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  1. It's very easy to push the lock button on the inside door knob then close the door from the outside. I once accidentally locked myself out of empty bathroom that way...
  2. Well, isn't drama is what democracy all about, after all?
  3. Looks like it is already choking on them...
  4. Being DN doesn't necessarily mean evading taxes. That's unrelated. Nothing prevents one from paying taxes where income is generated ("home country") before getting the funds to, say, Thailand. On the other hand, one doesn't need to be a nomad to do the evasion thing. If it can be done whilst abroad, it can be equally easily done without going anywhere. Bragging about the amount one (allegedly) paid in tax, exactly, does suggest an envy-/confidence-related issue.
  5. Exactly. The heated hatred some people show towards DN here is most likely actually rooted in envy.
  6. Thank a lot! All that sounds quite inspiring :) Do you know what the embassy in Yangon might want to see in suport of visa application?
  7. Thank you very much Ubonjoe! How long can I stay in Myanmar on the border pass? I would rather spend some time there for a change (never been before). Does it imply that I can possibly cross into Thailand by land more than twice in a year?
  8. Good morning everybody! Does anyone know - is it possible at present to cross to Tachileik via Mae Sai with pre-arranged Maynmar visa, hang around there for 28 days, then enter Thailand again getting a 30-day visa exemption? Russian passport, in it: 3-month Vietnam visa fully used, 30-day stamp obtained in DMK on arrival from VN fully used and closely followed by TR1 obtained in Vientiane (currently on it in Thai, not sure will make extension or not). Prepared to produce 10 000 B and onward ticket. Or shall I arrange another TR1 while in Myanmar and is it possible? If cannot return to Thailand via Tachilek / Mae Sai, are there any options of proceeding to another country like China or Laos from somewhere around there? Don't want to fly from Tachilek to Yangon. Thanks a lot for any hints!
  9. Shameful. She should be detained, prosecuted for begging, and deported aboard Russian airline. No matter what. If she is really that destitute (which is debatable) she can go live in a monastery in Russia.
  10. Nope, not sure it is the same. There are quite a number of countries with a diplomatic mission in Thailand. How many of them are expressing concern about election there?
  11. Regardless of the past, quite a few of them speak some English, rather few speak any French these days
  12. France has got something to do with Thai election? Amazing France...
  13. Even when I have a kitchen I very seldom use it. So I don't care any more if there is one or not when choosing a place to stay. The main criterion now is good natural ventilation. Always take a cold shower prior to going out for breakfast. Sometimes it is preceded by a cup of hot coffee.
  14. Nearly always have my breakfast out. Most frequent choices: 1. Pork or Chicken Phat Kraphao + Fried egg 2. Shrimp fried rice 3. Omelet with minced shrimp or pork over rice 4. Phad thai if not feel like eating rice Followed by iced milk tea Just before breakfast usually down a bottle of Red Bull or Carabao
  15. Sad news. Slowly yet consistently Thailand is drifting towards Western-style lifelessness...