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  1. Will contact them and see what they say. Thank you for your help.
  2. Car import - worth an attempt?

    I read a report some time ago (I think it was in one of Thailand's main English-language newspapers) which said that only only a few, selective people are allowed to attend these auctions. Nobody else is allowed in for obvious reasons. I think that this is the reason why you never received any information about the upcoming auction.
  3. Car import - worth an attempt?

    Isn't Thailand the only country where Amazon states "ITEM DOES NOT SHIP TO THAILAND" for practically every item that is on sale? Courtesy of the Thai Customs. Is our government aware of this? It does not look so good, especially when one considers that millions and millions and millions and millions of people all over the world come across this message every day. I am ashamed of it.
  4. Car import - worth an attempt?

    Yes, but that won't be easy. They are stealing from the Thai people. And it makes EVERYTHING which is imported from abroad more expensive. Meaning, the ordinary Thai people are the victims. It was already common practice when I arrived in Thailand in 1951. Actually, I would not be surprised if it has been going on for centuries. In my view our prime minister is very, very capable. In fact, the best prime minister we have had in a very long time. But I doubt that he can solve this problem. That is extremely regrettable!
  5. Bluespunk, where do you buy this kind of mesh covers? I have never seen one. Are they specifically made for suitcases? Would appreciate your answer. Thank you.
  6. Me too, with one exception: customs at Chiang Mai airport, when I arrived on a domestic flight from Bangkok. They did it very skillfully. They picked up one "innocent" item from my bag. Then several officers surrounded me (blocking my view of my bag) and started interrogating me about it. Meanwhile several other officers rifled through my bag and made off with about a dozen watches which I had bought that afternoon in a mall in Bangkok. They were very beautiful watches that are widely available in many malls in Bangkok. I only found out after I arrived home. The price of the watches? Less than B 100 per piece. So, it was not the money but the audacity that hurt. Also, they did not know whether I was a resident or a tourist. Meaning, tourists may also fall prey to this special attention...
  7. RIP, sir. I grieve for your family. As for the mass murderer, may you rot in hell forever, piece of dog sh*t. Cretin! (Yes, muslims too are taught that there is a hell. A hell specifically for muslims. Must be a very large and very crowded place.)
  8. Car import - worth an attempt?

    It happened to me. It was a beautiful and expensive car (SEE POST 33). Customs liked it and wanted it, refused to let me import it and refused to let me ship it back to origin. Neither I nor a very high ranking (C-13) Thai official/member of my wife's family could do anything about it. I know of a case where some goods arrived from abroad by sea. The goods were destined for .... [I don't dare to say]. The staff who went to Customs HQ to clear the shipment were required to pay all duties and taxes which was rather surprising but could, perhaps, be called fair. However, customs would not release the goods until an additional, very substantial "voluntary" contribution was paid. There were howls of protest but customs did not relent. It was either a voluntary contribution or no goods. In the end it was customs who won..... You would not believe me if you knew the details. Customs are a law unto themselves. It seems nobody in Thailand can control them.
  9. I know that Samsung is a (South) Korean company. However, what I wrote about the quality control unit set up by the JAPANESE government is correct. Perhaps the JAPANESE government and/or a Japanese consumer protection agency want to protect Japanese buyers. After all, Japan and South Korea are neighbors so I think that the amount of trade between the two is very substantial. That will, of course, include Samsung's refrigerators. I presume that Japanese-made refrigerators which are sold in Japan will have difficulty competing with Samsung's products. Japanese wages are sky high! Nevertheless, I did make a mistake in writing: "The government appears to be concerned that it damages Japan's image." I should have written: "The [Japanese] government appears to be concerned that it harms Japanese consumers." My apologies. Concluding, the information about the newly established Japanese quality control unit appears to be correct. I saw it on satellite tv. Are there any Thai Visa members who know more about it? There is a very large Samsung refrigerator that I like but I have not bought it yet because I am worried about the quality. It is a lot of money so I am still interested in finding out more. Finally, post # 20 also worries me. It says: "Samsung […] don't carry parts of all makes and models." [I.e. refrigerators.]
  10. Urgent coach safety warning

    No, it is the owner or, if it is a company, management who insist that the driver takes pills to keep him awake so that he can drive longer hours. If the driver refuses he will likely lose his job.
  11. Car import - worth an attempt?

    Don't think it has changed. Nothing changes at Customs.
  12. Car import - worth an attempt?

    Customs do not allow you to ship your car back to its point of origin. They just confiscate it...
  13. What gives you the right to speak on behalf of all Americans?