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  1. The nearer to the church, the farther from God....
  2. While many here show compassion for the Burmese boys believing them to be innocent, Mr. Miller is compassionate though he believes them guilty. A previous poster has said time will tell..I disagree the truth like the bodies will remain buried,An terrible burden to the bereft families.
  3. Saw a hapless Dane(border runner) getting pulled out of the line last week..You must have a valid visa, the Dutch man handles the forms. 910B (Inc photocopy) trouble free & friendly.
  4. No thai soap carries true social reflection or genuine representation of thai society -save the ubiquitous ladyboy, Entertainment designed to compound ignorance rather than inform....its bliss after all.
  5. Maybe It's a start, from those famalies who've sewn up import rights to sundry agents and intermediaries across the board making prices higher and turning simple deals into unnecessarily convoluted arrangements and adding absolutely no value.....lots of middlemen, very little middle way...
  6. Enter airport proceed to boarding gate,enter any df shop and you may miss your flight while being extorted or illegally detained-happy landing.
  7. Dont agree with violence or guns but...I recall the movie "Network" quote "I'm As Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!".vast majority of locals commuting to work in heavy traffic exhaust fume polluted air and temperatures 40°C just trying to make a living on low pay getting extorted by these guys for some imagined offence...
  8. Ok, the guy carried a knife-no matter the size illegal under the laws here, that said(and not knowing what actually preceded the altercation) he removed himself hastily from whatever trouble arose but the aggressor pursued he may have gotten a worse hiding or ended up on the slab...trouble is right or wrong, self defence or not, the thai came out the many respects justice is served here in the same way as the fare in some restaurants one price for them another for us...I do hope if the Aussie was blameless and acting in self defense the price he pays won't be too high.
  9. Shakey ground indeed, though the fifth estate bloggers, outliers, the 90% of bts passengers glued to their screens(each time I take the train anyway...) the central cogs of government here lately only turn when the issues go viral on Facebook .... social media in 2015s not so easily muted.Good luck taking their phones. ....
  10. Whilst not comparing the capital to Rome, there are pockets of interesting older buildings (far more pre 90s) scattered throughout Bangkoks sois adding to the flavour and culture of the cityscape, seen from the pavement or from the ever growing sky train system old and the new side by side-a small window on the many cultures and folks who've been and gone, Alas through crooked city planers, cents over sensibility and an ethos of "new good old bad" mean year by year what used to be no longer is.....knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  11. First they came for the beach chairs, and I did not speak out - because I had no beach chair ; Then they came for the parasols , and I did not speak out - because I had no parasol; Then they came for the beach towels, and I did not speak out - I had no beach towel.. The Thai Summer dream is over.
  12. Arresting pan handlers With so much else going on ....beggars belief.
  13. I could suggest setting up a criminal assets bureau as some European countries have done (anyone can be asked to prove how they grew wealthy-failure to prove all assets acquired legally results in forfeiture) this being Thailand though such an organisation would be as useful as tits on a bull...
  14. Any foreign bad boy who gets too big in siam shares the faith of icarus, cows to be milked before the slaughter...and plenty more where they came from.
  15. Corruption or basic greed, as recent widely circulated polls in Thailand have discovered is welcomed not shunned,It seems most Thais agree with Gordon and here at least "greed is good" yes,They may have to pay 25-35% more for goods and services as a result of it but hey "greed is good" their elderly parents struggle to survive on farming because co-ops are banned but their not losing any sleep because" greed is good"The bridge connecting their village wasn't made to German standards but German prices were paid.. collapsed killing 5 villagers including children-no matter "greed is good" the surgeon performing that eye operation on their child he's from a rich family but a very poor doctor...but hey "greed is good" And as far as whistlblowers go you can be libeled in Thailand for telling the truth...what the hell,-"whistling is good"