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  1. Not worried at all. We heard that as kids in fairytales. I figured you being a resident of the moon, you would know for sure.
  2. Knowing your confused is half the problem. Good job!!!
  3. keep up please. Said "I think" the Brits were making this bad design. Means I'm not sure. You are a treasure trove of information though. i was stationed on a US carrier for many years... http://strikefighterconsultinginc.com/blog/uncategorized/the-problem-with-ski-jump-aircraft-carriers/
  4. Shirtless Farangs

    Don't think we can post here. There are many pics of these beautiful Thai woman just wearing their lower sarong, topless. That was the standard fashion. Oh well...
  5. i saw that makes ya wonder. Also these new Chinese Aircraft carriers, with the "ski jump" launch deck are a very bad design. think the Brits are making the same design now. Unbelievable...
  6. Spoons? We don't need no stinking spoons...
  7. Shirtless Farangs

    Hey have you had me under surveillance?
  8. Shirtless Farangs

    Agreed. I had almost this identical conversation with a friend visiting from the USA. Having lived in Southern California for 32 years it really is different from any other place I've lived as far as always dressing "totally casz" Speaking a little Thai correctly, especially slang goes a long way...
  9. Shirtless Farangs

    No wife beaters are the white "athletic" undershirts. Tank tops have logos or art work on them and are common in beach towns. there is a lot to be said for keeping under arm hair trimmed very short...
  10. No no new. Discover in 1973. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s1180571.htm
  11. Shirtless Farangs

    Well my Hygiene is excellent. And never had any shortage, quite the contrary, of (non hooker) Girls in Southern California while wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. If you spend much time around beach towns you'll find it's pretty common attire. Fortunately most of the girls wore bikinis or bikini tops with super short cut offs. FYI. You should spend more time at the beach...
  12. Shirtless Farangs

    I live at the beach. So I always wear a tank top and shorts. Now that it's gotten quite cool some days i wear a nice tight golf shirt and jeans and nice shows. I find it fascinating how much just the change effects my interaction with the girls. Seems so superficial but it part of the fun. Lived in SoCal for 32 years. It was always shorts and tee shirts or tank tops unless it was too cool. i do like the "different" play I get of course never forget "Money number one"