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  1. So what was the minimum distance from educational establishments actually set at in the new laws a year or so ago?
  2. I think that fluent may well be an exaggeration, but she is obviously able to communicate very well in 3 foreign languages. Just shows how young minds can absorb knowledge. It is nice to see that the school takes the role of educating children seriously.
  3. loong

    Craft beer in Khon Kaen ?

    Also note that Didines is just round the corner from the Pullman Hotel. Didines was closed for a few months and I haven't been in there since it re-opened, so I can't comment on it. Still the same owner though, so I should think that it is still the same. Dave is rarely in the Blues Bar at night nowadays and is in the process of selling the place, I believe.
  4. If you rent it out, see if there is any insurance available to cover damages by tenants. Make sure that the management company will require references for the tenant. I've had tenants do more damage than can be covered by the total rent that they have paid.
  5. Every Thai person that I know as well as the online calendars say that Buddhist lent started Friday ( coinciding with Asanha Bucha day). So Saturday is not a Buddha day at all - Why the ban??
  6. Having had 2 relationships crash and burn primarily due to narcissistic sons, I would never enter into a relationship with a Thai woman who has a son.