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  1. The strange side effect of tattoos

    after x amount of years you could not tell the difference when 7 layers of skin have heeled, if you could you need help
  2. The strange side effect of tattoos

    Sure if you are one ugly Muther ukka why not cover your face, it does the world a favour
  3. The strange side effect of tattoos

    How many things can you buy & take to the Grave? not everybody is a pencil sqeezer
  4. The strange side effect of tattoos

    You idiot
  5. Mayor Loses Sporting Bet, Eats Disgusting Dish As Punishment

    Did it mention that he had not had a bath for 200 years? i think the rat would ave smelled liked perfume, ha ha
  6. I been here 23 years & nothing in life is free, would you work for free? simple answer & i aint rich, is reality
  7. Visa problem

    what about the new rule coming in August where all of us have to fly in & out. no more land, wait & see is up to there disrcetion, as always has been
  8. Visa problem

    as you know it is entirely up to there discretion, they will do it sometimes other times they will not, is like playing Russian roulette TIT, i have heard of people being rejected, but they are probably happy nowadays, since this rule came in the place is a a ghost town,
  9. Visa problem

    Irellivent he would still need a re entry visa from Thai to get back in, maybe you know somebody that was lucky, but the place is totally dead & you need a reentry to get back in, do not believe everything you read or are told, i actually live here A see what is happening, or have you actually done this yourself, yeah right
  10. Visa problem

    he needs to check his facts
  11. Visa problem

    I live in Maesai & you will not get 1 month vise exempt only by flying to any bordering country, you need a multiple entry visa, you could take a gamble, but i do not think is worth wasting your time, above info is way outdated, i have lived here over 20 years, & telling you the way it is 2017
  12. Are you sure his name wasnt Mathew McDaniels, maybe had it changed when he finally got kicked out of Thailand many years ago with his bullshit akkha foundation, did same shit, bring back death penalty for scum like this
  13. What a pussy, should be wearing a dress the bitch
  14. The fact of the matter is the only real Aussie in Australia is an Aboriginal , the rest are just cheap imports, i should know i was born there 55+ years ago, Too many rednecks everywhere
  15. Do not know what your complaining about, i pay the 200 baht plus fee as well as $30 Australian for taking money out of a branch abroad, you got it easy