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  1. PHOTOS: Badly secured load nearly results in another death

    What is that liquid? Running from under the Honda car that was hit
  2. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    The face in the circle on the right in the source article is probably Tyler Doran Smith whose identity he has allegedly stolen... While the face of handcuffed guy taken care of by the police is pixelated, so hard to say...
  3. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    Such thing is not so easy to see in time... Even the black dog was impressed by what happened!
  4. Unless the partner has wounds in their oral cavity (like, just had a tooth pulled, etc.). Such things do happen.
  5. Can do it a few times in different places and will know for sure if the words on that paper are right or wrong...
  6. Have personally known one such worker and been with her... Very similar to this story but no kids...
  7. Yeah. I was considering doing it myself... Just from Koh Kong in Cambo to Trat in Thai
  8. Absolute Power Means 'I Can Do Whatever,' Prayuth Says

    She was likely let go to avoid escalation. Things done wisely and conveniently Thai style.
  9. Those were actually one adult cat and 5 kittens. Nothing abnormal/excessive, or is it?
  10. What would you do....

    Freelancing online, whatever you can do. Translations, design, coding, writing, drawing pictures... Maybe invest some funds in taking some training courses, online again, should it be necessary... If properly arranged, can keep you afloat for years. But you won't be able to stay in Thailand all the time (visa issues), so you will see and experience other places around. Which is going to be a great life!
  11. Taxi drivers’ Bangkok street brawl clip goes viral

    Now, that one was finally a good brotherly one-on-one engagement, decently ended with no grievous harm being inflicted. Thumbs up!
  12. Van ploughs through crowd in Barcelona, killing about 12

    It is not the matter of which values are "higher", moreover, me as a person have got no moral authority to draw the comparison. Many societies (or cultures, whatever) will tend to consider their own values as the "highest" while there is no reliable universal measurement. The problem is in uninvited violent enforcement outside of enforcer's jurisdiction, in numerous instances under false pretexts where some allegedly "high" values are used as a disguise for what is actually nothing but greed. The wider world can see that.