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  1. If your looking for a dash cam to use in Thailand then you need one that uses a capacitor as the backup battery. Batteries do not last long in high temperatures which a dash cam in a car in Thailand would be exposed too. All the cheap dash cams have the backup batteries. I believe most or all of the top of the range blackvue dash cams use a capacitor. Transcend do good dashcams and the drivepro200 which is available from powerbuy has a capacitor the others don't. Buy a cheap one and they will not last so long.
  2. Free To Air (FTA) Satellite TV

    Your old True dish will be pointing 78 deg to Thaicom 5/6 and recently launched new Thaicom 8 satellite. Best bet is to buy the new IPM HD Pro 3 sat receiver which can pick up both FTA C and KU band signals on all these satellites, bare in mind you would need a C band dish also to get the C band signals. By using IPM receiver you will get all the IPM channels which other receivers cannot receive which is about 20 HD channels and 60 SD channels. Note many channels with western programs in Thai dubbing sometimes can be switched to English by changing the audio language settings, this is quite common with the digital terrestrial channels ( 26 in total) broadcast via standard yagi Aerial.