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  1. OK been here 5 minutes in about. First time in about 3 months. I am out of here. Pretty scary stuff.
  2. Got my Thai DLs a few years back. Drove a few times here and there . I won't drive anymore . I think you have to be quite mad to drive here. IMHO
  3. Retirement visa for Americans is "a piece of cake" because of the Amity treaty... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Lol!!! Thanks for taking the time to clear that up man. The one near Bon Cafe should be pretty near across the street from me. Good thing I took an early retirement from practicing medicine maybe huh... ?
  5. Oh and its only about 20 minutes from my house, I just don't understand the directions exactly. I'm getting close though. But Thank you that was very helpful...
  6. Ah so close but so far away Found Sophon Cables's FB page and checked the map on the web. Still unraveling these mysterious directions... https://web.facebook.com/STVPattaya/?rf=197307763621978&_rdc=1&_rdr
  7. Thanks I think I'll find it. Rarely get over to that area what is big Alu? You'll have to pardon me though. It's on Pattaya Klang same side big C?
  8. Oh didn't hit quote. Please clarify thanks
  9. Need a bit of decoding. Is that KH Suvit Co. on Pattaya Klang. (MS>) ? East or West of the Big C. and on the same side of the street as Big C? Thanks
  10. I quit drinking, which I used to do plenty of and used to enjoy. However I can no longer handle the hangovers. See it as a blessing in disguise. Booze can be a big part of the budget... Don't smoke.
  11. Need 4 pieces of plate glass. About 6"x 6" x about 1/4" thick any info appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Butt... https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/thai-women-second-fattest-asia-according-thai-diabetes-association/
  13. Yes it looked spectacular indeed.
  14. I sure every thing will be A-OK!!!!!!