should walk away from this 'with or without the kids'. This is a extremely sick situation. yes i agree i think she (with her blood thirsty mind) realized i want a divorce (because i agreed to help her research how to do it)...and now that she knows i want a divorce, she is trying to use that against me... i will be patient and keep divorce for abandonment (as mentioned by others) as an option without giving away too much information to her ...but obviously i hope she finds a new guy soon as that would make life easier... any takers??
  7. thanks for all the really helpful feedback unfortunately today she seems to have changed her mind i guess things aren't going so well with the "rich guy" anyway this info will be helpful when she changes her mind again cheers
  8. thanks for the replies she agrees to me having custody and she will sign anything to that effect; she just can't come to thailand as she has made too many enemies here (including some dangerous people) she didn't request any payment for the divorce as she knows i have no money (because of her) but she just had the idea about the payments triggered by certain potential future events (i think it wouldn't be a deal-breaker if i can't do such an agreement as the whole reason she wants the divorce is to marry a rich guy so she should have plenty of money) does anyone know if i can get the papers from the local office, then courier to her to sign (maybe at the thai embassy where she lives)? also any idea how much a thai lawyer would cost for this? thai would be fine as i can have any official documents checked over by thai friends but i'm very poor now so need to minimize cost
  9. I have been married (official marriage in Thailand) with Thai wife for ~4 years and we had 2 kids together. She left me and moved abroad 6 months ago. The kids stayed with me here in Thailand. She would now like to divorce officially (and is willing to give me official custody of the kids in return). She also wants an "additional agreement" that I must pay her cash sums if I remarry and/or have more kids later. She can sign any documents needed but cannot visit Thailand to attend any meetings/court. In this context, what is the process for getting a divorce? And how can I secure custody of the kids? And is the "additional agreement" she wants legally enforceable? (and how would this be done?) Any help/advice much appreciated.
  10. brit1984

    Tired legs when jogging

    with regards to whether or not i should visit a doctor, it's always smart to get a check up, but with regards to my specific case, the replies to this thread have opened my eyes to lot's of stupid things i'm doing, which i should fix before there is any reason to believe there is an underlying medical issue
  11. brit1984

    Tired legs when jogging

    This is a very good point and especially relevant for me here in Bangkok. Back home I was normally jogging on grass, which was often damp/soft. Until (and if) I find similar surfaces here I should focus more on swimming/cycling.
  12. just watched it all the way through... will definitely have nightmares tonight
  13. brit1984

    Tired legs when jogging

    how do you keep jumping all day?
  14. brit1984

    POLL: What is your spending as an expat?

    A penny costs 5 baht here. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app plenty of places in thailand to spend a penny for free