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  1. Why do they set a sentencing date before a decision is made as to whether he is guilty or not?
  2. I think the lesson we've all learnt here. Always have the correct change.....
  3. Damn she's hot! And a convicted spouse murderess. So I have to ask my self 'would I?'. And the answer is yes which confirms my historically poor taste in women! :)
  4. I'm not being a lawyer. I'm just reading the legislation that you provided and claimed stated that the original sentence must be served. I don't think it says that and so far you haven't pointed out why I'm wrong.
  5. You really haven't read it at all have you! It in fact states the opposite to your claim (again). It stipulates in 43(1) that any substituted sentence cannot be longer than the original. In essence when transferring it gives the AG 3 options 1 Enforce the original sentence 2 Substitute the original sentence for a sentence consistent with Australian law for that offence 3 Substitute a different sentence It does not state, anywhere, as you previously claimed, that 'the prisoner must serve the original sentence'. It states directly that any sentence substituted by the AG must not be 'Harsher, in legal nature or duration' than the original!
  6. Well you can lead a horse to water but...... You haven't read any of it have you? Australian courts in the habit of handing out double life tariffs for 61 pills are they? Would you like to point out where it says 'the prisoner must serve the original sentence'?
  7. No it isn't. If you read the legislation that your link refers to you will find that the Int prisoner Transfer prog does not state that. In fact it allows the sentence to be converted to be 'consistent with Australian law' This is just 1 of many relevant bits worth reading :- Part 6—Enforcement of sentences 42 Sentence enforcement in Australia The Attorney‑General may direct that a sentence of imprisonment imposed on a prisoner by a court or tribunal of a transfer country, or on a Tribunal prisoner by a Tribunal, be enforced on transfer of the prisoner to Australia under this Act: (a) without any adaptation of the duration of the sentence of imprisonment or its legal nature, or with only such adaptations to the duration of the sentence or its legal nature as the Attorney‑General considers are necessary to ensure that enforcement of the sentence is consistent with Australian law (in this Act called the continued enforcement method); or (b) by substituting a different sentence of imprisonment for that imposed by the transfer country or Tribunal (in this Act called the converted enforcement method).
  8. I'd still feel like jumping on you for writing something so monumentally silly!
  9. Looks like double denim is the fashion of the moment!
  10. They probably vowed to return on the day hell freezes over
  11. #1stworldproblems
  12. Tony Corleone. Not the most original undercover name but somehow it worked!
  13. <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script> Someone settled with lots of property isn't technically a tourist though......
  14. Technically 19 is an 'old' teenager, in fact the oldest a teenager can be technically 19 is a teenager Yes, no argument there, the clue is the 'teen' of nineteen. However my point was that 19 is in fact an old teenager not a young one, in fact the oldest a teenager can be is 19.
  15. Technically 19 is an 'old' teenager, in fact the oldest a teenager can be