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  1. Reputable gold shop Pattaya.

    I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times but can anyone tell a place to a decent gold chain. ive no knowledge on Thai gold so how does it work?. Do you get a certificate to state its real gold. would buying in a central festival or similar place add a mark up to the price or would it that mean you have a better chance of it been genuine. Would bringing the wife along stop me from been ripped off. Looking to buy buy about a 1 baht chain so not very expensive.
  2. Cheap android box

    Or maybe even where I can buy a hdmi adapter for connecting a Samsung tablet to a tv.
  3. Cheap android box

    Can anyone tell me where in Pattaya I could get a cheap android tv box. Looking for something that can play YouTube. I really only need it for two weeks so I can hook it up to the tv for the kids in the hotel room in the morning before we go out for the day. Cheaper the better as I have 3 at home so not looking for something great.
  4. Flying to UK with 10 month old

    If you can afford it, buy a seat for your child. I got a bassinet for my daughter when she was 11 months old but like you said, some go by weight so best check with KLM or the airline you choose. If you buy a seat for your child, try and book 3 out of the the four seats in the middle of the plane leaving a gap between you's, so aisle seat for Wife, then an empty seat, then the child's seat and then you on the other aisle seat. When you are then checking in, ask if that seat is empty and ask straight up if it can be left empty. Maybe even if the flight is not full, one of the cabin crew can move the passenger beside you to an empty seat elsewhere if that seat gets taken. Personally i would go with a middle eastern airline if you are making one stop. The stopover halfway through the flights helps and both Doha and Abu Dhabi have prams free of charge when you get of the plane and then you just drop it off when getting on the second plane. Make sure you have enough toys,food and medicine with you.
  5. Ubon Ratchathani Airport Taxi

    Thanks. the wife has a number for a taxi company in Ubon so I might ask her to ring them again, I think you pay a 20 or 40 baht fee to them for some reason for which I'm not too sure why. Other than that I'll just decide when we get there.
  6. Ubon Ratchathani Airport Taxi

    Can anyone tell me if the taxis at the airport are just normal sized cars or do they have any SUV's like in bkk. Their will be four of us and we will have a few bags and a pram so need something bigger than a regular car.
  7. Thanks. He will still have 4 months on his Thai passport when leaving
  8. Heading to Thailand in February. My kids both have Irish passports which don't expire for a few years but my Sons Thai passport expires on 25/06/2018. Usually we use their Thai passports when entering because of the shorter waiting times at the Thai Immigration desks and i also join them so the four of use get through quickly. Will my Son be able to use his Thai passport with it being less than 6 months left on it or does that issue only apply tourists entering the country.
  9. Pattaya beaches

    Cheers for the info. I'll definitely visit the other beaches around patts. As for swimming, I'll stick to the pool just in case. Once the kids kids can make a few sand castles in relatively clean sand I'll be ok with that.
  10. Pattaya beaches

    Neither of us smoke so no problem their. I gave them up the day the smoking ban started in ireland about 13 years ago.
  11. Pattaya beaches

    Believe me. I'd rather be elsewhere but with a long trip to Thailand and then to mukdahan, we don't want to put even more pressure on two small kids with more flights. This is should be our last time in patts and it has lots of stuff for children so the beach is just for a bit of time in the day. If if they hadn't of stopped the flight out of ubon to down south, we'd be going elsewhere
  12. Pattaya beaches

    thanks for your great input, but I won't be prowling the boardwalk in the evening so they can do what they like then.
  13. Pattaya beaches

    Thanks for the info
  14. Pattaya beaches

    Have they cleaned up in the last month or so since the monsoon season is over. I haven't seen any reports of large amounts of debris washing up on shore from storms or any other reasons that are usually given. I know the beaches are not exactly clean compared to other Thai beaches but last time i was there (Feb 2016), down around soi 3 or 4, it actually wasn't that bad. Anyway, i will be in Patts in 3 weeks so was just hoping for an update with positive news. Oh and did the alcohol sales ban start on the beach yet?
  15. I think the long tail boat operator send a text to his Chalong Police buddy and said 50/50 on couple of French stooges