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  1. .... runs a little water over their hand.....? No, no water. I have observed KFC (Chiang Mai) staff emerging from the cubicle and going straight back to the kitchen. And the very modern restaurant which Thai International used to have on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road (the small shopping mall near the Nong Hoi police station) did not even have soap on the premises..... Did not eat there when I found out.
  2. I am looking for: (a) an attorney who can prepare a long-term rental contract without loop holes for a house (I am the tenant); (b) a company or a man with actual knowledge of lightning arrester equipment and capable of installing it on a house; (c) a company or a man with actual knowledge of solar equipment. Are there any ThaiVisa members who can recommend knowledgeable people in Chiang Mai? If so, please list the information here or by means of a Personal Message. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. Very true. It happened to me. Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!
  4. No, no need to arrest anybody. Those students are all local people from local schools.
  5. In my country local authorities and schools together arrange for huge numbers of students to clean places during school holidays. The students don't get paid but they gladly spend a day or two clearing rubbish during every long school holiday. They have fun whilst doing it and it makes a tremendous difference! It is for a good cause and costs nothing.
  6. Gary, a VERY interesting message. It is obvious that you are very knowledgeable in this respect. Unfortunately, I am not. I could never buy the necessary equipment and put it together by myself. I did not even know that there is such a thing as a DEEP CYCLE battery or an AUTOMATIC battery charger. Therefore, please allow me to ask: 1. I presume you live in/near Bangkok but do you know whether all of these items are available in Chiangmai? 2. If not, I will go to Bangkok. Where to buy them? 3. Where should I try to find a knowledgeable electrical professional (engineer?) here? All we have here are the little boys with a screwdriver/tester. They call themselves "electrician" but they know nothing. Do you think one of the local universities could point me in the right direction? Thank you for your courtesy.
  7. A computer shop fixed the problem with the operating system. I suppose they re-installed Windows. (They definitely did not re-install the other programs.) After that everything, including all the programs, worked just fine.
  8. Precisely the same thing happened to me except that the lightning was quite far away. All software was ok but the operating system (Windows) did not work anymore.
  9. So much damage. Who will pay for that? I don't think the scum will pay because they have nothing. Why so few arrests?
  10. They don't pick the locks. They just rent a box, take the key and copy it before returning the original key to the locker.
  11. I once met a Thai businessman who had flown to Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands. On arrival he took the train to Amsterdam-Central Railway Station and from there took a taxi to his hotel. The taxi driver dropped him off 50 minutes later. That ride was not cheap. Later the man found out that the hotel was located on the other side of the canal in front of the railway station. It would have taken him just 2 minutes to walk from the station to the hotel across the water...
  12. Go to the Philippines? No way, too dangerous