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  1. machans88

    Age Gap - Younger Thai Wife And Older Aussie.

    Its alot harder to go out with a much younger woman in farangland,i was 40 and dated a 22yo for awhile,the problem is they grow up with access to money which means they have more interests,hobbies.They can buy clothes,go to clubs with their friends,and can enjoy the things their generation has for them,this created a noticable generation gap between us. The poorer thais don't have the access to money to have different hobbies and interests to us and are usually content with very little,they have little knowledge of anything outside of thailand.A more simplistic life makes the generation gap less. My thai partner is 15years my junior, im 44 now and she is 29 apart from laughing at her slapstick thai tv shows that i can't stand,we seem to have no generation gap
  2. machans88

    Buffet Breakfast Price Increases

    Me and a mate are coming along today for the first time,is there parking available,i think its just past the dolphin roundabout,going down pattaya nua??
  3. machans88

    Aussie Rugby League

    From what i understand greg as all the games live,not just state of origin,astro only show selected games live,
  4. machans88

    Aussie Rugby League

    Nice work greg,can you do an update after the weekend on quality of picture cheers