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  1. The previous owner can sign power of attorney to someone in the Kingdom to act and sign on his behalf. It's a standard form that can be bought in many paper-shops, perhaps also available as pdf-download. A signed copy of seller's passport is also needed; but check with the local Land Transport Office what they exactly require of documents when seller is using power of attorney for a transfer. I've done it a couple of times, selling both a car and a motorbike, and also when buying two cars – often a broker or dealer will do all paperwork for both buyer and seller – so the Land Transport Office is used to the procedure, as it's often used.
  2. Agree, that is the key point – returning to Thailand – when applying for Visa to Europe, both Britain and Schengen. OP, it's fairly easy to do the Visa application yourself, if you follow the instructions from the embassy. My girlfriend got four Schengen Visas, and one for Britain (I'm Danish national), and we did everything yourself – Britain (as tourist) was by the way a much easier process than Schengen (continental Europe). My experience is – apart from a good invitation letter and proof of host's financial situation, and space in home, and a return ticket and health insurance; the latter might only be necessary to present when a Visa has been granted – to show that your girlfriend: 1) Intend to return to Thailand, because she has work or family to care for. 2) That your girlfriend has (direct) acces to a reasonable amount of money of her own, this in case of she for example need to return on her own, i.e. her invitation sponsor's support cease. 3) Prove the relationship is real, and has lasted over a certain length of time, with for example photos together, tickets from (domestic) travelling together, etc. Wish you good luck...
  3. June 10th, Samui Half Marathon... Link to registration and more information (in Thai language).
  4. khunPer


    Excellent suggestion, but that might just be too hard a mixture for a presumably young stepson... There is a catholic church in Chaweng, they might be helpful... However, I think a Buddhist monk doing exorcism could work even better – I've experienced one close to the Cambodia border, he physically removed the bad spirit (jep-jep) – there's a well-known monk in Wat Bang Rak that can catch evil ghosts and spirits, I've seen it, and he use a big knife...
  5. 1) In my dream for many years, many years ago: On a tropical Bounty-beach-style-coconut-island, sitting in the shadow under a palm while a pair of young ladies brings me cold drinks... 2) I am indeed living right there on my 14th year now, my only regret is that I wasn't able to do it 10-years earlier...
  6. Yes, that was the point – it's stated in the article that they were paid 15,000 baht a month, which sound like paid inside Thailand. Perhaps something got lost in transliteration. But thanks for sharing the other information, that's good news for many, as the subject has been quite confusing over the past years...
  7. Sorry – and thanks for your attention – I pasted an incorrect link, edited my post, this is the one I should have posted... The article states: »Fines totaling 265,000 baht or 1,600 baht per person are being paid before the stock traders will be repatriated back to China, reported Thai Rath.«
  8. However another news article in ThaiVisa about apparently same incident states different... EDIT: Sorry I pasted incorrect link, this is the right one:
  9. Kindly disagree, it's about following the local culture. I've been to Thai-Thai village marriages up Isaan with more than 100,000 baht in Sin sot (dowry), and a "farang" is certainly expected to pay (much) more. Are you aware of how much Tata Young got offered from her Thai partner..? Sin sot reflects status, and Mr. Bredee, a well known and very respected health practitioner on Koh Samui, has a certain level of status. I've been invited to a number of Thai-Thai marriages where the sin sot (dowry) was in range of 1 million baht and more in cash, plus gold and extras... My image from a local Thai-Thai wedding party on Koh Samui (I've intentionally blurred the couple)
  10. khunPer

    What To Do With My Drive

    I agree with the ones suggesting to tear out and replace, with a proper thick layer of concrete with some steel reinforcement; and also make sure rainwater can run off, and not undermine the new cement deck.
  11. khunPer

    Box Wine

    It's been discussed in another thread a while ago, where it was stated to be due to the government has changed the taxation. Where I live, I saw that Mount Clair white (fruit) wine is back in 3-liter cartons (only) for 995 baht a piece in Makro; seem like new stock at new price. Both Makro and Tesco-Lotus still has quite a lot of old stock of Mount Clair red wine, whilst almost all other boxed wine has disappeared, apart from a few (very) dry red, which presumably nobody wants, as they they have been boring alone on the shelf for a couple of month...
  12. Thanks for your comment, are you replying to the Opening Post "Woman seriously injured in Thailand taxi crash..."?
  13. Thais would rather buy gold and land, than placing money in the bank – and some Thais invest in mutual funds and/or stock market – those having cash deposits in banks might often split into more than one account, just in case; with the coming rules with a guarantee of 1 million baht only (per bank), numerous accounts are advisable if one has some piles of cash to store...
  14. This is what I believe most folks think, when they enter a proper looking taxi – believe I also read in the news that all metered taxis shall have an extended insurance covering the passengers – however the article says "local taxi" only, which don't state if it was a Taxi-Meter or like company, or a private car driving for a fee; the latter could have only mandatory third-party insurance, which covers next-to-nothing; i.e. up to 70,000 baht in medical only. I would expect a proper looking taxi to have an insurance covering the passengers, and me when I'm the passenger – especially important for those expats staying without a (huge) health insurance, but a typical Thai Personal Accident insurance only with fairly low medical cover – however I would never be travelling abroad as tourist without an insurance, as it's relative small money for a high value coverage compared to general travel costs. Furthermore, if offered something for "free" or as complimentary service, like a bank's MasterCard with insurance, I'll doublecheck the conditions for when I'm covered; i.e. with MC all (major check-able) travel expenses need to be paid for with the MC to be covered. It's also not clearly reported about police report, and which part might be of fault; i.e. if it's the lorry, and about that vehicle's insurance cover. Another sad go-fund-me story – which in the unbearably bright light of hinsigt could have been avoided – however, I sincerely wish the young couple to have a fast recovery, and that their financial troubles will be solved.
  15. Was that foreign country Thailand..?