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  1. irishken

    Patong - The Wake

    TBH I've only eaten there a few times but what I mostly done was sit outside and have a bottle or two of wine. They had nice big fans outside and it was a nice place to cool of in the evening.
  2. irishken

    Patong - The Wake

    I know i said on a previous thread that i'd probably give Patong a miss if i returned to Phuket but we've decided to give it a go when we return to Thailand next February so we can contribute our few Baht to the local economy. Qatar Airways flying into Phuket has given us a easier route from home, making it easier to travel with the Kids. We'll stay at the Horizon Patong Beach Resort & Spa on Soi Kep sab, although it has another small entrance onto the beach road so can avoid the Soi most of the time. Looking forward to getting back and seen what its like although ill see very little of the night life, i might get one night out for a few drinks on my own. Is Wine connection still in Junceylon? i haven't been in Phuket since 2012 and used to love going there in the evening.
  3. irishken

    Patong - The Wake

    Did you never watch Band of Brothers?
  4. Anytime i see this Thai attitude adjustment as punishment, i always think of the Simpsons and the one where Homer is brought in for some re-neducation of Ned Flanders.
  5. I can remember standing in a bar in Dublin a few years ago and overhearing a conversation from a couple of young snobby lads about them heading off to Thailand in the summer months. I had too giggle when i heard one of them say that you can do anything you want in Thailand, obviously after hearing some stories from mates who had been in Thailand before. Its this kind of attitude that gets so many young people in trouble in Thailand and while you will get away with a lot of stuff, the one time it goes wrong is the time you'll regret if forever,that's if you live.
  6. irishken

    Patong - The Wake

    What is wrong with Soi Freedom? I Haven't seen it since it opened back up. I have so many great, but hazy memories of Soi Eric and Mai Thai bar.
  7. irishken

    Pattaya Trip, First for Ten Years

    I also would prefer Southern Thailand over Patts but as we have to visit Mukdahan first each time i go to Thailand and then we have our beach holiday, its hard to get to the south without going back to BKK. The flight from Ubon to Utapao is the easiest option with kids
  8. irishken

    Pattaya Trip, First for Ten Years

    Could well be, as apparently only 6% of Chinese have passports while 50% of Americans and other western nations have passports. Can you imagine when that rises to even 20%. They will need a new airport for Chinese visitors alone.
  9. irishken

    Pattaya Trip, First for Ten Years

    Good review. Not long back from there myself and i had my Kids with me. They didn't see anything that kids shouldn't see. Stay away from the dodgy soi's and Walking street and you'll have nothing to worry about. We stayed on Soi 4 which has no bars and its quite . Lots of daytime activities to do, Nong Nooch, Sanctuary of Truth and a couple of world class water parks along with lots of other days out. Beach road is clear, from what i could see of ladyboys and the sand is clean which amazed me. Drivers were even obeying the traffic lights, well a good proportion of them anyway so its an improvement . Its a huge improvement from the first time i visited in 2005 and then i stayed away from it for 11 years.
  10. Good. Hopefully they give him a nice stretch in jail, maybe him and the brothers in there can make some porn movies. I hate people who walk around recording bar girls and massage girls. Do these <deleted> really think they want to be on the internet.
  11. irishken

    Has Phuket gave up on Patong beach?

    Wow. Patong doesn't have a Airport, and there's me thinking all the time i've been going to the island that the whole place was called patong. You know what i meant smart arse. And if you need to ask why it's the busiest place on the island all year around, then perhaps open your eyes a bit more.
  12. i've seen darts been fired before but not at a dart board. will these premises need a new licence?
  13. irishken

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    I'll give two reviews from my recent trip to Pattaya. One positive and the other no so much. Both have probably been reviewed here already. Gulliver's traveler's tavern on beach road. Very impressed for with place. Its meant to be an English pub but it really doesn't feel like it or look like it. More American i think. Anyway, the food and service was excellent. We went a couple of times as we found it a nice comfortable place to relax with the kids,eat and then have a game of pool. Always with the waiters close by to fill our wine glasses. My Wife is from Isaan and a chef and she said some of the Isaan/Thai dishes she had were as good as any she has made or eaten elsewhere. All Thai chefs in the kitchen, she was expecting them to be from Maymar. Two standouts for me apart from the Thai food i ate, was the lamb shank massaman and the steak pie. The pie doesn't come with anything extra but believe me you won't need and sides. Its huge. Both were very nice. The negative one is from The Hilton rooftop restaurant. We went on the day of Chinese new year and the hostess greeted us very nicely but then showed us the menu to point out that their isn't much for kids. Anyway we went in and it took 10 minutes before we were given menus,another 10 minutes too place our order and after 40 minutes we still hadn't received our drinks. My Wife usually would never say anything or allow me to complain but we were now getting pissed off. I could see my drinks on the bar for at least 10 minutes and they had been forgotten about. We pulled the waiter and he said he was sorry and they were really busy. We were one of only 3 tables in the restaurant that was been used. Outside was busy but that seemed to have many staff and the lovely looking hostess all dressed in white seemed to just be there too look lovely. I seen about 10 waiters walking up and down with menus but never any food or drinks in hand. As our first choice was not available we both ordered lamb shanks and it came after 1 hour. It really wasn't worth waiting for. The lamb was soft but the sauce was flavourless and the whole dish was just bland. We could only order chips and onion rings for the kids and and you literally could have put them between two slices of bread and made a nice sambo as the portions were that small. No desert ordered and the bill came to 3300 baht for 2 mains and to drinks. Onion rings and chips were given for free because of the slow service. I doubt ill be back there. Oh,and the dress code of smart casual. Me and the wife would always wear something nice going to a place like this but once in side i could see chang muscle tops on blokes with beer spilled on them and sandals which on the website says are not allowed
  14. irishken

    Has Phuket gave up on Patong beach?

    And that was kind of the point i was getting at. Why fly to Patong when its just got worse over the years when i can get a taxi Patts,which seems to me to have improved or fly to Samui albeit with huge prices for the flights. I've just been to Pattaya which yes, for the most part is a shithole but my Kids never seen any of the dodgy soi's or Walking street. The beach has improved a lot from the first time i was there in 2005 and it really has some great days out for families, Nong Nooch, Sanctuary of Truth ect ect and a couple of world class water parks which are much better than the one in Phuket. We done something everyday and then went to the beach in the late afternoon for food and drink. Plus, road users seem to be obeying traffic lights now, well most of them anyway. If i was to go back, i would more than likely choose Karon or Kata.
  15. irishken

    Has Phuket gave up on Patong beach?

    Nice photo. When it was just me and the misses, we drove up there everyday when going to the beach but as i pointed out in my post below, Karon really doesn't have much else there for Children.