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  1. Same as driving anywhere in the world, western countries are a lot worse. lots of Mr Ma Goos, i have lived here 23 years, no problem, in western countries been run over by idiots, so why people like to bash Thais, if it is so bad go home
  2. Man gets tattoo of his topless girlfriend… then they broke up

    Interestingly at the other end of the scale, do not revive on the chest is also popular Not sure about dumb, that is usually the pencil sqeeezer that you sound like. how many things can you buy & take to the grave? D Wad & the after life, Hitler proved that with lamp shades. Blow Me idiot
  3. I think the VN would have capitulated if the Govt asswipes had left it to the military, try reading the bright shining lie
  4. Same thing in Maesai, i copped an 800 baht fine now every time re enter Thailand have to go to immigration office & register again, no big deal
  5. Man gets tattoo of his topless girlfriend… then they broke up

    she more than likely has the whole alphabet now or a dictionary
  6. A friend of mine lost about 1 third of his pension marrying a Thai over 10 years ago, the next year he got divorced to her so got pull pension back, but still lived with her, i do not know how Aust govt found out, maybe a jealous friend, could be many things, cheers
  7. That is because they are racists, I am not i hate everybody equally
  8. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    Nobody is perfect are You, you are a guest in there country, do yo have a heart? Grow up
  9. You are spot on, they just want the tax $ same ciggs & alcohol, like they give a _uck about clean air
  10. U.N. says 370,000 flee Myanmar, exodus continuing

    Spot on, sad country & world
  11. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    Is the new law for x amount of time now being enforced like many
  12. I stopped over 10 years ago. the easiest thing i have ever done, to stop drinking is not so easy. is all mind over matter, i got sick of sore throat & coughing, when you want to stop you will
  13. I think you are turning Thai, ha ha
  14. Not suprising, the Poms put most things off,The seals probably had sore butts from the day before