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  1. stop feeding street dogs

    I raced Velodrome, Road Races then later a little Mountain Bike. So I love bikes. My point is the madness of riding a bike in "Thai traffic" with head phones on or with out for that matter. "keep your dogs under proper control.. and that includes any you feed on the street. " Brilliant...
  2. stop feeding street dogs

    Don't recall seeing "ANY" member say that. Got a couple references. I thought it was mostly guys who couldn't get a decent "piece" where they came from.
  3. Honestly I didn't find the article very useful. Maybe because I've been coming here since 1971 US Military. Now that I've been living here 3 years it just keeps getting easier. Visas? Retirement visa for Americans is an "absolute piece of cake." We don't need a deposit in a bank. Fire away.
  4. stop feeding street dogs

    First I confess sometimes I used to feed the dogs in Samut Prakan but don't anymore now that I'm down in Bang Lamung. I see these maniacs riding bikes in the road around Pattaya, with their headphones on smiling and grooving on the music. it's bewildering to me. Seems like a death wish. Each time to cross the road, Second Road, Naklua Road, Beach road, Sukumvit etc. you're taking your life in your hands. Can't imagine coasting on a bicycle with earphones on. Is it just me. Or is this insanity.
  5. stop feeding street dogs

    Wow someone who has really done their homework!!! Good job. I'm curious to see how many will argue with you?
  6. With all the Ohio class Subs plus the new Viginia class, i don't know why we need anything else? IMHO https://thediplomat.com/2017/10/us-navy-christens-most-advanced-attack-sub-ever/
  7. ? x 16 Cool question marks huh? What about Bangkok. First B-29 Superfortress combat mission Boeing B-29 Superfortress In its first combat mission, the American Boeing B-29 Superfortress was used by the XX Bomber Command's 58th Air Division to strike targets in Bangkok, before it was deployed against the Japanese home islands.[9] The decision to use the B-29s to bomb Bangkok dated back to 1943 and was mentioned in a communique between US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in which Roosevelt suggested that they be used to bomb the port and railways.[10] On 5 June 1944, 98 B-29s led by the 58th's commander, General LaVerne Saunders, flew out from airfields in India to attack the Makasan railway yards in Bangkok. The raid was the longest distance mission to that date in the war. It was a 2,261-mile round trip. Only 77 of the B-29s made it to Bangkok, with 21 having had to return home because of various engine problems. Arriving at the Thai capital at about 11:00, the bombers found the target obscured by bad weather which in turn caused an element of confusion in the attack. The B-29s were meant to have dropped their bombs from between 22–25,000 feet altitude but instead did so from between 17–27,000 feet. Only 18 bombs hit their intended targets. The others destroyed a Japanese military hospital and damaged the Japanese secret police headquarters. On the return leg, 42 B-29s had to divert to other airfields because of a lack of fuel and five crashed on landing, although none were lost to enemy fire. Further raids were carried out by the Superfortresses against strategic targets in Bangkok.[11]
  8. Immigration in Jomtien is quick and always a "piece of cake." They've always been very helpful and professional. Hard to figure why anyone uses these agents. I've seen many problems dealing with them over the years. I've seen guys lose big money and, or their passport. Getting the deadbeat, illegals that are here OUT is a great step in the right direction. IHMO.
  9. Yeah it took 3 runs but they did take it out. "64 B-29s are dispatched to hit the Rama VI bridge at Bangkok, 58 bomb and effect the collapse of most of middle span of the bridge (this is the 3d strike at this target) and destroy the ..." https://www.pacificwrecks.com/airfields/thailand/bangkok/missions-bangkok.html
  10. The "word" is the Japanese were setting up strategic infrastructure there. God knows what the truth is.
  11. Well, we have bombed Bangkok before...
  12. Gun Laws in Thailand

    You think these would be Included? Thailand's army distributed 2,700 assault rifles to volunteers over the past two months to fight insurgents in the south, officials say. The policy comes amid a spike in violence in the conflict which afflicts the Muslim-majority provinces. However, human rights groups say that arming civilians will only aggravate the situation. The government, which took power in a coup this year, has pledged peace in the region. On Monday two people were killed and three others injured in a drive-by attack when a gunman in a pick-up truck opened fire at five people in another vehicle in Pattani province. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-29892629
  13. Bad news for "Vapers" from Harvard

    When you smoke E-cigs isn't it called Vaping? Dictionary vape vāp/ informal verb gerund or present participle: vaping inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. "I'd rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside"
  14. Turns out E-Cigarettes Cause a Horrible Incurable Disease Called “Popcorn Lung” By Ryan - November 7, 2017 115657 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter The latest trend in smoking has been E-cigarettes. They have been promoted as a much safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. But of course, there’s the old saying that starts out, if it’s too good to be true…It turns out the Harvard School of Public Health decided to do a study on E-cigarettes and the results are startling. It looks as if they may not pose the traditional cigarette threat, but they pose a different one altogether. Diacetyl is a flavoring chemical used in E-cigs which are linked to cases of severe respiratory disease, most notably the incurable condition called “Popcorn Lung.” This condition was first noticed in workers in microwave popcorn processing facilities who inhaled the artificial butter flavoring. The disease is totally debilitating and irreversible. It’s a respiratory disease which causes scarring in tiny air sacs in the lungs. This leads to shortness of breath and excessive coughing. “The amount of diacetyl in 39 of the e-cigs exceeded the amount that was able to be detected by the laboratory. Diacetyl and other related flavoring chemicals are used in many other flavors beyond butter-flavored popcorn, including fruit flavors, alcohol flavors, and candy flavored e-cigarettes.” https://enlightened-planet.com/turns-e-cigarettes-cause-horrible-incurable-disease-called-popcorn-lung/