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  1. Video of soapy coyote dancers on stage at the Honda Festival 2011, (Hua Hin?) At least these ones look attractive but it's the boobies were interested in,not the soap.
  2. Can someone please explain why gold jumps 10% up and down during the complete trading session,something I never noticed in the past.,
  3. janverbeem

    Tv Friday Nights Out

    Tropical Berts is off as most have gone to the Joint Chambers function That should of course read "as most of the Mods have gone to the Joint Chambers function to make the most of the free beer and food" and I cancelled a group booking from the volunteers of Father Rays as I was hosting Thai Visa and didnt think I would have room. Sorry volunteers maybe next time. Sorry to hear you missed out on some business Bert,but I guess 3 mods and a member would have smoothly mixed in with the volunteers .
  4. janverbeem

    Tv Friday Nights Out

    Ditto here. Sorry. Next time. Funny how an innocent little rumour can create such a busy business schedule for some people
  5. janverbeem

    Tv Friday Nights Out

    Is there something like a favorite mod on Thaivisa? Well then come and say hello to your least unfavorite mod you could volunteer as target for cake-throw-in-the-face-by-angry-members.... anyways...I cannot make it, have another business event on short notice on that night. Might catch you guys later, though... You think Pattaya has a venue big enough to seat them all in that case?
  6. janverbeem

    Tv Friday Nights Out

    Is there something like a favorite mod on Thaivisa?
  7. janverbeem

    How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    My question wasn't based on visa requirements since I'm on a retirement visa already,and in fact I live together with the child but not with the mother .My question was because I would like to give the child my nationality which might be useful for his future.
  8. janverbeem

    How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    I take care for a 7 year old child from which I'm not the legal father.When the child was born the mother mentioned the name of the real father at the registration and it is written on the registration document,as far as I understand from her,but the father never signed any document or wasn't present at the registration.They were also never officially married. The real father is already completely out of the picture for the last 5 years and has no contact at all with the child or the mother. The mother agrees to have me registered as the father,we are not married or living together, as does the child.In fact he doesn't remember the existence of his real father. Is it possible that we just go to the amphur together and register me as the father?
  9. janverbeem

    The Park Jomtien

    ...me the same :jap: At the time i also considered both the SS and the Park .There is no point in buying off plan anyway in the current property climate . Park Lane is my first and last property purchase in Thailand. Not that I'm not happy, but maybe because I may not get so lucky twice. So many things can go wrong, my money will now be staying offshore. This country can go whistle. All my money is in Baht .( better than the Euro i think ) .I own 2 houses here ( Chiang Mai ) plus a Condo in Park Lane .I hope to off load Park Lane in the next year . :jap: So in fact you own one condo which you try to offload after which you will own no property in Thailand anymore.
  10. janverbeem

    Thai Inventions.

    Uhmm,it didn't take that long for someone to mention Red Bull,but it took someone 7 years to reply to it.
  11. janverbeem

    Thai Inventions.

    This topic should have been posted in the fun and jokes forum in the first place anyway.
  12. janverbeem

    Thai Inventions.

    Same as they invented the Bar Ber,where they cut your hair.
  13. janverbeem

    Hooter Girl Concept In Thailand

    The sweetie shop nearest my primary school was called Moran's (after the owner, I believe, whose name was Moran) but I don't know if they sold brains. SC If you don't know, then probably they didn't.
  14. janverbeem

    The Park Jomtien

    In the real world this would mean that the new owners have to respect the ongoing contracts,but this is Thailand you know. If this was concerning me I would be heading to a lawyer already instead of asking those questions on a forum where everyone has a different opinion.
  15. Then why Drummond states in his article that Nit got pregnant very quickly from him?