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  1. My wife is due to apply for her second UK visitor visa where we hope to travel to the UK towards the end of the year. We also plan to travel to France either before or after visiting the UK to take the son to Disney Paris. Question is does my wife need to apply for a Schengen Visa and supply all the documentation similar to UK visa application? I have read that she may be entitled to a free Schengen Visa with minimum documentation based on having a UK Visa and traveling with me. Anybody have advice on this question Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Ok thanks for advice all, it’s simple I just need to get a re-entry permit to keep my visa valid until I return enabling me to apply for the extension. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. Question to forum, My current Non Immigrant O Visa (marriage) has an enter before date of 26th April 2018. I will arrive back to Thailand from overseas on 25th March, and on entry will receive 90 day permission of stay. The Immigration here in Udon Thani have said I can only apply for my extension 30 days before visa expiration, which would mean applying for my extension in May. My issue is that I will leave Thailand on 19th April and will not be back until 20th May. The question is can a re-entry permit be used so I can leave Thailand, and keep the remaining days on my 90 day permission of stay valid for when I return in May enabling me then to apply for the 1 year extension based on marriage. If a re-entry permit cannot be used then upon leaving Thailand on 19th April my visa will be expired?
  4. If your looking for a dash cam to use in Thailand then you need one that uses a capacitor as the backup battery. Batteries do not last long in high temperatures which a dash cam in a car in Thailand would be exposed too. All the cheap dash cams have the backup batteries. I believe most or all of the top of the range blackvue dash cams use a capacitor. Transcend do good dashcams and the drivepro200 which is available from powerbuy has a capacitor the others don't. Buy a cheap one and they will not last so long.
  5. ThailandTom1

    Free To Air (FTA) Satellite TV

    Your old True dish will be pointing 78 deg to Thaicom 5/6 and recently launched new Thaicom 8 satellite. Best bet is to buy the new IPM HD Pro 3 sat receiver which can pick up both FTA C and KU band signals on all these satellites, bare in mind you would need a C band dish also to get the C band signals. By using IPM receiver you will get all the IPM channels which other receivers cannot receive which is about 20 HD channels and 60 SD channels. Note many channels with western programs in Thai dubbing sometimes can be switched to English by changing the audio language settings, this is quite common with the digital terrestrial channels ( 26 in total) broadcast via standard yagi Aerial.
  6. ThailandTom1

    VPN service for Ipad, which is best?

    I have used a VPN from my-private-network for the last 5 years. It has worked for me in China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and has never let me down. Highly recommended only 5 pounds per month. Just follow the below link to the my private website. https://www.my-private-network.co.uk/?refer=TRS001
  7. ThailandTom1

    Mains Water Filtration - Best Options

    Take a look at this post http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?/topic/729626-Proper-well-water-filtration-system%2E-What-comes-first%3F
  8. You can't take any chances with the water you drink. I'm surrounded by farm land which is often sprayed with all sorts of chemicals that most likely would be banned in a western country. My filter system removes everything from pesticides to harmful bacteria, the water is soft and does not stain. Most land in Thailand is heavy in iron hence the red colored ground, you need a good filter to remove all is iron and copper. I don't buy any water. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect Thailand
  9. I have a well bore hole and have the following setup installed: 1. Water gets pumped from well to a 2000l holding tank, 2. Water is then pumped through a 5 stage filter setup, 3. The clean water is pumped to a second 2000l storage tank, 4. When there is demand for water a third pump with pressure tank pumps clean water to the house, 5. The kitchen tap has a 6th stage via installation of an eSpring filter, this water is pure and suitable for drinking. All other sinks, showers take water direct from the second clean water holding tank. My main 5 stage filter setup is as follows: 1st stage > Manganese filter 2nd stage > Carbon filter 3rd stage > Resin filter 4th stage > 2 x 5 micron filters 5th stage > Chlorinator 6th stage > eSpring filter (only installed in kitchen, the built in eSpring carbon filter removes the chlorine and the UV light destroys any bacteria that the Chlorinator does not) The system is controlled by a control panel with level switches in both tanks. The filter system requires a backwash every 2 weeks which is done by selecting the pump to manual mode which then takes very little time. See attached pics of my setup: Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect Thailand
  10. ThailandTom1

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Is this the Genuine Ford OEM roller shutter that they are fitting?
  11. ThailandTom1

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Good to hear Tom, post some pics if you can...! Here is my WT
  12. ThailandTom1

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Nice, I would like to swap my 2.2 chilli orange for a 3.2. Man, I thought about the 3.2 but didnt want to wait, now that people are getting the 3.2's I am jealous I placed my order in February. Last month I was told delivery would be January 2013 then a phone call last Wednesday evening from Ford said truck had arrived from Bangkok. I picked up on the Saturday. I am based in Nong Khai and its only the second 3.2 from Ford Nong Khai. I had plenty of offers to take 2.2 wildtracks.
  13. ThailandTom1

    Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Tdci

    Just picked up my chilli orange 3.2 WT 6AT five days ago, it's been worth the wait.