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  1. He also curses his opponent in Thai calling him "phisat" (roughly, "bastard")
  2. R.I.P. Horrible tragedy. Poor Miss Tee, the young Vietnamese lady in the foreign land. Hope she will be able to cope...
  3. Yes, owner/user of the land where the tree stands will probably offer some compensation to the family...
  4. In legal usage throughout the English–speaking world, an Act of God is a natural disaster outside human control. I mean, it just happened. Nobody wanted or expected it. And it is sad.
  5. I don't know. I share my impression.
  6. Sad. R.I.P. to the young lady. It can be classed as an Act of God.
  7. Is it just me or isn't there some, if remote, relation between posts #27 and #17?
  8. Yes, he should have looked. His fault is apparent. But you crashed your bike and got injured, and still paying the bills! That *probably* could have been avoided, considering him as an environmental factor. If the road had less than three lanes in each direction, 120 was just too fast. Otherwise, driving in the fast lane while passing something roadside would probably be safer. Well, not sure, I haven't been there, just speculating in view of potential risk management. No offence meant. Ride safe!
  9. Speed. Too close to the edge of the road while passing a view-obscuring object.
  10. In that only accident I mentioned, I think the helmet saved me, cause I landed right on my head. The visor cracked, otherwise no significant damage. Bought it for 450 baht from a roadside shop in Trat. It can be seen in the picture. It is lined with about 2 cm layer of something like stiff foam. Loved it. And I do some sort of risk management, thank you )
  11. Had been routinely riding my Honda Wave in Thai, Laos, and Cambodia (including in Bangkok and Phnompenh, and long-distance rides such as Bangkok - ChiangKhong, Bangkok - SiemRiap or OddarMeanchey - Phnompenh, some with a sidecar attached, too) roughly for 5 years, averaging about 10 000 km a year. Only had one minor accident with no other vehicles involved (high-speed encounter with unseen bump on the highway sent me flying in the air, didn't go to hospital although some people said I should have to, the bike did go to the repairshop). Now that bike is gone cause I had to leave SEA for a while. Probably getting another one shortly. I don't have motorbike driver licence, my car driver licence from home country has long expired, I only wear helmet on highways or when know there will be checkpoints, carry three passengers two of whom are helmetless kids, drive on the wrong side of the road, and I do drive drunk. So, apparently in the High Risk Group ))))) Have never overstayed my permission to stay for more than one day (that only happened once because of weather), and never run red light, at least deliberately, though
  12. Interesting story it is...
  13. To make sure there is zero chance babies will ever be thrown again. Safety first.
  14. I even was "tipped" by them a couple of times. That is, the fare was rounded downwards. On arrival to BKK airport. Like, the meter reads 208, and he sais 200 is OK, and just won't take anything more. R.I.P to the gentleman cabbie
  15. My personal experience with BKK taxi drivers is the other way around