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  1. Yeah. Nothing like all us men sitting around a bar being brainwashed by a LBFM slitthering her soft skin against a pole.
  2. Exactly. They were all big men until he said he had a gun and then they ring the Police. Its like something you'd see Children doing.
  3. Whether true or not, somebody in Thailand is feeding him these stories. He seems to know a bit about Vern.
  4. I'm Irish and that's not how i see it, so don't try tar me with your bullshit views
  5. Something tells me, you have no idea how the world works. The guy obviously has British parents, maybe even one white parent. His Father could be ex Military and fought for his country so slagging off the Guy because of his name is just ridiculous when you know F all about him. My Daughter and Son were born in Ireland and both have Dual nationality and have Irish and Thai names. Should we only consider them Irish if we use their Irish names, and then Thai when we use their Thai names?.
  6. A suspended sentence in Thailand for drugs, allowed to leave the country and then he gets his photo blurred when its released to the media after he is arrested for murder. Something tells me this guy has one or two connections in Thailand.
  7. Surely a cut out of Big Joke would have been best suited for this.
  8. At least they are admitting that Thailand isn't a safe destination instead of the"nothing to see here" approach that they usually use so I guess it's an improvement
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5957895/British-diver-helped-save-Thai-cave-boys-sue-Elon-Musk-pedo-attack.html Daily Mail are running the story now..
  10. All i want to know is, did the mini sub that Musk was providing come with Air or Oxygen
  11. Not sure if this has been posted already. It just shows that the operation wasn't over till the fat lady sang. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/jul/11/thailand-cave-rescue-water-pumps-failed-just-after-last-boy-escaped
  12. Its actually a strange feeling to have a good news story coming from Thailand,obviously not including the death of the Navy Seal in that but i'm so used to hearing about death after death that i really can't remember another proper good story from Thailand, and that's going back to the Tsunami.