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  1. Thanks Jimmi, We had a long thread back from May 5th about weather living in Chaweng or Lamai, which included a number of suggestions for Lamai. Passed the area in Lamai hills just last week, and was again impressed now nice it actually is, and the many villas there – some of the places looks a bit Mediterranean style – and in the thread quoted above, the Opening Poster found this apartment block in the area (not a recommendation, because I don't know it, just for info); the price seem within OP's budget...
  2. Me also, I never hold hand with my GF, or any Thai girl – knowing it can be embarrassing and not polite in the culture, and actually I also prefer not to do it – but they normally insist on holding hand... –Perhaps they make face walking together with such a handsome farang...
  3. Samui Festival 7th to 11th September 2017... (which site seem not finished by posting date).
  4. If you like Lamai, then you should take a drive and look in the hills behind Lamai – the area called the Moo6 in the map – you'll find a way in just after Manathai Resort (former Buddy), and another by the corner with 7-eleven. There are plenty of nice bungalows and villas, and even some condos, up there, nice quiet area, and with a car not that far from the beach. But do yourself the favor of driving to other areas also. You asked specific about the West coast, which together with the South is more rural Samui, but due to tide many of the beaches there may not be that attractive. Normally the Eastern beaches (Chaweng and Lamai), and Nothern beaches are considered the best. As mentioned by other posters both Bang Por, Maenam Beach, and Bo Phut around Fisherman Village are nice areas; and with your 15,000 baht to 20,000 baht accommodation budget, you can even find something in walking distance from the beach, and still also walking distance from restaurants and local shopping. Also the Northern tip of Plai Laem is worth looking at. Billboards in shopping malls, and just posters here-and-there, may also show some nice accommodation for rent. Wish you good luck in your search...
  5. Little soldier on courting..? Canon EOS 600D Exposure time: 1/500 s F-number: 7.1 ISO speed rating: 100 Focal length: 18 mm
  6. 2017 Sports Day Parade, Koh Samui Canon EOS 600D Exposure time: 1/800 s F-number: 5.6 ISO speed rating: 200 Focal length: 55 mm
  7. 2017 Sports Day Parade, Koh Samui Canon EOS 600D Exposure time: 1/640 s F-number: 7.1 ISO speed rating: 100 Focal length: 22 mm
  8. 2017 Sports Day Parade, Koh Samui Canon EOS 600D Exposure time: 1/800 s F-number: 5.6 ISO speed rating: 200 Focal length: 55 mm
  9. Read today's news: "Deadly jellyfish - make a note of the Box Jelly Hotline - 1669#"...
  10. There is no heritage tax in Thailand on assets less than 100 million baht – above that it's 5-10 percent – and no tax of foreign savings when not taken into Thailand same year as earned... Source: The Nation August 28th 2015, "Kingdom's new inheritance tax and gift tax explained" Source: Interactive Associates, "Personal Income Tax on Thai vs. Foreign Income"
  11. Some of us don't choose destination because of electric power supply, so the beautiful sandy beaches of Bangkok with stable mains power is not an option – think of all those saying that Samui was so amazing great in old time, when generators gave limited unstable power between 6pm and 9pm only – the nice beaches are still here, and the power supply has really improved; especially during the last few years, just one remember to invest in UPS for sensitive electronics... If I want to choose a destination due to stability of mains power supply, I'll just stay in my bitterly cold home-country, as the three major Cloud-suppliers are building the Worlds biggest storage centers there due to uninterrupted power supply, so they don't even need generators for back-up...
  12. Bo Phut, this shop (Street View with shop name in Thai) close to Fisherman Village intersection, has a special crash helmet shop in the back; that's where my GF used to buy helmet(s)...
  13. This story seem to be another brick in the wall for mandatory travel insurance... The first stories with amount for hospitalization sounded completely unrealistic, even at up-priced Samui private hospital – £13,000 a night; i.e. more than half a million baht – a 46,000 baht bill at a private hospital for some level of intensive care sounds much more reasonable, and for how long time, two days..? Recently it was stated that all hospitals by Law shall provide up to three days emergency treatment, after which a patient can decide to be moved to another hospital, for Thais often a choice for government hospital with free treatment, or under the "30 baht scheme". Can imagine it was rather 13,000 baht a night for room, than 13,000 Sterling, and then some on top for the emergency treatment and other costs. Wonder where the £90,000 figure for an operation came from..?
  14. You friend got the easy task – others also need Health Check certificate from a hospital, not more than a week before applying for extension of stay; and Google map showing location and co-ordinates of the place one lives; and a hand drawn map of same – the complete process may take more than one day, i.e. »Come back tomorrow«...
  15. Yes, normally we hear that Box Jelly Fish can come close to beaches from October till around New Year, when it's raining and calm sea, but perhaps that's wrong..?