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  1. Mini Van Latest to Bangkok Sky train

    the big bus from 96 stops at the mo chit bts now, this is the safest and best way to travel to bangkok city
  2. Australian Accountant residing in Pattaya?

    there is one in hua hin, you can even claim airfares to thailand to visit him as a tax deduction..can pm and i will try and find his phone number
  3. my advice is to buy in a gated village with a strong juristic board. We live in emerald resort 1 its very tidy, good security and when a party house started up, we had the power to close them down. We have residents on the board, and a very healthy pool of money from the management fees to upgrade the roads, new street lights, pool fences etc etc. If maintenance isnt paid, the owners electric is turned off, and charged a 10percent fee until maintenance is paid. Our houses are mid range price, but none are rundown, the residents are happy, makes for an enjoyable stay in thailand