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  1. Cooler temperatures approaching Thailand

    Those from the nordic countries please be careful .
  2. And your point is exactly ?
  3. So its safe to assume your stuck on Old kent road and will never get to Mayfair .
  4. Kuala Lumpur Embassy!

  5. Need advice buying a blender/juicer.

    I fully recommend these guys , the best slow juicers ive come across without the need to spend upwards of 10000 baht .https://thailandjuicer.com/en/
  6. Quite possibly ill informed i agree , i didnt want to further question him so i nodded in a friendly manner and went on my way .
  7. Just back from this border this morning , i have a multiple entry non o based on marriage and was told rather rudely that only 2 land crossing are allowed and to fly out next time .This was my 2nd land crossing at this border by the way .
  8. I just read the the somewhat unstable Michael Yon wants to go to Korea to see whats going on there and will be taking " Donations " . Every month or so he is asking for cash for a new camera , to pay his way or to just for a freebie holiday etc .
  9. Yes sold only in Vietnam now "not Thailand" as i just mentioned
  10. They did "stop" selling the airblade here approx 5 years ago i still have my carby version ,though they are still exported to Vietnam. By the way the fuel filler is down by the left foot not so hard to find actually .