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  1. Did you read the article? That seems to indicate that a fair amount of Thai people do worry about it.
  2. The article states that over 30% of complaints are about noise and I assume that not all these complaints are from Farangs. That's very high and considering that the majority of Thai people will not complain for fear of reprisals, I think that it is safe to say that Thai values concerning noise pollution are no different to ours.
  3. The interesting thing is that over 30% of complaints are about noise. Maybe they should address the issue of why all these complaints are ignored!
  4. I have lived in an Isaan village. The noise can be worse than in a city. Somebody dies and can be 4 to 7 days of rock concert level of sound nearly 24 hours per day.
  5. I was in a bar the other week with 2 friends. Twice we asked the owner to turn the volume down. The first time it was turned down a little but was soon turned up again. When I asked the 2nd time, explaining that we were having to shout at each other and couldn't have a conversation, he refused. He said that the music had to be loud to attract customers. We were the only 3 in there. Most nights when I pass by the place is empty. Very loud music may attract some, but I am sure that it will put off more. My favourite bar plays normal music (not electronic repetitive pap) at a sound level that allows conversation. Unfortunately a new bar has opened 2 units away and plays the usual mind numbing pap at loud volume. So this bar is spoiled now. These bars are set specifically to target mostly Farang gentlemen, a high percentage in their later years. Many stay away because they can't stand the loud **** music.
  6. This is total BS! If poorer people cannot afford cigarettes, they will smoke the rolling tobacco for 5 baht (approx 15gms). Every time they hike cigarette taxes, I never see any increase in the 5 Baht tobacco. Cigarettes have filters, roll-ups, usually not. Is the government simply scared of the outrage if they increased the tax on tobacco?
  7. Similar but you could also call the opening of Jim Croce's Time in a bottle similar. A simple chord run can't be subject to copyright surely?
  8. loong

    Asian Roads 014 Idiot on red light

    Very difficult to tell whether the light was actually red at the time that the motorbike entered. It was very close. You were at fault for not reading the conditions and should have waited.
  9. My condo building charges between 35 and 55 Baht per unit for water. The price gets higher the more you use!. Water bills are paid to the condo management and they manage all the condos.
  10. loong

    Prayuth World Tour Announced For October

    Why would that conference be in Japan?
  11. I haven't used it for 18 months, but prior to that had reasonable connections in the north of Khon Kaen province.
  12. How bitter and twisted some Remainers are! I just made a comment on a statement made in the article, you know, the article that started this topic. The article that is being discussed here. If you have any idea what he based these figures on then please share. If you don't know or if you don't wish to share then please keep your snarky comments to yourself.
  13. I wonder what he bases these figures on? Does he just dream them up?
  14. Ikv A bit off topic, but I have to ask how did you manage to get the immigration officer to place your extension and re-entry permit so neatly that they both fit on 1 page? Mine are always placed in the middle of the page so that there is no room for anything else. I have to get a new passport soon as running out of pages with 2 years left.
  15. Is it cooked fresh to order or has it been hanging around for hours in the heat? Laab is often eaten raw, but when it is cooked, it is not for long enough to cook all the ingredients thoroughly. the pig skin will definitely not be cooked enough. As suggested by Moe666, if you can find it, try NamTok Moo. I much prefer it to Laab.