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  1. The point is that these overstaying aliens was never "invited", they all came on their own account as a "guest" in a foreign country – not in any way nationals or refuges – and they all broke that nation's rules, by not leaving when their gust-time was up. Touching images and stories, how bad they may look and sound, are caused by the aliens' own fault – they should have left before their time was up; or seeked appropriate assistance or help from their embassies, if they were unable to easily return home. However criminals, or other level of escapees, may not have that option, but that shall not make us feel sorry them, in my opinion, especially if they stayed here to avoid "something" at home. And by the way, aren't we doing the same in Europe, and other parts of the World, where we don't like to see migrants – in my Scandinavian home country there are numerous of criminal migrats that most folks would like to see the behind off, on their way to deportation – presume same-same, but different...
  2. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry to learn you had so much bad experience with birds from the nightlife.
  3. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    Perhaps you'll be more happy there...
  4. Where I/we apply for Thai-passports, in Surat Thani (down South), they offer a "same day service", so if you arrive early, you can have the passport in the afternoon. Not that expensive VIP-service, when compared to Western money (I cannot remember the fee, but around 1,000 or 2,000 baht extra); probably all passport offices has the same service. You should be able to google it, I found a fine official English language page, when applying for my daughters second Thai passport a few month ago, so I was correctly prepared with all necessary documents... And just to remind you, that both dad and mom need to be present, when applying for passport for a child.
  5. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    –however, the worst farang rip-off stories I know, are all by non bar girls or massage girls, the worst even by a hi-so Chinese lady from a fine family with high profile military relations... But I agree with Xonax, that there seem to be many loose ends. And like Xonax, my first Thai girlfriend, whom I met as a true blue-eyed novice in the nightlife (disco), I also heard many small things about why she needed little extra money for this and that; hard to believe them all, especially in a long-distance relationship before I was able to take a early retirement, and I really had a feeling of being bullshitted most of the time, even I could not prove her stories were untrue. At the end, after about 1½ year, I had enough, when she finally admitted some untrue story. As for OP's story, I would have second thoughts, if it was me – and based on my be now quite long Thai-experience, I would seriously consider if a relationship/marriage like that has been build on the right foundation. Wish all the best for OP... EDIT: I should ad that we farangs often risk, that when someone "more rich" and "more handsum" appears, we're off the hook – many ladies keep on looking for the knight on the white horse...
  6. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    Many have reservations for bringing one's savings into Thailand – many of the reservations also makes (some) sense – however, it might be a question of common sense and balance. I've brought some of my saving into Thailand, and slowly bringing more, but not all, in, as... 1) Money one is going to use in Thai baht are better here, where deviations in currency exchange rate can be avoided, of course depending from where one originates, and where off-shore savings are placed; i.e. Europeans has lost some 10% to 20% value of their savings, by keeping them abroad compared to Thai baht value; British even more. 2) You can as foreigner easily invest on SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand), even with an online account, and SET is performing quite average compared to a lot of other stock markets. If you pick some right, major stocks – based on the usual factors as P/E, P/BV, historical performance, and one's own subjective valuation, etc. – you can earn dividends of around 3% in average after withheld dividend tax, and you may see some major dividend paying stocks with annual value gains in the level of 20% to 30%, which is not worse performance than many other markets. Based on long-term investment the Thai stock market seem to be performing as well as many other stock markets. I have used online SET-investments, and the performance on the stocks I've chose for my portfolio, has so far been with an average annual 8% value increase (8.6%), and close to 3% dividend after withholding tax (2.9%). 3) If you are inexperienced as investor, and/or don't want to learn about Thai possibilities, you can use mutual funds offered by many banks – the so-called Fund Books – which perform about as well as mutual funds in other countries. You can also choose mutual funds investing in specific foreign markets, but the currency exchange risk may remove the benefit of keeping savings in Thailand. I'm in a few mutual funds, especially some money-market bonds for money set aside shorter terms instead of fixed-term bank accounts – giving the benefit of withdrawal without interest loss (1 to 5 banks days, depending of type of fund), and avoiding the 15% withholding tax on interests – and I'm also into some tax-relief long-term mutual funds, called "LTF", which comes as both accumulating or dividend paying, where the average net paid out dividend over a 7-year period has been 2.86%, and average total value increase about 25%, after all fees. 4) You can transfer money out of Thailand up to an equivalent of $50,000 – to my knowledge, it was $20,000 some year back, and please correct if I'm wrong – but if you transfer larger amounts, more than equivalent to $50,000, into Thailand for investment (including buying/building property), then you can have a statement from the National Bank (your bank will do that for you), so you are allowed to transfer similar amount out of Thailand. In my view, when one is planning a long term stay in the nation, like retirement, bringing funds in is Okay, and not less safe than many other places around the World – and always remember, safe playing is more than one horse, and never gamble too much...
  7. When your GF's house is 80% finished, she can apply for a house number and the mandatory Blue House Book; then you can apply for having your name in the House Book, which mean that you as an alien will receive a Yellow House Book. Rules are little different in various areas – some places it's very easy, others almost as complicated as applying for Permanent Residency – so you and your GF need to ask at the local Tabien Ban about what they require for obtaining an alien in a House Book.
  8. I needed af approved/certified Thai translation of my passport, when applying for Yellow House Book. In my case it did not need to be legalized by me embassy, but by a lawyers having the right certificates and rubber stamps (probably cheaper by the embassy, that paying a share of a lawyers expensive education and rubber-tamps). However, according to numerous posts in ThaiVisa forums, it's different from province-to province what is demanded of documentation; in some places it's very easy to get the Yellow House Book; whilst others, like where I live, it's quite complicated. To my knowledge the Yellow House Book is needed before one can obtain a Pink ID-card for aliens, but again, it may be different from area-to-area. However, if the local administration (amphor for ID-cards) requires a proof of address from Immigration, and a translation of Passport certified by the US-embassy, then that's it...
  9. Internal Travel

    A Thai DL may be Okay for attending the domestic flight – I've tried that, showing Thai DL only, some years back – but if OP is stopped in a police-check and has no passport, he may be held back until he can prove his legal stay in the Kingdom. A solution, sometimes recommended by police, is a photocopy of passport, which shall be name-page, page with last entry-stamp, eventually Visa and extension of stay, and departure card that is stampled in the passport (the number must be visible).
  10. I've heard about it before, that if you sell – or return – you car bought under "first time scheme" before a certain period, of some year if I remember right, then you'll have to pay back the 100,000 baht. Try to google for more details...
  11. I need to print 100 pages!

    To my knowledge it's difficult – I could never find a cheap enough printer only – photocopies you can have for 1 baht per A4-sheet, if many with some discount. I see two, perhaps three possibilities – apart from buying a 799 baht ink-jet printer, that normally comes with ink cartridge, from BigC or another shop with a good variety in consumer electronics – one is to look for a printshop near the University in Bo Phut (Chaweng); another is to find a digital printing house, I used one i Nathong a number of years ago, having both offset and digital print, positioned about middle of the busy one-way towards South shopping street (Ring Road) on the right hand side, but I'm not sure if they are still in business (the Fuji photo-shop did not do normal prints, when I asked a few years back); the third is the digital printing house in Bo Phut close to Tesco-Lotus shopping mall, "Infinity Design Lab", however they may not do individual pages, but rather 100 prints of same page. Hope it may help you...
  12. Thanks. No, Taxis use it to get to Airport Departure when coming from the Ring Road, but depending which way the taxi is heading, he will either use the gray route, via "99" corner, or turn to use it; or the darker and more narrow Ghost Road, which also join the gray route at the corner with "99" sport. The Ghost Road is called Ghost Road because of all the ghosts and spirits there – and for a good reason, as it is the cementary for worn out spirit houses... –be aware of ghosts and poltergeists in that area, I often see fresh blood is still offered (i.e. red Fanta)...
  13. I had to google Papa Joe, which is not in Bo Phut, but in Bang Rak; however close to Bo Phut; but Chaweng is in Bo Phut. You should have gone through Central Festival to the Lake side, or little further down south to Mac Donald and crossed to the lake there, it's a shorter distance. Google Maps gives you a route of 11 minutes duration – a taxi driver would probably chose the gray part, rather than the blue only route via the Ghost Road – and since Google do not know Samui's potholes and sleeping dogs on the roads that well, the real time for that distance would rather be something like 15 to 20 minutes. However, you chose to grab a taxi on the one-way Beach Road, so the taxi driver would probably have followed the yellow route in the next map, driving south the intersection by the public beach entrance; turned right through Laem Din area and out to the traffic light at the Ring Road; Followed the Ring Road up North passing Tesco-Lotus and BigC till Fisherman Village intersection, turned right into the Bang Rak area and continued Eastbound by the beach. That distance would take me about ½ hour in car, plus/minus depending of the various surprise factors in the amazing Samui traffic, which could make the driving time anything between 20 and some 40 minutes... Yes, if same conditions as in your OP, grab a taxi on the lake-side of Central Festival...
  14. To my knowledge, one can only count on the ISP's promised speed to nearest proxy-server. Testing speed out in the real World depend of so many factors, that it can change from day-to-day, or hour-to-hour, or... –and furthermore routers, and server-loads at various data-centers etc. may slow down the speed – even locally, as your private fast connection in real may also be shared – and on top of all that, what about the special Thai "single gateway" to the outside..?