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  1. Nothing happened? The police officer asked a 16 year old to send naked pictures to him. Jesus.In some countries thats called child pornogrophy
  2. Who are you Harvey Weinstein?. Wait till you have a daughter and see if you react the same why if this happened to her.
  3. The worst thing about this story is that they are 36 and 38 years of age. This is something i MIGHT have done when i was 10 years of age. They must have been making some money out of this from sponsors. They just couldn't have been that stupid to do this as grown men.
  4. These two numb nuts better hope their is no earthquakes or other natural disasters soon or they are getting the blame for disrespecting Buddha 😄
  5. Very true. Our bus drivers went on strike earlier this year and we had people posting photo's on the net of the drivers helping old ladies of buses and helping them across the road. Shouldn't that be something that people do naturally.
  6. Quiet island for five young girls.

    As i said it was 12 years ago so perhaps things have changed. It was very quiet then and from what i can remember not much night life and i cannot really remember seeing any dodgy stuff, although in saying that i've seen it on most of the other islands i've visited so maybe it just went over my head. Islands with no police presence and dodgy locals usually go hand in hand in Thailand. What i can remember is lots of stray dogs on the beach.
  7. Quiet island for five young girls.

    Yep. I agree with Thong Nai Pan Yai. Its been 12 years since i stayed there but if i was to return to the island, i would be staying at this beach. I remember the journey from the port to the beach standing on the back of songthaew type pick up was very enjoyable and scenic.
  8. The worst part of this story is the fact that the most likely group to die begins at 15. Parents should also be held accountable for this.
  9. So because you choose to stay in a cheap hotel you should accept that your life could be in danger? Do they advertise this at the front desk when checking in? Nice comment
  10. Ubon Ratchathani Airport Taxi

    Any idea on how much it is from Ubon to Mukdahan for 4 people. I'm contemplating renting a car and i have drove in Thailand before,mostly from Patts to Bkk and around Samui and i can't say i really enjoyed it and that was without my 2 kids in the car. The rental will cost approx 240 Euros for a week or so but it might end up sitting in the sisters garden for most of the week. The Wife's cousin will collect us in his pick and he is a safe driver and i know from experience that he does never drink and drive but it has no seat belts in the back and it usually always has a few stragglers in the back which i always think is a distraction for the driver. I usually throw him 1500 each way for the journey. Having looked at Google street view the roads seem better from Ubon to Mukdahan than they did the last time i went this way in 2012.
  11. I'm visiting Thailand in February next year and i've had to take out two policies to cover my trip. One is to cover for any events related to my Father who is in a nursing home. I paid an extra 45 Euro per ticket(4 tickets) with last minute.com when booking. In the event of cancellation they will give me a voucher to be used within 12 months at 90% of the cost of my tickets, no questions asked and i can cancel right up to 24 hours before departure. My Father has been that sick that i know my second policy which is for me and my family won't cover any cancellations if anything happens to him. My mother died last time i was in Thailand so i know this to be true as she wasn't in great health either and they just put it down to pre condition. I've always bought travel insurance and its only when you need it that you realize how important it is. My daughter got Pneumonia a few years ago while on Koh Samui and it required a few visits to the Bangkok Hospital E.R before she was then admitted when she got too bad. Been told that it is 30000 Baht a night really doesn't enter your mind when you know you have insurance. I had been in contact with my insurance company through the whole process and they were great and advised me each time to admit her to hospital without any hesitation if needed. They contacted my hotel and booked extra nights for me,pay for flights and even the taxi from the airport in Dublin to my house. The price paid for insurance is irrelevant and no matter how much it costs, it will only cost you more if you don't get it and end up needing it.
  12. He wasn't part of 2nd airborne by any chance. Perhaps he thought he was still in the falklands 😝
  13. You'd have to wonder how many times they have robbed hotel rooms in the past, if this was their first night in Phuket. How many hotel maid/cleaners lost their jobs or had been blamed on stroking guests belongings. Proper chavs the pair of them. The misses looks like she'd drink you under the table and beat you at an arm wrestle :)
  14. Phuket beaches

    Yeah they certainly look nicer/cleanerto me and the beach services were one of the reasons people returned to Phuket. It was something almost unique to Thailand, that you could just wave down some food,beer,ice cream,fresh fruit,massage and a lot more. I said Ubon, not Udon. My misses is from Mukdahan so Ubon Ratchathani was the best place to fly from. I'm sure the Udon Thani flight is still operating
  15. Phuket beaches

    So what are people's opinions on what Phuket beaches are like since the army moved in and imposed the restrictions on loungers,umbrellas and vendors on the beaches. I have been watching some Youtube videos that have been using drones as well as normal cameras and i must say that they look better to me, to a point. I haven't been to Phuket since 2012 so i haven't seen them in person. I've two small kids now so when we visit Thailand we usually just head to Pattaya after the Isaan trip is done mainly because it actually has a lot of family/kids stuff to do and it's too much hassle getting to Phuket since the Airasia flight from Ubon was scrapped. I personally loved the service on the beaches and i don't fancy bringing my kids to the beach to be burned in the sun if i cannot get an umbrella in the designated zones.