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  1. Just done mine. Arrived 6.15 am, done by 11.30. Note, a new TM 7, slight different page 2. Also now want a copy page of your 90 day sheet. Photo size now 6 x 4 cm. I was 10 in the queue, only about 20 in total, yesterday.
  2. If the dykes discharge, will their chicks anticipate this? Or have I read it wrong?...
  3. Reform of police ‘must take inputs from public’

    Downscale the rank structure. As a guide a top man for each service, General. Lt. Gen for an area. Maj Gen for a changwat. Col for a big city, Lt Col for smaller cities. Major for a Tambon, This is a guide only, but would result in a clearout of dead wood, in the thousands. You can see the stupidity of all the ranking officers trying to position themselves at photo situations, "look how important I am."
  4. Does anyone else do the "Pinch and a Punch, it's the first of the month" routine? I introduced it to my Thai wife some time ago, and she fully participates. As I am in my dotage, she usually beats me to it, full of glee and peals of laughter. Today, I was awake at 1.15am, so took the initiative, switched on the light,. She groggily said "Eh?", so I did the honours. Was it worth it to beat her for once? Doubtful, the response was heavy, her slap and kick were full of malicious invective. It's in keeping with the idea that Thais will smile and join in Sanook, but you know darned well, that given the opportunity, they will get revenge. It's part of the 'loss of face' culture.
  5. As a retired Major, this actually makes sense as a purchase; certainly more than the unuseable submarines. A multi terraine infantry vehicle is certainly a feature of the nation's defence requirements, replacing 40+ year old vehicles. No argument from me.
  6. Have to sell cars or land or property in wife's name. Eventually should put back the 600,000 bt borrowed. Healthy at the moment.
  7. At 79, on retirement extension, impossible to get insurance. I have an emergency fund, but wife borrows into it, so no proof in a bank account. I'd be stuck if they brought this in. I don't have the option of returning to UK, aim to see my life out here.
  8. I live just South of Phrao & was not aware of it. I was up watching football on telly, so was not asleep. Non- event.
  9. Hosting friends in Thailand.

    Having done this a number of times, mixed results. Some very grateful visitors, but a couple of free loaders have made me wary. Offer the basic and see how it goes.
  10. Songkran without the carnage

    That is exactly what I do. Stock the freezer and fridge.
  11. Drought sets off fires across north

    Wrong. Spontaneous combustion can occur if the conditions are right. Ok, some fires are the work of some people to encourage mushrooms; but many of the fires in isolated locations start without human input.
  12. Thai Boys Name Suggestions

    Jak fits both languages.
  13. 2 Cuneo prints from Army days, the ACC in action, Gulf war and Falklands.
  14. Were do you think the best "Coffee" in Thailand is?

    My own. I grow some in the garden, and mix it with some local grown stuff in Tambon Long Khod, Phrao. To de-husk it and roast it, I go to the agricultural department of Chiang Mai University. It's a nice little sideline earner for them, done to perfection. I muster about12 kilo a year.
  15. Most annoying habit.

    When cooking chips I' ll ask " do you want some?" No, she says. When I sit down to eat, she scoffs most of the chips. Hence, No means Yes in Thai and vice versa.