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  1. The only fear now is that there are masses of muslims in Toronto and Montreal who still hold strong to their muslim beliefs...... In this case they are obligater th KILL somebody who 'quits their religion abd becomes an 'infidel' (in their eyes).. I have actually read in the news of a couple of honor killings by their own families.... I hope this young girl, as strong as she is, can 'Stay Safe'.......
  2. So 'pitiful' and so 'typical' of so many Thai guys... So many of these scum Live-off of their women (I DIDN'T SAY 'ALL') She has a job and makes some money, and likely he leaches off her..... I can just draw up my own reason for his motivation for his 'dastardly actions was nothing more than she wouldn't consent to paying for a new tatoo for his other arm and maybe a nose ring or eyebrow ring ---- very often it is over something that simple that triggers the explosion in some of these Thai 'Dudes'........ RIP to a lovely 'working woman' who made a mistake in her choice of guys......