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  1. The problem is not plastic, but people using plastic, and the way they dispose of it. According to science, the major plastic pollution in sea comes from rivers, which also fit with my own local observations; I live beachfront and can see, how monsoon rain makes the local rivers flow lots of debris and plastic waste into the sea. The plastic pollution on Phuket may not come from Thailand only, the stuff could easily have "traveled" quite some distance from other remote areas – that was clearly seen after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – plastic waste on Phuket could for example originate from Indonesia's Sumatra, and other places. Solution to plastic waste in and from sea is to change behavior of people on how to deposit their plastic waste, limiting water bottles and plastic bags at Phuket, might not that help much; however, every little bit of better behavior of course helps... To keep tourists it's important to keep beaches clean, but right after a monsoon storm if will be difficult, as there are lots of debris, and it will come in again and again over some days, so it takes little time. Presume it's monsoon time at Phuket during the "summer". Photos of a beach from that period looks awful – I know it very well from my "own" beach – however the same beach after it's cleaned is just like the true dream of a tropical island...
  2. khunPer

    Eleven months smoke free!

    Congratulations. I stopped completely 3 years ago, i.e. August 2015, but was only smoking 3-5 cigarettes a day, so not that difficult to quit. My youth was in the happy hippie era, and at that time elmost everybody smoked, and everything that could be smoked was tried. Most of us hippies, however only tried it, and continued with cigarettes – or pipe – only. Most of my working years was in the music business, and in the 1970'ies to 1990'ies lots of smoking in the studio, I presume the smoke-fog was necessary for the right inspiration, both in studio and control room – many were chain smokers and 40+ a day was not unusual – just like a smoke machine in a disco... Quitting the cigarettes began in the early 1990'ies, when I moved my company to new premises, and established a "smoking policy"; i.e. no smoking in the company. Those few of us that still smoked at that time had to smoke at home, go outside, the latter was Okay in the summertime, but little – if not very – unpleasant during the cold Danish late fall, winter, and early spring... Sitting at home I gladly took revenge and smoked a lot when working on the computer, until I realized that I just lit a cigarret, placed in the ashtray, got busy with the screen-work, and when I wanted to continue smoking then the cigarette had already smoked itself. Well, as I was smoking because it believed I liked it, there was no reason to continue that habit, so instead I smoked only when having a break, and could enjoy a damn good cup of coffee, and a cigarret. When moving to Thailand, and the all year pleasant outdoor climate at Koh Samui, no more indoor smoking – bedroom smoking I had always banned, as I didn't want to sleep in a room that had been smoked in – and when smoking became more and more difficult at most places, where you need to head to a dedicated smoking area, a limit began. Also when commuting to Europe, which I in the beginning of my LoS-era did 6-7 times a year, it was impossible to smoke during the quite long trip, except when changing flight in the aiprot's smoking cabins, and I couldn't stand them, feeling sick just opening the door... A trip up to Bangkok i 2015 was the final decision, as I had to take the hotel lift down to the street, and find a place there, where I could enjoy my after dinner cigarette – that was not joyful at all, I gave up finding a corner somewhere – only the last day I realized that the hotel had a dedicated outdoor smoking area at 17th floor, but being there I had a feeling like being in a zoo, and I was the animal... Actually not that difficult at all, when over two decades having slowed down from 20 cigarettes a day to 3-5 a day; and looking at the bright side of life I don't need to remember cigarrettes in my pocket, a lighter, and care about finding a dedicated smoking area whenever heading out for dinner or nightlife... My advice could be: slow down, enjoy when smoking, then you don't need to smoke that much – most folks can sleep 8 hours without smoking – and then it's not that difficult to stop...
  3. 'Samui - Phangan' to save energy. Broken underwater cable Daily News says that the new 115kV power cable from the mainland to Samui, entering at Maenam Bay, and supplying both Samui and Phangan, has be damaged, probably by the anchor from the last cruise ship visiting Nathon. Expect 3 hour cuts to make it's way gradually around the island. Repairs will be underway until Sunday the 19th. August (2018). Sixteen divers are currently working on rectifying the problem but chief of Region 2 PEA Panumas Limsuwan asked the public to help by using as little electricity as possible at this difficult time, until tha cable is repaired. Full story in Thai at DailyNews.co.th.
  4. Might be that for approved credit institutions, whilst for private loans it's 15% a year.
  5. khunPer

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    My friend that brought me to Thailand gave me following advice: »If she looks too perfect, don't!« That's why I only enter go-go bars with a sign that makes me sure, there are indeed a couple of girls between the dancers...
  6. khunPer

    The death of Walking Street

    And 15 years from now some folks will say the same about Walking Street, as it is today; things are changing, LoS is different from 15 years ago, and 15 years ago I heard people talking about LoS was not the same, as it was 15-years before 15 years ago...
  7. Apart from British teacher's motorbike skills, and upbringing of their own children, how are their education skills..?
  8. I doubt that will work, normally your fund need to be in the account for the maturing period. However, there's no problem in showing the total of 800k baht from two or more accounts, you'll just need a letter, and account statement, from each bank (talk from experience)...
  9. A cashier's check of 700k baht, issued in your name and crossed, will be easy to carry, and can only be cashed in your account... – however, there might be a small fee for a check, so cash might be cheaper, and 700k in 1k paper-notes, don't take up much space...
  10. khunPer

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    No, 99,964 out of 100,000 survives every year...
  11. If you are going to use the money in Thai currency, if might be a safe move, when you have a favorable exchange rate. Each Thai bank guarantee 1 million baht – however at present it's 5 million baht, but lowering to 1 million in a few years – and the 12-month fixed deposit rate about equaled the average inflation rate during the past few years. Investing in fairly safe Mutual Fund bonds and money market (but not foreign currency), a so-called Fund Book, might be more attractive, as there is no withholding tax, and you can cash out at any time at daily trading rate without loss of interest. I would move only that amount I can foresee to use in Thai currency, if for example planning 5-years ahead, then enough for that period; i.e. planning for lifetime then Okay to move all. If it's a larger sum (equivalent to $50,000 or more) you can have a receipt from Bank of Thailand that gives you permission to move up to same amount out again; just in case.
  12. Which makes sense, as a Work Permit is issued for working for a Thai employer – "Please note that the foreigner can only perform the job stated in the work permit and on the specific employer." – not a foreign company, or being self-employed in a foreign country.
  13. One or two condos are Okay to rent out without a Work Permit, but if one has 10 condos for rent out, one need a Work Permit; that's what Chiang Mai Provincial Employment office said... Source: Can Digital Nomads legally work in Thailand?
  14. You can read almost all you need to know on some of the law firm web-pages, or at SamuiForSale. If you are US national. you'll need to check US-Thailand Treaty of Amity. In general you'll need to open a Thai company limited with a paid shareholder capital of 2 million baht, for inclusion of one foreign Work Permit, which furthermore often require 4 Thai employees in the company. You'll need a minimum of three shareholders, and foreign shareholder/shareholders cannot own more than 49% of the company; i.e. you'll need a Thai partner that own 51% of "your" company. You cannot use nominee shareholders, source of funds might need to be proved. You can make so-called "preferred shares" in the company for different voting rights. Costs for a company limited formation by a law firm is around 50,000 baht (plus/minus) including fee for a 2 million baht registration. I'm not familiar what eventually extra is needed for import/export registrations. Company tax is between 15% and 30% for smaller companies. Personal income tax table can be found here. Wish you good luck with your project...
  15. I however could, on an almost 11-year old used Chrysler Cherokee Jeep by just renewing the existing 1st class insurance and move it to my name, and it got cheaper and cheaper every year – or was it every second year – as I didn't have any accidents or damage; I had that insurance renewed 8 times (total paid 9-years)...