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  1. Although in reasonable good health, at the age of 80, it is impossible, emphasise impossible to get meaningful health insurance. So any entreaties to do so are not in the realm of reality. All I can do is try and build an emergency fund; but this keeps getting raided as part of normal life.
  2. I spent my working life in catering. Apart from tecnical skills, the next is place, situation and location (ie, the same thing). Passing trade is important to get established. So many fail because they are off the beaten track. Another thread suggests work permit no longer an issue, this might open the door for you. Best of luck.
  3. maybefitz

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    My wife has gout and been advised to avoid bamboo shoots. A friend in UK suggested Allopurinol. Very effective, so now she doses up with it, before continuing to eat bamboo shoots. A very 'Thai' approach.
  4. maybefitz

    My experiences with Thai Police

    I get stopped at our Tambon check point on the Phrao road frequently. The local bobby wants to exchange football remarks; he is a Chelsea fan & I am Liverpool. We both agree, with a thumbs down that Man U are 'kayaa' with hoots of laughter. Last week, with the world cup under way, I was waved through with a broad grin and 'Angkhrit pai dee'.
  5. Almost a contadiction in terms; an Australian teaching language.....