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  1. TG they were only illegal workers - for a minute there I thought they may have actually been people. Is Thailand the country where all failed sub-editors and journalists get a job?
  2. pcliff069

    My way are the Thai way

    People wear socks and sandals Perhaps we need a thread on that.
  3. pcliff069

    Renewing One Year Driving License

    Getting back to the OPs original question which I am going to assume is not renewing his one year provisional license but obtaining a full five year license. I did this last month in Chon Buri (near Regents School). The documents I took were: Residency Certificate Medical Certificate Passport Copy of photo page of Passport Copy of front and back of current (one year's driver's license). I had to do the "sitting tests" again - braking, perception etc. No vids to watch. And as Thai's do PS very well it wasn't quick. (and as stated in previous post other documents can be substituted for Residency Certificate).