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  1. I agree with the above but you left out one thing of paramount importance: personal safety, especially where it concerns a caucasian foreigner. I have lived in both countries. My advice is: forget about the Philippines. Thailand is MUCH, MUCH safer!
  2. Does that senior police officer's instruction about illegal check points apply to Bangkok only or is it country-wide? Does anybody know?
  3. Lost Packages ???

    You might find your items back at a market in or around Bangkok. The only problem is that there are so many markets.
  4. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    No doubt about it!!!
  5. Incredible that a grown man can do this to a 6-year old boy. I suspect that he will have caused major harm to the child. This man deserves a very long prison sentence if he is found guilty. Absolutely disgusting.
  6. Recently, someone told me that rain water does not go down deep enough to reach underground aquifers. (An aquifer is an underground layer of water from which groundwater can be extracted.) The man is one of those people who install underground pumps to bring water to the surface for domestic use. Does any learned member of TV know whether this is correct? It is important because I also pump all water that we need from underground. I actually ran out of ground water before the recent rains. Thank you.
  7. You can have a 2-room 70 sq. m. condo, in a beautiful building, excellent management, with swimming pool, in Chiang Mai for B 2,000,000 (B 29,000 per sq. m.). Cooler weather and no flooding ever.
  8. ....... when you think about it or more than likely someone doing the Thai bar business strategy where if you don't have any customers you double your drink prices and if you still can't break even you double them again.
  9. Don't you need PRIOR approval from the Bank of Thailand, meaning you need to prove that the funds originally were brought into Thailand from abroad? Would appreciate your info. Thank you.
  10. Tropical Crotch Rot

  11. Could you list a few such Internet sites with information about Thai people? Thank you.
  12. Post offices have a sticker in the public area that shows the rates. Also, I seem to remember that Bangkok Bank has the information on its website. Be careful, Western Union's fee for THB 100,000 is a lot! Banks are not cheap either but they are cheaper than W. U. Go online and check the websites of some banks. TMB, Bangkok Bank and a few more. Some banks (or perhaps all) do not require that you have an account with them. That also goes for the overseas beneficiary.
  13. Re entry permit at dmk

    I don't need any annual extensions, 90-day reporting or anything else because I am a permanent resident. Just the re-entry permits only. So, it is inconvenient. And, as said, I have always wondered what the form's purpose is. To me it seems completely superfluous. And immigration officers are already very busy as it is.
  14. Found Abandoned kitten ,,need advice/help

    The Chiangmai University Animal Hospital is a wonderful place. Its doctors and staff are fantastic, highly dedicated. The facilities are first class. It is not exactly cheap but worth the money. It is located on Canal Road, just past the north-western corner of the Canal Road/Suthep Road intersection (meaning going north). One more thing: you should never ever give milk to a cat! The animal does not have the enzymes to digest the milk. Forgot to mention that the Hospital accepts only small animals. You can't take your horse there!