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  1. nothing new , like most processed food sugar & more sugar to feed the fat ducks
  2. New RAM or new laptop?

    Download Driver booster 5.2 is free & look on you tube is easy to get the pro for free, it fixed my problems on old pc that was crashing IRQ not less or equal, give it a try before wasting money on the i7 garbage. i do gaming use old 775 extremes . to get the same of new shit costs 40.000 plus & still runs all latest game mae pan rai, try it
  3. i thought by law you have to carry your passport. maybe i am wrong
  4. Mexico perfected it Eons ago, Chinese a bit slow
  5. Student crowned Mr. Gay World Thailand

    He only entered so he could win the chocolate doughnut
  6. Super blue blood moon in Bangkok

    Just another day in paradise
  7. easy to buy axle stands here i bought mine 18 years ago
  8. Thanks for the info Joe, it changes often here & i do not keep up to date with everything like you, cheers
  9. Well the change the laws here often mate, hope it works out for you, when i used to do it was 2 weeks, cheers
  10. i only use it every 3 months know because i have a multiple entry retirement visa, before that i had to cross the border every 2 weeks. if you atemt it you may be lucky just make sure to take your flight intenery with you, but to be safe i would use the option to extend at local immigration office to be safe. google it australians only get a 2 week entry by landcrossings mate
  11. Australians only get 2 weeks crossing the border here. i know have lived there over 20 years. just go to your local immigration pay the 1.900 baht to get an extension, cheers
  12. Big Bash league

    I watch in on a pc as well as the ashes series, you need to login to Cricket Australia, cost 30$ Aust for a year & you can watch any matches live in Australia, you just need a vpn to show you are in Aust, only drawback is 3/4 size screen but in hd
  13. A ticket back to France would be much appreciated
  14. Do not like it go back to where you came from. is probably owned by the constabulary ha ha get a life