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  1. It a Danish nude art photographer and his girlfriend, you can see his various nude art images her, including some "tit shots"...
  2. khunPer

    Noise, there has to be noise!

    I believe that is an absolutely correct observation – "the girls like it" – probably why Queen got so much more attention from girls when playing classical-style rhapsody, than a chamber music quartet could ever dream of... From personal experience, the more noisy my band played, the more chics were available – so we bought bigger amps, and larger speakers...
  3. khunPer

    An Annoyance for Me, What About You

    When I was a kid – admit, it was long time ago – we would mount a piece of cardboard with a pair of clothespins to the pushbike wheel to make it sound like a motor, preferably noisy motor like grown up boy's motorbikes. Today kids dont need to invent their own homemade toy, it's an industri and can be ordered online, and I find the same inventions already made up, but way more noisy now with an exhaust pipe amplification... I think it's the same when you grow up, it has to be more noisy now than it was a generation or two before... Remember: The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys And by the way, I tried to head up in the quiet mountain region on the island I live, to get away from roads and the multi-decibel boom-(cannot repeat in Thailand) car-stereo; unfortunately it didn't make much of a change... Over the years I learned, that Thais seem to like noise – there actually is a 1,000 baht fine available by law if a motorbike is noisy, but there seem to be a lot of fines available, but not commonly used – however, it's not my country, so I also learned over the years to accept wannabe-motorbikes (even they still sometimes irritates me) and loud boom-(cannot repeat in Thailand) car-stereo...
  4. khunPer

    Buying land on Koh Samui

    And there – "operating companies" – you have the answer to your doubt...
  5. Unfortunately not, and had I been, I might have overstayed, and never been able to save enough up for an otium in paradise...
  6. Thanks, too early in the morning – for my brain– not enough coffee...
  7. Actually, the traffic moves better through intersections after the traffic lights was turned off, or set to flashing mode. To be honest, I was also irritated in the beginning, but realized that I was wrong... The jam-problem at the Bo Phut area of the Ring Road is due to several road works, evening market at the Wharf, and the many resorts with ongoing traffic in-and-out. Agree in, that the upcoming peak season includes too much crowd. I hope tourism will be kept down, and thank our Bangkok Air-friends for their continuing high price-policy to limit inflows of mass-tourism...
  8. Wow 50 years, only a few month after the first hippies sailed in long-tail boats to Sunrise Beach (today Haad Rin) to watch the full moon rise, making bonfires, and play guitar. Say hello to the for me unknown mr. Bill, wish him happy birthday, and say that I'm very impressed...
  9. I would suggest none of the listed films. Thais loves comedy, preferably slapstick like mr. Bean, and romance. A scary ghost-movie might sometimes also work – ghost appears in one-or-other-variety in something like 50% of Thai movies – but you should ask first, and a Thai-ghost-story might be preferred; however you might not fancy it...
  10. I miss a "Wow, only in amazing Thailand"-option in the like-buttons...
  11. khunPer

    Buying land on Koh Samui

    Not that "much wrong" in @BigCs post, but might be explained little different, my comments above in dark violet color...
  12. khunPer

    Buying land on Koh Samui

    Indeed there are...
  13. You didn't mentioned the age of your son, Thai authorities seem to worry about minor children being brought abroad without the mothers consent. The birth certificate would not help, as it's not a consent from the mother to bring a child out of the country; it might not even be legal proof that you are the father. You can obtain a standard letter from the local amphor office – same one-stop office that issue ID-cards – where the mother grants you permission to take the child out of Thailand. You'll need to bring the mum in person to the office, however check first what documentation the office wish you to bring, so you have the correct photocopies ready. Last time I left Thailand alone with my then 12-year old daughter in May this year, I brought the letter, but we din't need to document anything. We have same surname, and the child dual nationality passport, and left the Kingdom on the Thai passport. Also two years before, no questions were asked when we left Thailand alone, i.e. without the mum. But just in case, I'll advise to have that letter made up, if possible, to avoid any problems and delays.
  14. Probably a wide variety of reasons why someone wish to live in Thailand – also forever – some partly live here, as you say, and some decide enough-is-enough and return home. However, money is often, if not the only, then one major aspect; even when coming mainly because of the warm weather, or the beautiful smiling ladies. Some expats, if not many, are financial refuges from their home country, as a low government retirement pension, or just a low retirement income from whatever sources, hardly can provide for a decent life-style, whilst living in Thailand the same funds seem to "last longer", i.e. you can buy a better life-style, also because of climate and lower rent for a home compared to for example colder home countries; even with enough funds, you might find a better way of living for you savings. Probably the kind of "financial refuges" in various levels are a major part of expats – including myself, that can obtain a better happier life-style in Thailand than the same amount of money would provide for for in my home country – but it's not that straight forward, as issues like health and health-costs also are important factors, and school and education if you have a child or children here. Furthermore, folks from some countries might not look forward to spend their last time in a home for elderly people – including myself – but rather prefer the (still) affordable better service that can be bought here, or future elder-care is part of an "agreement" for financial sponsorhip of a Thai partner. Those that have money enough, or are just (filthy) rich, probably care less – and why should they, money is not something they talk about, it's something they have – we all know that money can buy excellent VIP-service in Land-of-Smiles. However, as they also don't seem to be the majority of regular posters in Thaivisa forums, we might not know so much about them from reading the posts here – I know for example about a fellow dollar-billionaire countryman that decided to live as a Buddhist monk here – but some of them must be buyers of the ongoing constructions of villas and houses in the 50+ million baht range aimed for foreigners. And don't forget that a number of expats might have started out with all the right financial conditions for a perfect otium in Land-of-Smiles, but something went wrong en route. For example the "how to make a minor fortune in Thailand is to begin with a major fortune"; lost illusions of partnership or marriage; lost lifelong savings because of divorce or "rip off", i.e. the many horror-stories we hear – don't forget that "Thai ladies have been voted as the best housekeepers in the World, you buy, they keep" – some of these expats had no other choice than returning to their home country, often bitter over the lost illusions; I've met a number of them. So in answer to the OP question: "Would so many expats be so gung-ho living in Thailand if they had the financial freedom to make others choices?" Probably not "so many expats", but still quite a number – including me...