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  1. Thanks, but i'm flying into Nakhon Phanom so need it at the airport
  2. Thanks. I don't mind paying more for insurance for a hassle free trip.
  3. Anyone have any experience of in the Airport. Looks legit,280 Euros or so for a week with GPS and 2 baby seats plus full insurance which i don't think covers excess ,i think that's about 4000 Baht which i'm ok with as i don't plan on having a crash. I'd be more worried about getting screwed for 100000 Baht if i had an issue. I think its Avis who you get the car from.
  4. I got an email today from both Etihad and Emirates about sales within 15 minutes of each other so looks like they are thinking the same
  5. While they are at it, can they also ban it in Ireland so i can get a conversation going with the Wife.
  6. Obviously this guy doesn't know real "Thainess". Do the crime, pay the family. Simple. No way he should have allowed this to get this big. Stories this big are always dealt with and forgotten about in Thailand all the time.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing myself. The amount of crimes in Thailand that hardly get reported on or even make the news is amazing. This would be a huge story in any western country along with all the other crazy stuff we read about TV each day. Thailand would really be an eventful place to be a news reporter.
  8. I think Trump has been watching too much House of cards. You know at the end of season 3 when Frank Underwood is in big trouble in the polls, he launches missile attacks on targets with very limited evidence and say's "give the American people what them want/like. WAR
  9. Been April fools you could imagine this as a joke and I'm surprised some took so long to notice that but with this been Thailand anything could be true
  10. This wouldn't happen to be the one that was filmed by Jay and his Wife that used to live in Thailand. They have a Youtube channel called 8miles from home. Sorry if i'm wrong but it looks very similar to one of their Vlogs they done a year or so back.
  11. I'm seen visions of a sweaty police chief standing beside a long tail boat with a damaged propeller, while been surrounded by some dodgy looking "Thai mafia" to make sure what he says goes to plan. right now the script is been written for this one. RIP
  12. Great news. Thanks for the info. Make travelling with kids far easier instead of having to fly to BKK and then onto Patts. Personally i'd also love if they brought back the Phuket route also.
  13. How the hell does this sort of stuff keep happening and no does any jail time for it. 40000 baht and they walk. I know violence doesn't solve everything but if this was my kids I'd kick the <deleted> out of the teachers. My my wife must be one of the few Thai women who says they'd never let her kids live in Thailand due to this sort of stuff.
  14. Yesterday the Bangkok post reported that the search lasted 3 hours. I had the police search my house when I was a naughty young buck during the nineties for a bit of weed and that lasted longer than 3 hours and their wasn't 4000 soldiers taken part, haven't they heard of shift work or is OT frowned upon. Perhaps they were all tired from eating the bbq fat on stick and somtam outside the temple.
  15. Haven't been in a few years but what happened to walking outside to the Taxi stand and getting one from there. 4 people in a taxi i'd say will cost max 800 Baht.