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  1. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Sound like one week in Flybird Condo will do...
  2. Yes there is, a well choose Thai EP school is way better than the risk of a school with 75+ percent migrant muslim kids in my home country.
  3. Does this mean that we finally are coming to an end of double-pricing and tourists prices..?
  4. getting inusured for any vehicle

    Thanks for reply. I know about vehicle insurance in Thailand and additional cover. I was merely thinking of the kind of "third party liability" insurance we know from Europe, where the person is insured – or all members of a family – in case they cause an accident and harm third party, or third party's property. I believe many normal Travel Insurances also includes that; it's my understanding that a Travel Insurance, which we forum posters always recommend as mandatory for tourists, often can clear many compensation claim cases. OP is not clearly explaining if he thinks about himself, i.e. Personal Accident, og him being liable for compensation to third party. As you mentioned: »...compulsory insurance. A foreigner causing an accident with this insurance is doomed.«
  5. There used to be a red British telephone box in front of a small shophouse between The Wharf and Fisherman Village, if my memory serves me well – could it be before the Wharf, when coming from Maenam..? – tried to check on Google Maps, but cannot see it there. Always notice it, when I driving by, but never clearly memorized the position in case some you ask about where to find a red British telephone box at Samui; I think your are the first one posting that question... EDIT: There used to be a Land Rover (like the one on the photo in the above post) parked right here, in Maenam...
  6. getting inusured for any vehicle

    Isn't there "third party liability" insurance available in Thailand..?
  7. Similar kind of rules in many European countries within Schengen, some even claim the wife shall be self-supporting from a highly paid job (408,000 DKK a year, equalling £48,000); and even she may have that, she can be considered under-qualified for the salary, and "deported" (a recent case of several from June 2017, Denmark, where a Thai mum to three Danish children could not obtain permission to stay in the country, even married to a Dane and having an annual salary of £49,600, article in Danish)...
  8. Investing

    Private investments are not work. Some banks has online platforms to buy and sell stocks realtime at SET. I'm using SCB, and just you have a SCB account with ATM, you can easily open a SCBS-online account as foreigner (not a recommendation, just example, as I know about this one). When trading as foreigner you shall buy with the NVDR-option – no voting rights, can be set as default in SCBS-online platform, and probably also platforms from other banks – then you can freely trade. Moving money into your SET-account is instantly (within banking hours), taking money out, takes about 5 banking day before the money appear in your ATM account. Dividends are paid directly into your ATM account, less 10% withholding dividend tax. I've been doing SET trading for a while – I'm a long term trader, no day trading – and SET has so far performed fine for me (of course depending of what you choose in your profolio), both for dividends and gains; I'm also trading abroad, so I have something to compare with, and little experience. A benefit is, that your investments and dividends are in Thai baht, if you are staying here and going to use the outcome in Thai baht, rather than speculating abroad with a risk for negative currency exchange rate deviations.
  9. Changing a Seiko watch glass

    Yes, together with the Seiko counter – ground floor entrance by parfume department (not Pandora), first counter in the middle after the parfumes...
  10. Perhaps the quality visitors of Pattaya has other primary interests than beaches...
  11. Maybe he is not ready to talk to the police – that seemed to work for "Boss"...
  12. Bringing up children in Thailand or UK? Safety?

    56, no kids before and never married, so about time – probably in the genes, my dad was 50, and his dad (my grand dad) 44, so seem like we males in the family add 6 years for each generation – but I indeed feel like a young lad, so just count me as one of them...
  13. You could demand the constructor to use water-proof cement-mix all over, as it will reduce cracks, which is a problem in the Thai heat and sun; it's only a few hundred baht extra per cubic meter concrete. Also use water-proof additive in the plaster mix, which will prevent most of the fine cracks (I did that with great success). Dig down to (very) hard soil for column feet, to avoid settings; eventually make large thick feet covering two or more columns (my constructor that, no setting cracks at all). Furthermore make sure that all columns are wrapped in film immediately after casting molds being taken off, and cement deck duly watered within the first 24 hours, whilst beams preferably shall stay in their casting mold for at least three days (open top watered with first 24 hours). A number of posts share one thick foot.
  14. Aussie expats on Samui

    My best advice is to come down here at Samui, and book into a resort for a few days in a area that seem interesting – eventually try two or three different areas – and take a look around yourself for what might be attractive, both areas and bungalows/houses. Often the best bargains are not from an agent, but from looking around locally. There are plenty of options, also brand new villas for rent/lease. We are heading toward low season, so there will be resort space (almost) everywhere. Rent a car and drive around, you'll see many signs with villa for sale – also some in gated communities – and even Samui has become a bit up-priced the last decade or so, something in the level around 5 million baht (plus/minus) is certainly possible. IMHO it's much better to look around in real-time, if one has the option, than searching a web-page; and just take it easy, so you know the location a bit, before getting too deeply interested in anything. For a reasonable price you can both rent – and buy – a bungalow or a villa in a nice location close to a beach; but here are many different beaches, and locations, each having their own kind-of-life... And by the way, ThaiVisa also has a Real Estate section to search, with numerous Samui options...