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  1. I live just South of Phrao & was not aware of it. I was up watching football on telly, so was not asleep. Non- event.
  2. Having done this a number of times, mixed results. Some very grateful visitors, but a couple of free loaders have made me wary. Offer the basic and see how it goes.
  3. That is exactly what I do. Stock the freezer and fridge.
  4. Wrong. Spontaneous combustion can occur if the conditions are right. Ok, some fires are the work of some people to encourage mushrooms; but many of the fires in isolated locations start without human input.
  5. Jak fits both languages.
  6. 2 Cuneo prints from Army days, the ACC in action, Gulf war and Falklands.
  7. My own. I grow some in the garden, and mix it with some local grown stuff in Tambon Long Khod, Phrao. To de-husk it and roast it, I go to the agricultural department of Chiang Mai University. It's a nice little sideline earner for them, done to perfection. I muster about12 kilo a year.
  8. When cooking chips I' ll ask " do you want some?" No, she says. When I sit down to eat, she scoffs most of the chips. Hence, No means Yes in Thai and vice versa.
  9. Not just Koh Samet, but Ao Wai beach, and the Sametville resort. Their mainland office is near Tesco Lotus. Just had a few days there, have been going every year for 15 years.
  10. I live in Phrao, ideal. Good local market and shops. The Amphur is farang friendly; as are the indigeous natives. I've lived here 14 years, wouldn't think of anywhere else. 1 hour to CM on the 1001.
  11. My wife's best one, she didn't know the name for a 'feather duster'. It came out as a chicken hair stick. - logical.
  12. I have just spent some time in hospital with a broken leg. It was a gravel tumble off my Phantom m/c , not serious, but uncomfortable. I was ble to cover costs with motorbike insurance. Part of the bureaucratic workload, including a police report was the requrement for a Tambien Baan. This has a registration number and everything, but everything revolved around that. So, in my view not just useful - essential.
  13. Yes, I was in McCormick hospital and watched the freaky hail out of the window. Later my wife told me some people were down in casualty with minor injuries having been hit with the hail.
  14. There was a high powered meeting in our tambon, followed by village meetings. The 60 day prohibition was firmly expressed, and so far as I can see it's working. The threat is that there is now satellite surveillance. Additionally, trucks of forest police are around - first sign of smoke they can react. Severe measures are threatened to anyone caught. I can see the mountains a few kilometers away, which is my assessment factor for the air quality - so it seems to be working. It's good that they have actually taken the matter seriously this year, we'll see how it goes.
  15. I live 70k North of CM city, on the way to Phrao. It is a higher elevation, and yes, the air is cleaner - not perfect on the bad days, but better than the city. I do 1 or 2 trips per week into CM; about 90 minute journey and it is noticeable, during the 'smog' season, that it gets worse on the journey.